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R.A.F. Acklington Record Book 1939 - 1945

The WW2 record book for RAF Acklington is in the care of the National Archives at Kew (Ref: AIR 28/17). We would like to thank the Archives staff  for assistance with this document and permission to reproduce a transcript on these pages.
The majority of the text within the book is hand written, and some transcription errors are to be expected, particularly regarding surnames of individuals.
August 1939
24 All Officers and Airmen were recalled from leave.
25 P/O Ingram proceeded to Uxbridge to take War appointment.
Partial mobilization ordered. Reservists arrived from Personnel Transit Centres.
Durham Light Infantry arrived to take over Guard Duties.
27 National Defence Corps arrived to carry [out] Camp defence duty.
28 Durham Light Infantry left. Were replaced by 'X' Coy., Royal Northumberland Fusiliers.
30 Wing Commander Paine left for Portrieve to take up war appointment.
West Freugh unable to carry out Mobilization scheme.
F/Lt. Steele proceeded to Yatesbury to take up appointment as Station Adjutant on commissioning in Class C.C. Reserve.
Effects of late Corporal Prudhoe sold by Auction.
Strength of Station at Midnight:
Officers:- 30 R.A.F. 3 N.D.C. 1 N.F.
Men:- 299 R.A.F. 36 N.D.C. 30 N.F.


September 1939
1 F/Lt. Lindsay Watson to Admiralty on recall from Reserve.
General Mobilization ordered.
F/Lt. Jackson, Equipment Officer, to Sealand on War appointment.
No.2. A.O.S. prepared for move to War Station. West Freugh.
P/O Wainwright to 72 Squadron, Church Fenton.
P/O Chappell to 52 Squadron, Upwood.
Continuous Point to Point W/T  watch ordered.
(21.00hrs) Training Command amended to No. 2.A.O.S. War Station to read Warmwell. Movement Order completed at 04.00 hours 2/9/39.
2 P/O. McRury and Airmen proceed by rail to Warmwell.
F/O. Monk, S/Ldr. Prier and S/Ldr. Carey to Warmwell by Road.
3 (11.00hrs) War declared on Germany only.
(11.30hrs) Air Raid Warning.
S/Ld. Nelson and F/Lt. White by car to Warmwell.
4 (08.45hrs) All machines to Warmwell.
S/Ldr. Hawkins proceeded to Warmwell.
Care and Maintenance Party only left at Acklington.
Strength of Station at Midnight:  Officers: R.A.F., Airmen 71. N.D.C. 56 men. 3 Officers.  N.F. 30 men. 1 Officer.
9 Unit transferred to Fighter Command and Administered by No. 13 Group.
11 Teleprinter came into operation.
13 Camouflaging of Station began.
24 6 Whitleys from Driffield to use Ranges.
25 3 Whitleys from Linton-upon-Ouse to use Ranges.
26 4 Whitleys from Dishfort to use Ranges.
27 6 Whitleys from Driffield to use Ranges.


October 1939
1 152 (Nizam of Hyderbad) Squadron (Gladiators) form.
2 S/Ldr. SHUTE arrives to take command 152 Squadron.
6 609 Squadron (Spitfires) arrive from Catterick; S/Ldr. AMBLER commanding.
9 S/Ldr. R.L. BENNET arrived to take up duties of Senior Administrative Officer.
607 Squadron (Gladiators) arrive from Usworth. S/Ldr. L.E. SMITH commanding.
11 F/O. P. Griffith, Medical Officer, posted to Acklington.
14 F/O. IRISH & F/O. COCHRANE posted to Acklington for Intelligence duties.
16 (14.25) 607 Squadron move to Drem.
17 607 Squadron return to Acklington from Drem.
F/Lt. SAMPLE & F/O. BAYIN (607 Squadron) shoot down D.O.18 5 miles east of Blyth.
21 Marine Section, Amble, F/O. Druce commanding, move en bloc to JURBY, I.O.M.
22 F/O. W.H. JONES, attached for Armament duties.
27 607 Squadron move to Croydon for overseas.
111 Squadron (Hurricanes) transferred from Northolt to Acklington, S/Ldr, BROADHURST commanding.
This Station became Satellite to Usworth and W/Cdr. ADAMS O.C. that Station become responsible for Acklington as well.


November 1939
16 609 Squadron move to Drem.
18 43 Squadron (Hurricanes) posted to Acklington from Tangmere, S/Ldr. C.G. LOTT commanding.
29 Interception made by S/Ldr. BROADHURST, 111 Squadron, in bad weather, for which he was later awarded the D.F.C.
30 Lieut. D'Arch SMITH relinquishes appointment of Adjutant upon rejoining Army.


December 1939
4 152 Squadron commenced rearming with Spitfire aircraft.
8 No. 111 Squadron left for DREM.
No. 46 Squadron (Hurricanes) arrived from Digby. S/Ldr. Cross commanding .


January 1940
2 Station Headquarters established.
13 P/O. J.H. EVANS posted to Acklington as Assistant Equipment Officer.
14 P/O. R.W. HEMSLEY arrived to take up duties of Station Adjutant.
17 No. 46 Squadron moved back to Digby.
30 F/Lt. C.B. HULL and Sgt. F. CAREY, No.43 Squadron, shot down a Heinkel III into the sea 10 miles East of Coquet Island.


February 1940
3 (09.40hrs) F/Lt. TOWNSEND, P/O. P. FOLKES & Sgt. HALLOWS of No.43 Squadron shot a Heinkel III down on the coast at Whitby.
(11.15hrs) Sgt. HEWELL & Sgt, CAREY, No .43 Squadron shot down a Heinkel III into the sea 10 miles East of the Tyne.
(11.30hrs) S/Ldr, SHUTE, P/O. FALKSON & Sgt. SHEPHERD, 152 Squadron, destroyed a Heinkel III off Cresswell.
4 F/O. REILLY posted to Acklington as Medical Officer.
9 P/O. HOGBEN posted for Intelligence duties.
15 F/O. HORSLEY posted for Accountant duties.
22 (12.15hrs) F/Lt. TOWNSEND of No. 43 Squadron destroyed a Heinkel III 25 miles East of Blyth.
27 No. 43 Squadron posted to Wick.
(13.45hrs) P/O. J.S.B. JONES & P/O. T. WILDBLOOD, of No.152 Squadron shot down into the sea a Heinkel III 10 miles East of Coquet Island.
29 S/Ldr. SHUTE lost at sea whilst carrying out search in Gladiator for Bomber reported to be down.


March 1940
2 72 Squadron (Spitfires) arrived at Acklington from Church Fenton, S/Ldr, LEES commanding.
5 F/Lt. MACKAY posted to Acklington to take over duties of Station Adjutant.
7 F/Lt. CRAWFORD posted Acklington for Signals duties.
8 S/Ldr. DEVITT arrived to take command of No.152 Squadron.
29 A German aircraft believed to be a JU. 88 was seen to forced land in Druridge Bay off Cresswell.
31 F/O. WORLEY attached for Armament duties.


April 1940
2 F/Lt. IRISH organized salvaging of JU. 88 forced landed in Druridge Bay. Eventually brought into Blyth and believed to be first German aircraft of that type to have fallen into our hands.


May 1940
3 The Air Officer Commanding No 13 Group (Air Vice-Marshal SAUL) visited the Station.
6 A.S.O. Bagley and A.S.O. Paterson of the W.A.A.F. were posted from Oxford for code and Cypher duties.
18 Pilot Officer J.H. Evans was posted from Catterick for Equipment duties, Asst. Eqpt. Off.
20 Wing Commander B.B. Caswell assumed command of the Station vice Wing Commander J.S.L. Adams.
Flight Lieutenant Irish was posted to Headquarters Fighter Command for Intelligence duties.
A.S.O. Bagley (W.A.A.F.) was posted to No. 5 Group.  A.S.O. (W.A.A.F.) Stainton arrived from Oxford as relief.
28 Pilot Officer Newton was posted from Cheadle for Signals duties.
31 Pilot Officer HOGBEN was posted from S.H.Q. to No. 72 Squadron Acklington for Intelligence duties.
Although sections of the squadron were called upon to patrol the vicinity of the aerodrome there were no actual interceptions made and no air raid warning sounded.
Air Firing against towed targets was carried out regularly during the month by squadrons of the group on the ranges of Druridge Bay.


June 1940
1 No. 72 Squadron moved to Gravesend for reinforcement duties. Flight Lieutenant Crawford (Signals Officer) was promoted to the rank of Squadron Leader.
2 No. 610 Squadron at Acklington to replace No. 72 Squadron. 9 Defiant aircraft of No. 249 Squadron arrived for Air Firing.
6 (early morning) Enemy aircraft were reported in the vicinity of the aerodrome and the Air Raid Warning was sounded. The raid lasted 1¾ hours.
No. 249 Squadron completed air firing.
9 Sir Hugh Trenchard paid a visit to the Station and give a talk to all ranks. He also toured the dispersal points.
11 Pilot Officer Moffatt was attached from No. 13 Group for Intelligence duties.
13 (0025hrs) Reports received that many enemy aircraft had crossed the coast. The air raid warning was sounded. Searchlights were in action but no interceptions were made.
Pilot Officer Moffatt ceased attached and returned to No. 13 Group.
Under the Sector Reinforcement Scheme No. 152 Squadron moved to Prestwick.
16 After a stay of only 4 days No. 152 Squadron returned from Prestwick.
17 (0015hrs) Reports received from the Coastguards etc. that enemy aircraft were in the vicinity of the aerodrome. None however were plotted as though making for the aerodrome and no warning was sounded.
22 (0035hrs) Air raid warning sounded and the ''All Clear'' 40 minutes later.
(0240hrs) Raid warning again sounded and ''All Clear'' 20 minutes later.
25 Flying Officer Griffiths (Medical Officer) attended a course at Farnborough on ''High Altitude Flying''.
27 Air Raid Warning sounded. Flying Officer Thompson of N. 72 Squadron destroyed an enemy aircraft caught in the Searchlight Beams by striking the bomb load with his machine gun fire.
28 The Following postings to the Station were effected:-
F/Lt. Fisher from Andover for Signals duties
F/O Mason from Manston for Dental duties
P/O's Morris and Greogory were commissioned in the R.A.F.V.R. and posted for  Defence duties.
29 Sir Archibald Sinclair visited the station and toured the Dispersal Points.
Air firing against towed targets was carried out regularly during the month by squadrons of the group on ranges at Druridge Bay.
0117, 0118  


July 1940
1 (0600hrs) Section of No. 72 Squadron ordered on patrol. Enemy aircraft shot down near the Tees.
2 Characteristic of the flashing beacon changed from AK to ZU.
3 Air Raid Warning lasting an hour given during the night. Operation Order No. 3 (Station Defence Measures) issued.
4 Pilot Officer Grazebrook posted to Acklington from the Air Ministry for Intelligence duties.
5 Many reports of enemy aircraft in the vicinity of the aerodrome. Gunfire and explosions heard near the coast. Air Raid Warning sounded.
10 Flight Lieutenant Fisher (Signals Officer) posted to Church Fenton.
Pilot Officer Grazebrook posted to Drem for Intelligence duties.
13 No. 152 Squadron moved from Acklington to Warmwell.
14 Preparations made for the arrival of No 79. Squadron, but were cancelled owing to the squadron being held up at Sealand.
15 Flying Officer Horsley (Assistant Accountant Officer) posted to 613 Squadron.
16 No. 79 Squadron arrived to replace No. 152 Squadron, Owing to the increase of the numbers of personnel billeting had to be resorted to.
17 The Right Honourable Anthony EDEN left Acklington by air after visiting the North Eastern Coast District.
18 Enemy aircraft caught in the beams of a searchlight near Amble but was not intercepted.
The patrol lines allotted to Acklington were altered to-day as follows;- RED Long Houghton to Long Horsley. WHITE Longhirst to Ponteland. BLUE Matfen to Helyfield. GREEN Woodside to Willington.
21 Squadron Leader A.R. COLLINS arrived to take over the command of No. 72 Squadron.
22 Pilot Officer LUXTON was commissioned at Acklington in the R.A.F.V.R. for Ground Defence duties.
Pilot Officer W.J. THOMPSON was posted to Acklington from Cardington for Towing Flight duties.
23 Squadron Leader R.B. LEES (Officer Commanding No. 72 Squadron) was posted to No. 13 group.
Pilot Officer W.C. BALL posted to Acklington for duty as Assistant Equipment Officer. A ''Whirlwind'' landed at Acklington for a short time.
25 (Early morning) Many enemy aircraft reported to the aerodrome. The Air Raid Warning was sounded and the Glim Lamps put out.
26 50 airmen arrived for Ground Defence duties.
27 40 airmen arrived for defence duties. The Station Defence Companies were found under Pilot Officers MORRIS, GREGORY and LUXTON.
29 10 Officers and 140 men of the 4th Machine Gun Holding arrived to take part in Army exercises.
30 Reports received from many parts of the coast that enemy aircraft were in the vicinity of the aerodrome. Three explosions were heard one of which was particularly violent. This was caused by a mine which was dropped on land near GUYZANCE 1½ miles N. W. of the aerodrome, the crater being 50 feet in diameter and 20 feet deep.
(Druridge Bay Ranges) Air Firing at Towed Targets was carried out during the month by pilots of squadrons within the Group almost every day that the weather permitted.
0119, 0120  


August 1940
2 Mobile Anti-tank gun arrived. Lancashire Fusiliers relieved by the King's Own Scottish Borderers
4 P/O. Whittaker posted to No. 72 Squadron for Intelligence duties.
9 (12.10hrs) Heinkel shot down by Yellow Section (F/Lt. Clarke, P/O. Nelson , P/O. Edwards, Sgt. Wright) No. 79 Squadron , at Blyth.
10 P/O. J.E. Bilton reported from Little Rissington for duty as Assistant Accountant Officer.
13 P/O. L.A. Jackson posted to Acklington for Station Engineer duties.
15 Air raid warning at 12-40 hours- All clear at 14-25 hours. Large enemy formation approaching coast, estimated number of aircraft 120 to 140. No. 72 Squadron brought down 11 of the E/A.  No. 79 brought down 9 E/A.
17 P/O. A.V. Britnell posted to Acklington for Assistant Station Adjutant duties.
W/Cdr. B.B. Caswell posted from Acklington to Sutton Bridge.
W/Cdr. H.J. Pringle posted to Acklington to command Station.
19 P/O. Crough posted from Acklington to Wilmslow. P/O. Hogben posted from No. 72 Squadron to R.A.F. Station, Drew, for Intelligence duties. F/O. Griffiths posted to Middle East for medical duties.
22 F/Lt. F.T. Seeney (Accountant Officer) appointed Acting Squadron Leader w.e.f. 31/7/40.
F/O. J.B.R. Ellison appointed Acting Flight Lieutenant w.e.f. 29/7/40.
23 Enemy aircraft approached aerodrome but failed to locate target. Bombs dropped approximately 2 miles away.
25 0015hrs, 0150hrs) Enemy aircraft in vicinity. Bombs dropped very close to camp area, only casualties- sheep killed.
26 Air raid warning sounded. Enemy aircraft dropped flares but failed to locate camp.
27 No. 79 Squadron, aircraft and pilots moved to Biggin Hill.
28 No. 32. Squadron aircraft and pilots arrived at Acklington from Biggin Hill.
31 (p.m.) Ground Defence Crews brought to readiness but no alarm given.
No. 610 Squadron machines and pilots arrived from Biggin Hill (3)
No. 72 squadron aircraft and pilots moved to Biggin Hill.
0121, 0122  


September 1940
1 The remainder of No. 610 Squadron machines and pilots arrived from Biggin Hill.
5 G.O.C. 10th Troop inspected Station Defences.
8 Pilot Officer Jackson appointed Acting Flying Officer w.e.f. 3/9/40. Pilot Officer Morris appointed Acting Flying Officer w.e.f. 26/8/40. Flying Officer (Acting Flight Lieutenant) F.T. BEENEY appointed Acting Squadron Leader w.e.f. 5/8/40.
9 Air Vice-Marshal R.E. Saul, D.F.C., Air Officer Commanding, No 13 Group Inspected Station,  with Colonel Longman, 10th Herts.
11 Personnel of No. 72 Squadron posted and left for Biggin Hill.
14 Personnel of No. 79 Squadron posted and left for Pembrey.
22 Pilot Officer G. Thompson appointed Acting Flying Officer w.e.f. 16/9/40.
26 Pilot Officer Tankerville reported this Station on taking over post of Intelligence Officer.
27 Air Marshal Sir Wm. Mitchell, Inspector General and Air Vice Marshal R.E. Saul, D.F.C.
Air Commanding No. 13 Group visited the Station.
28 Flight Lieutenant J. Ellison left on posting to Catterick as Intelligence Officer.


October 1940
2 Commander in Chief Home Forces and G.O. C. Northern Command visited the Station, arriving by car and leaving by Air.
3 S/L. Milner and F/Lt. Dunston visited the Station.
7 Staff Officer of Command Accounts Branch (S/L Chadwell) paid a visit inspect Unit Accounts.
10 A party of 50/60 Roof Spotters visited the Station for a course of aircraft identification, the Regional Commissioner Sir Arthur Lambert and Col. Pickering accompanied them. Aircraft on view being 'Anson, Hudson, Whitley, and Blenheims. With the party were representatives of 'Gaumont News Reel', 'Daily Sketch', 'Daily Mirror', ' Express', Daily Mail ', 'Newcastle Chronicle' and the BBC to photograph and report Roof Spotters course. S/L Kissack of 13 group was Press Liaison Officer.
P/O Newton posted to Church Fenton for Signals Duties.
P/O H. Miles (A & SD) to the Station, Supernumerary for Eng. Duties
15 P/O A.V Britnell posted to Hucknell for Administrational Duties with Mobile Demolition Squadron
17 63 Roof Spotters visited the Station, Weather unsuitable for Flying.
18 A/S/L Money- Kyrle posted to A.M. (W.G.E) w.e.f. 23/11/40 to E14.
20 F/O M.C.T. Reilly posted to North Weald for medical duties and F/O B. H. Goodrick from same Station to Acklington for medical duties.
21 P/O L.B Pethey reported for duty as assistant Adjutant.
24 60 Roof Spotters arrived on Station, Whitley, Hampden, Hudson and Anson Bombers were available for inspection. Aircraft were flown for identification purposes. 
28 F/Lt Coates DARM 13 Group visited the Station and after Consultation with station Commander, appointed P/O J.W.E. Murray as Station Security  Officer
30 S/L Cabot APM Fighter Command arrived on Station accompanied  by F/L/T Coates.
0124, 0125  


November 1940
2 P/O Brilliant reported on being Commissioned as Messing Officer.
4 P/O G.M. Parker posted to H.Q. 41 Group for supernumerary duties with N.A.P.
12 Sanitary assistant visited the station, a report on this visit was raised on 19/11/40
14 45 Roof Spotters visited the station. A Hudson and air Anson were available for inspection
22 F/O Sir Richard Leighton left the station on being posted I.O. to Ternhill.
28 W/C H.W. Humphreys Inspecting Dental Officer H.Q. F.C. visited the Station.


December 1940
2 F/O J.M. Evans posted to ???? party No 22 S.F.T.S. Southern Rhodesia for Equipment duties.
3 13 Group Equipment Officer visited the Station.
5 W/C H.W. Humphreys Inspecting Dental Officer H.Q. F.C. visited the Station.
11 Two Spitfires of 610 Squadron stationed here collided west of Alnwick. P/O Ross bailed out uninjured, Pilot Sergeant McGregor was killed.
12 P/O Robertson I.O. 258 Squadron arrived on Station.
15 F/O Cooke reported for duty as I.O. 32 Squadron.
16 32 Squadron (15 Hurricanes) commanded by S/L Crossley D.S.O. D.F.C. left the station for Middle Wallop.
17 Hurricanes 258 Squadron, S/L Clouston D.F.C. commanding, arrived from Drem. This is a newly formed Squadron and not immediately operational.
18 S/L Milner ? visited the Station
19 15 Spitfires, 610Squadron S/L Ellis D.F.C. in command, left for W. Hampnett [Westhampnett ?]
Spitfires of 72 Squadron, S/L Graham commanding arrived on station from Leuchars.
23 The commanding officer (W/C H.J. Pringle A.F.C.) and officers gave a party, the occasion afforded the opportunity to reciprocate the kind hospitality extended to the officers outside the Station.


January 1941
6 A/F/Lt.  W.A. Jackson posted to A.M. (D.O.R.) for Engineer duties (S/L post)
9 P/O C.A. Ogilvy left the Station on being  posted to 2. C.F.S. Cranwell to attend No. 7 Flying Instruction (War) Course.
18 F/O H.B. Jones posted to 72 Squadron for medical duties. 72 Squadron presently operating from Acklington.
21 First detachment of Polish officers of 315 Squadron arrived on Station.
24 S/L H.W. Cook Commanding 315 (Polish) Squadron reported on Station.
25 Group Captain H.R.H. Duke of Kent K.G. and Royal Air Force, visited the Station. He was received by W/Commander H.J. Pringle A.F.C. and after lunch departed for Blyth accompanied by Naval Officers.
31 P/O Narkiewicz, I.O. 315 (Polish) Squadron, reported for duty.


February 1941
1 16 Hurricanes, S/L Couston D.F.C. Commanding, left the Station for Jurby I.O.M
3 One Hurricane arrived for 315 (Polish) Squadron
4             -do - 
6 Three   -do-
9 One     -do-
10 A party arrived from BBC for purpose of recording a broadcast feature "Fighter Pilot", a Spitfire was used in the recording.
23 Three Hurricanes arrived for 315 (Polish) Squadron.
25 P/O W. Pomaski posted from N.E. Pool [N.G?] as Intelligence Officer to 317 (Polish) Squadron.
P/O J. Harezlak posted from N.E. Pool [N.G?] as Adjutant to 317 (Polish) Squadron.
27 A/S/O D.A. Bliss posted from RAF Station Carew Cheriton to this Station for Code & Cypher duties.
A/S/O E.R. Stainton from this Station to HQ 15 Group for Code & Cypher duties, w.e.f 10/3/41
F/O C.R. Trevett posted this Station for signal duties.


March 1941
1 Polish Pilots and personnel commence arriving for duty with 317 (P) Squadron
11 G/Capt. J.A. Jagol visited the station and departed on 13th inst.
F/Lt C.F. Mount posted from 602 Squadron to Command, as S/L No. 317 (P) Squadron reported for duty.
12 S/L J. Kajan Polish Liaison Officer visited the Station.
13 16 Hurricanes of 315 (P) Squadron left this station for Speke.
A Spitfire of 72 Squadron crashed on landing from operational flight, pilot unhurt.
2 Hurricanes of 315 Squadron left for Speke, but returned to Acklington through engine trouble.
F/Lt Sheen D.F.C. landed at 22.35 and reported having shot down a JU.88. This was later confirmed.
14 S/L/ Kissack (Press Liaison Officer) and F/O Tomlinson (Press Liaison 13 Group) visited the station and met F/Lt Sheen.
16 A/Commodore Collier from Air Ministry visited the Polish Units on the Station, he was accompanied by Polish Liaison Officer.
17 S/L Brzezina reported for duty as 2nd in Command No. 317 (P) Squadron.
S/L W.A. MacKay S.A.O R.A.F. Station Acklington Mentioned in Despatches.
F/O H. Howie [Howse?] reported for duty  as adjutant 317(P) Squadron.
19 A Hampden Bomber from Lindholme (5 Group) landed after an attack on KIEL, Germany.
22 F/Lt Burgess reported for duties of station medical officer.
24 Formation of No. 317 (P) Squadron, under Command S/L  C.F. Mount, being completed, One flight under command F/Lt Young became operational at 13 hours today.
27 The C in C Air Marshall Sholto Douglas, accompanied by A.O.C. No 13 Group visited the Station, arriving at 09.50hrs and departing at 10.40hrs for Prestwick.
28 S/L E. Graham relinquished command of 72 Squadron on posting to Catterick as Sector Controller.
F/Lt D.F.B Sheen D.F.C. assumed command of 72 Squadron as A/S/L.
0130, 0131  


April 1941
1 Control of Woolsington, satellite for this Station, transferred to Ouston.
A/S/Ldr. F.M. Smith of 72 Squadron left this Station on posting to Command of No 603 Squadron at Turnhouse.
Air Vice-Marshall J.D. Andrews D.S.O. M.C. Air Officer Commanding No 13 Group visited the Station.
2 P/O  C.B. Snellgrove reported on posting for Equipment Duties.
3 S/Ldr. E. Graham (late O.C. 72 Squadron) left the Station on posting as Regional Controller at Catterick.
4 W/Comdr. Charle ? of No. 4 Squadron left the station for ????
5 Lysander Aircraft returned to ????, weather conditions having made operations impossible.
7 A District Court Martial was held on the station. A.C.I. R. Thomas No. 967786 of 72 Squadron. He was dismissed from a charge of stealing petrol, the property of the public. The ??? of the court was under the presidency of W/C W.J. H. Lindley was detailed in D.R.O. No 78 dated 2/4/41.
8 A General Court Martial was held on the Station. F/O W.H. Bowden (10070) being charged. The ??? of the court was under the presidency of Group Captain R.Y. Eccles and detailed in D.R.O. No 78 dated 2/4/41.
Adjutants and other officers of 13 Group attended for instruction.
9 F/O A.T. Atkins arrived at the Station to take up the duties of Station Adjutant.
10 No 317 (Polish) Squadron paraded in the form of three sides of a square for the presentation of the Distinguished Flying Medal to Sergeant M. Maciejowski by Air Vice Marshal J.O. Andrews D.S.O. M.C. Air Officer Commanding No. 13 Group.
17 P/O's Baldwin, Bocock reported for flying duties with No. 72 Squadron
19 No 317 (Polish) Squadron paraded in the form of three sides of a square for the presentation of the Distinguished Flying Cross to F/Lt. H. Szczesny by Air Vice Marshal J.O. Andrews D.S.O.  M.C.  Air Officer Commanding No. 13 Group.
20 S/Lt M. Konezewski reported to the Station as Roman Catholic Priest to Polish personnel.
23 S/Ldr. C.J. Mount relinquished the Command of No. 317 (Polish) Squadron to S/Ldr. A. Brzezina on appointment as Commanding Officer of No. 260 Squadron.
24 Air Commodore C.H. Nicholas D.F.C. A.F.C. from H.Q. 13 Group visited this Station for inspection.
25 Air Commodore L.G. Le B. Croke C.B.E. Director of Air/Sea Rescue Organisation visited the Station.
27 A representative of Fox Photos Ltd. visited the Station for the purpose of taking colour photos of Fighter Aircraft in flight.
28 S/Ldr. A.H. Cole reported for duty as Commanding Officer (English) of No. 317 (Polish) Squadron.
29 No. 317 (Polish) Squadron made a "D" type move by air and road to Ouston.
0132, 0133  


May 1941
2 "B" Flight No. 141 Squadron arrived at this Station. Flight consisted of 5 Defiant Aircraft and personnel fully operational for night flying duties.
5 Air Vice Marshal J.O. Andrews D.S.O. M.C. Air Officer Commanding No. 13 Group visited the Station.
6 9th Troop No. 205 Light A.A. Battery under Lt. L.N. Carter left the Station.
5 Lysander and 2 Proctor aircraft arrived for Artillery Co-operation Exercises.
2 Sections of the 178 Pioneer Corps arrived for aerodrome duties.
7 3 enemy aircraft shot down during the night of the 5th and 6th by Defiant aircraft of No. 141 Squadron. Confirmed by H.Q. 13 Group.
8 P/O B. Douthwaite of No. 72 Squadron left on posting to No. 213 Squadron.
9 S/Ldr. J. Leathart D.S.O.  arrived at the Station to form and Command No. 406 Squadron (Royal Canadian Air Force)
10 Two troops of No. 205 L.A.A. Battery left the Station and one troop of No. 204 L.A.A. moved in.
11 No. 406 Squadron (R.C.A.F) will form to Establishment War/FC/209A and will comprise 21 Officers, 202 Other Ranks. Aircraft; Blenheim's, 16 + 2
12 A detachment of No. 613 Squadron arrived at the Station for Artillery co-operation exercises at Redesdale.
P/O H.O. Newton reported for duties as Signal Officer.
15 Detachment of No. 613 Squadron (Army co-operation) left Acklington for Firbeck.
20 F/O A.G. Richard arrived  at the Station for engineering duties with No 406 (R.C.A.F.) Squadron.
23 Air Commodore F.J. Vincent D.F.C. visited  the Station in connection with siting for O.T.U.'s.
24 F/O W.H. Howden left the Station on being transferred to the Retired List.
25 F/Lt. H.F. Suren reported to the Station for Aerodrome Control Duties.
26 P/O C.P. Robinson arrived at the Station for duties as Messing Officer.
F/O E.W. Miles (Medical Officer) and P/O C.R. Colman (Intelligence Officer) reported for duty with No 4406 (R.C.A.F.) Squadron.
F/Lt Hunter, F/Lt Clayton and P/O Stoner of No. 25 Squadron arrived with two Beaufighter Aircraft under the Inter-Group reinforcement scheme for day and night operational duties. 
27 F/Lt J.R.G. Young arrived for duty as Flight Commander of No. 406 (R.C.A.F.) Squadron.
Major General R.C. Money M.C. Officer Commanding Northumberland Division visited the Station for an inspection of Royal Northumberland Fusiliers.
Wing Commander D.G. Morris arrived at the Station to take up the position of Squadron Commander of No. 406 (R.C.A.F.) Squadron, in place of S/Ldr J. Leathhart
28 General Sir Alan F. Brooke. K.C.B.  D.S.O., Commander in Chief, Home Forces and Major General T. R. Eastwood D.S.O. M.C., G.O.C. i/c Northern Command visited the Station.
29 F/Lt J.T. Denman arrived at the Station on posting as Adjutant to No. 406 Squadron (R.C.A.F.) Squadron.
31 P/O J.W.C. Murray left the Station for attachment as Defence Officer at H.Q. No. 13 Group (Unit?) on posting to RAF station, Ballyhalbert.
0134, 0135  


June 1941
2 P/O C.N. Grosse reported back from Aerodrome Control Officer Course at West Malling for duties as Aerodrome Control Officer.
5 F/Lt F.W. Hillock, P/O's D.C. Furse and J.R.B. Firth reported for duty with No. 406 Squadron (R.C.A.F.)
6 P/O W. Buchan left this Station on posting as Aerodrome Officer to H.Q. Group (Unit).
P/O Kinmouth reported for duty with 406 Squadron (R.C.A.F.)
9 P/O J.E. Bilton reported for duty as Assistant Accountant Officer to this Station.
F/O W. Bentall reported for duty as Engineering Officer to No. 406 Squadron (R.C.A.F.)
10 P/O S.T. Appleby reported for duty as Ground Defence Officer.
11 F/Lt H. F. Suren left this Station on posting to No. 6 S.F.T.S.
13 Wing Commander J.R. MacLachlan and Squadron Leader Austen from HQ 13 Group visited the Station.
Group Captain The Rev. J.A. Jagoe visited the Station.
16 Air Commodore C.H. Nicholas D.F.C., A.F.C. and Group Captain R. Menzies of H.Q. No. 13 Group visited the Station.
17 Wing Commander R.L. Edward of H.Q. No. 13 Group visited the Station.
18 "C" Flight No. 4 Squadron arrived for carrying out Tactical Reconnaissance in conjunction with the Northumberland Division and practice dive-bombing on Redesdale Artillery Range. Departed pm the 20th June.
19 F/Lt R.K. Morris and P/O J.A. Porter arrived at the Station on attachment for Aerodrome Control Officer duties.
The commanding officer (W/C H.J. Pringle A.F.C.) and officers gave a party, the occasion afforded the opportunity to reciprocate the kind hospitality extended to the officers outside the Station.
23 P/O S.S. Allen arrived at the Station for duty as Intelligence Officer.
F/Lt Farrow left the Station for duty overseas.
Air Vice Marshal J.O. Andrews D.S.O. M.C. Air Officer Commanding No. 13 Group visited this Station.
Lt. General Packenham-Welsh C.B. M.C. 9th Corps Commander visited the Station.
24 F/O G.B. Houghton reported for duty with No. 406 Squadron (R.C.A.F.)
29 P/O W.D Wadsworth reported for duty with No. 406 Squadron (R.C.A.F.)
30 Acklington lost its oldest inhabitant in the departure of Squadron Leader T.F. Seeney on posting. He had been Accountant Officer since December 28th 1938.
P/O J.H. Jameson reported fro duty an Aerodrome Control Officer.
0136, 0137  


July 1941
6 F/Lt C.R. Taylor reported for duty as Squadron Leader Administrator.
7 P/O W.F. Ransom arrived at the Station for Ground Defence Duties.
8 Squadron Leader W.A. Mackay left the Station on posting.
No. 72 (Basutoland) Squadron left the Station for operational duties at Gravesend. Squadron Leader D.F.B. Sheen D.F.C. in Command.
No. 74 (Trinadad) Squadron under the Command of Squadron Leader Meares D.F.C. arrived at the Station for operational duties.
12 P/O J. Matthewson reported for duty as Assistant Accountant Officer.
14 Major General J.S. Steele D.S.O., M.C.  Commanding 59th Division visited the Station.
17 Flight Lieutenant J.C.M. Mould, Equipment Officer left the Station on posting to overseas Command.
Flying Officer J. Beeton arrived at the Station for duty as Equipment Officer.
21 A District Court Martial assembled at 10.00 hours under the Presidency of Wing Commander W.J.H. Lindley. Members Sq/Ldr S.H.H. Phillips M.C. and F/Lt R.B. Hamer. Prosecutor F/Lt The Earl of Tankerville.
30 Wing Commander H.J. Pringle A.F.C left the Station on posting to Fighter Command. W/Cmd. H.J. Pringle was Commanding Officer of R.A.F. Station Acklington from August 1940
31 Wing Commander D.G. Morris, Commanding Officer No. 406 Squadron R.C.A.F. assumed Command of R.A.F. Station Acklington.
Air Vice Marshal J.O. Andrews D.S.O., M.C. Air Officer Commanding No. 13 Group visited the Station.


August 1941
1 Brigadier W. Carden Rowe M.C. 216 Brigade visited the Station
3 Brigadier L.H. McRobert M.C. 30th A.A. Brigade visited the Station.
4 Marshal of the Royal Air Force, The Viscount Trenchard G.C.B. G.C.V.O. D.S.O. D.C.L. LL.D and Air Vice-Marshal  J.O. Andrews D.S.O. M.C., Air Officer Commanding No. 13 Group visited the Station. A parade in the form of three sides of a square was held in No. 406 Squadron (R.C.A.F) hanger and an address given by the Marshal of the Air Force.
5 The detached flight of No. 410 Defiant Squadron from Ayr arrived to take over the duties of No 141 Squadron.
6 Air Vice Marshal J.O. Andrews D.S.O. M.C. Air Officer Commanding No. 13 Group, Lt. General T.R. Eastwood C.B. D.S.O. M.C.  G.O.C. in Chief, Northern Command, Lt. General H.G. Martin D.S.O. O.B.E.  G.O.C. 4th A.A. Corps, Brigadier W. Carden Rowe M.C. 216 Brigade, and Brigadier L. H. McRobert M.C. O.B.E. T.D. visited the Station in connection with the defence of the Aerodrome.
7 "Umbrella" Exercise in conjunction with 216th Brigade (Brigadier L.H. McRobert M.C. O.D.E. T.D. ) was held. Stand to at 17.30 hours. Exercise finished at 0820 hours 8th August.
The detached flight of No. 141 Squadron left for Ayr.
10 "A" Company Highland Light Infantry arrived for Defence of the Aerodrome Duties in relief of "E" Company 70th Battalion Northumberland Fusiliers.
11 Brigadier L.H. McRobert M.C. O.D.E. T.D. addressed a large gathering of Army and Air force Officers and NCO's who took part in the "Umbrella" Exercise on the tactics employed and the lesson learnt from the exercise. Wing Commander D.G. Morris, Commanding Officer of R.A.F. Station Acklington also addressed the meeting and gave his opinion as to the probable method of air attack and defence of the aerodrome.
14 Wing Commander D.O. Finlay arrived at the Station to assume the duty of Commanding Officer w.e.f. 15/8/41 of R.A.F. Station Acklington.
17 Flight Lieutenant T.A. Carlile arrived for duty as Station Signals Officer.
18 A District Court Martial assembled at the Station under the Presidency of Wing Commander W.J.H Lindley. Members of the Court: S/Ld. S.N.H. Phillips M.C. and F/Lt. R.B. Harmer.
20 A full manning exercise of the Aerodrome Defences was carried out and inspected by the Chief Liaison Officer of the Home forces, Lt. General T.R. Eastwood C.B. D.S.O. M.C. G.O.C. in Northern Command, Brigadier W. Carden Rowe M.C. 216th Brigade.
22 S/Ldr. L.S.T. Meares D.F.C. O.C. No. 74 Squadron left the Station on posting.
23 S/Ldr P.H.M. Richey D.F.C. reported to the Station to assume the duty as Commanding Officer of No. 74 Squadron.
29 Air Vice-Marshal J.O. Andrews D.S.O. M.C. Air Officer Commanding No. 13 Group visited the Station.
0139, 0140  


September 1941
1 A Ju.88 shot down by a Beaufighter of No. 406 Squadron (R.C.A.F.) (F/O Fumerton and Sgt. Bing) the crew of four killed.
2 "A" Flight No. 410 Squadron left this Station for R.A.F. Ouston.
Brigadier K.D. Leasley M.C., O.C. 57 Searchlight Brigade visited Station.
3 Lt. General R.P. Parkham-Walsh, C.B. M.C., G.O.C. 9th Corps, Major General E.V.H.  Fairtlough  D.S.O. M.C., G.O.C. 7th A.A. Division, Brigadier L.H. McRobert M.C. O.B.E. T.D., 30th A.A. Brigade visited the Station.
A Whitley bomber crashed on the outskirts of the Aerodrome, was destroyed by fire and one officer, 3 Sergeants were killed. One Officer Air Gunner was only slightly injured.  All of "B" Flight No 58 Squadron.
5 The funeral of the crew of the Ju.88 killed on the night of the 1st Sep took place, and were buried in Chevington Cemetery. Full Air Force honours were accorded.
7 The funeral of three Sergeants of "B" Flight No 58 Squadron was carried out with full Air Force honours.
F/O Fumerton and Sgt Bing of 406 Squadron, flying a Beaufighter 2., at 22.25 hours attacked and damaged an HE III approx. 6 miles East of Hartlepool.
8 P/O Scrope-Davies posted from H.Q. No 13 Group for Assistant Station Adjutant duties.
Sgt. Bryant's body sent to Reading for private burial. Air Force honours accorded to railway station.
9 P/O Austin and Sgt Stuart of No. 10 Squadron, Leeming, and P/O Blasinski  and Sgt Sadowa of 406 Squadron buried at Chevington Cemetery with full Air Force honours
10 P/O Clennett A.G., arrived for duties with 406 Squadron.
F/Lt Petre arrived to investigate Defiant crash in which P/O Blasinski and Sgt. Sadawa were killed.
12 P/O Flint R.A.R arrived from Uxbridge Officers Training School. P/O Colman posted from Acklington to H.Q. Middle East. F/O Cosby and P/O Cuddie left to rejoin No.141 Squadron at Ayr.
Body of Sgt. Coxon sent home for private burial with Air Force honours to railway station.
13 F/Lt. Denman Adjutant of 406 Squadron left, posted as Station Adjutant at Ayr.
14 P/O Porter posted from H.Q.F.C. to 406 Squadron for Intelligent duties. F/Lt. Carr-Harris for duties with 406 Squadron.
15 F/O Findlay and Sgt Vickers of 406 Squadron killed in Beaufighter crash at Brunton Park at 0023 hours.
17 Burial of F/O Findlay and Sgt. Vickers at Chevington Cemetery with full Air Force honours.
Two Spitfires of 74 Squadron collided on runway, F/Lt Scott injured.
F/O Stanard D.A.P.M. visited the Station.
18 F/Lt Ranson from R.C.A.F. H.Q. as Adjutant to 406 Squadron.
21 P/O Milne and P/O Morley posted to H.Q.F.C.  Stanmore
24 Mr. Vincent Massey High Commissioner for Canada and Mrs. Massey visited 406 Squadron.
Col Walker visited light A.A. posts on Station.
F/Lt Morris reported back from course.
26 S/L Gamble J.E.D. reported supernumerary 406 Squadron.
General Van Strydonk  and F/Lt. Cajoy, visited station to meet Belgian Officers serving on the Station.
27 "Boat" Exercise was carried out beginning 0700 hours and continuing until 1300 hours on the 28th September 1941.
28 Exercise "Boat" ended
29 A/P/O Exley and A/P/O Coates arrived for A.C.O. duties under training pending a course.
30 At 21.12 hours E/A attacked camp dropping 3 Kilo anti-personnel bombs: no damage, no casualties.
W/Cd. Morris and Sgt. Rix shot down a Ju88 in flames 45 miles East of Tynemouth at 22.09 hours.
0141, 0142  


October 1941
1 At 02.57 hours a Hampton bomber of No. 408 Squadron, Syerston, crashed after hitting a Wellington of No. 9 Squadron which was also damaged. The Wellington had previously landed at 01.20 hours.
2 (20.40) 4 H.E dropped by E/A (one unexploded) at Mouldshaugh Farm (U687215)
(20.50) W/Cdr. Morris and Sgt. Rix 406 Squadron R.C.A.F. destroyed an He III near Alnmouth.
(21.20) W/Cdr. Morris and Sgt. Rix 406 Squadron R.C.A.F. destroyed an Do I17 of Tynemouth
(22.00)  F/Lt Hillock and Sgt. Bell 406 Squadron R.C.A.F. damaged a Ju 88 off Blyth
3 P/O Marchbanks posted to Ouston as Duty Pilot.
(14.39) Last of 17 Spitfires of 74 Squadron left Acklington for Llanbedr.
(14.29) Last of 17 Hurricanes of 43 Squadron landed at Acklington from Drem.
9 Captain Foster, Major Winterburn and Captain Fitzwilliams 613 Squadron arrived from Doncaster.
10 S/Ldr. Gamble arrived for medical duties with 406 Squadron R.C.A.F.
W/Cdr. Acheson and eight pilots of 613 Squadron arrived with aircraft for Exercise "Percy".
 F/O Aisbitt and P/O Scorer of 1380 Squadron A.T.C. arrived for eight day course.
11 Exercise "Percy" lasting five days began.
12 (16.50) While flying E. of Alnwick 2 Hurricanes of 43 Squadron collided, Sgt. Pilot Turner killed. P/O Hutchinson crash landed and suffered bruises to face.
15 Exercise "Percy" ended. 613 Squadron left.
17 (10.30) 13 Officers of King's Own Royal Rifles visited Station for lecture on aircraft identity given by F/Lt. Tankerville.
F/O Rickard 406 Squadron R.C.A.F. left for Middle East.
19 (10.00) 50 A.T.C. Cadets visited Station for lectures.
21 W/Cdr Morris awarded the D.F.C. and Sgt Rix the D.F.M.
23 Air Vice Marshal J.O. Andrews D.S.O., M.C., Air Officer Commanding No. 13 Group visited the Station.
26 F/O Aldridge K.R. of 51 O.T.U. supernumery S.H.Q. Acklington posted overseas.
0143, 0144  


November 1941
1 F/Lt J. Mc. M Maclennan arrived for intelligence duties with 406 Squadron. F/Lt J.A. Cunliffe arrived for duties as Station Adjutant.
3 P/O A.M.S Custers and P/O A.S. Smith arrived for duties with 43 Squadron.
A Hurricane II a/c (Pilot P/O  Mehta, 43 Squadron) crashed into Peel Fell (V.1121) during practice, pilot killed.
5 P/O A.M. Morris and P/O Sheppard arrived for duties with 43 Squadron.
7 Air Vice Marshall J.O. Andrews D.S.O., M.C. Air Officer Commanding No. 13 Group visited the station.
(21.52) A Beaufighter II a/c (Pilot P/O Harding; Radio Observer ?/Lt Blackler engaged and damaged a Heinkel III near Hartlepool.
8 S/Ldr G.G. Stockdale arrived for duties with 406 Squadron.
11 P/O H.B. McGonigal arrived for duties with 406 Squadron.
14 P/O F.M. Atkinson arrived for duties as Assistant Equipment Officer.
(17.30) Beaufighter II R2435 forced landed ½ mile S.W. of aerodrome owing to Pilot's difficulty with controls. Neither the pilot (F/Lt Hillock) nor the Radio Observer (F/Lt Blackler) was injured.
19 (13.00) Sgt Williams of 43 Squadron, flying a Hurricane II forced landed in the sea 8½ miles east of Blyth, owing to engine failure. A/C broke in two and pilot was rescued after 40 minutes by Air/Sea Rescue launch from Blyth.
(10.00) A General Court Martial assembled to try the case of F/O V.G. Penney, No. 43 Squadron. President W/Cdr E.H. Sparling H.Q. No. 4 Group. Members: S/Ldr R.S. Winter H.Q. 4 Group; S/Ldr W.O.G. Fenton, Ouston; F/Lt F.C. Wiltshaw, H.Q. No. 4 Group; F/Lt the Earl of Tankerville, Acklington.
(14.00) A District Court Martial assembled to try the cases of No. 117983 A.C. 2 Taylor R., S.H.Q. Acklington and No. 640146 L.A.C. Temple D.W., No. 439 Wing Innsworth. President: W/Cdr. E.H. Sparling. Members: S/Ldr R.W. Winter and F/Lt F.C. Wiltshaw. Prosecutor 2/Lt R. Woodley. Defending Officers, F/Lt the Earl of Tankerville and F/Lt H.E. Morris, respectively.
20 F/Lt R.K. Morris arrived for aerodrome control duties.
21 P/O S.J. Wilson arrived for duties as Adjutant of No. 43 Squadron.
P/O U.B. Nelson arrived for duties as Catering Officer.
26 (13.14) The Alnwick police reported two H.E. Bombs dropped west of the L.N.E.Rly. near Rock (U.704408). No casualties.
28 P/O F.W. Rayner arrived for duties as Equipment Officer.
(15.50) F/Sgt Buison flying Hurricane II Z3316 (No. 43 Squadron) crashed on aerodrome. Pilot unhurt.
29 Sgt. Bower R.D. No. 43 Squadron, flying Hurricane II Z2639 crashed at Stapleford near Swinderby, Lincs. Pilot killed.
0145, 0146  


December 1941
3 Lt. General T.R. EASTWOOD, C.B. D.S.O. M.C. Commander in Chief, Northern Command, visited the Station.
Brigadier BARBER, Officer Commanding the 16th Infantry Brigade visited the Station.
6 F/O J. Penman arrived on posting for Dental duties.
8 Accident to M.T. vehicle at N.E. end of aerodrome, involving the death of A.C.1 POPELY ['Popeley' at CWGC]
(23.30) Beaufighter II. (R2404) (Pilot F/O. MITCHELL and Radio Observer Sgt DOBELL had engine trouble and overshot aerodrome in landing. The Pilot and Observer were unhurt.
P/O S.A. ROLFE arrived on posting for M.T. duties.
P/O D. THOMPSETT arrived on posting for assistant Adjutant duties.
(23.30) Beaufighter II (Pilot- Wing Commander MORRIS, Radio Observer F/L HOUGHTON) engaged and damaged a Heinkel III
9 (11.16) A Hurricane (Pilot F/L MAY) destroyed a Junkers 88 east of Seaham.
Wing Commr. V.S BOWLING arrived to take over Command on the 16th Dec.
10 Court of Enquiry ordered to assemble to investigate M.T. accident involving the death of A.C.1 POPELY - Members F/O APPLEBY, S/O BURRISS.
13 P/O R.H. WILKINSON arrived for A.C.O. duties.
18 Air Vice Marshal J.O. ANDREWS D.S.O., M.C., Air Officer Commanding No. 13 Group visited the Station.
20 P/O B. TYSON arrived on posting for assistant Adjutant duties.
23 P/O A/E MITCHELL posted from M.T.S. CALSHOT for duties as M.C.O, H.C.L. BLYTH
24 Squadron Ldr. G.L.DENHOLM D.F.C. arrived to assume command of 1460 flight now forming on this Station
27 [There is an entry on this date regarding a specific A.C.W. charged with exceeding the speed limit and reckless driving at the fatal accident on the 8 Dec; this entry is struck through.]
29 (22.00) Beaufighter II (Pilot P/O FIRTH, radio observer Sgt. HARDING) destroyed a Junker 88 which fell into the sea.


January 1942
2 Col. Russell O.C. 5th Regiment, Medium R.A. Amble, visited the Station.
6 P/O S.J. Russell posted from R.A.F Station West Malling as supernumerary for Electrical Engineering Duties.
Beaufighter R2281 (Pilot P/O. Furse) crashed near the aerodrome owing to one engine cutting out.
7 F/O G.D. Gibson posted from Drem for duties as Intelligence Officer.
8 Sgt. H.R. Lea ferrying Hurricane Z3262 made a forced landing at Braunceston [?]
F/O C.S.N. Swan posted from R.A.F Station Bournemouth, for No. 406 Squadron for Medical duties.
Beaufighter T3037 of 406 Squadron (R.C.A.F.) crashed at 21.15 hours at Stobswood Colliery, Widdrington. P/O M.B. Wooler and Sgt Observer T. Williams killed. 
10 T/S/Ldr J.E.D Gamble posted from No. 43 Squadron to No. 3 P.R.C.
13 Funeral of P/O Wooler at East Chevington Cemetery.
A District Court Martial assembled to try the cases of No. 346320 Sgt R.S. Jones, No. 648457 Cpl. T.L. Thackray, No. 1017733 Cpl. G.N. Heam and No. 1017735 L.A.C. H. Elliott of S.H.Q. Acklington. President W/Cdr. E.H. Sparling H.Q. No. 4 Group, Members: W/Cdr B. Robinson RAF Cranfield, S/Ldr R.S. Winter, H.Q. No. 4 Group, and Ft/Lt F.C. Wiltshaw. Judge Advocate S/Ldr J.C.G.Burge. Prosecutor Ft/Lt Walford. Defending Officer F/O S.J. Wilson No. 43
[23?] Squadron.
15 Air Vice Marshal Edwards (R.C.A.F.) visited the Station.
S/Ldr T.F. Dalton-Morgan posted from No. 43 Squadron to R.A.F. Turnhouse for Controller duties.
Rev. N.T. Walford posted from R.A.F. Bircham Newton.
Ft. Lieut, D. Le Roy du Vivier appointed to command No. 43 Squadron vice S/Ldr T.F. Dalton-Morgan (S/Ldr post).
Wellington Z 1074 [Z1078] of No. 150 Bomber Squadron, Snaith, crashed at West Hill in the Cheviots. P/O MacDonald (R.C.A.F.) injured; Sgt Hunt (N.Z.) killed; Sgt Irving (N.Z.) died of injuries: Sgt Maple (R.A.F.) killed, Sgt. Allworth (R.A.F.) injured.
17 Air Vice Marshall  J.O. Andrews D.S.O. M.C. Air Officer Commanding No. 13 Group visited the Station and presented the decoration of D.F.C. to S/Ldr D. Le Roy du Vivier.
141 Squadron arrived from Ayr.
A General Court Martial assembled to try the case of No.72092 Ft/Lt (A/S/Ldr) C.G. Burgess S.H.Q. Acklington. President Group Captain R.Y. Eccles H.Q. No. 13 Group, Members: Wing/Cdr. E.H. Sparling, H.Q. No. 4 Group, Wing Cdr C.G. Lott D.S.O., D.F.C. H.Q. No. 13 Group, S/Ldr R.S. Wilson H.Q. No 4 Group, S/Ldr N.P.R. Clyde R.A.F. Station Turnhouse.
19 (1100 hrs) Funeral of airmen of Wellington Z1074 [Z1078] at Chevington Cemetery.
20 406 Squadron moved to Ayr.
P/O S. Knox posted from Ouston for duties as Assistant Adjutant.
22 S/Ldr G.H. Walker posted from No. 141 Squadron to R.A.F. Stn. Ayr.
S/Ldr P.N. Lee posted from No. 406 (R.C.A.F.) Squadron to No. 141 Squadron as Flight Commander.
27 P/O W.R. Rix posted from Acklington to West Malling.
30 P/O B. Tyson posted to Medmenham for Photo Interpretation Duties.
31 Sgt. C.G. Williams, ferrying Hurricane Z5324 made a forced landing at Braunceston.
0149, 0150  


February 1942
2 (1330hrs) Anson AX175 of No. 1 A.F.T.U. Wigtown crashed at Acklington. The pilot Sgt. R.A. Innes and crew of four were all uninjured.
4 P/O G.D. Dresden posted to Acklington from R.A.F. Station Catterick supernumery for Admin. Duties.
7 (1345hours) Spitfire P7692 of 81 Squadron Ouston crashed at Acklington. The pilot F/O Bedfrord was uninjured.
8 Ft. Lieut J.G. May posted to Acklington from C.T.U. Woodlands for F.C.O. duties
13 Lt. Col. Russell, O.C. 56th Medium Regiment R.A. visited the Station.
Lt. Col. Giles L.D.C. Ouston, visited the Station.
P/O W.J. Biddle posted from R.A.F. Station, Ronaldsway to Acklington for Defence Duties.
14 Air Vice Marshall J.O. Andrews, D.S.O., M.C., Air Officer Commanding No. 13 Group visited the Station
15 (2005 hrs) Aircraft No. 27 of 141 Squadron (Beaufighter I) destroyed one Dornier 217 about 5 to 10 miles East of Blyth. Pilot F/O Benson; Observer-Radio Sgt. Brandon.
17 (1630 hrs) Spitfire AA811 of No. 1 P.R.U. crashed at Brunton Aerodrome.
The pilot P/O R.R. Johnson, was slightly injured.
24 (2330 hrs) Beaufighter X7568 of 141 Squadron crashed at Acklington. The Pilot Ft. Lieut. Duff, and Observer Sgt. Warner were uninjured.


March 1942
9 F/O B.H. Welham posted to Acklington from Crosby-on-Eden for Defence Duties.
11 Hurricane I No. V7722 of 55 O.T.U. Crashed 5 miles north of Morpeth. The pilot, Sgt. Garlick was killed.
14 F/O Appleby posted to Crosby-on-Eden for Defence Duties.
15 F/O H.E. Morris posted Ouston for Administrative Duties.
16 Beaufighter I No X7566 crashed at Drem. Pilot Sgt. Henderson. No casualties.
(Acklington) Havoc I BJ474 (1460 Flight) struck obstruction. Pilot W.O. Wilkins. No casualties.
19 P/O E.A.C. Harris posted to Acklington from Grange-over-Sands for Accountant Duties.
21 Wing Commander V.S. Bowling posted to Command R.A.F. Station Ayr.
22 Air Vice Marshall J.O. Andrews D.S.O. M.C. Air Officer Commanding No. 13 Group visited the Station.
25 Beaufighter I X7576 (141 Squadron) crashed near Drem, through undercarriage failure. Pilot P/O Benn. Two bailed out, no casualties.
26 Defiant N3364 (410 Squadron) crashed at Beacon Hill near Long Horsley through instrument failure. The pilot Sgt F.B. Haines [F.E. Haines] was killed. The rear gunner bailed out and was slightly injured.
27 Hurricane I  P3030 (55 O.T.U. ) crashed at New Aerodrome, Salton. Sergeant Fi??ry slightly injured.
28 Miles Master 7558 (55 O.T.U.) crashed at Warenford, Twizel, N. of Alnwick due to low flying. Sgt. A. Dodd, and Sgt J.A. Sharpe were both killed.
29 Lieut. General Christison visited the Station.
Lieut Col Giles of Woolsington visited the Station.
30 General Fairclough visited the Station.
31 Colonel Pybus visited the Station.
The funeral of Sgt. F.B. Haines took place at West Chevington Cemetery.
0152, 0153  


[handwriting for April and May 1942  is particularly difficult to interpret]
April 1942
3 Four members of R.O.C Durham and three Members A.T.C. visited the Station.
5 Wing Commander Carver attached, Capt. Main and Brigadier McRobert visited the Station.
(Lucker) Hurricane Z2893 (43 Squadron) crashed. Pilot F/Sgt. Helbock killed.
6 Havoc BJ472 (1460 Flight) damaged owing to burst tyre on landing. Pilot P/O Langdon-??? uninjured.
W/C James S.M.O. 13 Group visited Station.
7 F/Lt Denman posted to Station from Ayr as Station Admin. Officer.
8 Brigadier Johnson and Brigadier Brittain  visited Station. General Riddle visited.
10 Hurricane B.D. 762 (43 Squadron) crashed. Pilot Sgt Welter [Webster?] uninjured.
11 W/C Cattell of Fighter Command visited for purpose of discussing navigation and training problems in general.
12 Lieut. Lockwood of 30 Brigade - G.L. Demonstration.
(Drem) Lysander T1509 (1490 T.T. Flight) crashed. Cause - tail wheel catching in hole. Pilot F/S Cordova uninjured.
13 2nd Lt. Hamilton and other army officers here on attachment. Army Brigade and Div. Signals.
14 F/Lt V. Noble of Fighter Command, Salvage officer attended here.
15 W/C The Rev. Appleyard and S/L Rushton visited Station.
W/C G??der of Fighter Command at Acklington.
S/L Simms Gas Defence Officer, 13 Group visited.
S/L Birley of Air Ministry, welfare officer and W/C Denholm of East Fortune visited.
Oatmeal Exercise in force
16 (Wittingham) Hurricane Z3068 (43 Squadron) crashed after hitting obstruction during low flying practice attack. Pilot F/Sgt Reed Killed.
Major Marlon and Major Lockyer visited.
17 S/L Ga???? Fighter Command and S/L Garrett Group Intelligence Officer and S/L Simms, Group Gas Defence Officer visited.
W/C Vonllaire and Major Hore visited in connection with Oatmeal Exercise.
18 Group Captain Hooper visited Station.
19 (0420) Hudson N7340 (No.1 C.T.U.) crashed after overshooting on landing.
(2120) Hurricane P5209 (No. 56 O.T.U.) crashed. Taxied into shallow ditch at end of landing run.
20 W/C Carver ceased attachment to Acklington.
23 General Eastwood, Brig. McMillan, Majors T???,  West and Nolan visited.
24 S/L  Breeze, Pomfrey and Henderson from School of Admin. Stannington visited.
Fl/Lt McDougall posted from Turnhouse as S.M.O.
25 S/L Le Roy du Vivier, C.O. 43 Squadron shot down Ju. 88.
(Rothbury) Beaufighter X7588 crashed. Sgt. Johnston and Sgt. Tait both of 141 Squadron killed.
26 S/L Gilfillan and S/L Clarkson at Acklington. S/L Wills here from Ayr as Investigating Officer.
27 Colonel Moore visited Acklington.
28 F/Lt Curling (Air Ministry) here to select occult sites.
29 Lt. Cassin and other Army Officers of Army Brig. here on attachment.
F/Lt Ellis of 13 Group visited.
1060 Light A.A. Battery move in.
30 Hurricane V6606 (43 Squadron) crashed. Pilot Sgt Van Zu?l??? uninjured.
F/Lt McGill (Assistant Commons Catering Officer) at Acklington on visit.
Visit of Officers from 6th (Border) Bn. K.O.S.B. ???? Northumberland.
0154, 0155  


May 1942
1 W/C Heycock O.C. 141 Squadron, damaged enemy aircraft. Confirmed.
Hurricane BN234 (Pilot F/Lt F.W. Lister) and Z3316 (Pilot Sgt. Le Gal) both of 43 Squadron , forced landing. No Casualty. One aircraft Cat B. Cause - Shortage of petrol.
2 S/L Gammock, Signals Officer 13 Group at Acklington on visit.
S/L Franks R.A.F. Farnborough visited Station.
3 A.O.C. 13 Group presented A.F.M. to Sgt. Le Gal of 43 Squadron.
Gas Exercise Demonstration, attended by representatives of other stations.
4 Court Martial (District) held at Acklington at 1000 hours for trial of A.C.2 McMullen. President of Court W/C Heycock.
Inspector General, Air Chief Marshall Sir E.R. Ludlow Hewitt visited Station accompanied by W/C Dennison.
5 Inspector General's visit  continued in morning.
Lt/Col Grant visited Station Commander.
Brigadier Heysom and Lt. Col ??? Dudley on visit.
F/Lt Fisher (Movement Control Officer) from Darlington to see Defence Officer.
F/Lt Sutherland reported from Catterick to command 1490 Fighter (Gunnery) Flight.
Mr. Russell (Fighter Command) Explosive Inspector on visit before proceeding to Milfield and other Stations.
6 W/O Fletcher from Catterick here on attachment for C???? duties.
7 W/C C.G. Lott D.S.O. D.F.C. posted to H.Q. 13 Group (Wing Commander Training)
Result of Court Martial (McMullen) promulgated.
8 Wing Commander E. Graham assumes command of Station vice Wing Commander Lott D.S.O. D.F.C. on posting.
(Bowshill Farm Berwickshire) Beaufighter X7568 Cat E.  Pilot No. 1186887 F/Sgt. Bodfish, E.W., F/Sgt. Furbank, C.A. (R/O), and No. 76367 F/Sgt. Crouse H.B. (R.C.A.F.) killed. S/L G.G. Stockdale detailed to investigate. (406 Squadron)
10 Havoc I AW392 crashed at Mossford Farm near Alnwick. Aircraft Cat E. burnt. Pilot Sgt. Kent and R/O Sgt. Lucas both killed. S/L Du Vivier D.F.C. 43 Squadron detailed to investigate.
11 A.O.C. 13 Group and S/L Morgan D.F.C. on visit to Station.
Lt. Colonel Roston Bayles [?] G.D.O 13 Group visited Station.
12 Exercise "Smash". Mr Williamson of Air Ministry on visit to F/Lt Wallen.
F/Lt Blount posted to Station for Catering Duties.
13 Mr. Fortesine of Air Ministry, Mr. Williamson of Air Ministry (Agriculture) on visit to Station.
Capt. Boyle of 154 Field Ambulance here on attachment.
Visit of 12 K.O.S.B Officers. Visits by F/O Forrester of 13 Group - P.T. Officer and Head Postmaster G.P.O Morpeth Northumberland.
14 Attachments of Army Officers from Catterick, Barnard Castle, Felton and Alnwick for Cooperation with Squadrons.
15 Attachment of Army Officers to Ouston visited the Station. The Attachment at the Station visited R.A.F. Station Ouston.
16 S/L Gilfillan of Air Ministry on visit to Station. Attachment Army officers ceased.
Hurricane (43 Squadron) crashed - Cat E. Pilot (Sgt Lewis) "bailed out" and uninjured.
17 S/L Phillips - Group Equipment Officer on visit to Station.
18 Sq/Officer Greig of H.Q.F.C. and Sq/Officer Jones, 13 Group visited Station and Northstead.
P/O Atkinson posted H.Q.F.C fro Equipment Officer duties w.e.f. 27/5
19 Colonel Laint ? 59 R.A. visited Station.
20 (0020 hrs) Hurricane IIC BD954 (43Squadron) crashed at Eshott Hall Farm, Northumberland. Pilot F/Lt A.B. Hutchison killed. F/Lt. Ottewill detailed to investigate.
G/Capt The Duke of Hamilton visited Station.
F/Lt Burgess posted to Kirkham.
21 Lt/Col. Hounsell and Lt/Col Pa?? Dudley visited the Station.
23 Aircraft and Crew (part 167 Squadron) arrives at Station to replace section of 43 Squadron which moved to FORD on detachment.
24 Part of 43 Squadron and Servicing Echelon moved off to FORD on detachment.
26 Wing Commodore V.G. Austen S.O.A. H.Q. 13 Group. Visited Station.
27 Wing Commodore Farrow Group Signals officer visited station with S/L Gammock.
F/O G.D Gibson - attached Ayr for Intelligence Officer duties, P/O Davies attached.
P/O A.A. Chapman posted to Station for assistant Adjutant duties.
P/O Havlock attached Station for Equipment officer duties.
28 167 Squadron ceased attachment to Station being replaced by Flight of 242 Squadron (Flight Lieutenant Sutherland.)
29 Major Cooke 8th Royal Scots, 2/Lieut Blackly 7th K.O.S.B. and Lt. McDonald 6th K.O.S.B. on attachment for three days.
S/L Marshall and F/Lt Todd, Group C.A.D. officer on visit to Station.
30 Army Officers on attachment to Ouston visited Station.
S/L Garnett - Group I.O. here on visit.
31 Major Henry and Lt Waring both 61st Highland Searchlight Battery here on visit of inspection.
Mr. O'Connell, Canadian Legion War Services visited Station and left periodicals for Canadian Personnel.
43 Squadron returned from R.A.F Station Ford.
(1700 hrs) Hurricane IIc BM235 (43 Squadron), Pilot officer Daniels, destroyed at Clifton. Cat. A. C.
0157, 0158  


June 1942
1 P/O J.S. Russell detailed to attend Gas Defence Course, Rollstone.
2 F/O W.P.B. Hollis attached for Admin. duties.
Wing Commander T.F. Dalton Morgan A.F.C. here on visit. Major Warren on visit.
3 Exercise "Tweed" commenced. Aircraft of 43 and 141 Squadrons detailed to take part in the exercise. P/O Hayock ceased attachment  from Catterick.
4 F/Lt Williams and F/O Robinson reported for attachment to 141 Squadron.
Major Collingwood of Northern Command called to see Intelligence Officer.
Air Commodore Nicolas, W/C Dalton Morgan, F/Lt?. Dee Hamel ? visited the C.O.
5 141 Squadron claim to have damaged two Do. 217 during the early hours of the morning. Pilot F/O Denson ?. Observer P/O Brandon. Pilot W/O Hamer. Observer F/S Walsh.
Lt. C.G. Cansey, USA Army reported for attachment to Special Signals Branch of 141. S/L Morton anD F/L Doel from 57 O.T.U. Hawarden  to see ?????? and Equipment Officers
6 A representative number of officers attended the annual sports meeting of the Highland Light Infantry at Felton.
9 S/L Lacy D.F.M. 81 Group called on C.O.
 F/Lt Forrester, P/T Officer from Fighter Command on visit of Inspection.
11 B. Coy 70th Royal Northumberland Fusiliers: moved out at 10.00, march past taken by C.O.
Major Tucker and Major Warren of Army Air Service Control visited Station in connection with Exercise "Tweed".
One Flight of 257 Squadron arrived to relieve 43 Squadron.
A Coy. 70th South Staffs moved in.
12 Brig. Hoarfell 30th A.A. Bde. visited Station.
15 Rehearsal of March Past for A.O.C.
16 43 Squadron moved to Tangmere.
17 Air Vice Marshal J.O. Andrews C.B., D.S.O., M.C.,  A.O.C 13 Group and Group Captain Eccles visited the Station at 1500 hrs. Parade and March Past by Station Defence Squadron, W.A.A.F. Detachment, and A Coy, 70th South Staffs.
20 Officers Mess Party which was attended by Air Commodore C.H. Nicholas, D.F.C., A.F.C.,  Major General Smith-Bullen O.C. 15th Scottish Division and a number of local residensts.
23 Air Party of 141 Squadron moved today to Tangmere. Air Party of 219 Squadron moved in.
24 Ground Party of 141 Squadron moved to Tangmere. Ground Party of 219 Squadron moved in.
29 F/L Forrester, P.T. Officer attached from H.Q.F.C.
30 Exercise "Hackle" commences.
F/O Blakeney Flyn reported for intelligence duties in place of F/O Davies who is posted to Drem.
0159, 0160  


July 1942
1 Revd. J.A. JAGOE, M.A. Assistant Chaplin General on visit to Station.
3 F/L Maggill, Command Catering Officer visited Station.
5 Court of Enquiry to investigate loss of secret documents. President F/Lt The Earl of Tankerville, member; A/S/O Hutchinson.
C.O. took salute of Amble A.T.C. at 1500 hrs.
6 W/C G.G. Austin, Lt. Col. Russell-Bayliss Group L.D.A., Air Com. F.G. Vincent visited Station
7 S/L J.G.Topham D.F.C and Bar (219 Squadron) shot down Dornier off Blyth (Confirmed)
8 43 Squadron left, No.1 Squadron arrived from Tangmere.
W/C Reid, M.C., D.F.C, A.F.C., Command Savings Scheme Officer on visit.
10 General Slater, Divisional A.A. Commander on visit of Inspection.
11 Station Sports held in the afternoon, 70th South Staffs Regt. participated.
F/L Ottewill assumed command of 1490 Flight from 9/7/1942.
12 Fighter Command Rifle Demonstration Flight on two day visit.
F/O H.G. Blakeney-Flynn assumed duties of Air Sea Rescue Officer.
17 W/O Moon A.F.C. resumed command of the Station vice W/C Graham on leave.
The Station was visited by the A.O.C 13 Group:- A.V.M. J.O. Andrews, C.B., D.S.O., M.C.
18 P/O F. Williams 460 Flight appointed Station Savings Scheme Officer.
A party of A.T.C Cadets, 51 from 242 Squadron Blyth and 24 from 1016 Squadron Berwick arrived on a weeks visit to the Camp. S/L Admin. in consultation with Officers i/c Sections has arranged a syllabus of Instruction.
21 F/O Blakeney-Flynn assumes the duties of Station Security Officer vice P/O Biddle.
F/O A.D. Fyfe assumes the duties of Air Sea Rescue Officer.
22 F/O E.R. Rolfe posted to 13 Group to assume duties of Group M.T. Officer.
24 A. Coy 70th South Staffordshire Regiment moved out. C Coy 30th Durham Light Infantry moved in.
25 A party of A.T.C. Cadets, 25 from 1431 Squadron, 10 from 999 Squadron, 19 from 1016 Squadron arrived for a weeks instruction at the camp.
During the night of 25/16 two Dornier 217 were shot down by S/L J.G Topham D.F.C. and Bar. Confirmed.
27 W/Cdr. Graham returned from leave and resumed command of the Station.
29 P/O Cairns gave a lecture on "Escape". This was attended by the A.O.C., A/V/M. J.O. Andrews, C.B., D.S.O., M.C., W/C Graham and aircrew of the Station.
30 F/Lt the Earl of Tankerville assumes the duties of Station Security Officer vice F/O Blakeney-Flynn attached to 13 Group H.Q. Major General Riddle visited the Station to see the A.T.C. Cadets.
0161, 0162  


August 1942
1 43 cadets of 1801 Sq., A.T.C. and 27 of 1431 Squadron reported for a weeks training.
3 "C" Coy. 30th Durham Light Infantry, garrison at Acklington Village were relieved by D. Coy 30th R.N.F.
4 The Revd. N. T. Walford assumed the duties of Savings Group Officer vice P/O F Williams.
6 P/O H.S. Phelps reported to fill establishment vacancy as P.T. Officer.
9 Air Commodore S. Toomer D.F.C., accompanied by W/Cdr MacDougall and Major Wood visited the Station in connection with night flying training.
A parade service was held in the morning. This was attended by the Band of 5th Bt. Royal Scots, Morpeth, D. Coy R.N.F. and 25% of the Station personnel. The salute was taken by S/L Denman.
10 P/O Whitelock assumes the duties of Air Sea Rescue Officer vice F/O A.D. Fyfe.
12 W/C Austen and S/L Perrin visited the Station.
Brig. General Riddle D.S.O., D.I.O. Northumberland A.T.C. called to see the A.T.C. Cmp.
13 Brigadier Peters 124th Regiment called to see Major Ludlow.
Exercise "Granse" took place in the evening. This exercise was purely ground defence, designed to test the Mobile Defence reserve, i.e. the Brigade Flight and the R.N.F. in Acklington Village, and the Counter Attack Troops, K.O.S.B. 6th Btn.
14 A Hurricane belonging to No. 1 Squadron on transfer to 253 Squadron, piloted by Sgt. W.H. Jones crashed in flames on the airfield. Pilot escaped with minor injuries, but airframe was burned out.
15 The A.O.C. 13 Group A/V/M J.O. Andrews, C.B., D.S.O., M.C., visited the C.O.
F/O Horne 219 Squadron detailed to investigate loss of Hurricane Z3779
19 Visit by Air Chief Marshal Sir Arthur Longmore G.C.B., D.S.O., and Brig. General Riddle D.S.O. to inspect the A.T.C. Camp and  the arrangement made for the training of the Cadets.
20 During the night Beaufighter X8219 while engaged on an interception exercise got out of control and dived into the sea. The Pilot P/O Carroll of 219 Squadron was picked up the next day, but the observer P/O Kendrick was not found.
S/L D.C. Furse, 406 Squadron was detailed by the A.O.C. to investigate the accident.
22 A.T.C. Camp - 1801 Squadron and 242 Squadron moved out, 1380 Squadron moved in.
24 G/C Scroggs M.A.P. visited the station to discuss Sabre engines.
26 Accidents to three Beaufighters of 141 Squadron which is at present based at Ford.
Three pilots of 141 Squadron were detailed to ferry the aircraft from Acklington to Cranfield, but shortly after taking off all three aircraft developed engine trouble, X7612 Pilot P/O Silman crash landed at East Linton. X7631 Pilot P/O Cook crashed in flames at Alnmouth.  X7616 Pilot P/O Stephenson executed a forced landing on the airfield. All the pilots were safe and uninjured. Court of Enquiry:- S/L Stammers and W/C Holland.
27 Major H.F. King R.A. gave a lecture on FLAK to aircrew.
28 F/O Bell assumes the duties of Station Signals Officer vice P/O Jackson posted to S??ton
29 A.T.C. Camp dispersed.
30 The Station was visited by the A.O.C. in C. Fighter Command, Air Marshal William Shalto Douglas C.B., M.C., D.F.C.
31 Visit by G/C Scroggs, M.A.P. and later in the day by the A.O.C.,  A/V/M J.O. Andrews, C.B., D.S.O., M.C.,
0163, 0164  


September 1942
4 1490 Gunnery Flight attached to Ouston.
1460 Flight expands under WAR/FC/641 to 539 Turbinlite Squadron - Bostons and Hurricanes.
5 Advance parts od 2799 Squadron R.A.F. Regiment arrived.
6 No 1 Squadron had two successes at 11.30 hrs. P/O Perrin N.Z., and P/O Bridges each shot down a M.E. 210. These were the first successes by the Squadron since being re-equipped with Typhoons.
7 30th R.N.F. marched out from Acklington Village, their positions being immediately take over by 2799 Squadron R.A.F. Regiment.
10 W/C V.G. Austen and other Staff Officers of H.Q. 13 Group visited the Station.
13 Exercise "ALN" for the testing of Military and Civil Defences of Northern Command for which this Station provided aircraft for mock dive bombing attacks.
Air Commodore Nicholas S.A.S.O H.Q. 13 Group visited the Station.
15 The Air Officer Commanding, No 13 Group, Air Vice Marshal J.O. Andrews C.B., D.S.O., M.C., visited the Commanding Officer.
19 Sq/Ldr. Topham D.F.C. and Bar, and F/O Berridge D.F.C. shot down a Do. 217 at 2204 hours, one other aircraft was claimed as damaged, both by 219 Squadron.
23 Colonel Walker, officers, N.C.Os and men of 15th Divisional Battle School...?..visited the Station at 1430 hours.
29 P/O Coleman, Assistant Salvage Officer, Fighter Command, visited the Station to investigate salvage conditions


October 1942
1 F/Lt Goodrick, catering officer, Fighter Command, visited the Station on a visit of inspection
2 The Air Officer Commanding No. 13 Group Air Vice Marshal J.O. Andrews C.B., D.S.O., M.C. , visited the Commanding Officer at 1515 hrs.
3 S/O Jones i/c W.A.A.F. 13 Group, paid a visit to the Station during the afternoon. A few queries which were hitherto outstanding were cleared up to the satisfaction of all concerned. 
4 The Commanding Officer and officers of the Station were very pleased to welcome officers  from Group and neighbouring Stations - together with many other visitors on the occasion of a dance held in the officers' mess. The evening was a great success and it is hoped that the officers of this mess were able to reciprocate the kind hospitality extended on previous occasions by all who attended.
9 Brig. Gen. Britton - Command Defence Officer arrived today to watch the exercise on offensive and defensive movements which was to be carried out by the local R.A.F. Regiment in conjunction with army units.
16 P/O Farrar 219 Squadron, shot down a Dornier 217 off Roker.
17 The Air Officer Commanding 13 Group, Air Vice Marshal J.O. Andrews C.B., D.S.O., M.C., visited the Station for a conference with W/C/ Graham, Officer Commanding, W/C/ Moon A.F.C of 219 Squadron and S/L Wilkinson O.B.E., D.F.M., of No 1 Squadron.
S/L Topham of 219 Squadron broadcasting after the one o'clock news gave an interesting and instructive talk on night  fighting.
The O.B.E. has been awarded to S/L Wilkinson D.F.M. and Bar - Authority London Gazette dated 2nd and 6th October 1942.
20 'B' Flight and advance party of 219 Squadron left for Scorton and 'B' flight and advance party of 410 Squadron arrived at this Station.
21 A Flight of 219 Squadron left for Scorton and 'A' Flight of 410 Squadron arrived at this Station.
Two Typhoon of No. 1 Squadron reported missing - believed to have crashed into sea.
25 Mr. J.F. O'Connell - Senior Supervisor of the Canadian Legion visited the Station to make arrangements for the welfare and comforts of Canadian personnel living here.
26 A new mess for the Airmen and Airwomen of the Station is open and in use.
27 No. 622477 Cpl. Nolan  T.W.,  No. 7 Works Squadron, Newcastle, was tried by District Court Martial assembled here today. Those forming the Court were: President - W/C Lissett No.4 Group, attached R.A.F. Turnhouse. Members - F/L F.C. Wiltshaw No. 4 Group and F/L Blount R.A.F. Acklington. Waiting member = F/L Curtis No. 410 Squadron. Prosecutor F/L The Earl of Tankerville. Defending Officer - P/O A.A. Chapman. The following officers attended the Court Martial under instruction. P/O T. Harris S.H.Q., P/O Pearson No. 1 Squadron, P/O D. Freeman - No. 410 Squadron, P/O W.V. Wilkie - No 219 Squadron and P/O Bailie No. 2799 Squadron.
F/L Hardy posted to R.A.F Portreath Cornwall.
30 W/C James Senior Medical Officer 13 Group visited the Station and had a conference with the Commanding officers.
0166, 0167, 0168  


November 1942
1 Air Commodore Nicholas, S.A.S.O No. 13 Group, visited the C.O.
4 A Hurricane (539 Squadron) crashed near Red Row. The Pilot Sgt D.C. Bryant was killed.
6 S/L Ransome L.O. No.5 R.C.A.F, P/O Guernette, and F/O Massue, R.C.A.F. H.Q., visited the Station.
9 S/L Nicholson A.M. R.A.F. Welfare, visited S/L 'A'
12 Exercise  'COQUET' took place - to test Station Defence and Communications. The K.O.S.B., R.A.F. Regiments and Station personnel took part.
Preliminary Conferences took place, before exercise, and conference afterwards.
13 Two Canadian Padres (F/Lt Norris and F/Lt Carlson) visited the Station.
14 The bodies of two airmen (LAC Jones and LAC Pennett) killed en route to R.A.F. Eshott, were disposed of, and arrangements completed here.
20 S/L Rev. D. Cleasby arrived for Station Chaplain Duties.
23 The Air Officer Commanding No. 13 Group, Air Vice Marshal J.O. Andrews C.B., D.S.O., M.C., paid his farewell visit to the Commanding Officer and Station Units.
27 Air Vice Marshal M. Henderson, C.B., C.I.E., D.S.O., assumes Command of No. 13 Group with effect 27/11/42


December 1942
2 The Air Officer Commanding No. 13 Group, Air Vice Marshal M. Henderson, C.B., C.I.E., D.S.O., paid a visit to the Commanding Officer and made a tour of all the Station Units.
3 The A.O.C. Air Vice Marshal M. Henderson, C.B., C.I.E., D.S.O., left the Station on conclusion of his visit.
5 (1800) Colonel Preece, 53rd Searchlight Regiment, and the Brigade Major, 30th A.A. Brigade, visited the station and saw Wing Commander Hillock, Commander of 410 Squadron, in connection with the arrival of a 150cm searchlight with S.L.C. equipment for the purpose of demonstration and practicing night interceptions in collaboration with 410 Squadron. Lieut. Pearse and 10 Other Ranks, 53rd Searchlight Regt. operate the S.L.C.
Flight Lieut. J.A. Norris and Flt. Lieut E.J. Hartman, District Chaplains of the R.C.A.F. arrived on a visit to the Canadian personnel.
6 (11.15) Church Parades of 410 Squadron were held in their Dispersals, the Services being conducted by the above mentioned R.C.A.F. Chaplains.
10 Squadron leader Carey No. 13 Group (S/L Orgs) visited the Station Commander.
11 (1400) The Station Commander  presided at a preliminary conference of Officers in charge of Sections in connection with Exercise 'Xmas' which takes place on  Sunday 13th December 1942
13 (Reveille 0400) Exercise 'Xmas' took place at this Station, to test Station Defences and Communications. 'Action Stations' took place at 0515 hours, and exercise concluded at 0830 hrs. Visitors to the exercise included Brigadier Gen. Britton, Command Defence Advisor; Brigadier Money, Officer Commanding 44th Infantry Brigade; and Lieut. Col. Ruston-Bayliss, Group Defence Officer.
14 Conference presided over by the Commanding Officer, took place on exercise 'Xmas'.
20 (1000) Lt. Col. R.E Stockley (G.S.O. I (L)) Fighter Command visited the Station with Major Gardner, 13 Group Army Liaison Officer, and gave a lecture on Army Air Support. The Station Commander was present.
Wing Commander Pritchard, Costal Command, Wick, landed and visited the Commanding Officer.
21 (1830) F/Lt Durnford [?] of R.A.F. Usworth arrived at the Station and on the following day gave a lecture on 'Escape' to Air Crew Personnel.
30 F/Lt E.C. White M.B.E. - Station Engineer Officer, was posted to R.A.F. Station Maison Blanche - 333 Group for engineer duties.
0170, 0171  

January 1943
9 Air Vice Marshal Malcolm Henderson C.B., C.I.E,. D.S.O., A.O.C. No. 13 (F) Group paid his first visit to the station since assuming his present command. Accompanied by the Station Commander W/Cdr. E Graham, he made a brief inspection of various sections, and interviewed unit commanders. [cf. 2nd Dec 1942]
Squadron Leader V.G. Hopkins, Ministry of Aircraft Production, arrived on a three days visit of inspection.
9 The preparations of three sites, and the administration arrangements having been completed, the aerial lighthouse for this area (Occult 42) became operational at night fall, this being the date originally planned.
12 Group Captain Rev. J.A. Jagoe M.A. Assistant Chaplain  in Chief called upon the Station Commander and afterwards consulted with the station Chaplain S/Leader Elleasby L.Th. on Station Ecclesiastical and welfare matters. He left for RAF Eshott at 1800 hrs.
13 A Taxying accident occurred involving a civilian contractor's lorry and aircraft Typhoon R7876 piloted by F/Lt. F.W. Murray No. 1 Squadron, in which damage was sustained by both vehicle and aircraft. There were no personal injuries. A formal investigation was not called for.
16 Flight Lt. L.C. Hopkins arrived on a visit from Air Ministry for armament matters.
22 The first victory scored by No. 410 Squadron (R.C.A.F.) fell to F/Sgt. B.M. Haight (Pilot) and Sgt. Kipling (operator) flying a Mosquito II Aircraft No. HJ929 and operating by night. The enemy aircraft, a Dornier 217, was shot down over Hartlepool area from a height of 9000' at 20.50 hrs. Their bursts sufficed to put the  E.A. out of control and he was last seen disappearing into cloud at about 3000' still diving. The [????] was confirmed by a R.O.C. report.
23 While carrying out an authorised low flying exercise in the region of Seahouses an aircraft of No. 410 Squadron R.C.A.F, Mosquito II No. HJ919, was seen to nose-dive into the sea about 1 mile off  Seahouses Coastguard Station at approx. 1500 hrs.
The position of impact was located by debris, and diving operations commenced. The crew Sgt. G.G. Mills (Pilot) and Sgt. M. Lipton (Operator) having been reported 'missing believed killed'. Proceedings of a formal investigation having been passed to higher Authority.
25 A training scheme for prospective junior NCO's was inaugurated by the commencement of the first of a series of short courses of disciplinary and administrative training designed to fit selected personnel for promotion to corporal rank. This is intended to implement the Air Ministry policy explained at a recent H.Q. 13 G. Conference, adopted in an effort to raise the standard of NCO efficiency throughout the service.
It was found necessary to confine the operation of Occult 42 to Site 'A' until further notice, owing to the approaches to the other sites having become impassable. An appropriate signal was transmitted to Air Ministry.
The disbandment of No 539 Squadron commanded by Squadron Leader J.S. Morton D.F.C. takes effect under authority of H.Q. 13 G. Organisation Circular NE 3/43 dated Jan 21st 1943. The disposal of personnel and equipment will take place on issue of transfer instructions. This unit has been a magnificent example of high efficiency and fine discipline and has, in its short existence, supported the highest traditions of the service. Its passing is keenly regretted by all concerned.
Flight Officer H.A. Bemiss W.A.A.F. left on posting to RAF Ibsley
26 Mosquito II. Aircraft No. DZ 246 piloted by F/Sgt. B.M. Haight No. 410 Squadron RCAF overshot on making a night landing and collided with a dispersal hut. Aircraft and building were extensively damaged. The aircraft crew were uninjured. The accident was caused by iced windscreen.
28 Flight officer L.H. Stewart arrived on posting from RAF Exeter to assume command of WAAF Section of the Station vice Flt/Off. H.A. Bemiss.
29 Air Vice Marshal M. Henderson C.B., C.I.E., D.S.O. visited the Station to interview Flying Unit Commanders, and in particular the officer Commanding No. 1 Squadron. in view of the impending move of that unit. After these interviews and a brief inspection, the Air Vice Marshal left for Group H.Q. at approx. 1300 hrs.
0172,0173, 0174  


February 1943
1 A District Court Martial assembled at 1000 hours under the Presidency of W/Cdr. H.M. Carscallen (No. 424 Sqdn RCAF) to try Can. R.68409 W/O D.M. MacKenzie  pilot of Mosquito No. HJ917 belonging to No. 410 Squadron RCAF, who was charged with negligent flying in contravention of flying orders.
F/Lt. H.W. Goodrich, Command Catering Officer visited the station to inspect catering arrangements.
2 F/Lt. Louch. H.Q. 13 Group Engineer Officer called to see F/Lt. Cassell, Stn. Engineer Officer.
4 Air Vice Marshal J.C. Cowtan K.H.S Command Principle Medical Officer visited the station and in company with Stn. Medical Officer, made a general tour  of inspection
  Major Hotham, Liaison officer H.Q. 13 Group, called on the Station Commander for a discussion on matters concerning Army co-operation exercises.
7 The advance party of No. 198 Squadron arrived to take over from No. 1 Squadron
9 No. 1 Squadron proceeded to Biggin Hill, Kent by air and rail, later in the day aircraft and remaining personnel of No. 198 Squadron arrived.
From 0900 hours until 1200 hours a Gas Exercise was held in accordance with Command instructions (FC/S/31285/CGDA d/d 17th Dec 1942). This exercise was attended by the Group Gas Defence Officer, F/Lt Dobson, and was carried out successfully. Further exercises will be carried out on the 9th of each month.
10 S/Ldr. Vinall (Org.1. 13 Group) called on the Stn. Admin. Office (S/L. Denman) for discussion on Runway Extension, Railway Siding, Occults. Etc.
11 Accompanied by the station visiting "O.D." Chaplain W/Cdr J.D. Morley R.A.F., Assistant Staff Chaplain for "Other Denominations" paid a visit to the station.
13 A Typhoon No. R7690 of No. 198 Squadron and piloted by Sgt. Wilks made a crash landing on the aerodrome at 1630 hours owing to trouble with the undercarriage. The pilot was uninjured but the Aircraft was damaged.
15 P/O Cybulski whilst landing a Mosquito DZ292 of 410 Squadron at 0140 hours was caught by a gusty cross wind and through being blown off the runway his aircraft struck a Boston, AE471 (No 539 Squadron) which was picketed on the airfield. Both aircraft were damaged but P/O Cybulski was uninjured.
Group Officer Lewis and Squadron Officer Jones made a tour of inspection of WAAF quarters at this Station and North Stead. Welfare matters were also discussed and after having tea in the mess, they left the Station about 1700 hours.
16 While taking off for an operational scramble at 1430 hours a Typhoon DN 439 of No. 198 Squadron and piloted by A/W/O Mouat was struck by a gusty cross wind which caused the aircraft to "ground loop" and collapse. Some damage was done to the undercarriage and mainplane, the pilot being uninjured.
18 (Millom) S/Ldr. Barker (410 Squadron RCAF) took off at 13.45 hours in Mosquito DZ256 to proceed to Millom for the purpose of investigating accident to Beaufighter V8551. Owing to poor visibility S/Ldr. Barker found himself unable to bring his aircraft to a standstill on the runway and in attempting to swing off at the end of the runway he struck a small sand dune which caused the port [???] leg to collapse. Neither the pilot nor his observer were injured.
19 A part of 300H Servicing Echelon moved to Biggin Hill to continue servicing No. 1 Squadron.
20 F/Lt. R.J.H. Melhuish arrived from 590 T.U. to take up his new duties as Station Adjutant and his predecessor F/Lt. W.P.B. Hollis left to take up duty as Maintenance Wing Adjutant at Milfield (81 Group).
Air Vice Marshal Malcolm Henderson C.B. C.I.E. D.S.O. the A.O.C No. 13 Group visited the station at 1455 hours to see the commanding Officer of 198 Sqdn.
22 No. 3062 Servicing Echelon moved to Digby and was replaced by No. 3063 Echelon.
23 Today No. 409 Squadron (RCAF) arrived to take over from No. 410 Squadron.
24 No 410 Squadron (RCAF) proceeded to Coleby Grange having been replaced by 409 Squadron on the previous day.
26 F/Sgt Freitag of No. 198 Squadron crashed on the aerodrome at 1450 hours in a Typhoon No. R7653. The aircraft caught fire and was extensively damaged by the fire. The pilot was injured and also burnt, being removed to Station Sick Quarters
28 The Lord Bishop of Newcastle Right Reverend N. Hudson D.S.O and Bar, M.C. and Bar. D.D. visited the station to conduct the Dedication Ceremony of the enlarged Station Chapel.
0175, 0176, 0177  


March 1943
1 In a letter from H.Q. Fighter Command to Air Ministry results were reported of investigation into siting the projected A.A. Practice Camp at MILFIELD instead of Acklington, as a Dome Teacher has already been specially built at Acklington. This alternative? was stated to be uneconomical. The siting of the A.A.P.C. [...] Gunnery range at the Morpeth Ranges (DRURIDGE BAY) was also discussed.
2 A bomber aircraft was landed on the airfield by means of R/T at 2325 hours.
3 Instructions regarding programme to be adopted were received from H.Q. 13 Group in the 13G/S1344/30/GDO a/d 3 March 1943, in the training of RAF Regt personnel in the re-fuelling and re-arming of aircraft. This matter was discussed between the Station Engineer Officer and the O/C RAF Regt. as a result of which, a full programme of lectures was drawn up by the SEO and arrangements made to take batches of approx. 30 men in the flights commencing 15th March. It was decided to hold these instruction courses each month for the benefit of new arrivals and those men who unavoidably missed the first courses. It was also
decided that, wherever possible, the men should gain experience by spending their time amongst whichever squadron was carrying out air firing practice.- Appendix No. 1 gives the programme adopted. [Appendix No1 not transcribed]
4 An AOC's conference was held at H.Q. No. 13 Group which was attended by the Station Commander, W/O E. Graham. The AOC opened at 15 hours by outlining the forthcoming amalgamation of Sectors and Groups in Fighter Command. The Agenda was a comprehensive one covering questions of: Wing Training, Air Firing and Gunnery Training.  Flying Control Avoidable Accidents, States of Readiness, Station Pre training Schemes, and, the manpower shortage.
The chief points arising were:
(a) The serious falling of Air Firing Training in Squadrons during the last few months. The AOC gave special instructions for the Station Commanders to give this training special priority in future.
(b) Proposals of measures for the reduction in number of avoidable accidents - the measures briefly are:
(i) Issue of a monthly "black list"
(ii) Endorsement of Log Books by the AOC in the pilots' presence.

HQs No. 13 Group in their 13G/S1073/trg dated 4th March 1943 drew attention to the increase in accidents due to tyres blowing out during take off and landings which, they considered were due to loose stones and rough cracks on runway surfaces. This matter was taken up with the Clerk of Works who was instructed to take immediate action to remedy any defects at this station.
6 Mrs. Henderson, wife of the AOC HQ 13 Group accompanied by Squadron Officer Jones (No 13 Group) visited the station.
An Air detachment of No. 409 RCAF Squadron moved to Drem on HQ No. 13 Group instructions to maintain "Night State" at that Station, relieving a detachment of No. 488 Squadron. The readiness state is to be 1 a/c Readiness, 1 a/c at 30 minutes available. A ground maintenance party together with sufficient equipment left this morning for Drem.
7 A request was received from GDO 13 Group that suitable Station personnel be selected for training as A.A. instructors to form a nucleus of A.A. Station Defence in the event, now considered probable, of the A.A. flight of the RAF Regiment being removed from the Station without replacement. The L.D.As suggestion was that Six S.H.Q. NCO's be sent  to the next 13 Group A.A. Course lasting two weeks and supplement this by a further weeks instruction at the station. This proposal was put up to HQ 13 Group and application made for the securing of the personnel concerned.
An Oxford from Montrose on a "Cross Country" landed in thick haze by aid of a sodium flare path - The Pilot afterwards saying how much it had facilitated landing.
Wellington X9608 of Cottesmore landed - Pilot reported flames from one engine when 10 miles from Acklington.
Landing and Taxying instructions were successfully given by [..?.] contact.
In their 13G/S.1153/5/ops dated 7th March 1943 HQ No. 13 Group gave a copy of a letter received from the Resident Naval Officer, AMBLE, in which it was stated that a Salvage Craft with a M/V in tow, standing to in Warkworth Harbour after dark, was puzzled by observing a bright red light on his starboard bow, repeatedly signaling YD which to them signifies "I am under way". In Ack/S100H/D/?? dated 11th March we replied that our Pundit has flashed frequently from site A during the past 2.5 years without causing any alarm or confusion to mariners and pointing out that the Naval authorities have means of knowing whether or not the light was flashing from well inland and would therefore be aware that it could not possibly be mistaken for a ships signal. It was further stated in our letter that the question of making of Pundit static is at present under discussion and should this be approved the above difficulties would be removed.
8 HQ No. 13 Group letter intimated in their 13G/S1153/13/ops dated 8th March 1943 that Air Ministry had decided that the siting of
Landmark Beacons should remain as originally laid down, i.e. on the airfield and not 2/300 yds out to the end of the runway.
9 The usual monthly three hour Gas Exercise was again carried out between 0900 and 1200 hours. Various incidents being staged to give Gas Defence personnel practical experience.
10 F/Sjt Collins, pilot, reported that the new Mack II floodlights were a big improvement on the old type, - giving a better view of the runway and an absence of dazzling effect.
11 Typhoon R8935 , No. 198 Squadron, pilot Sgt. Bowman, had engine trouble whilst on an operational scramble and was compelled to land at RADCLIFFE, Northumberland, The pilot made a very good landing and has since been congratulated by the AOC. The RAF Regt were instructed to provide a crash guard.
At 2147 hours, owing to the close proximity of enemy aircraft 4 planes were dispatched on operational scrambles. At 2315 a second wave was reported, contacts were made but no "kills". Beacons were doused while enemy overhead.
A request from Air Ministry via HQ No. 13 Group letter 13G/S1912/org dated 11th March 1943, called for a report on the unserviceability of the aerodrome during winter and asked for any suggestions to remedy this trouble, consistent with restricting to a minimum the use of labour and material. In our reply /Ack/S1501/1/org dated 15th March 1943 we stated that during the last two winters this airfield has not been rendered unserviceable and no improvements were necessary.
13 Group letter (13G/S1217/3/ops) dated 11th March 1943 requested that Air Sea Rescue Officers be instructed to carry out on land a demonstration of the method of stowage and erection and use of the sail equipped in "K" Dinghies. This request has been passed over to the Air Sea Rescue Officer who is contacting the Squadron Commanders and arranging for these demonstrations to take place during the week commencing 21st March. Water demonstrations are also being incorporated in Dinghy drill.
12 Whilst aircraft were waiting to scramble an Oxford aircraft from Montrose came in to circuit - the pilot was given Red Aldis and Very Lights but paid no attention and pancaked.
The Assistant Commander Education Officer, S/Ldr McLennan, paid a visit to the Station re. Education and Welfare Matters.
At 2005 hours an enemy raid was reported East of base, this raid developed and 7 aircraft were ordered to scramble. The sector was also reinforced by 2 aircraft from Ayr. Raiders passed was sounded at 2231 hours.
13 A Whitley aircraft on "Cross Country" from 190 O.T.U. Forres was homed by Sandia Lights and directions given for landing - the pilot had lost his bearings.
14 Exercise "Jilldyke" was held on the Station to enable the various Defence Flights to carry out practice defence measures.
At 1915 hours and aircraft was landed safely but lost engine at end of landing run - the Duty Engineer Officer was informed and the aircraft cleared off the airfield.
No 1 Warning was tannoyed on enemy aircraft approaching at 2337 hours.
15 At 0010 hours raiders passed signal was given. A Beaufighter aircraft was homed and landed at 0240 hours.
A Halifax of No. 138 Squadron landed at 0710 hours - A guard was mounted and the Intelligence offer informed.
16 In accordance with 13 Group instructions re training of station personnel in A.A. duties a reply was forwarded today (Ack/S1500/23/org) in which it was stated that arrangements would be made to attach 6 NCO from SHQ to the next 13 Group A.A. course commencing 29th March and to give them an additional weeks training at this station on the conclusion of the course. It was also proposed to attach 4 SHQ personnel to each of the subsequent Courses and to avail ourselves of the services of F.C. A.A. School Instructor personnel to assist in this training when this Unit arrives on the station.
17 The following special state of operation "fighter hight" was instituted (for S/E fighter aircraft) for the period from tonight until the night of the 24th March. Readiness nil, 15 mins available nil. 30 min available 10 aircraft each at Ayr, Turnhouse, Catterick and Ouston. O/C 198 Squadron (Spitfires) at Acklington was duly warned. Authority:- 13 Group Signal AO 404 d/d 12th March 1943.
At 0310 hours warning was received from 13 Group re. diversion of 3 aircraft from Tempsford - these were landed at 0615, 0622 and 0628 hours. Instructions were received from Tempsford that the crews were not to be interrogated.
A message was received from H.Q. 13 Group at 1418 hours saying that 2 Spitfires had collided in mid-air and had crashed in flames near Warkworth. The ambulance and fire tender departed to the scene. These aircraft belonged to Eshott who took all necessary action and arranged for the removal of the bodies.
Whilst taking off in Beaufighter X8259 (409 Squadron) F/Sgt St???bey struck some trees on the edge of the airfield - the aircraft received some damage but the pilot was uninjured.
19 Intimation received from HQ.F.C. (0.760 a/d 11th March 1943) that the following movements would take place on the 23rd March 1943:-
198 Squadron plus 3004 Echelon to Marston
350 Squadron plus 3017 Echelon to Acklington (from Fairlop)
20 HQ 13 Group letter (13G/S 1344/3/Gao a/d 20/3/43) enclosing copy of HQ Fighter Command letter (FC/S 31427/Ops 4 a/d 18/3/43 which states that no units of the RAF Regt. must be moved from their allotted stations in the Group without first receiving authority from Fighter Command. The L.D.A. and O/C RAF Regt. Squadron were duly informed.
At 0610hrs Halifax aircraft were homed and landed - they called here due to bad weather.
A fighter Command memorandum gave the first intimation of projected reorgansation of RAF Regiment whereby they will take over the role of light A.A. Defence of Station with Bofor guns, Information re training and other details was stated to be on the way.
21 Halifax aircraft landed safely at 0223 hours
22 The advance party of the No. 350 (Belgian) Squadron arrived today from Hornchurch preparatory to the arrival of the whole Squadron.
At 2235 hours on information from Ouston re hostile plots; two aircraft were ordered to scramble. Later (at 2310 hours) Guns Alert, No. 1 Warning was tannoyed. Owing to an aircraft being in difficulties the Beacons were put up at 2320 hours. Raiders passed was sounded at 2344 hours.
23 A Tiger Moth left Catterick for Acklington and was picked up here - the plot faded and the Aircraft was later reported as having landed in a field approx. 15 miles South of Acklington, the occupants being safe. 13 Group and Ouston were informed.
Today, No. 198 Squadron plus No. 3004 Echelon moved to Mauston by Air and rail, there place being taken later in the day by No 350 (Belgian) Squadron, whose main party arrived plus no 3012 Echelon. Aircraft of No 350 Squadron also arrived today.
Air Vice Marshal C.H.K. Simmonds C.B.E., D.S.O. the A.O.A. HQ Fighter Command visited the station.
25 A new policy for the defence of V.P.s was foreshadowed in a letter this date from HQFC /FC/S 31650/ops 4A d/d 25/3/43) wherein the RAF will take over the responsibility from home forces, both as regards A.A and Ground Defence. W/Cdr. Bruce called to select a "Ground to Air" firing point and also visited the firing range.
13 Group letter (13G/S 1051/38/ng dated 25th March 1943) Stated that Low Flying routes submitted had now been provisionally cleared but as these routes overlap a low flying area required by Army Co-op Command for No. 32 Wing local arrangements are to be made direct.
26 Information was requested by 13 Group in their 13G/S 1153/6/ops dated 26th March as to:-
(i)Whether or not Aerial Lighthouses now in service are suitable in all respects.
(ii) Details of any additional requirements which it is thought should be met.
The reason for this request being due to a large majority of Aerial Lighthouses being supplied with pressed lens as opposed to ground and polished lens required by the original contract, this change had been effected to speed delivery and save manpower.
This HQs reply (Ack/S 1004/12/air dated 30/3/43) was forwarded later, in which it was stated that as far as can be judged the Aerial Lighthouse is suitable in all respects and it was not considered that any additional requirements were necessary.
Today an aircraft returning from long distance "cross country" called for homing which was done on Command [...]
29 Four German aircrew brought down near WOOLER on 25th March 1943 were buried at Chevington. No 409 Squadron were credited with the kill.
The importance of Aircraft recognition was stressed in a letter from Fighter Command today in view of the increase in enemy "tip and run" raids in certain areas.
30 Air Commodore C.A. Bouchier C.B.E. D.F.C. accompanied by F/Lt. S.J. Wilson (HQ 13 Group) visited the station today.
0178 to 0188  


April 1943
1 A dance attended by the Station Commander (W/Cdr. E. Graham) and other Officers was held in the Airmen's NAAFI to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the RAF and a special dinner was also arranged in the Airmen's Mess at which, the Station Commander gave a short address appropriate to the occasion.
2 HQ's No. 13 Group letter, 13G/S1341/49/GDO dated 2nd April enclosing a copy of HQFC letter FC/S24618/Ops 4a dated 29 March 1943 stressed the importance of Aircraft Recognition Training for station personnel - This HQs reply Ack/S1500/23/Org acknowledged receipt of these letters and stated that Aircraft Recognition is incorporated in the Station's Training Scheme.
3 At 1530 a Spitfire was reported in trouble through failure of undercarriage to come down and this Station was requested to take over this aircraft - Landing instructions were given and the pilot managed to make a good belly landing.
The R.N.O at Amble was informed that capture balloon was flying at 500 feet and considered dangerous - this height was checked by Sgt. Pearce of No. 409 Squadron.
4 A Spitfire of No 350 Squadron number W3378 piloted by Sgt. De Hepcee crashed whilst taxying - the aircraft was damaged but the pilot was uninjured.
5 Between the hours of 0227 hours and 0253 hours 15 Wellingtons from Dishforth were safely landed on the Airfield.
S/Ldr. Boussa, O/C No 350 (Belgian) Squadron took off for exercise and when 40 miles out over the sea he sighted a Hun and giving chase he shot it down, making the 50th victory for this station. Appendix 1
On return from a Cannon test flight, Sgt De Hepcee in Spitfire AB 989 (No 350 Belgian Squadron) crashed on the airfield through the reported failure of undercarriage to lower.
6 HQ 13 Group letter 13G/S1153/2/Ops dated 6th April 1943 requested comments on the subject of "Unserviceability of Landmark Beacons" and particularly as to whether an increase in the number of reserve and/or a allocation would help in reducing the percentage of unserviceability. In the HQs reply, Ack/S1004/12/air dated 11th April 1943 it was stated that the reserve Beacon held at Ouston was considered quite adequate and at no time during the last 17 months has the Beacon failed to flash when required. Only on two occasions has the reserve been drawn upon - once for engine change and once for engine decarbonation.
7 Much damage was done to hangars and buildings through a gale estimated at 60 m.p.h. (with gusts up to 80 m.p.h.) which was blowing all the morning
8 The AOC HQ No. 13 Group visited the station to see No. 350 Squadron and he also took the opportunity to congratulate S/Ldr Boussa on his "kill" - reported above (Apr 5th). The subject of "Tyre Failure" was raised by 13 Group in their letter 13G/S1250/Org a/d/ 8th Apr 1943 enclosing copy of HQ FC letter FC/S/30311/AS2 dated 8th March 1943. Instructions were given that all future cases of tyre failure which are prima facie attributable to the conditions of the runways are to be investigated jointly by a responsible officer of the A.D. branch and the local section Officer AMWD and that a special report is to be forwarded in duplicate stating the condition of the runway surface prior to, and, at the time of such failure. These instructions were passed on to the Snr. Flying Control Officer and arrangements made for the rendering of these reports.
9 Once again the monthly 3 hour Gas Exercise was held on the station with various incidents arranged to give personnel the necessary anti gas practice.

Low flying over
 the O.T.Us !!!
Intimation was received today from HQ No. 13 Group [in?] their letter 13G/S1341/GDO dated 15th April 1943, to the effect that the A.A. Defence of this Aerodrome will be undertaken by RAF Regiment who will man 8 x 20mm Hispano Guns and 4 x 40mm Bofors as and when the weapons become available. Both the LDA and RAF Regiment Commander were notified.
On receipt of a complaint today made by Group Captain Beisiegel (C.O. of RAF Eshott) a letter was addressed to the Squadron Commanders on this Station, ie No 409 and 350, instructing them to take decisive steps in order that every pilot should thoroughly understand that no low flying must be carried out over or near Eshott, or any other O.T.U airfield in the district. They were also requested to see that this entry was made in the Pilots Order book.
16 At 115 hours a request was received from Eshott to land a Spitfire with a burst tyre - this aircraft belly landed at 1238 hours and the pilot was uninjured
17 Authority was received vide 13G/S1153/6/ops dated 17th April 1943 for landmark beacons flashing either whitish green or a red characteristic in the event of Aerial Lighthouses becoming unserviceable and no proper reserve equipment being available. It was pointed out however that irrespective of the equipment available a single letter? characteristic will be used and the site from which the aerial lighthouse will operate will be in accordance with Table 2 of SD 214 unless otherwise notified. A change in the site will only be permitted by Air Ministry AS4(ops).
19 - 20 HQ No. 13 Group in their 13G/S1217/9/ops dated 19th April 1943 said that it was necessary for the pilots of No. 281 Squadron to gain experience in Spitfire aircraft before proceeding on attachment to A.S.R. Squadrons in the south. It is understood that the O/C No 281 Squadron is to make his own arrangements direct with the spitfire Squadrons (No. 350 in the case of this station) and a copy of the letter was addressed direct to No. 350 Squadron.
At 0115 hours Sgt Hildebrand of 409 (RCAF) Squadron crashed in Beaufighter X8209 through undercarriage giving way.
He was uninjured but the aircraft was damaged. HQ No. 13 Group admin circular No.11/43 of this date under the heading of "Reorganisation of Fighter Command" stated that Catterick and Ouston Sectors are to be amalgamated and transferred to HQ No. 12 Group - the target date being 1st July 1943. The new sector will operate in No. [bank] Group Filter Block Newcastle. Part of No. 13 Group is to be transferred to HQ No 12 Group and the remainder together with HQ No.14 Group are to merged under no. 13 Group with HQ's at Inverness.
21 F/O Baldwin, the Command Assist. Salvage Officer, visited the station for discussion on salvage matters generally.
HQ No. 13 Group Admin Inst. No. 12/43 revised the target date for the amalgamation as 15th July instead of 1st July.
23 Through the jamming of the undercarriage, Spitfire No. BL563 of No 350 Squadron had to be belly landed at 1225 hours.
HQ No. 13 Group letter of this date reference 13G/S1153/2/ops raised the question of connecting landmark beacons to mains supply, saying that this point was under discussion as to the possibility of saving material and manpower and at the same time giving greater reliability in operation. This letter also asked if it would be possible to effect a reduction in the Establishment of 1 Cpl ACH/GD and 1 AC Mechanic MT also 1 AC Electrician II. In our reply at a later date (Ack/S1004/12/air) it was stated that should the beacon position become static an establishment of 1 AC W.E.M. and 1 ACH/GD would be adequate but if the beacon is to be moved to alternative sites then, an Establishment of 1 AC WEM and 1 AC DMT would be thought necessary
Notification was received from HQ 13 Group that vide HQ FC letter FC/S/30476/ops 4a dated 20th April 1943, No. 4070 A.A. Flight, at present on this station, would be merged into 2799 RAF Regiment Squadron.
24 At 1110 hours RAF Ouston reported that a Defiant of No. 286 Squadron had crashed 4 miles north of Acklington, the occupants being safe - Crash guard was arranged and the S.E.O informed.
25 A mosquito aircraft from 540 Squadron Leuchars landed after an operational flight, through shortage of fuel.
26 Notification received today from HQ 13 Group (13G/S1908/org a/d 26th April 1943) that No. 69 Works Flight, located at this station, was to be re-numbered 4696 Flight W.C.F 1st April 1943.

 First mention
A Master aircraft from Montrose hit a notice board near Battle Headquarters whilst taxying - the pilot reported the cause as brake failure.
Today (also the 28th and 29th) aircraft of No. 350 Squadron took part in an Army Co-operation exercise "Haggis".
Late this afternoon W/Cdrs Jack and Cooper arrived from HQ No. 12 Group to discuss the opening of No. 6 A.A.P.C. and stayed overnight.

more AAPC
W/Cdrs Jack and Cooper discussed with the Station Commander and the Station Admin. Officer, matters of siting and organisation of the projected No 6 A.A. PC. Proposed camp site, domestic and training facilities were shown to them after which they went to DRURIDGE BAY with the S.Ad.O. and Clerk of Works to select a practice gunnery site. An Ideal site was found at Hauxley Links (1" sheet 4 777233) and suitable buildings were found to be already on site. On return to the station the necessary requsitionary action was put in motion and AMWD warned as to the work to be done on gun emplacements etc.
Lt. Christianson (604 Squadron Se??) landed at 23.22 hours without permission and also without lights. Apparently Newcastle Searchlights had homed this aircraft without informing the F.C.L.O at HQ No. 13 Group.
29 Owing to shortage of fuel and being off course a Wellington aircraft belonging to 431 Squadron, was landed at 0326. [????] contact was good.
0189 to 0196  


May 1943
1 At 0026 hours an Anson aircraft from 100 AFU. Dumfries? pancaked safely after being lost due to bad weather and icing.
2 The text of a HQ Fighter Command Memorandum was transmitted by HQ No. 13 Group in which an alteration in policy for Station A.A. Defence was foreshadowed. The replacement of .303mm guns by 20mm Hispano in A.A. Units and the placing on the RAF Regt of the responsibility for manning Borfors guns has made necessary a review of the problem of light A.A. Defence. The memorandum covered questions of number of weapons required, their siting, control, ammunition and organisation.
4 W/Cdr James the senior Medical Officer HQ No. 13 Group visited the station and also W/Cdr Sandow from Air Ministry. Sgt. Dancot, pilot of Spitfire EN78 of No. 350 Squadron got into difficulties and hit runway indicator - the aircraft was damaged but Sgt. Dancot was uninjured.
5 F/Lt. B. Johnson arrived today to take up his duties as Adjutant of the newly formed No. 6 A.A. Practice Camp.
6 At 1545 hours Beaufighter X8207 (409 Squadron) piloted by P/O Depper swerved to port when landing causing the aircraft to do a ground loop, tearing off starboard undercarriage. The pilot was uninjured and the runway was cleared by 1650 hours.
In a signal received from HQ fighter Command it was made clear that this station is to be the parent station for No. 6 A.A. Practice Camp.
8 Intimation received from HQ 13 Group 13G/S1221/7/ops dated 8th May 1943 that Air Ministry have decided to abolish white lines on runways - no action taken at this station as no white lines are in use.
HQ No. 43 Group signal T128 d/d/ 8th May 1943 requested confirmation that the Dome A.A. Teacher Building had been completed and that the equipment had been received. A reply was forwarded (T.553 d/d 10 May) confirming above details, and requesting fitting party to be sent.
9 Usual monthly 3 hour Gas exercise with various incidents was held today in accordance with Fighter Command instructions.
11 F/O Le Laige in Spitfire BL370 (No. 350 Squadron) crashed at Laverock Hall Farm near BLYTH Northumberland, due to shortage of petrol apparently caused through technical failure, the pilot chose a field for landing but owing to sodden state of the ground the left cannon entered the ground causing the aircraft to turn over on its back - the aircraft was extensively damaged but the pilot escaped uninjured.  Appendix 4
F/O Harvey and F/O Griffiths reported today with No 6 A.A. PC.
A decision was made by HQ FC that in cases where training of RAF Regiment Units is sufficiently advanced, such units may take a share of the operational manning of Bofor guns. This Manning to be as the final stage of training at gun sites.
14 Wings for Victory week opened after some three or four weeks of intensive preparations by all sectors. Much enthusiasm has been aroused and many original methods divised. The publicity department has evolved some unique posters and there is every confidence that the station target of £2000 will be passed.
15 Official notice received vide HQFC letter FC/S33060/ops 4a dated 15th May 1943, regarding the change over of RAF Regiment Squadrons consequent upon reorganisation of the RAF Regiment and also the deployment of the 40mm guns at airfields.
16 Enemy activity in the vicinity and No.1 warning was tannoyed at 0206 hours - raiders passed being announced at 0255 hours.
17 With effect from today no. 4070 A.A. Flight, situated on this station, was merged into No. 2799 RAF Regiement Squadron and all relative papers, documents etc, were passed over to no. 2799 Squadron Orderly Room.
F/Lt S.J. Wilson attended a Summary of Evidence taken by F/Lt Cassell (the S.E.O) in respect of an accident to Spitfire BL370 (no. 350 Squadron)- reported above - (11th May.)
In connection with the servicing of the Dome Teacher information was received today to the effect that 3 Corporals and a Civilian engineer from Messrs Tech[????] Ltd. should be reporting on the 24th or 25th of this month.
Official notice received today from HQ No. 13 Group in their 13G/S1344/GDO dated 17th May 1943 re merger of No. 4070 flight into No. 2799 RAF Regiment Squadron.
18 S/Ldr Waite (13 Group) S/L Thompson (Snr FCO 13 Group) and W/C Kirk Smith (AM FC Liasion Officer) visited the station for discussions.
HQ Fighter Command memorandum FC/S32494/ops 4a dated 18th May 1943, gave the official date (30th June 1943) of the change of RAF Regiment Squadrons at this station.
No. 2799 Squadron to move from here to Linton-on-Ouse and to be replaced by No. 2803 Squadron from Peterhead.
19 A request received from Air Ministry today for full details of this airfield - this request being necessary for an update compilation of the new SD310. This request is having immediate attention and a reply will be forwarded in the course of the next few days.
20 HQ 13 Group in their 13G/S1900/org of today's date, conveyed intimation that included in Works Services contracts which are to be let in the near future was one for the extension of our N/S Runway from 1380 yds to 1510 yds at a cost of £7000.
In a letter received today from the Chief Signals Officer, A.A. Northern Area ( 6 A.A. Group HQ) ref. 1020/x dated 19th May 1943, it was stated that the A.A. Defence of this airfield was to be taken over by the RAF on or about 1st July. Contingent upon this change over it was necessary to know which communications it was desired to have handed over to Acklington. It was deemed necessary that all present communications be handed over to Acklington and this information was conveyed to the Chief Signals Officer in our letter Ack/S1500/23/org dated 23rd May 1943.
21 Wings for Victory week ended with a Sports day to which airmen were allowed to invite guests. The total amount raised at this station was £5860, an average of £3 per head and £3860 more than the target figure.
22 In confirmation of telephone conversation between the station Admin. Officer (S/Ldr J.T.Denman) and S/Ldr Haigh of HQ No.13 Group a letter of 13G/MS1005/air dated today's date was received regarding arrangements in respect of operation "Cousin". In it were details to be carried out regarding maintenance and operation of Beaufighter Armament Equipment.
These instructions under the supervision of the Station Armament Officer have to be passed on to No. 416 (USAAC) Squadron when they arrive at this station for their training and equipping with Beaufighter aircraft. The personnel detailed to instruct No. 416 Squadron are to be attached to No. 409 RCAF Squadron during their stay at Acklington.
HQ No. 13 Group Admin Inst. No. 16/43 of this date foreshadowed the new deployment of A.A. Squadron of the RAF Regt. - No. 2799 Squadron was stationed here will move to Linton on Ouse and will be replaced by No. 2803 Squadron from Peterhead. This circular also announced the forthcoming transfer of No. 6 A.A.P.C. from No. 72 Group to No. 70 Group in common with other AAPC's and no. 1-9 on the disbandment of Army Co-op HQ's
An ENSA equipped Station Cinema, Located in the NAAFI restaurant, opened with its first show at 1830 hours.
The results were excellent and an immense advance on previous arrangements. This will, undoubtedly assist greatly in the maintenance of general well being and morale.
23 Majors Wilson, Cawthorn, Parkhouse and Bush arrived today for Inter-attachment between RAF and Army.
2nd Lt. Ginsberg also arrived today in connection with the impending move of no. 416 (USAAC) Squadron to this Station next
24 S/Ldr M. Lennan, the Assist. Com. Educational officer visited the station.
Between the hours of 0240 and 0325 four aircraft on operational scrambles obtained a "kill".
From 1400 hours until 2000 hours right hand circuit was in operation at this airfield.
In HQ Fighter Command letter FC/S31593/Org of today's date notification was received of the official date (10th June) on which No. 416 (USAAC) Squadron would arrive after completion of their preliminary training at O.T.U.
26 AMWD No. 2 Works Area, Newcastle, in their letter W/1/WSQ/W/20 dated 26th May 1943 draws attention to the fact that Works Flight personnel do not come under the technical control of the Station Commander or his deputy and that their employment on all major or part 2 services is to be decided by the Supt. Engineer in collaboration with the Works Squadron Commander.
27 At approx. 0140 hours the F.C.L.O. HQ No. 13 Group reported that this station may be required to land an O.T.U. Wellington believed to be in difficulties. Sandia Crews were warned to stand by. The Sandia lights were on at 0158 hours but later, were doused upon report from F.C.L.O. stating aircraft now appeared to be OK. but off course.
Majors Wilson, Cawthorn, Parkhouse and Bush ceased to be attached to this station of Inter attachment and left to rejoin their units.
28 The firm date (15th July 1943) was given in 13 Group Admin Inst. No. 17/43 for the closing down of No. 13 Group HQs and the amalgamation of Ouston and Catterick Sectors and their transfer to No. 12 Group. The location of the new sector is to be Newcastle, in the ops. block to be vacated by 13 Group.
Air to Ground Firing and Bombing ranges - HQ FC letter FC/S31690/ ORG /3D. dated 22nd May 1943 gave procedure for provision.
Requisitioning and Works Services applications are to go through group HQs for onward transmission to HQ Fighter Command who will, in turn, forward them to the Organization Branch at Air Ministry. Any such requests must include:
(a) Confirmation that Group Armament Officer has inspected the proposed site and considers it will meet all requirements including safety limits.
(b) Scale plan, 6" to 1 mile, in duplicate illustrating extent of range area of land to be requisitioned position of targets, markers shelters etc.
(c) Statement by the owner and/or occupier of land to be requisitioned and by local W.A.E.C. showing whether or not they agree.

This procedure will only apply to Air to ground firing and Bombing Ranges - All other Works Services are to be in accordance with Fighter Command instructions (ref S 61566/ADO1 dated 10th May 1943) were received from HQ No. 13 Group under cover of their letter 13G/S1255/34/org dated 29th May 1943, in which the removal of obstructions of open spaces within a radius of 1 mile of certain airfields were given. No action is thought necessary at this Station but due note has been made of these instructions.
29 The Station Commander gave an inaugural speech at the opening of Amble's 'Wings for Victory' week and there was a march past by RAF and Local Units.
more 6 AAPC
Lt. Col. Lee, Lt Col Humphrey, Major Brinton [?] and Capt F??? arrived today for inter attachment RAF - Army.
Covering letter for the requisitioning of land and properties at Hauxley Links for the use of No. 6 A.A.P.C. was received from HQ Fighter Command by Signal. Work was immediately put in hand to get this site operating as soon as possible.
31 Flood light telephone points now fixed up to Totem poles on No.1 and No. 6 runways
At 1855 hours RAF Ouston reported aircraft crash landed 2.5 miles South of Amble. The duty Engineer Officer was informed and the RAF Regiment Squadron arranged a crash guard. This aircraft was later identified as TARPON FN769 from Crail and the pilot was Lt. BROWN.
A Lancaster aircraft was turned at 2045 hours by aircraft on operational Scramble - Darky watch opened and mortars fired - the Lancaster orbited Blyth and then went South.
0197 to 0205  


June 1943

Authority for requisitioning of the necessary land and properties at Hauxley Links (Sheet 4 1" 777233) having been received, work was commenced on gun emplacement sites at the above point for No. 6 AAPC. Today is the target date for commencement of operation of this unit but this cannot be adhered to owing to the delay in the requisitioning action. The Link Trainer Examining Flight consisting of F/Lt Clarke, F/O Coltman, one F/Sgt and one AC arrived for inspection of the Link Trainer. News received of the impending arrival on June 4 of British and Dominion personnel (numbering about 40) who are to form the advance party of No. 446 Squadron (USAAF) due here on June 10th for operation "Cousin".
2 A lecture was given by Major General Bullen-Smith on Army Divisional tactics at Ouston - W/Cdr Graham and a number of flying personnel attended. In the afternoon the Chief of the Belgian Air Force, Col W?????? arrived for liaison with, and inspection of, No. 350 (Belgian)Squadron  prior to their forthcoming move to Ouston. The link trainer Examining Flight completed their duty and expressed complete satisfaction with the installation. P/O Le Laige, 350 (Belgian) Squadron whilst taxying on returning from Air to Air firing practice in Spitfire AR393 crashed through collapse of starboard wheel. The aircraft sustained damage but the pilot was uninjured.
3 (1445hours) Three Beaufighter VI. aircraft of No. 409 (RCAF) Squadron returned from Peterhead on cessation of detachment, landing at 1445hours.
Squadron Officer Nicholls (HQ No. 13 Group) visited the station and inspected the WAAF accommodation.
The Command Education Officer arrived on a visit of inspection.
5 The Station's co-operation with the "Wings for Victory" Committee of Amble ended with an "All-Blue" Parade consisting of a march past of detachments of R.A.F. and W.A.A.F. from the station with local ATC detachments (Amble and Bedlington) and Newcastle Wing A.T.C. Band.
The salute was taken by the Station Administration office (S/L J.T. Denman)
6 The Static Defence Exercise (Exercise Midsummer) began at 0800 hours for the benefit of Station Defence Personnel. The attacking Force was provided local Home Guard under Lt. Col. McKay. At a conference of umpires held at 1200hours it was adjudged that the attacking force had suffered sufficient casualties to render their attack ineffective and that the defenders had held successfully. Gas incidents were introduced at 0945 hours and advance party of No. 350 (Belgian) Squadron consisting of 1 officer and 30 OR's left by rail for Ouston.
7 In pursuance of policy laid down in HQ's No. 13 Group letter ref 13G/S.1437/p2 dated 20th April 1943 a publicity drive was instituted with a view to securing Aircrew volunteers. Coloured display bills and tannoy broadcasts were employed.
Lt. Bray (USAAC) Liaison Officer attached to 416 (USAAC) Squadron arrived on a preliminary visit preparatory to the arrival of the Squadron. Matters of domestic and training policy were discussed with him and much useful information gleaned.
8 Lt Ratz (USAAC) in charge of a small advance party of 416 (USAAC) Squadron arrived at approx. 1000 hours to prepare the way for his unit.
At 1200 hours the special dispersal area to be used by the Squadron was handed over by a board of inspection. At approx. 1400 hours the aircraft of No. 350 (Belgian) Squadron took off for Ouston lead by S/Ldr Boussa, the Squadron Commander. The main party consisted of maintenance crews and Squadron HQ personnel left by an early train at approx. 0835 hours. The "Day readiness" state is to be kept on this station by a detachment of 350 Squadron until further notice.
9 An encouraging response to the appeal for aircrew volunteers appeared in the submission of 21 names of applicants. These are put forward to await the arrival of W/Cdr Brewer (Aircrew Selection Board) who was expected today but was unable to reach this Station. Air Ministry Policy letter S91923 dated 13th May forwarded under cover of 13G/652/10/P3 of June 4th instructed the adoption of interim measures to ensure the remustering to higher trade group of all suitable personnel. Publicity arrangements are in hand by means of attractive posters and broadcasts.
0900 hours. The usual monthly Gas Exercise was held from 0900 hours until 1200 hours during which the Anti-gas defence personnel were exercised in the way to deal with road and crater incidents.
A section of the RAF Regiment (2799 Squadron) took part in the decontamination of 2 A.F.V.'s by the petrol swabbing method. The Fire Section and Picquet were also given practical experience in wet drill carried out whilst dressed in light Anti-gas clothing. Smoke and C.A.P. Generator were released at various points on the camp.
10 In Group routine orders serial no. 51 dated 5th June 1943 and received today, the following Officers and other ranks have been Mentioned in Despatches:- 74474 S/L J.T. Denman, 76976 S/L R.K. Morris M.C., 937350 Sgt. Singleton, 995046 Cpl. J.R. Knight, 2084568 L.A.C.W. Bailly, 2066341 AC.W.1. Carpenter.
W/Cdr. Brewer (ACSB Air Ministry) arrived for interviews with intending aircrew applicants.
The main detachments of 416 (USAAC) Squadrons arrived later afternoon by rail from Cranfield, consisting of 20 Officers and approx. 160 enlisted men.
1500 hours. The chief of Imperial General Staff, General Sir Alan Birwood arrived at 1500 hours by air from Hendon on a very brief flying visit. He was met by the Station Commander on the landing ground and took tea in the mess, afterwards proceeding to Brunton.
11 W/Cdr. Sullock G.I. of School of Admin. Stannington with S/Ldr Breeze and F/Lt. Paget Wilkes arrived after lunch from Stannington (by road) to study form 765c procedure. Their chief object was to discover to what extent practice diverges from from theory in the use of the form and how practical aspects of service routine makes such divergencies necessary. The discussion proved useful and illuminating. The movement of 416 (USAAC) Squadron was completed by the arrival of 5 officers and 86 other ranks. This unit has settled in very smoothly and it is anticipated that their training will commence without undue delay.
12 Major Davies O.C. 416 (USAAC) Squadron arrived and took over command of his unit at the Station. Points of discipline, organisation and training were the subject of a discussion between the Station Commander and Major Davies during the afternoon. So far, only four of the Squadrons new aircraft (Beaufighter VI) have arrived and flying has not yet commenced.
W/Cdr Graham supported by officers of the Navy, Army and Civil Defence Services gave the inaugural address at the opening ceremony of "Wings of Victory" week at Newbiggin -on-Sea. The ceremony was followed by a march past of detachments of the various services, at which W/C Graham took the salute.
Col. Towle and Col. Briggs (U.S. Army) arrived by Air for consultation with the Station Commander and Major Davies regarding the organisation and training of 416 (USAAC) Squadron.
(0845 hrs) Whilst F/Sgt Allen was taking off in Beaufighter X7882 (409 Squadron) the starboard tyre burst causing the undercarriage to collapse. The aircraft was damaged but the Pilot was uninjured.
(1522 hrs) The port engine in Beaufighter X8216 (409 Squadron) "cut" on taking off causing the pilot (F/Sgt Allen) to swing his aircraft to port and crash in a field adjoining the airfield. The aircraft was extensively damaged and both the Pilot and his navigator (F/Sgt East) received slight injuries.
13 A detachment of A.T.C. Cadets of Amble Squadron arrived at 1100 hours for the usual instruction given weekly, in turn, to the visiting Squadron.
A programme of instruction for aircrews and various maintenance trades was given by the appropriate section of the station. In the afternoon a number of the cadets were taken for short flights in an Oxford aircraft of 409 Squadron and aircraft of Station flight.
14 A training conference assembled at 0930 hours in the Station Commanders Office for the purpose of coordinating the training programme of 416 (USAAC) Squadron - Matters of Squadron Organisation, Technical Ground Training, maintenance, intelligence and all [phases?] of training were discussed at length. A specimen aircrew training schedule was drawn up as a guide to the Squadron in recording accurately the training progress of each aircrew member in the various aspects of his work.
F/Lt. Tankerville proceeded to Chatton (Nr. Belford) to officiate at the opening ceremony of the district "Wings for Victory" week at 1430 hours. A magnificent display of flying was given over the assembly point by 3 Spitfires of No. 350 (Belgian) Squadron.
15 The A.O.C., HQ No.13 Group arrived by road at 1430 hours accompanied by W/Cdr Braithwaite (Org) and S/Ldr. MacMillan (Trg). Their mission was chiefly with 416 (USAAC) Squadron in respect of training and organisation. Detailed discussion took place between S/L MacMillan and S/Lt. Emmett (Liaison Officer) 416 Squadron and W/Cdr. Braithwaite made their first inspection of the Station generally and dispersal areas in particular.
The A.O.C., during his visit gave W/C Topham DFC (RAF Milfield) permission to intrude into this Sector by arrangement with S/Ldr. MacMillian in the event of future enemy night action.
W/Cdr Topham happened to be visiting Acklington at the time.
16 Capt. Rogers (30th Brigade) arrived for consultation with F/Lt Bell (Signals Officer) re disposal of A.A. communications facilities in connection with station A.A. defence. It was discovered that all the communications with the exception of a few internal cable runs were the property of the RAF and that no question of transfer would arise.
A general meeting of the Officers Mess was convened to extend and an official welcome to 416 (USAAC) Squadron.
17 Lt. Col Wannop the new GLO (1) Northumbrian District visited the LDA (Major Ludlow) on his preliminary tour of the district on taking over his new duties.
18 Twenty two Officers drawn from the Squadron noted hereunder arrived between the hours of 1800 and 2000 hours on initial assembly at the beginning of their weeks attachment under the scheme for Inter Attachment RAF - Army (13G/S.6580/2/HFLO) Their purpose is training in Army Air Support.
After locating quarters and having a meal they were conveyed by road to No. 15 (S) Reconnaissance Regiment for the night preparatory to their instruction with the Army tomorrow (19th).
4 officers - 306 (Polish) Squadron, 6 Officers - 64 Squadron, 6th Officers - 340 (F. French) Squadron, 6 Officers 350 (Belgian) Squadron.
19 Requested assistance from Section Officer, No. 1 Works Area AMWD in repairing and rebuilding aircraft pens on the aerodrome perimeter. These were constructed with sandbags and continued dilapidation caused by weathering makes these pens virtually unusable owing to the danger of air intakes becoming choked and fine sand causing engine wear. The Officers on "Inter Attachment" duly arrived back from No. 15 (S) Recce Regt. to spend the night and to settle into their Acklington quarters for the coming week.
20 Three Officers and 30 cadets of No. 1511 (Long Benton) ATC Squadron arrived by road at 1030 hours for their Sunday training programme. No flights were possible for them owing to the unserviceability of aircraft.
Officers on "Inter Attachment" programme commenced co-operation flying during the afternoon.
F/Lt. Glenning (63 Squadron) arrived from MacMerry on reconnaissance in preparation for the arrival tomorrow of a small detachment of this Squadron for Army co-operation training. A camp site and aircraft park was selected and preliminary organisation and flying control arrangement made.
21 At approx. 1100 hours an aircraft accident occurred near Hermitage Farm WARKWORTH, Northumberland involving a Beaufighter VI aircraft of 416 (USAAC) Squadron with Lt. Leggett piloting. The pilot was killed and the aircraft completely destroyed. Preliminary reports indicate that both engines failed by reason of fuel shortage.
At 1200 hours F/Lt. Glenning I/C a detachment of 6 officers and 35 other ranks of 63 Squadron arrived by air and road from RAF MacMerry to establish their base for a weeks training in artillery co-operation. They brought in 5 Mustangs and established their self contained tented camp near the aerodrome perimeter at the South West side. All their domestic arrangements, cooking, messing etc., are to be carried out on the camp site and the training programme is pre-arranged with the appropriate Army units.
22 Major C.W.P Ludlow (L.D.A.) left on posting for Bradwell Bay Essex, S/Ldr. R.K. Morris M.C. Senior Flying Control Officer left on posting for RAF Tangmere after two years of continuous and excellent service at Acklington
23 The A.O.C. HQ No. 13 Group Newcastle arrived by air at 1400 hours accompanied by S/Lt MacMillian (Trg) to discuss with the station Commander further points for the co-ordination of training and organisation of 416 (USAAC) Squadron. Nearly all the aircraft (Beaufighter VI) allotted to this unit have now arrived and much actual flying is being done both day and night. It has not yet been possible to obtain smooth running with any sort of training organisation. Policy seems to be any thing but well defined but a judicious (if limited) application of RAF methods and procedure (pro tem) will undoubtedly produce order out of chaos.

S/Ldr. Bolton O/C 2803 A.A. Squadron arrived on a visit of reconnaissance preparatory to taking over the A.A. Defence of this station from S/Ldr. Aldridge O/C 2799 Squadron RAF Regiment. This unit (2799 Squadron) will move to Linton on Ouse on 30th June and is to be replaced at Acklington by two A.A. Flights numbering 150 arrived to commence the opening course with No.6 A.A.P.C. - this unit has completed its initial formation stages, the gun emplacements at HAUXLEY LINKS range site are completed and organisation is completed to allow ground theoretical training to commence. Classes were held for the first arrivals throughout the day. Firing has not yet been attempted.
25 A conference was held in the Station Commander's Office at 0930 hours to discussed the question of the illumination of the danger of loose stones on runways and taxy track. The Clerk of Works, Senior F.C.O., and Station Admin Officer were present. Methods of more effective clearance were discussed in view of the increased incidence of tyre failure recently.
The 22 officers of various units who arrived for Army cooperation training on the 19th June ended the attachment and left for homes stations during the afternoon.
26 Major Davies (US Army) left on relinquishing command of No. 416 (USAAC) Squadron. S/Ldr. Emmett (Training Liaison) assumed command temporarily. At 1430 hours the A-O-C 13 Group arrived accompanied by General Hunter and Col. Towle (U.S Army HQ) for further discussion with the Station Commander regarding organisation and training of 416 (USAAC) Squadron.
Cohesion of plans is gradually being achieved and progress is now becoming evident.
Three opening ceremonies in connection with local "Wings for Victory" weeks were attended by officers of the Station. S/Ldr Bower No. 409 (RCAF) Squadron took the salute and gave an inaugural address at Rothbury and similar ceremonies were carried out by F/Lt Grant at Whittingham and S/Ldr Denman at Longframlington.
27 The advance party of 2799 Squadron RAF Regiment I/C F/Lt B.M. Welham entrained at 00830 hours at Acklington for Linton-on-Ouse preparatory to the move of the unit. Two Officers and 24 cadets of Amble A.T.C Squadron arrived at 1100 hours for firing practice on the station 25yd range.
Alterations to the Camp temporary water supply system completed test successfully and an emergency pipeline which has been in use for the past two months (by the courtesy of the Morpeth N.F.S.) was taken up. The temporary rig had been found necessary pending the installation of the new pumping plant at Amble. Water supply has long since been a serious problem in the district generally owing to the greatly increased demand on all local sources by reason of the large influx of civilian and service population since the beginning of the war.
28 Capt. Banks (U.S.A) arrived on posting to assume command of No. 416 (USAAC) Squadron [??] Major Davies. He had an initial interview and discussion re. reorganisation of the unit. The detachment of No. 63 Squadron (F/Lt Fleming I/C) which has been quartered here for Army cooperation training since 21st June struck camp during the morning and left by air and road for the parent station RAF MacMerry
29 Further discussion took place on the question of aerodrome and runway surface condition following the conference on the subject held on the 25th June. The AMWD Section officer (Mr. Brown, No. 1 Section) Flying officers S/L Daivell and F/Lt Wilkinson and S/L Denman (Station Admin Officer) were present. It was decided to cease temporary repairs on the French drains on the aerodrome and to relay the whole system completely. Further consideration was also given to the repair of sand bagged aircraft pens. The extreme shortage of labour causes great difficulty in deciding what work shall be given priority.
An advance party of No. 2803 A.A. Squadron consisting of 1 officer and 8 OR's arrived from Peterhead at 2130 hours and took up quarters in Acklington village.
At 1400 hours a Board of Inspection made a tour of Battle Headquarters and 4 A.A. Gun sites to relieve the outgoing unit (2799 A.A. Squadron) of charge. In view of the fact that the incoming A.A. unit will not arrive until two days after the date originally decided (July 3rd instead of July 1st) a large rear party of No. 2799 Squadron was left behind to man one A.A. gun post and to hand over.
30 The main party of No. 2799 A.A. Squadron under the command of S/Ldr Aldridge entrained at Acklington LNER Rly Station at 0720 hours for Linton on Ouse. The departure of this splendid unit, so ably commanded by S/Ldr Aldridge, F/L Welham and junior Officers is keenly regretted by the station as a whole.
At 1400 hours a handing over inspection of domestic accommodation in Acklington village was made for the purpose of handing over officially from 2799 Squadron to the relieving unit No. 2803 Squadron.
0206 to 0222  


July 1943
1 Lt. Col. Frank Carroll, Inspector General of the 8th Fighter Command (USAAC) arrived by air during the afternoon on a visit of inspection to No. 416 (USAAC) Squadron. He conducted an inspection of the Squadron organisation and official records and engaged in a general discussion with the Station Commander (W/C Graham) and the Squadron Commander (Capt. Banks) on training and organisation matters. The visit was of only a few hours duration.

A discussion between the Station Admin. Officer (S/Ldr. J.T. Denman) and the Education Officer (F/Lt. G.T. Halstead) revealed that the policy regarding the formation of "discussion groups" is not being implemented as fully as might be desired.
The chief reasons seem to be:
(1) Lack of time among Officer in charge of Sections
(2) Shortage of Officers and NCO's who are (a) sufficiently interested, and (b) temperamentally and educationally fitted.
It is felt that any attempt at compulsion will result in complete failure of the scheme in its chief intention and it has been decided to make a publicised appeal for airmen and airwomen who, under the guidance of the educational officer may be willing and qualified to form small groups for weekly discussion and debates.
During the afternoon a Board of Inspection composed of the Station Admin Officer (S/L Denman) the Station Medical Officer (S/L McDougall) and F/Sgt. Dick (2799 Squadron) made a tour of domestic accommodation and gun sites for the handing over to No. 2803 Squadron whose main party is expected tomorrow. Buildings and Equipment had been left in excellent condition fully consistent with the high standard of the outgoing unit.
The report of the first course to be held at this station by No. 6 A.A. Practice Camp was today forwarded to HQ No 72 Group. Results were satisfactory, only 4 "C" results appearing out of a total intake of 93 for the course. A copy of the report is included as appendix No. 1. There is at present every evidence of an extremely high standard of enthusiasm and efficiency in this unit. [Appendix 1 not transcribed]
3 The Station Admin. Officer had a discussion with the o/c No 6 A.A.P.C. (S/L Gould) re. Station Food Production Scheme, S/Ldr Gould, an enthusiastic and knowledgeable gardener, agreed to take over supervision and control of station gardens to improve the general effort. The provision of useful labour presents the chief difficulty.
The main party of No. 2803 A.A. Squadron, four Officers and 143 other ranks strong, under the command of S/Ldr. Boulton ? arrived at Acklington at 0230 hours this morning. Forty three of the party were conveyed by road coach straight off to RAF ESHOTT where they will remain on detachment since the unit will be responsible for the AA Defence of both Acklington and Eshott.
Squadron Officer Nicholls (WAAF HQ 13 Group) visited the Station on [..?..] inspection and during the afternoon discussed with the Station Admin. Officer the position of the WAAF detachment at North Stead G.C.I Station. A not altogether satisfactory state of affairs was revealed re WAAF discipline and economy at this G.C.I. Station and it was decided that owing to the geographical situation Acklington might handle this aspect of the matter more effectively than Ouston.
Sqdn/Officer Nicholls promised to look into the matter of transference of responsibility on return to Group Headquarters.
The promotion of Capt. AM Banks to the rank of Major w.e.f 29th June 1943 was announced by No. 416 (USAAC) Squadron.

1630 AAC Flight
H.Q. 13 Group Org. circular 4/SOA/43 received today indicated that Nos. 1-9 RAF Regt. AAP Camps will remain in No. 72 Group T.T. command but that their target towing sections (aircraft, aircrews and maintenance crews) established with them will form into numbered A.A.C. Flights under the Organisation control of H.Q. No 70 Group, Fighter Command. The AAPC towing section with No. 6 AAPC thus becomes No. 1630 AAC Flight and will continue to work in conjunction with No. 6 AAPC as hitherto.
The Station Commander discussed with the Station Admin, Officer the questions arising out of the probable return of No. 350(Belgian) Squadron, on or about the 14th July. There has been no official intimation as yet but the move seems certain. The solution of the accommodation problem appears to be to remove No. 416 (USAAC) Squadron to tented quarters and this would appear to be consistent with the general trend of policy for their training. No technical accommodation problems are arising. This unit is now settling well down to a steady and well ordered scheme of training and appear to have overcome completely, the initial disorganisation.
W/Cdr. W. Braithwaite (S.O.A. HQ 13 Group) arrived at about 1130 hours for an informal general discussion with the Stn. Commander and Stn. Admin Officer. During the evening twenty pilots arrived from Nos. 64, 306, 340 and 350 Squadrons for the second "Inter attachment" RAF-Army.
After assembly here they all proceeded with kit by Army Transport to the HQs of No. 15 (s) Div Recce. Regt. with whom they are to stay the night. Thereafter they will be based on RAF Woolsington for the rest of their attachment.
5 F/Lt. Mason arrived from HQ FC on an information visit to collect first hand, ideas of station procedure methods, and difficulties. This was purely a visit of information for his own benefit made in pursuance of recently adopted HQ FC policy of giving all Command Officers this experience. He was able, however, to give the station considerable help over one or two manning problems, notable in reference to acute shortage of parachute packers, ACH/GD's a reliable NCO s/p. and personnel for Station Flight.
At the weekly meeting of the station messing committee many interesting points were raised by the M.O. of No. 416 (USAAC) Squadron revealing small difference in US and British procedure. The U.S. custom of Orderly Officer taking all meals with "Other Ranks" during their tour of duty seems good in principle, its application as a duty at this station is under consideration. Hitherto it has been left to the option of the Duty Officer but few officers appear to avail themselves of the opportunity of first hand experience. Complaints re food from No. 416 Squadron have been surprisingly few and all of a minor nature which is gratifying in view of the fact that few of their personnel have been in this country for long. A friendly and co-operative sprit appears to prevail in this unit.
At about 1630 hours a flying accident occurred on this aerodrome involving Tiger Moth DE509 and Beaufighter VI X8151. The Moth was Captained by F/O B.C. Kelly 125530 and piloted by P/O F.R. Burnard 141977, both of No. 65 Squadron Ayr. The Beaufighter was piloted by P/O McPhail with his R/O Sgt Denny, both of No. 409 (RCAF) Squadron. The Tiger Moth was being taken off for a flight in connection with "Inter Attachment" training scheme in co-operation with local Army Units. The Pilot took off without warning across the runway in use and with complete disregard of the aerodrome signals then in force, and, on becoming airborne, collided with the Beaufighter which was also just airborne on taking off. It was only the exercise of great skill and resource on the part of P/O McPhail that fatalities did not occur and that both aircraft were not written off. In the event the Moth was wrecked and the occupants escaped with slight shock and leg laceration. The Pilot of the Beaufighter executed a climbing turn to starboard when the impact was imminent and, although his tail unit was damaged, made a circuit and landed without further damage or injury to crew. F/O Kelly and P/O Burnard were visited in sick quarters by the Station Commander and placed in open arrest to await an appropriate charge. Appendix 2
S/Ldr. Goodman (HQFC Night Trg.) arrived by air at about 1200 hours to discuss operation "Cousin". After a short discussion with the Station Commander he was introduced to Major Banks, O/C No. 416 (USAAC) Sqdn. His visit was made with the purpose of chasing up any operational and training difficulties - the chief of these being equipment matters and as a result the Station Equipment Officer (F/Lt. F.W. Rayner) is going to "Ajax" to endeavour to smooth out these difficulties. High altitude training also came under discussion.
6 At 1000 hours S/O G.B Emerson (WAAF) left on posting to RAF Drem. W/Cdr. E. Graham (Stn. Commander) left for Edinburgh to interview a medical specialist and there after to take privilege leave. W/Cdr. J.W. Reid (409 RCAF Squadron C.O.) assumed command of RAF Station Acklington with effect from this date in his stead.
On the instructions of W/Cdr. Graham, the Station admin officer (S/Ldr. J.T Denman) preferred a charge against P/O F.R. Burnard and F/O B.C Kelly, both of No. 64 Squadron, arising out of the flying accident noted yesterday. The charge was laid under Sect. 39A (i) (a), "negligently damaging one of H.M. aircraft" and the accused were remanded in open arrest for the a Summary of Evidence to be taken. F/Lt McEwan (416 Squadron USAAC) was detailed to take the summary.
In the afternoon a discussion took place between S/Ldr. Boulton (2803 AA Squadron) acting LDA, and S/Ldr. Denman (Station Admin Officer) regarding the re-allocation of the personnel to Defence flights in view of the gap left by recent unit moves. It was decided to clarify the position at a conference of Defence Squadron and flight Commanders at 1800 hours on 7.7.43.
At 1800 hours a conference of Section Commanders was held in the S. Ad. O's officer to discuss matters relating to the forthcoming ATC Cadet Camp at the Station. The Station Admin Officer presided and F/Lt Aisbitt (ATC Liaison Officer) attended. The chief purpose was to work out an effective programme of instruction by means of the help given by various technical branches.
7 Air commodore Pratt, Air member of the N.A.A.F.I. administrative board arrived during the morning on an inspection tour accompanied by Mr. Elsey (Air Supervisor) and Mr. Wilkinson (District Manager) he visited the two Airmen's and one Airwomen's Institutes on the Station elicitating information from the Manageresses regarding availability of various kinds of supplies and noting difficulties. He also took note of a long standing complaint made by this station - that of the poor quality of ENSA "Live" shows sent here and the bookings of "out of date" and second-rate films for our newly installed ENSA Cinema promising action at the end of his tour in about three weeks. Apart from this there were only the usual minor difficulties of supplies to present to him.
A conference of the Defence Squadron and Flight Commanders was held at 1800 hours, the Station Admin Officer presiding, S/Ld Boulton (Acting LDA) was also present. The purpose was to arrange a new constitution of Defence Flights in view of recent Unit movements and to re-allocate Defence areas to these flights. The new arrangement provides largely for the manning of each area by the unit personnel normally using that area in the course of work e.g. dispersal areas. This method ensures that the men are thoroughly conversant with their ground and is the logical arrangement.
A full scale parade was arranged for Friday July 9th in Battle Order to muster the flights and show them their stand-to points.
8 Spitfire BL.970 piloted by Sgt Verbooten No. 350 (Belgian) Squadron arrived on attachment for readiness state at 0800 hours and on making his approach, the airfield controller noted that his landing wheels were still up, a red very signal was given but it was either too late or the pilots vision was obstructed by another aircraft landing since the Spitfire crash landed. The pilot was uninjured and the aircraft not extensively damaged. The runway in use at the time was No.23 (N.W-S.E) and was cleared for landing. [An accident report marked as Appendix 4 is supposed to be present here for this accident but a duplicate earlier report regarding an accident in May 43 is included in error, the correct one is missing.]
F/Lt. T. Wilson (HQ Mtn. Command) arrived to examine the progress of the new camouflage scheme now in process of application to the aerodrome. Arrangements were made for him to fly over the airfield in an Oxford Aircraft belonging to 409 Squadron (RCAF) accompanied by the Civilian Assistant Camouflage Officer of No. 2 Works Area, who was opportunely on the Station superintending the progress of the work. At 1800 hours two officers of the Soviet Military Mission, Major Rudoy and Capt. Diky arrived at the Station accompanied by their Russian speaking Liaison Officer, F/O Forster, Their purpose as indicated by Air Ministry Cypher Message AX 253 dated 7th July 1943 intimating their visit, is to observe our methods of Fighter Interception at night and authority was given for them to be shown A1 apparatus up to mark IV. It was stated, however that no indication of a later more advanced type was to be given to them and some doubt was raised as to whether they should be allowed to see the GCI Station at Northstead. W/Cdr. Maxwell (Acting AOC HQ No. 13 Group) obtained verbal authority from HQ fighter Command for them to do so and this authority was later confirmed by Air Ministry in their Cypher A38/dated 9th July 1943. W/Cdr. Reid o/c 409 (RCAF) Squadron and acting Station Commander undertook to explain the operation of the night interception apparatus and methods of working. The Russian Officers are scheduled to stay on the Station until 10th July 1943.
9 Low and continuous cloud and rain made flying impossible during the morning.
The monthly full scale gas exercise took place from 0900 hours, tear gas and smoke were released in various parts of the station. Incidents with practice blister gas were arranged to provide decontamination exercise. At 1755 hours a parade of Defence Squadrons and flights was held on the Station under Command of S/Ldr. Boulton (o/c 2803 AA Squadron and acting LDA) in order to give him a good idea of the defence arrangements and also to enable him to make any further dispositions he may think fit for the defence of the Station - these attestations being rendered necessary owing to the move of various units and personnel.
At 1745 hours today Beaufighter II T3143 (No 409 RCAF) Squadron, piloted by F/O Leask (Can J16108) and with LAC Pearson as passenger crashed when landing after a testing flight. The cause was a manufacturing fault resulting in the failure of the hydraulic system through loss of hydraulic fluid when flaps were selected "down". The aircraft fuselage was extensively damaged and the aircraft category E1. Neither the pilot nor his passenger were injured. Appendix 5
In a signal (M.51 dated July 9th 1943) received from 1490 (F) gunnery flight at Ayr instructions were given for the return of all aircraft and personnel (on attachment to this station) to RAF Ayr together with equipment. S/Ldr. McMillan at HQ No. 13 Group was telephoned re this matter and further instructions are awaited.
Air Commodore G.B. Dacre C.B.E. D.S.O. A.O.C. 40 R/L ? Group, Technical Trg. Command visited the station to discuss with S/Ldr. Gould (o/c No 6 AA Practice Camp) the facilities for training an RAF Regiment Squadron. This discussion included the number of personnel and the type of Course adopted. Whilst here, Air Commodore Dacre made a tour of the station in order to see the layout. No definite decisions were made at the discussion pending further thought on the matter.
10 W/Cdr. Maxwell (Ouston) phoned this morning to say that on instructions from the AOC HQ No.13 Group, the move of 1490 flight detachment to Ayr has been postponed for one week.
The two Russian officers and their Russian speaking liaison officer who came here on a visit on the 8th July, left today.
13 S/Ldr. W.A.C. Emmett, Liaison Officer with No 416 (U.S.A.A.C.) Squadron left today for Ouston on being detached to attend a Court of Inquiry at that station concerning a flying accident to Spitfires EN860 & BM399, both belonging to No. 350 (Belgian) Squadron. HQ No. 13 Group Signal P.68 dated 12th July 1943 detailed S/Ldr. Emmett and also gave terms of reference.

Change to
No. 12 Group
Today this station officially changed over to HQ No. 12 Group, Watnall on HQ No. 13 Group taking over No. 14 Group at Inverness.
A message of appreciation and good wishes for the future was received from No. 13 Group on their relinquishing control of this station.
Mr Woods A.I.D Inspector, visited the station today and in a discussion with the Station Armament Officer (P/O P.J. Small):-
(i) Miscellaneous stores left at this station by Army Units, to be returned.
(ii) Pyrotechnics salvaged from crashed aircraft to be returned.
(iii) Two additional explosive storehouses sited on the north west side of new perimeter track after consultation with the Clerk of Works. Erection is to be commenced on the receipt of approval from Fighter Command.
In addition all explosive storehouses and magazine lock-ups were inspected and a report on same has been promised in due course by the A.I.D.
At 1630 hours today Beaufighter VI No FKV905 belonging to No. 416 (USAAC) Squadron and piloted by 2nd Lieut. Kelly with Cpl. Simpson as passenger, crashed on the airfield through a "very heavy landing" which caused the port undercarriage to collapse. Neither of the two occupants (both Americans) were injured but the aircraft sustained damage to engine, fuselage and propeller - Category B.
16 On the instructions of the station Commander, A/F/Lt. E.J.H. Bell commenced to take down a summary of evidence in respect of No. 17022 P/O. S.P. Lee (No. 409 RCAF Squadron) concerning 4 charges of unlawfully taking a motor car, the property of A/S/Ldr. Darvill ?, Snr. Flying Control Officer, SHQ Acklington, and also a car belonging to Mr. J.W. Thompson, farmer, of Red Row, Northumberland, as a result of which, both cars were found damaged in a ditched near RAF Northsteads.
P/O. S.P. Lee, referred to above, was placed in "Close arrest" yesterday and was, later today, released to "Open arrest".
17 A few members of the ATC arrived this afternoon preparatory to the opening of the summer camp on this station tomorrow.
18 Owing to the decision of the County police at Alnwick, Northumberland, to hand over to this station for action, the various charges in relation to the motor accidents in the case of P/O S.P/ Lee (referenced to on the 16th) A/F/Lt. E.J. Bell was instructed to re-open the summary of Evidence in respect of P/O. S.P. Lee and the necessary witnesses arrived to make there statements.
A signal (O.12 dated 17th July 1943) was received today from No. 62 OTU giving the number of personnel of No. 350 (Belgian) Squadron who are expected back at this station in the very near future. The details of personnel are as follows 22 officers, 23 Snr NCO's and 110 OR's. No. 3012 Servicing Echelon are also expected to arrive with this Squadron and they should be composed of 2 Snr. NCO's and 67 OR's.
Intimation was also received today from HQ Fighter Command to the effect that Mack VIII A1 Conversion flight would move to this station, as under, to train No. 409 Squadron:-
(i) Mobile Ground Trainers on 22nd July.
(ii) Aircraft on 24th July.
H.Q. Fighter Command signal A.T. 536 dated 17.7.43 refers.
In a signal (M47 dated 17th July) from RAF Filey today information was received of the following movements to Acklington on the 21st July:
(i) 2834 Squadron consisting of: 1 officer, 48 other ranks.
(ii)2703 Squadron consisting of: 2 officers, 44 other ranks.

The advance party of No. 350 (Belgian) Squadron comprising F/O Janssen, One Snr. NCO & 6 OR's for technical locations and administrative offices. S/Ldr. Boussa (o/c Squadron) also paid an advanced visit from Ouston. A "marching in" inspection was arranged for 1400 hours tomorrow.
On departure of Group Capt. Maxwell (o/c RAF Ouston) to assume command of the Station at RAF Hornchurch, W/C Graham took over the duties of acting Sector Commander pending arrival of a relief and proceeds by air each evening to Kenton to be in night residence there.
Administrative instructions No.41 issued by HQ No. 12 Group is the first to be received by this station under the new disposition.
From July 15th No. 12 Group included Newcastle (Sector HQ), Acklington, Ouston, Catterick, Scorton and Woolsington Station, with Group HQ's at Watnall Nottingham.
On that date also Catterick and Ouston Sectors were combined to form Newcastle (Kenton) Sector with HQs in the old operation filter room at Newcastle. No. 13 & 14 Groups amalgamated on same date to form No. 13 Group with HQ at inverness. The HQ 12 Group routine order also included some general information about security, including extracts from a letter written from N. Africa containing some very favourable comments on the work of the RAF Regiment in North Africa.
20 S/Ldr. Earnshaw o/c No. 5007 Airfield Construction Squadron visited the station to inspect progress of the extension of the N/S runway (No. 1). This work is being done by the Airfield Construction Flight of this Station and when complete will provide approx. 110 yards of additional run making this runway 1490 yards instead of 1380 yards at present.
S/Ldr. Dickinson, Equipment Liaison Officer in connection with USAAC Units in this country arrived from Air Ministry D.G.E Dept. E.44A and discussed with the Station Equipment Officer the continual problems peculiar to the establishment of 416 Squadron at this Station. Methods of demanding and forwarding equipment were examined and the desirability of continuing more or less direct contact with USA HQs (AJAX) was agreed. The Station Equipment Officer visited AJAX about a week ago at the invitation of S/L Renshaw and with the approval of the Station Commander and was thereby enabled immediately to clear many difficulties, particularly in the regard to the proper sources of supply, methods of demand, and scale of entitlement. The usual channel of approach, i.e. through Group HQ's (at that time 13 Group) proved completely ineffective, as the required information was not available and it appeared that HQs had no means of obtaining it.
At 1000 hours the air party of No. 350 Belgian Squadron arrived from Ouston and were located in the dispersal area they had previously occupied on the north side of the aerodrome. At 1800hours the main party of the Squadron and its Servicing Echelon arrived by road and were accommodated in requisitioned premises in Acklington Village.
21 News was received by the medium of a signal from HQ 44 Group of the projected move of No. 416 (USAAC) Squadron to Portreath and thence to fly out overseas to Ras El Ma near Alexandria.
The move is dated for July 31st. This follows the signalled announcement by HQ Fighter Command of the completion of training of Nos. 416 & 417 USAAC Squadrons. In this connection HQ Fighter Command requested HQ Costal Command to provide experienced crews with Beaufighter VI's to lead formations during overseas flight. Accordingly HQ 44 Group requested the transfer of 4 [flying?] Crews with Coastal Beaufighters from Lyneham to Acklington to take place on July 24th to act as leaders, instructing at the same time that endurance test flights at 8000 feet be carried out by these aircraft to ensure that they are fit for their function. No. 416 Squadron arrived at this station on June 10th with little previous training - in fact, most of its personnel had been in this country only a very short time - and the fact that in the space of approx. 7 weeks it is considered to be operationally fit for overseas speaks exceedingly well for the energy and enthusiasm with which training in all branches has gone forward under the able leadership of the Commanding Officer, Major Banks.
W/Cdr. Toomey, G.D.O. HQ 12 Group, arrived by air, his pilot being S/Ldr. L.A. Strange DSO, MC, DFC, to confer with the station LDA and make his first contact on the inclusion of this Station within 12 Group area. Since the departure of Major Ludlow his place has been temporarily filled, as acting LDA, by S/Ldr. Boulton o/c No. 2803 AA Squadron.
A tour of inspection of the A.A. Gun sites was made and the latest defence disposition was explained. No new recommendations were made.
22 S/Ldr. Phillips, Group Equip. Officer of HQ No. 12 Group arrived to make contact with F/Lt. Rayner, Equipment Officer of this station - Since he was familiar with conditions and layout of this section of the station and well acquainted with the Station Equipment Officer. He was able to clarify a few still existing difficulties in connection with No. 416 (USAAC) Squadron and his visit was characterised by its usual helpfulness.
During the afternoon a detachment of No 26 Squadron arrived from Church Fenton, consisting of 2 Mustangs with 10 ground crew personnel. The intention is to undertake Artillery Recce training in collaboration with Regiments of No. 8 A.G.R.A. between 23rd and 28th July. The aircrew personnel are finding their accommodation with Army Units and training is entirely in the hands of those units. This station is merely being used as a maintenance and airfield base for the detachment.
23 F/Lt Halstead (Education officer) made his weekly visit from RAF Eshott, nearby, and discussed with the Station Administration Officer, the question of replacing Sgt. Taylor who has for some considerable time been virtually filling the place of Station Education Officer under the supervision of F/Lt. Halstead. Sgt. Taylor has the status of "Airman Schoolmaster" and has filled his post with the greatest devotion and energy. It seems probable however, that in the near future he will receive his discharge from the service through ill health and the question of replacement is a difficult one - W/Cdr. Nevill, HQ Fighter Command, was approached by telephone for assistance but he could hold out no hope of any transfer from elsewhere. His suggestion that a suitable candidate be selected on the Station has already received consideration but the search has, up to the present proved unavailing.
S/Ldr. Fillman, Engineer Officer HQ 12 Group arrived to make his initial contact with F/Lt. Cassell, the Station Engineer Officer, and to make himself familiar with the condition of things here from his own angle.
F/Lt Noble (Movement Control, Darlington) visited the Station to get information for the preparation of the move of 416 (USAAC) Squadron and made contact with that unit to find out what rail facilities would be required fro the move..
F/Lt Allen, No 242 ATC Squadron, Blyth, arrived as Advance Officer for the second ATC Cadet Camp to make contact with Officers i/c Sections and make final arrangements re instructional programme.
A Flying accident occurred at 1500 hours on the aerodrome involving Lysander No T1747 (Pilot P/O Finbow, with drogue operator). The aircraft turned over on its back on landing and sustained considerable damage but the occupants were uninjured.
It appeared that the trailing drogue cable caught in the corner of a blister hanger at low altitude causing momentary loss of control. Appendix 6
The Station Commander, W/Cdr. E. Graham, gave an address at 1500 hours to the assembled Officers and Senior NCO's of the station. The subject was the realization of the responsibilities as leaders and the proper handling of subordinates for the maintenance of a proper standard of discipline and well being. The probable future increase of domestic and operational difficulties was emphasized as was also the necessity for the cheerful acceptance of lower standards of comfort and reduced spare time.
The C in C's letter re "Leadership" (ref FC/27598 10/7/43) was read before the address took place.
24 A discussion took place between the Station Admin. Officer, Equipment Officer and Barrack Warden on methods of implementing the instructions contained in FC/72008/39/EQ3 25/6 re the introduction of a system of accounting for bedding by placing same on an individual charge, arrangements were put in hand for a complete check of all bedding on the station and the preparation of a suitable loose leaf book to carry records and individual signatures.
The Annual Summer Sports day ably arranged by F/O Phelps, P.F. Officer, was held, events commencing at 1400 hours, many entries were received and a high standard of performance in regard to field and track events was shown.
Although Dominion, British and Allied personnel all competed it cannot be said that any given section outshone the other and the high level of all results was most gratifying. Cups and prizes were presented at the end of the day by Mrs Graham, wife of the Station Commander.
An excellent parade performance was given by the pipers of the Cameronian Highlanders.
At 1900 hours a dinner in the Airmen's Dining Hall was given by 416 (USAAC) Squadron to mark their impending departure, the C.O (Major Banks) presided and the Station Commander and Officers of the Station Staff were invited. The dinner was followed by an "all rank" dance which was very successful.
25 The Station Admin. Officer with Flt/Officer Stewart and S/O Holloway (Northstead) left for HQ 12 Group conference tomorrow.
26 At HQ No 12 Group, Watnall, a conference of Station Admin Officers presided over by the S.O.A., W/Cdr. MacKenzie was held at 11.30. S/Ldr. J.T. Denman represented this station, a précis of the proceedings is attached and shows that the outstanding matters for discussion were:
(a) The concern felt by the authorities regarding the low standard of conduct and discipline among WAAF personnel at outstations, and,
(b) The projected handing over of 8 of the Group stations to U.S.A.A.C formations and the consequent influx of displaced RAF Units into the remaining stations of the group.
A discussion of various lesser points proved extremely helpful, as indicated in the appendix (No. 8)
A conference of senior station WAAF Officers presided over by Squadron Officer Gough (HQ 12 Group) was held at the same time and along parallel lines, from the WAAF angle, the main subject being WAAF general welfare and accommodation question.
After lunch the new AOC Air Vice Marshall R.M. Hill, C.B., M.C., A.F.C. arrived and the station representatives were presented to him. He gave a short talk in which he announced his intention to make future visits to all stations of the Group as opportunity offered.
27 At 1100 hours, Spitfire AR393 of No. 350 (Belgian) Squadron made a belly landing in a barley field immediately outside the NE perimeter of the airfield, the pilot, Sgt. Verpoorten, was unhurt. Engine failure necessitated the forced landing and was made the subject of A.I.B. action. Appendix 9
S/Ldr. J.T. Denman, F/t/Officer Stewart and S/O Holloway returned from conference at HQ 12 Group.
28 Air Ministry signal OX 5600, this date, instructed that ground personnel of 416 (USAAC) Squadron are to move by sea on August 3rd.
At 1600 hours, Martinet aircraft No. HP147 proceeding on a communication flight to Church Fenton crashed immediately after taking off, in a field just outside the E. perimeter of the aerodrome. The pilot Sgt. De Hepcee was uninjured, but the aircraft seriously damaged. The cause of the crash was that the pilot took off with the airscrew in coarse pitch and consequently failed to become effectively airborne. An investigation was immediately ordered by the Station Commander. S/Ldr. Emmett (Liaison 416 Squadron) being detailed to conduct it. The circumstances appeared to foreshadow disciplinary measures against the pilot.  Appendix 10
The Second batch of trainees for No. 6 AAPC arrived and settled into their accommodation today, they number 4 officers and 80 ORs, training will commence tomorrow.
29 The Station Admin Officer, S/L J.T. Denman, proceeded to Air Ministry by Air in response to a telephone instruction received the previous evening. Landing at Northold, he proceeded to [..?..] House and was met by S/Ldr. Sugge who passed him on to W/Cdr. Foster, Dept of War Organisation, Whithall. The purpose of the visit was to be interviewed with a prospect of filling a vacancy in D.W.O. Result of the interview to be communicated later.
31 The third detachment of 50 ATC Cadets in charge of F/Lt. Osborne No. 1509 (Blaydon) Squadron arrived for Summer camp. Their Camp Commandant, with the assistance of F/Lt. Aisbit the ATC Liaison Officer for this Station, visited each section concerned in the programme of instruction, to make final definite arrangements for classes, lectures, and demonstrations during the coming week. The ATC Officers visiting, up to the present, have declared themselves well satisfied with the co-operation given by the voluntary instructors but the question of air experience for the cadets has been most disappointing. This is due to the small number of communication aircraft available here and the intense training now being carried out by operational squadrons, leaving no pilots free.
A letter was today received, however, from the district Inspecting Officer, A.T.C., announcing that an Oxford aircraft will arrive here on Thursday August 19th for the specific purpose of giving flights for the Cadets nearly all that day.
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August 1943
1 Beaufighter No. V8816 cashed on taking off at approx. 1430 hours in a field adjoining the aerodrome belonging to Mr. Bell, farmer, West Chevington. The aircraft belonged to 416 USAAC Squadron and was completely written off. The pilot escaped without injury but the Radio Observer sustained spine injuries and was admitted to Ashington Hospital. His condition was later stated to be not grave. The incident was caused by failure of the governing device on the starboard V.P. airscrew, in consequence of which the airscrew went into fine pitch as the aircraft became airborne. The racing ? of the engine and screw forced the aircraft down again and caused it to plough through a wire fence and hedge. Reporting action was taken under U.S. usual procedure and a RAF Regt. guard was placed over the aircraft.
2 Group Capt. Pearson (Night Operation Trg.) accompanied by Col. Wead arrived from HQ Fighter Command during late afternoon to make contact with No. 409 RCAF Squadron for discussion re. their training with the new Mack VIII A.1 Equipment which they are now receiving. Up to date they are approx. 2/3rds equipped with the new installation and all crews have had experience in its operation. It is anticipate that by the time unit is fully equipped with Mack VIII the personnel will have become operationally proficient with it.
HQ F.C. signal received indicating that the projected move of 416 USAAC Squadron will be a trifle delayed owing to the unauthorized move of another US Squadron to Portreath. A later signal intimated that the date for movement of the ground echelons of this unit had been fixed for August 8th. All possible steps have been take by the Squadron to prepare themselves for immediate movement and a Board of Inspection composed of the SHQ Officers, as normally, today visited the accommodation concerned and conducted the usual "marching out" inspection.
3 A meeting of Squadron and Flight Commanders and Section Commanders of SHQ was held at 1000 hours in the office of the Station Commander who presided. The chief purpose of the meeting was to prepare the ground for the forthcoming visit on Saturday next, of the C. in C. Fighter Command. Squadron and Flight Commanders were forewarned that the C. in C's chief interest would probably lie with their training both ground and air, and in conditions at the disposal areas. Discussion also took place regarding the centralisation of technical services, notably maintenance and armaments. Owing to the comparatively compact layout of this Station a policy of centralisation has generally been accepted as the most suitable and economical, and arrangements in this respect were thus inline with the C. in C's policy about this when it was laid down.
W/Cdr. Reid O/C 409 (RCAF) Squadron made a further report to the Station Commander re. excessive aircraft tyre wear. It was stated that recent examination revealed six landing tyres so badly cut and worn that if no check had been carried out bursts must inevitably have occurred at the next sortie. Intensified efforts to keep runways and taxi tracks swept clear of loose stones was at once put in hand but a great part of the difficulty is discovered to be the presence of shale surfacing on part of the aerodrome facing one of the dispersal areas. This shale was laid about three years ago to help in curing the boggy nature of the ground, but has since proved a source of undue wear to tyres. It was arranged so to mark the dangerous area that aircraft might avoid it in taxying, meanwhile spreading soil over the shale, to be later grass seeded.
Following the slight delay in the move of 416 USAAC Squadron HQ F.C. signal 0.347 of today's date instructed the immediate move of the air echelon of their unit to Portreath pending overseas move. The instruction also provided for spare crews to remain at Acklington to fly out wastage aircraft when ready. - Information was transmitted to Major Banks O/C 416 Squadron.
4 At 1300 the air echelon of 416 (USAAC) Squadron led by their O/C Major Banks and consisting of eleven aircraft took off in sections to fly to Poertreath, led by four Beaufighters of Coastal Command as arranged.
Beaufighter KV904 (Pilot F/O Brewer Rad/Obs F/O Lawniski) of 416 (USAAC) Squadron was forced down at RAF Eshott by reason of fire occurring in one of the engines. The pilot made a crash landing near the aerodrome and the aircraft was burnt out. The crew were extricated by the prompt action of P.C. Laudie, Special Constable Hall of Broomhill Police, Northumberland County Constabulary and were later admitted to Ashington Hospital suffering from burns, lacerations, and shock.
F/Lt. Major, Gas and Fire Officer, HQ. Fighter Command arrived to make contact with P/O Warner, of Gas and Fire section at this Station. His visit extended over a few hours and on his departure he expressed his satisfaction with the organisation generally and promising assistance in obtaining further equipment required, notably one more trailer pump.
The problem of dilapidation of sandbagged aircraft pens again came up for attention and a beginning was made by personnel of 350 (Belgian) Squadron in clearing away fallen sand and rubbish. Works Dept have also made a start by carting soil (not sand) to the cleared gaps and banking it at an angle of 45 degrees. It is felt that the clearance of the rubbish is all that we are able to do from Station labour resources and that a combination of effort as outlined above will see the gradual replacement of loose sand in these pens by hand-packed earth which can ultimately be consolidated by grass.
Sgt. Taylor who, for a considerable time, has been filling the post of "Airman Schoolmaster" at this station left today on discharge due to ill health. His departure is a definite loss to the Station as he was indefatigable in his efforts to meet the demand for classes and instructions of all kinds, and to raise the standard of literacy and artistic appreciation. Application was again made to HQ F.C. for replacement and meanwhile arrangements were made for Cpl. Golightly is a member of the teaching profession and exhibits a marked enthusiasm for the work.
5 F/Lt. Halstead, Education Officer, arrived from RAF Eshott and introduced Capt. Burr (Northern Region Education Board) who is making liaison contacts with service units in the area in connection with the provision of visiting lectures on current affairs and kindred topics. The Stn. Admin. Officer expressed the view that there may be quite a definite demand for lectures on subjects of a cultural trend as a relief from war, political and associated topics. The kind of subjects indicated were biology, music, commercial art, etc., Capt. Burr in expressing concurrence with this view promised to do his best to provide occasional lectures along these lines.
At 1500 hours Beaufighter X8214 of 409 (RCAF) Squadron overshot on landing on No. 12 Runway. The pilot P/O Livingstone, attempted to carry out a quick turn on the ground at the end of his run to avoid a dispersal pen. The tail unit stuck the side of the pen and the aircraft was considerably damaged. The crew sustained no injuries. This aircraft had been recalled from a flight owing to deterioration of the weather and visibility was fast closing in at the time of the landing.
W/C Graham, the Station Commander, left by road for RAF Digby to attend a conference convened by A.O.C. No. 12 Group Commander of the Station was assumed temporarily by W/C Reid o/c 409 Squadron.
6 S/Ldr. Philips, Group Equipment Officer, arrived from Watnall and discussed the situation arising from depleted equipment staff owing to frequent overseas postings. It appeared from his observations that extreme difficulty is now being experienced on all stations within his knowledge and that shortage of experienced personnel is reflecting itself in undue but unavoidable delays in the handling of important stores and kindred matters. He promised to make what representation he could in the appropriate quarters.
S/Ldr. Dickson (Equip. Liaison Officer USAAC) paid a flying visit and expressed himself well satisfied that the overseas equipment and supply back ups for 416 US Squadron were complete, at the same time expressing his appreciation of the work done by F/Lt Rayner, Station Equipment Officer, in this connection.
Mr Brown, Section Officer of No. 1 Section A.M.W.D.  accompanied  by Mr Halford, his assistant, arrived at about 1500 hours, chiefly to inspect progress on the extension of the N.S. Runway (No. 0.1) now going forward. Various points were discussed with him re. station maintenance, notably the question of sand bagged aircraft pens, French drains along runways and building maintenance. In reply to a request made from the Station some time ago for an annexe to the Parachute section to form a Dinghy Workshop, he produced type design blue prints for such a building in brick or Nissen hutting. Siting plans are to be prepared and approval requested.
7 W/Cdr. E. Graham returned from A.O.C.s conference at Digby and resumed command of the Station. It was gathered that the chief angle was the probable future arrival of further U.S. Units.
Information was received by Signal that the C in C's projected visit to this Station scheduled for today would be postponed until tomorrow 8th August. News was also given to W/Cdr. Reid by telephone that Air Marshal H. Edwards C.B., C in C., R.C.A.F. would be arriving  the same day. Arrangements were put in hand for their reception.
8 Information received from CHARTER HALL of cancellation of the visit of Air Marshal Sir T.L. Leigh-Mallory K.C.B. D.S.O.  -no such cancellation had been received here but confirmation of this was obtained from R.A.F. Dyce, another Station in the visit circuit.
Air Marshal H. Edwards C.B. C in C. Canadian Air Force arrived by air at 1400 hours being met by the Station Commander, W/C/ E Graham and o/c 409 RCAF Squadron. The C in C visited aircrews of the Canadian Squadron in their dispersal points, spoke to them informally, and discussed training matters with their Squadron Commander with particular reference to their new Mack VIII equipment. After taking tea in the mess Air Marshal Edmonds left by air at 1700 hours.
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September 1943