Intelligence Form "F" (Combat Report) SECRET
Serial No. 350/6
April 1943
Date... 6th April 1943 [Station log shows 5th?]
Unit.... No. 350 Squadron. Pilot -S/L Boussa (Belgian)
Type and Mark of Aircraft..... Spitfire V B
Place of attack and/or target..... 70 miles E. of Acklington
Weather...... Nearly clear sky. Excellent visibility
Our casualties.....aircraft... Nil
Our casualties.....personnel... Nil
Enemy casualties..... in air combat... One Do.217 destroyed.
Enemy casualties.....ground or air... N/A

General Report.

A/C 14 left Acklington 10.30 hours, landed 11.28 hours, on practice interception. He was to fly 70 miles to seaward, then turn West and simulate E/A making "Rhubarb" attack. Two sections of his Squadron were to be scrambled to intercept.
Whilst flying at about 1,000 feet on vector 100 degrees and about 65 miles to seaward S/L Boussa sighted an A/C 5-7 miles away to port and flying S.E. at 0-100 feet, and decided to investigate. Our A/C climbed to 2,000 feet into the sun, turned port and recognised the A/C as a Do.217. Pilot then made a diving attack from 3/4 to head-on, from above and slightly on E/A's port side. At about 1,000 yards he fired a short burst with m/g's only, in order to get correct deflection. He then fired one long burst with cannons and m/g's from about 800 yards until he had passed over the E/A. During this burst he saw strikes on the sea all around E/A. E/A turned starboard, dived into the sea and sank immediately. Pilot circled position and saw a large oil patch. A few seconds later a small yellow patch with a body floating in the sea.
The E/A apparently did not see our A/C for it flew straight and level and no return fire was experienced.
E/A camouflage described as grey and brown, with black creases very difficult to see because not picked out with white.
This interception appears to have been quite accidental, since E/A was not plotted (Because of distance and low altitude) and hence no interception vectors were given by Sector Controller (P/O Tasker)

Reflector sight used: [blank]

Total rounds fired; 4 Brownings fired total 595 rounds .303 in two bursts of 1 sec. and 6 secs. approx. No stoppages.
2 Cannons fired total 82 rounds 20mm. (42 H.E. 40 ball) in one burst of approx. 6 secs.

Stoppages: Port cannon ceased after 22 rounds due to failure of extractor because of weak extractor spring.

Cine camera carried but not used because patch left on for practice flights.

(sgd) Tankerville F/Lt.
D.Y.O. and Station Intelligence Officer
R.A.F. Station, Acklington.

.....BOUSSA S/L Pilot,
and O.C. No. 350 Squadron.