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Monumental Inscriptions, Beach Road Cemetery, Warkworth, Northumberland
Below are the inscriptions for the old part of the cemetery, generally up to about the 1940s.
There are a few more recent burials in the old section, these are also included.
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Nicholson RichardIn memory of Richard Nicholson who departed this life, March 22, 1867, aged 81 years. Jane, wife of the above died Dec 31st 1876, aged ?? Years.
Ogle Jane, Ralph Shepherd, Andrew, Elizabeth In Remembrance of Jane beloved wife of Andrew Ogle, of Warkworth. Who died Jan 25th 1878 in her 77th year. The above Andrew Ogle died April 29th 1884, aged 84 years. Ralph Shepherd, the beloved son of Andrew and Elizabeth Ogle, and grandson of the above died August 28th 1880 aged 8 years. The above Andrew Ogle, died May 26th 1885 aged 52 years. Norman Andrew Ogle, Dearly beloved son of Ralph and Jane Coulter, and great grandson of the above died August 30 1897, aged 9 months. Also the above Elizabeth Ogle died June 5th 1907, aged 72 years. Also Mary Ogle died Jan 8th 1938 aged 70 years.
Ord Alice HumeIn loving memory of Alice Hume, wife of Christopher Ord, who died at Warkworth Aug 5th 1903 aged 76 years. Also of Christopher Ord husband of the above died Nov 26th 1904. ……..
Ornsby Edward, Edward Thomas, Catherine Margaret In affectionate remembrance of Edward Ornsby of Fenrother, formerly of Warkworth who died Feb 10th 1889, in his 73rd year. Also of Edward Thomas Ornsby, his youngest son who died at Fenrother December 31st 1927 aged 61 years. In affectionate remembrance of Catherine Margaret wife of Edward Ornsby who died at Fenrother, November 20th 1901 aged 78 years.
Peden Susan, DavidIn loving memory of Susan, beloved wife of David Peden, who died at Shilbottle Grange, July 3rd 1935, aged 72 years. Also of the above David Peden, who died Jan 30 1948 aged 83 years.
Phaup AgnesIn loving memory of Agnes beloved wife of William Phaup who died Aug 18th 1930 aged 79 years
Pile Hannah Colville, William, Thomas Henry, Thomas, Mary In loving memory of Hannah Colville, wife of Thomas Pile of Sturton Grange, who died Feb 14th 1886, aged 60 years. Also of their twin sons William, died in infancy. Thomas Henry, died Sept 12th 1867, aged 14 months. Both interred in Chatton churchyard. Also of the above Thomas Pile, who died Nov 4th 1902, aged 77 years. Also of Mary Pile, daughter of the above who died Jan. 21st 1948, aged 89 years.
Pile John Colville, William, Jane Sacred to the memory of John Colville Pile of Sturton Grange, Warkworth, died August 16th 1933 aged 76 years. Also of William Pile, son of the above, died March 18th 1932 aged 23 years. Also of Jane Pile, wife of John Colville Pile, died July 23rd 1950
Pile Thomas David, SylviaCherished memories of a beloved husband and father Thomas David Pile died 16th August 2001 aged 95 years and of a much loved wife and mother Sylvia Pile died 11th December 2007 aged 87 years.
Potter Addison GeorgeAddison George Potter born Sept 17th 1886, died Sept 27th 1905
Potts [+Duncan] Alexander, Elizabeth, Agnes, Margaret Ann, [John] In memory of Alexander Potts, of Amble, and formerly of Harbottle National School, who died March 8th 1875, aged 78 years. Also of Elizabeth, wife of the above, who died Feby 20th 1884, aged 90 years. Also of Agnes Potts, Sister of the above, who died at Amble, Nov 24th 1868, aged 71 years. Also of Margaret Ann, eldest daughter of the above who died July 23rd 1882, aged 50 years. Also John Duncan, son in law of the above, who died at Amble Feb 18th? 1884, aged 60 years.
Pringle AliceIn loving memory of Alice beloved wife of Blagdon Ker Pringle, who died at Fernlea, Warkworth, May 15th 1931, aged 33 years.
Pringle Catherine, HelenIn loving memory of Catherine, beloved wife of George Pringle, who died 23rd May 1937, aged 48 years. And their daughter Helen who died 26th October 1942 aged 12 years.
Pringle GeorgeIn Memoriam George Pringle died May 10th 1920 aged 73 years. Elizabeth wife of the above, died Sep 1st 1926 , aged 77 years.
Pringle Henry, Jane, William, Alice Jane, Mary Ann In memory of John and William sons of Henry and Jane Pringle of Warkworth. John died June 21st 1834 aged 3 years and William died March 13th 1867 aged 28 years. Also Henry their son died December 2?th 1870, aged 34 years. Alice Jane, their Daughter died ??? 11th 1876 aged 27 years. The above Henry Pringle died at Warkworth Jan 13 1887 aged 80 years, for forty-two years Sexton of this parish. Also the above Jane, wife of Henry Pringle died at Warkworth, Nov 27th 1901 aged 91 years. Also of Mary Ann daughter of Henry and Jane Pringle who died at Warkworth Jan 3rd 1905 aged 70 years.
Pringle John, MaryIn affectionate remembrance .. John Pringle who died at Coquet House May 2nd 1883 aged 83 years. Also of Mary, his wife, who died Sept 23rd 1840 aged 39 years. Also of Mary, their Daughter, who died June 18th 1846, aged 9 years. Also of William Pringle son of the above who died June 30th 1912, age 73 years. Also of Anne, his second wife ........Aged 42 years..[remainder of stone is delaminating and is illegible]
Pringle Ker, ThomasinaIn loving memory of Ker Pringle October 23 1862 - August 10 1933. Also of his wife Thomasina, October….[obscured]
Pringle William T.William T. Pringle died April 1944 aged 61 years. Catherine A. Pringle died Nov 1960 aged 76 years.
Pybus  ……… ……… Pybus? … . … …. . .. . .. . . . . ……… . . . ..1921
Pyle Adam, Isabel, George, Margaret Elizabeth In loving memory of Adam, the Dearly beloved husband of Isabel Pyle who died at Helsay October 27th 1924 aged 46 years. Also the above Isabel died June 15th 1963, aged 77 years. George Pyle died Jan 9th 1946. Margaret Elizabeth his dear wife died Aug 15th 1956, daughter of William and Ann Pyle, late of Helsay Farm.
Pyle Ann, WilliamIn loving memory of Ann beloved wife of William Pyle, who died at Helsay, Sept 10th 1918, aged 75 years. Also of the above William Pyle who died at Helsay, Aug 2nd 1921, aged 75 years.
Ratcliffe William, Martha N.In loving memory of William the beloved husband of Martha N. Ratcliffe who died June 3rd 1922, aged 51 years. Also Martha beloved wife of William Ratcliffe died 2nd Nov 1966 aged 89 years
Redpath Mary, JohnIn loving memory of Mary, the beloved wife of John Redpath who died at Morwick, May 12th 1899; Aged 72 years. Also the above John Redpath, who died at Marley Hill, April 7th 1905, aged 88 years.
Reed George, Elizabeth Jane, Arthur In loving memory of George Reed, died March 4th 1920 aged 73 years. Also of his wife Elizabeth Jane (nee Rowley) died June 20th 1933 aged 83 years. Also their son Arthur, killed at Passchendael October 30th 1917 aged 33 years.
Richard ThomasIn memory of Thomas Richard of Porto Bello, who died at Amble 14th Nov. 1864, aged 86 years. Also Ellen his wife who died 28 Feb 186x? Aged 81 years
Richardson Agnes, John R.In loving memory of Agnes, wife of John R. Richardson, who died at Burns House, Warkworth, April 5th 1925, aged 49 years. Also of the above John R. Richardson, husband of Eliza Richardson, who died at Burns House, Warkworth, Nov 12th 1928, aged 52 years. My heart with peace is blest.
Richardson Edward, Jane Wigham......memory of Edward Richardson, eldest son of Edward Richardson, and of Jane Wigham his wife, formerly of Beech ........ Newcastle upon Tyne. He departed April 27th 1890 aged 54 years.
Richardson George Wm., Robert, Martha In memory of George Wm. Richardson of Amble, who died 12th Feb 1874 aged 18 years. Robert Richardson of Amble, born Sept 14th 1814, died Jan 31st 1889. Martha Richardson, wife of the above, who died 20th Dec 1895 aged 71 years. Also Thos William Robt Howie & Marianne, children of the above.
Richardson [+Gregory?] George, Jane, Dorothy Ann [William, Ann] In memory of George Richardson of Amble, who died February 21st 1870 aged 57 years. Jane his beloved wife died May 6th 1869 aged 53 years. Dorothy Ann, their daughter, died June 15th 1868 aged 22 years. William Gregory died August 18th 1877 aged 77 years. His beloved wife Ann Gregory, died October? 4th 1877 aged 81 years
Richardson JosephIn loving memory of Joseph, the beloved husband of Jane Richardson, who died at Warkworth May 21st 1903 age 52 years.
Richie SusannahIn memory of daughter of Thomas and Ann Richie of East Field, who departed this life March 3rd 1867 aged 27 years. Weep not for me I'm free from pain My earthly sufferings o'er, I hope to meet you all again, on a peaceful happy shore.
Ritchie ElizabethIn memory of Elizabeth, wife of William Ritchie, who died March 25th 1868 aged 40 years. George their son, died March 31 1867 aged 7 years. William their son died Jan 23rd 1865 aged 10 years. Thomas their son died ……… ……… ……… aged 18 months, both interred at Embleton
Riddell Margaret Catherine Isabella In loving memory of Margaret Catherine Isabella, dearly beloved daughter of Ralph & Martha Riddell, who died at Buston Barns, August 11th 1911, aged 15 years and 6 months. Also the above Ralph Riddell, who died at Brandon, June 4th 1912, aged 54 years. Also the above Martha, wife of Ralph Riddell, who died at Longhorsley, Feb 10th 1934 aged 69 years.
Riddell Catherine, johnIn loving memory of Catherine Riddell, beloved wife of John Riddell, who died April 3rd 1920, aged 46 years. R.I.P. Also of the above John Riddell, who died Dec 29h 1948? Aged 79 years.
Rippon James Henry, Louisa H. In memory of James Henry Rippon died 30th Aug 1934 And of Louisa H. Rippon his dearly beloved wife, died 18th Sept 1939
Robertson John Henry, Mary Jane In memory of John Henry Robertson died 29th March 1951 aged 73 years and his wife Mary Jane died 11th September 1964 aged 81 years.
Robertson Robert S.…….Robert S. Robertson beloved husband of Margaret Robertson died at Warkworth…………
Robinson Edith Ethel, HaroldIn loving memory of Edith Ethel, dear wife of Harold Robinson, who died 28 May 1970 aged 75 years. Also the above Harold, who died 13 April 1975 aged 83 years.
Robinson George, Thomas Bowey, Margaret Elizbeth In loving memory of George Robinson who died July 31st 1928 aged 51 years. Also of Thomas Bowey Robinson who died October 15th 1946, age 67 years. Also of Margaret Elizabeth Robinson 1875 - 1952
Robison [+Hedley] Ann Venus, Peter Virtue, [Mima, Stanley] In loving memory of Ann Venus, dearly beloved wife of Peter Virtue Robison, who died at the R.V.I. Sept 15 1935 aged 61 years. Mima, daughter of the above and dearly beloved wife of John Hedley, who died at Buston Barns, May 16 1932, aged 19 years. Stanley, son of the above who died at Low Buston, March 30 1923, aged 4 years & 7 months. Peter V. Robison who died Jan 12 1961 aged 89 years.
Robson Margaret, JamesIn Loving Memory of Margaret, wife of James Robson who died at Amble April 11th …. Age … years. Also James, husband of the above, died May ……..aged …... years
Rogerson William, Minnie Duncan William Rogerson born 30 March 1884, died 7 August 1922 and Minnie Duncan his wife died 10 Dec 1956
Rutherford Andrew, MargaretIn affectionate remembrance of Andrew Rutherford of Amble, who died February 28 1873 aged 73 years. Also of Margaret Rutherford wife of the above who died 24th April 1886 aged 76 years.
Rutherford Sarah, CharlesIn loving memory of Sarah, beloved wife of Charles Rutherford of High Buston, who died Jan 24th 1936, aged 78 years. Also the above Charles Rutherford, who died May 29th 1936, aged 74 years.
Sanderson AmyAmy, wife of William John Sanderson, April 20th 1928
Sanderson William JohnWilliam John Sanderson, March 9th 1929. In as much as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.
Sanderson [+Leighton] Isabella [Thomas, James William, John Robert] In affectionate remembrance of Isabella Sanderson of Amble, who died June 1st 1874 aged 73 years. And of the beloved children of Thomas and Ann Leighton. Thomas, who died July 5th 1851, aged 2 years. James William, who died Nov 9th 1853, aged 20 months. John Robert, who died Nov 2nd 1856 aged 22 months.
Scott Dorothy Ann, Arthur, Edward In loving memory of Dorothy Ann, the beloved wife of Arthur Scott, who died December 21st 1925, aged 60 years. Also the above Arthur Scott, who died November 7th 1927, aged 62 years. Also Edward Scott, so of the above, who died March 17th 1960, aged 71 years.
Scott James Armstrong, Elizabeth In loving memory of James Armstrong Scott who died at Warkworth Castle, April 29 1896, aged 7 years. Also of Elizabeth wife of James A. Scott, and grandmother of the above, who died at Warkworth Castle July 10 1917, aged 73 years.
Scott John, PhillisIn loving memory of a dear husband and father John Scott, died March 20th 1935, aged 77 years. Also our dear mother Phillis Scott, died Feb 27th 1942, aged 78 years.
Scott Thomas, CatherineIn loving memory of Catherine, wife of Thomas Scott, who died at Pigtree, Chester-le-Street, December 10 1887, aged 81 years. Also of the above Thomas Scott, who died December 2 1891?, aged 89? Years.
Scott Thomas, David, Isabella, Robert I know that my redeemer liveth. In memory of Thomas Scott, late chief clerk of H.M. Customs Newcastle, who died April 5th 1867 aged 70 years. Also David son of the above, who was drowned at sea in Decr. 1859 aged 21 years. Also Isabella, widow of the above who died Feb. 23rd 1886, aged 81 years. Also Robert, their son died Aug 22 1891, aged 62 years. Also Thomas their son died March 24 1893 aged 65 years.
Shaw Ada Mary, MarionJesu Mercy Ada Mary Shaw obit March 28 1929. Marion Shaw, born June 2 1888 died April 8 ………
Shell Jane Brown, RobertTreasured memories of Jane Brown, dear wife of Robert Shell, born 1911, died 16 July 1972. Also the above Robert, born 1893 died 16th April 1976
Shiel Robert Laidlaw, Margaret In loving memory of Robert Laidlaw, the beloved husband of Margaret Shiel, who died at Walk Mill Farm, Dec 1 1911, aged 69 years. Also the above Margaret Shiel, who died at Old Horton Grange, Ponteland, Jan 3 1925, aged 32 years.
Shipley Elizabeth G.In loving memory of Elizabeth G. Shipley, born 28 Nov 1882, died 31 1944
Shotton John, Mary, Anna Moriah, Browell, Eleanor Isabella In memory of dear Father & Mother John Shotton died Oct 31st 1891 aged 79 years. Mary Shotton died Nov 9th 1874 aged 52 years. Also Robert James their youngest son died 1866 aged 8 months. Browell T.R., their son died Sep2 1913 aged 53 years. Anna Moriah, their daughter died Nov 13 1922 aged 55 years. Eleanor Isabella, their daughter died Feb 25 1929 aged 66 years.
Simpson John, Charles George, John Thomas, Jane, Charles In memory of John Simpson of Warkworth, late of Morwick Mill, who died December 3rd 1866, aged 69 years. Also Charles George, son of the above died March 31st 1860 aged 16 years. Captain John Thomas Simpson eldest son of the above John Simpson died on board the S.S. Kairos at Crackstaam Oct 22 1885 aged 43 years, was interred at Probolinggo. Also Jane Simpson his only daughter died at Warkworth Oct....... years..[stone worn]...Charles Simpson.....
Simpson JaneSacred to the memory of Jane Simpson …..
Simpson WilliamIn affectionate remembrance of William Simpson, fisherman ………… ………… who was accidentally drowned in the river Coquet ………[extensive inscription is illegible, but the Kentish Gazette, 22 November 1864 refers: "SINGULAR DEATH OF THREE MEN- On Saturday the bodies of George Watson and Charles Milmore, itinerant vendors of fruit, were brought to North Shields, they, with a fisherman named William Simpson, having perished in the river Coquet on Thursday night under very singular circumstances. Watson and Milmore had been to Warkworth fair and hiring, selling fruit, and were on the road between Warkworth and Amble in their cart when they overtook Simpson, whom they gave a lift in their cart. They had also a little boy with them. Thursday night was extremely stormy and dark, and the Coquet was a good deal swollen with freshets, and the high tide was increased in volume by the heavy sea which prevailed outside. From some cause or other not explained, in approaching Amble the horse got off the road and plunged the cart and its living freight into the swollen waters of the Coquet. Their cries attracted the attention of the people who were upon the road returning from the fair, and the crew of Her Majesty's gunboat Surly, hearing the noise, manned two boats and put off to the exciting scene. The men appeared to have got out of the cart and were swept away and drowned. But the little boy clung to it, and the horse swimming with it, kept it afloat, and he was rescued. The bodies of the three lost men were recovered on Thursday night."]
Sinclair Isabella AliceIn loving memory of Isabella Alice Sinclair, died 16th Oct 1971 aged 72 years
Sinclair RichardSacred to the memory of Richard Sinclair March 17th 1888 - July 27th 1943. Also of Lillian his wife who died July ….. 1961 aged 73.
Smith Sarah AnnIn loving memory of Sarah Ann Smith, who died Dec 12th 1935, aged 79 years.
Snowdon IsabellaIn loving memory of Isabella, relict of the late Thomas Snowdon of….., born Dec …. 1827, died Jan…..1907
Sordy ElizabethSacred to the memory of Elizabeth, wife of John Sordy, of Birling East Farm, who died Sep 15th 1873 aged 77 years. The above John Sordy died …29th? 1877 aged 77 years. Also of William Sordy, son of the above who died …….Elizabeth………..Birling East Farm......
Storey [+Mitchell] Robert, Elizabeth, Jane N. William Walker et al In loving memory of the children of Robert & Elizabeth Storey. Cuthbert John, died June 7 1874 aged 4 yrs. Robert, died Oct 7 1874 aged 9 years. William Walker, died Dec 30 1874 aged 2 years. Jane N. Mitchell died Sep 21 1886 aged 25 years. Ethel May died July 11 1888 aged 6 years. Mary Ross died July 16 1889 aged 24 years. Sarah E. died May 21st 1896 aged 20 years. Their Grandchildren: Robert Mitchell died Nov 2 1886 aged 3 years. Isabella Mitchell died Apr 7 1887 aged 1 yr. Also of the above Robert Storey, who died Feby 6th 1910, aged 73 years. And the above Elizabeth Storey, who died June 27th 1921, in her 81st year.
Strother Miriam PhilisIn memory of Miriam Philis Strother daughter of Anthony and Ann Strother of Eastfield Hall in this parish. Born 13th February 1844. Died 21st December 1861….
Swan Michael Hindmarsh, Jane In loving memory of Michael Hindmarsh Swan, who died Jan3rd 1884, aged 58 years. Jane Swan, widow of the above died May 28th 1908 aged 75 years.
Tarling Violet IsabellaIn loving memory of my dear wife Violet Isabella Tarling, who died Nov 13 1959
Tate GeorgeIn memory of George Tate, Brotherwick, died Oct 12 1917 aged 74 years.
Tate [+Doig] John Ridley, Alice Hawthorn [Dorothy] In loving memory of our dear parents, John Ridley Tate, died May 1st 1948. Alice Hawthorn Tate, died August 3rd 1948. Dear daughter Dorothy, beloved wife of William W.S.Doig, who died March ?? 1970 aged 51 years
Taylor MollieIn loving memory of Mollie, dearly beloved daughter of A.D. & M Taylor………….
Taylor James, Elizabeth Wright In loving memory of James Taylor beloved husband of Elizabeth Wright, who died at Lucker, Jan 20th 1937, aged 63 years. Also of James their son, who died at Bankhouse, Oct 20 1922, aged 19 years. Also the above Elizabeth Wright, who died at Bellshill, March 3 1958, age 79 years
Taylor RobertIn loving memory of Robert Taylor, late of Alnmouth, who died 10th Nov 1925 aged 58 years. Also of Lena? beloved wife of the above who died Nov 10th 1936 …………….
Taylor Alexander D.In loving memory of Alexander D. Taylor, who died 15th May 1925 aged ?? Years.
Taylor HenryIn loving memory of Henry Taylor, who died at Low Buston, May 10th 1929, aged 62 years. Also Jane Ann his wife, who died at ?Elford, April 21st 1909, aged 41 years. Also Mary Ann their daughter, who died at Low Buston, Sepbr. 5th 1928, aged 35 years.
Taylor JennesonJenneson Taylor 1975 - 1941
Taylor Maria, William JamesIn memory of Maria wife of William James Taylor, who died March 29th 1938, aged 84 years. Also the above William James Taylor who died Nov 30th 1944
Temple Thomas WilliamIn loving memory of Thomas William Temple died May 3rd 1945 aged 79? ……….. Wife……
Temple [+Castles] Mary Ann [Isabella, Eleanor, William In affectionate remembrance of Mary Ann Temple, daughter of the Late Joseph and Ann Castles, who died July 25th 1866 aged 56 years. Also Isabella, their daughter who died Nov 26th 1875, aged 58 years. Also Eleanor their daughter who died June 11th 1886 aged 70 years] Also William their son who died Feb 18th 1899 aged 88 years.
Ternent AnnIn loving memory of Ann, beloved wife of John Ternent, who died at White House Folly Alnwick, July 5th 1904 aged 66 years
Ternent [+Turnbull] Edward, Margaret, [Margaret Elizabeth, George] In loving memory of Edward, beloved husband of Margaret Ternent, who died at Morwick Gate, August 6th 1910, aged 72 years. Also of the above Margaret Ternent, who died April 12th 1932, aged 91 years. And of their daughter Margaret Elizabeth, wife of George Turnbull, who died Nov 10th 1952 aged 67 years. Also of the above George Turnbull, who died March 30th 1955 aged 76 years.
Thew EdwardIn loving memory of Edward, elder son of Edward & Margaret A. Thew, born April 23 1879, at Birling Manor, died Jan 4 1920, at Thornley House, Rowlands Gill, Durham. Margaret Ann, much loved wife of Edward Thew, died at Silverdale, Gosforth, Dec 4 1927 aged 79 years. Edward, husband of Margaret A. Thew, died at Silverdale, Gosforth, June 20tn 1930, aged 76 years.
Thew Thomas HerbertIn Lowing Memory of Thomas Herbert second son of Edward & Margt. A. Thew, born Nov 1?th 1880? Died Jan 1881
Thew Frederick Alfred, Fanny In loving memory of Frederick Alfred Thew of Shortridge who died November 27th 1884 aged 39 years. Fanny Thew his wife died January 7th 1933 aged 80 years
Thew Isabel, CharltonIn loving memory of Isabel, wife of Charlton Thew, who died 1st March 1922. Also of Charlton Thew who died 30th? August ……..aged ………years
Thompson HenryIn memory of Henry Thompson who died ……..1893……
Thompson JamesIn Loving Remembrance of James Thompson, dearly beloved and only son of the late James and Eleanor Thompson, of Alnwick, who departed this life at Warkworth, on the 19th day of May 1882, aged 28 years. "His sun went down while it was yet day" "The lord's will be done"|
Thompson Thomas, John, Isabella In affectionate remembrance of Thomas the eldest and beloved son of John and Isabella Thompson who departed this life at South Togston Jan 6 1868 aged 18 years. We cannot Lord thy purpose see, but all is well that's done by thee. Also the above John Thompson, who was born at Chesters, Alnham, Nov. 13 1816, and died at North Gate, Morpeth Nov 11 1896. And the above Isabella, his wife, who die at Morpeth, Jan 19 1905 aged 83 years.
Thompson MatthewIn memory of Matthew second son of Matthew & Margaret Thompson, who died June 21st 1869 aged 5 years and 9 months. Also Stephen, their third son, who died January 21st 1880, aged 13 years. Also of the above Matthew Thompson who died March 4th 1909 aged 82 years. And the above Margaret Thompson who died September 15th 1918 aged 82 years.
Thompson Robert William, Catherine Isabella, Thomas Rennison In memoriam Robert William Thompson, of Morwick, died December 26 1910, aged 35 years. Also of Catherine Isabella, his beloved wife died March 21 1924 aged 48 years. Also of Thomas Rennison, their only son, died August 28 1924 aged 19 years
Thompson Elizabeth J., GeorgeIn loving memory of my dear wife Elizabeth J. Thompson of Elm House, Warkworth who died 2 March 1940 aged 79 years. Also her dear husband George Thompson died 4 Jan 1947 aged 90 years.
Thompson Clara Havill, RobertIn loving memory of Robert Thompson of Monkseaton, ?th May 1870 - 28th Jan 1943. Also the above Robert died 7th August 1945 aged 81 years.
Thompson William Linsley, Mary E. In memoriam. William Linsley Thompson died 24th May 1943. His wife Mary E. Thompson died 21st September 1944
Thompson James JohnsonIn loving memory of James Johnson Thompson who died 31st January 2000 aged 93 dearly loved husband of Ruth who died 17th February 2005 aged 95.
Thompson (nee Hillier) EllenIn loving memory of Ellen (Sister Hillier, Q.A.I.N.S.) Dear wife of Louis Thompson, died Dec 17th 1954.
Thorburn Margaret, WalterIn memory of Margaret, wife of Walter Thorburn, who died at Warkworth on the 23rd August 1876, aged 77 years. Also of the above Walter Thorburn, who died 23 Jan 1886, aged 88 years.
Todd Mary Jane, Francis, Isabella, Ellen In loving memory of Mary Jane, beloved wife of Francis Todd, who died at Amble May 22 1901 aged 32 years. Also the above Francis Todd who died at Amble June 30 1904 aged 40? Also Francis Todd his father died at South Side Oct 17? 1884 aged 64? Years. Also Isabella Todd, his mother, died at ...... ......... April ?? 1890 aged 70 years. Also Ellen Todd his sister died at South Side, May 25? 1886 aged ?? years.
Todd Thomas, Jane Ann, William Simpson In loving memory of Thomas Todd, who died Dec 3rd 1928, aged 77 years. Also of Jane Ann, wife of the above, who died Feb 4th 1929 aged 74 years. And of William Simpson Todd, son of the above, who died April 30th 1941 aged 59 years.
Trobe Jane, JamesIn affectionate remembrance of Jane Trobe the beloved wife of James Trobe, who died at Warkworth Mains Dec 28th 1860 aged 70 years. James Trobe, who died at Whitefield, Sep 4th 1882 aged 77 years.
Tully Thomas, Mary, WalterIn remembrance of Thomas Tully who died Jan 17th 1924 aged 85 years. Also of Mary, his wife, who died May 9th 1929 aged 87 years. Also of Walter Tully, grandson of the above who died April 10th 1932 aged 21 years.
Turnbull WilliamIn memory of William Turnbull, Warkworth who died May 15th 1891 aged 71 years.
Turnbull William, Margaret, Thomas, John Robert To the memory of William Turnbull of Amble, who died June 23 1870, aged 47 years. Also to his children, Margaret, who died April 26? 1865 aged 4½ years. Thomas, died October ?? 1868. John Robert, died May ? 1871, aged 4 years and 8 months. Margaret, wife of the above William Turnbull and mother of the above children who died at Amble, March 25th 1897 aged 67 years.
Turnbull John, Mary AnnIn loving memory of John Turnbull, who died at Warkworth, July 19th 1889 aged 57 years. Also of Mary An his wife, who died Aug 29 1926 aged 83? years
Turner Cuthbert John, In memory of Cuthbert John, the beloved son of ……………. and Sarah Turner……… …….. …….. aged 2 years.
Turner Elsie, Frederick J.In loving memory of Elsie Turner 1916 - 1940. Frederick J. Turner 1920? - 1941
Tweddell JamesIn memoriam. Sacred to the memory of James Tweddell of Amble who departed this life Dec 2nd 1868 aged 57 years. The memory of the just is blessed. Also of Margaret his wife who died May 2nd 1915? Aged 94? years. [Morpeth Herald 12th December 1868 refers: "At Amble, 2nd inst., aged 57, Mr. James Tweddell, chemist and druggist. He was an exceedingly useful, unobtrusive, and very highly respected member of Wesleyan body"]
Urwin Jean FosterJean Foster Urwin (Artist) January 23rd 1954
Walker ……nnieIn memory of …..nnie Walker, died Sept 25 1936 aged 43 years.
Wallace Thomas, MargaretIn loving memory of Thomas Wallace, late Station Master at Warkworth, who died 18th January 1893, aged 64 years. "his end was peace". Also of Margaret, his wife who died 31st January 1910, aged 70 years, and was interred at St. Margaret's Cemetery, Durham.
Wallace Isabella, JamesIn loving memory of Isabella, dearly beloved wife of James Wallace, who died 19th Febry 1908, aged 77 years. Also of the above James Wallace, who died 23rd Oct 1914, aged 82 years.
Wardle Robert, Isabella, Dorothy Eleanor, William Thomas, James Shotton In affectionate Remembrance of Robert Wardle who died Jan 15th? 1878 aged 67 years. Also of Isabella his wife who died ………1891…aged…..years. Also of Robert grandson of the above who died March 11th 1887 aged 22 years. Also Thomas son of the above Robert & Isabella Wardle who died ............1892 aged ...... years. Also of Dorothy Eleanor wife of Thomas Wardle died......1901 aged 61 years. Also William Thomas youngest son of Thomas and Dorothy E. Wardle, who died May ?th 1916 aged 45 years. Also of James Shotton Wardle second son of the above Thomas Wardle who died Feb 7th 1944 aged 75 years.
Wardle Isabella ShottonIn loving memory of Isabella Shotton Wardle, died 1st May 1954 aged 77.
Waters David, Isabella, Alice In loving remembrance of David Waters, who died July 4th 1899. Isabella Waters who died April15th 1894. And Alice Waters, who died June 30th 1938. Son and daughters of David Waters, Churchside, Warkworth.
Waters James, Alice BrowellIn loving memory of James Waters of Christon? Bank, born January 28th? 1859, died in London December …………..1920 (or 1929?) And of Alice Browell much loved daughter of above, born August 2nd 1890, died September 9th 1965
Watson William, MaryIn memory of William Watson of Amble, who died October 22 1873, aged 47 years. Mary Watson, Sister of the above, who died June 22nd 1876, aged 60? years.
Watson Isabella, Joseph, James In loving remembrance of Joseph beloved husband of Isabella Watson, who died at New Barns, Oct 9 1918, aged 65 years. Also of James, their son killed in action at Ypres Feb 14 1916 aged 21 years. Also the above Isabella Watson, who died May 29 1932 aged 79 years. At Rest.
Waugh George, MarySacred to the memory of George Waugh, died May 6th 1948 aged 83 years. Also .. Mary Waugh…..
Weedy Robert, William John, Isabella In loving memory of Robert Weedy, of Warkworth, builder, who died Oct 27 1907, aged 68 years. Also William John, son of the above, who was accidentally killed at Acklington May 9 1910 aged 46 years. Also Isabella Jane wife of the above Robert Weedy, who died Nov 27 1924 aged 87 years.
Weightman William, Margaret Hannah Inloving memory of William Weightman who died 24th September 1943 aged 75 years. And his wife Margaret Hannah who died 3rd February 1947 aged 7x? Years
Whiteford Elizabeth, MalcolmElizabeth Whiteford August 4th 1939. Malcolm Whitford February 15th 1948
Wilkinson JohnIn memory of John Wilkinson of High Buston, who died Jan 6th 1864? Aged 23? His ancestors lived at High Buston for many years. Blessed are the dead which die in the lord.
Wilson Jane, John Wilson, Robert, William Common, Matthew, Thomas, Elizabeth In Memory of Jane, wife of John Wilson of Hermitage Farm, who died January 15th 1873, aged 50 years. The above John Wilson, died march 19th 1878 aged 55 years. Also of Robert, his bother who died at Warkworth Jan 5th 1877 aged 50 years. Also of Jane, their sister who died at Hermitage Farm July 5th 1879, aged 51 years. Also of William Common, son of the above John & Jane Wilson, who died at Hermitage Farm Dec 31 1880, aged 18 years. Also of Matthew, their son who died Nov 4th 1881, aged 30 years. Also of Thomas, their son, who died Feb 10th 1883, aged 23 years. Also Elizabeth Wilson, who died Jan 6th 1901, aged 80 years
Wilson Robert, Rachel, Elizabeth Mary, William, John Sacred to the memory of Robert Wilson, who died August 20th 1864, aged 37 years. Also of Rachel his wife, who died April 6th 1871 aged 32 years. And Elizabeth Mary their daughter, who died May 6th 1867 aged 3 years. Also of William Wilson brother of the above, who died January 25th 1870 aged 32 years. Also Elizabeth their daughter who died May 15th 1873 aged 5 1/2 years. Also John Wilson of Guyzance Mill, who died May 20th 1888 aged 59 years. And Elizabeth, his wife who died April 13th 1908 aged 73 years. Also of Frederick Wilson, son of John Wilson, who died January 28th 1866, aged 3 1/2 years.
Wilson Richard, Mary, Jane Eliza, Barbara Eleanor In affectionate remembrance of Richard Wilson who died at Hauxley August 14th 1863 age 47 years. Mary Wilson wife of the above who died ……. 28th 1877, aged 67 years. Jane Eliza, their daughter who died Nov 2x? 18?? [1852?] aged 2 years 6 months. Barbara Eleanor their daughter died June 27th 1864 aged 16? years. [verse]
Winter Eleanor, AdamIn affectionate remembrance of Eleanor, wife of Adam Winter, of Buston Vale, who died May 9th 1879, aged 76 years. Also the above Adam Winter, who died July 4th, 1979, aged 78 years. To be with Christ which is far better.
Wintrip RobertIn affectionate Remembrance of Robert Wintrip who died at Togston East Farm Sept 7th 187? Aged 61 years …….. …..
Wood WilliamIn memory of William, son of William and Mary Wood, of Craster West Farm, who died March 19th 1874 aged 36 years.
Wood James, James EdwardIn loving memory of James Wood, who died at Warkworth Mains, Nov 23rd 1930, aged 76 years. Also of his beloved son James Edward, who died July 1st 1930, aged 33 years. Alos of His Beloved Wife Elizabeth Ann, who died March 26th 1947, aged 84 years. To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die. "At rest in Jesus"
Wood Doreen Mary, CharlesIn loving memory of my darling wife Doreen Mary Wood . …. ……. Nov 1911, died 11th Feb 1943. Also her husband Charles Wood…………
Wood CordeliaIn loving memory of Cordelia Wood who fell asleep Nov 2nd 1942 aged 91 years. Also of her beloved husband John Gordon Wood, interred at Sheffield Nov 12 ……. Esther Lilian Wood, their daughter, died Aug 25th? 1949 aged 67?
Wood [+Wright] Mary Elizabeth [Albert Stuart] In loving memory of Mary Elizabeth Wood, who fell asleep Feb 25th 1950, aged 71 years. And Albert Stuart Wright ………..
Woodcock Mark, IsabellaIn loving memory of Mark Woodcock, who died at Walk Mill, March 26th 1927 aged 89 years, also of Isabella, his wife, who died April 6th 1925, aged 77 years.
Woodcock Isabella, James KingIn loving memory of Isabella, beloved wife of James K. Woodcock, who died at Walk Mill, Aug 28 1929 aged 54 years. Also of the above James King Woodcock, Greensfield Moor, who died Feb 14 1949, aged 71 years.
Wright Eleanor, JamesIn loving memory of Eleanor the beloved wife of James Wright, who died at High Buston, June 26 1915, aged 74 years. Also of the above James Wright who died at High Buston July 15 1927 age 86 years.
Wright Isabella, Robert………..Isabella Wright born ?? May 1869 - died 11 April 1945. Also of her dear husband, Robert Wright, born 18 June 1871 - died 11 Oct 1948
Wright DorothyIn loving memory of Dorothy Wright, who died Sept 19 1948, aged 74 years. Also her dear husband Thomas Wright, died at Elwick Farm Belford, 31st Oct 1958 aged 84 years.
Young JosephJoseph Young died June 23rd 1896, aged 65 years
Young Joseph Dryden, Sarah Annie In remembrance of Joseph Dryden Young died August 2nd 1930 aged 57 years. Also his wife Sarah Annie Young died January 15th 1974 aged 94 years.
Young [+Matthews] Thomas, Isabella [George Mills, Isabella Young] In affectionate Remembrance of Thomas Young, late of Bilton, who died at Amble, July 10th 1877, aged 52 years. Also Thomas, son of the above who died Feb 4th 1856, aged 10 months. Isabella, wife of the Above, died at Amble Feb 7th 1895, aged 72 years. Also George Mills, the beloved son of Edward & Elizabeth Matthews who died Dec 15th 1875 aged 16 days. Also Isabella Young, their daughter, who died Nov 14th 1877, aged 2 years and 7 months. Of such is the kingdom of heaven.
Younger AnnAnn Younger born March 15th? 1832. Died November 7th 1870….
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