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Monumental Inscriptions, Beach Road Cemetery, Warkworth, Northumberland
Below are the inscriptions for the old part of the cemetery, generally up to about the 1940s.
There are a few more recent burials in the old section, these are also included.
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Alder WilliamIn loving memory of William Alder 1893 - 1940
Anderson Margaret, George, Mary, Susan Erected by their children in loving remembrance of Margaret Anderson, who died April 14th 1886, aged 64 years. Also George, the beloved husband of the above, who died August 27th 1892, aged 76 years. Asleep in Jesus. Also Mary, daughter of the above George and Margaret Anderson, who died June 23rd 1932, aged 80 years. Also of Susan, daughter of the above G. & M. Anderson, who died Nov 24th 1937, aged 81 years.
Anderson Sarah, HenryIn loving memory of Sarah, dearly beloved wife of Henry Anderson, died at Hartlaw, May 3rd 1928, aged 56 years. Also of the above Henry Anderson, died at Belford, Jan 27th 1956 aged 87 years.
Appleby JohnIn memoriam. John Appleby, of Manchester, born at Acklington Park, March 25th 1816, died at Warkworth Sept 27th 1888.
Arkle Christopher, Jane Ann In affectionate remembrance of Christopher Arkle, who died August 4 1887 aged 62 years. Also of Jane Ann, wife of the above, who died March 25 1916 aged 80 years.
Arkless BenjaminBenjamin Arkless, born 21st January 1862. Died at Amble 2nd December 1872
Arkless William Robert, Isabella In Memory of William Robert Arkless son of the late Edward Arkless, Tudoe Hall, Durham, who died at Morpeth, July 14 1903 aged 82 years. Also of Isabella, his wife, who died at Seaham Harbour, March 3 1887, aged 66 years.
Arkless Edward, Josephine Bolton Edward Arkless, Priest, Vicar of this parish, died Oct 1st 1929, son of the late W.R. Arkless, Morpeth. Josephine Bolton Arkless 1862 - 1964
Balmbra Frank Buckland, AnnIn memory of Frank Buckland, dear husband of Ann Balmbra. Also the above Ann, died July 1967 aged 84 years.
Baston Ja…….?In Memory of Ja……………Baston who………….Gloster Hill……Ma…..
Bell Andrew, Harriet JaneIn Memory of Andrew Bell, of Amble Hope House, who departed this life April 9th 1868 aged 47 years. Also of Harriet Jane, wife of the above who died at Alnwick May 21st 1868, aged 27 years.
Bell William, MaryWilliam and Mary Bell "God is Love"
Beverley JohnErected in memory of John, the beloved son of Thomas and Ellen? Beverley of Radcliffe who died Nov ??th 1881 aged ?/ years. Beside this stone lies ……………….an dul…… son that was…….who in …… was ………… pay the debt we have………………
Blackwood [+Hudson] John, Elizabeth Jane Moore, [Eliz. Jane] To the memory of John Blackwood, of Dollar, Scotland, born 19th October 1832, died 15th November 1918. Also of his …..Elizabeth Jane Moore daughter of ………Hudson,……………Also of Eliz. Jane Hudson, their niece, born 16th May 1874, died 4th December 1913.
Bond WilliamIn affectionate remembrance of William Bond, the beloved son of John & Alice Nesbit, who lost his life by accident at Broomhill colliery, November 26th 1891 aged 13 years.
Bootiman Lionel, Alice MaryIn loving memory of Lionel, dearly beloved husband of Mary Elizabeth Bootiman, who was killed at Edlingham April 18 1906 aged 52 years. Also Alice Mary, their daughter, who died Sept 5 1913 aged 26 years.
Boss Francis SarahIn loving memory of Frances Sarah Boss …….. Wife and mother…..died 28th July 1943 …...her h…..[obscured]
Boucher Alice M.H.…….Alice M.H. Boucher (Nee Pringle) died Aug 1948 aged 27 years. R. Hilton Pringle died June 1951 aged 27 years
Bowey Mary Ann, Hannah Elizabeth, Robert Falder In memory of Mary Ann, wife of Robert Falder Bowey, who died at Warkworth Dec 2nd 1871, aged 33 years. Also of Hannah Elizabeth, their daughter who died May 12th 1870, aged 1 year. Also of the above Robert Falder Bowey, who died March 22nd 1888, aged 53 years.
Bowman Ethel MayEthel May Bowman born May 8th 1886? Died June 7th 1944
Bradford IsabellaIn loving memory of Isabella, wife of James Bradford, who died at Amble June 25th 1902 aged 50 years. Also of the above James Bradford, who died March 19th 1927, aged 72 years.
Brewis Edward GeorgeEdward George Brewis, born 28 August 1863, died 24th May 1908. And his wife Mary Ingo Brewis, died 20 March 1945. At eventide there shall be light.
Browell Thomas Finlay, Annie, Annie M. In loving memory of Thomas Finlay Browell, born 18th Dec 1833 Died August 2x? 1906 Also of Annie his wife, born Nov 25th 1846? Died June 13th 1919. Also of their daughter Annie M. Browell born Nov 26? 1970 died July 19th 1955.
Browell Joseph L., Margaret, Lily Joseph L. Browell, died 20th April 1928, aged 74 years. Margaret Browell, died 21st March 1948 aged 96 years. Lily Browell, their niece, died 19th November 1910 aged 3 years.
Brown Mary Alice, Thomas Edward, Mary, Thomas In loving memory of Mary Alice who died September 27th 1867, aged 5 years. Thomas Edward who died Ma…….. …. 187? Also Mary Brown their mother who died Mar. 10th 1893 aged……..years. Also of Thomas Brown their father who died Feb 22nd 1882 aged 62? Years
Brown JohnIn loving memory of John Brown who died at Station Cottages Warkworth Sept 29th 1927 aged 47 years………………[more, but obscured]
Brown George GladstoneIn memory of my dear husband George Gladstone Brown 1898 - 1942
Browne Walter JohnWalter John Browne C.B. General Bombay Army died 26th October 1881 age 83 years. The memory of the just is blessed.
Buchanan ChristianChristian Buchanan, died October 4th 1884 aged 82 years.
Burn James, Elizabeth Margaret In memory of James Burn of Warkworth, who died Feb 26th 1867 aged 28? Years. Also of Elizabeth Margaret, his wife who died Jan 4th 1869 aged 32 years.
Burrell William, Margaret, Robert, Agnes William Burrell 1851-1926. Margaret Burrell 1851-1925. William Burrell 1884-1960. Robert Burrell 1886-1951. Agnes Burrell 1884-1951. William Burrell 1909-1919.
Buston [+Cleghorn] Roger, William Thomas, [Cicely Caroline] Sacred to the memory of Roger Buston of Buston who died Sept 11th 1876 in his 82nd year. And of Roger, his second son who died March 11th 1893, aged 47 years. And of William Thomas, his youngest son who died at Charlottesville Virginia, U.S.A., April 3rd 1888, aged 27 years. Caroline, wife of Roger Buston born April 3rd 1849, died Jan 17th 1933. Cicely Caroline Cleghorn wife of Alex D. Cleghorn and youngest daughter of Roger and Caroline Buston, born Feb 14th 1885, died May 14th 1964.
Cairns JamesIn loving memory of James Cairns, who died Feb 2 1954. And….[obscured)
Cairns John, Eliza, Margaret Purves In loving memory of John, beloved husband of Eliza Cairns, who died at Warkworth Sept 3 1904, aged 55 years. Also of Margaret Purves their daughter who died April 25 1906, aged 28 years. And of Robert, their son who died June 27 1876, age 10 Months, also of the above Eliza Cairns, who died May 31 1937 aged 87 years.
Carse [+Taylor] Ellinor Taylor, Peter, [John] In affectionate remembrance of Ellinor [Eleanor?] Taylor Carse the beloved wife of Peter Carse who died at …….. …… ………. 1877 aged ….. Years. Also John the beloved son of George & Elizabeth Taylor who died March …….. 18?8 at Ed………… The above Peter Carse, died Feb 24th 1880 aged 28 years.
Chard Sydney Denham, NancyIn memory of Sydney Denham Chard C.B.E. born 12th Feb 1896, died in Bombay 14th Nov 1947. Also his dear wife Nancy? Chard, died 9th July 1978 aged 81 years.
Charlton Charles EdwardIn memory of Charles Edward Charlton who died at Warkworth in March 1884, aged 34 years
Charlton Ernest EdwinIn memory of Ernest Edwin Charlton youngest and last surviving son of Richard and Isabella Ann Charlton of Castle Street House Warkworth & Newcastle upon Tyne, died December 17th 1938 aged 73 years.
Chisholm JohnIn loving memory of John Chisholm, who died at Warkworth September 5th 1899, aged 47 years. Also of Margaret his wife, who died October 25th 1922, aged 55 years.
Clark JessieIn loving memory of Jessie, the beloved wife of George Clark who died Feb 9 1918, aged 46 years
Claxton John, Sarah AnnIn memory of John Claxton, Master Mariner, who died at Amble, August 29th 1868 aged 66 years. Also of Sarah Ann his beloved wife who died …. J….y 6th 1869 Aged ?? Years.
Clutterbuck Mary AnneMary Anne widow of John Clutterbuck Esqr. J.P. of Warkworth and daughter of late Hon. Thomas Lyon of Hetton House, Durham, died December 11th 1867 aged 72.
Clutterbuck AnnAnn Clutterbuck born 10th May 1775 died 28th January 1869
Clutterbuck ThomasIn memory of Thomas Clutterbuck, Esq., of Warkworth, born 11 December 1826, died 6 June 1900
Copeland Mary Jane, Matthew Hindhaugh In loving memory of our dear parents Mary Jane Copeland who died May 20 1950 aged 69 years and Matthew Hindhaugh Copeland who died Jan 29 1963 aged 86? years
Copeland [+Watson] Matthew, Catherine, [Henry] In loving memory of my dear parents Matthew and Catherine Copeland. Also my dear husband Henry Watson, died 17th January 1974 aged 86 years. Also Catherine Elizabeth Watson, died 8th October 1977, aged 89 years.
Costello DorothyIn affectionate remembrance of Dorothy beloved wife of Hubert Costello, officer of Inland Revenue, who died at Warkworth August 8th 1868 aged 32 years. May she rest in peace.
Coulter Sarah Jane Ann Burrell In affectionate remembrance of Sarah Jane Ann Burrell, wife of Robert Coulter, who died May 13th 1884 aged 26 years
Coulter Robert JamesIn loving memory of Robert James Coulter who died at Warkworth Aug 13 1912 aged 64 years
Coulter Ralph R.In loving memory of Ralph R. Coulter died 13 July 1936 aged 70 years. Also his beloved wife Jane R. Coulter 1864 - 1939
Cowan WilliamIn loving memory of William Cowan, late vicar of St. Augustine's Church Londonderry, who died on Easter Monday 1913 aged ?? (79?) years.
Cowans Ralph, MargaretIn memory of Ralph Cowans, born July 10 1841?, died January 8 ………Margaret Cowans …..July 9th
Crawford William, Margaret Fuller Dedicated to the memory of Captain William Crawford of the Royal Scots Greys, who died Oct. 8, 1865 aged 81. And of Margaret Fuller his wife who died April 19 1867 aged 77.
Crawford Dorothy, George, Anna, William In memory of Dorothy Crawford wife of the Revd. William Rogerson, Warkworth, died at Bridge-of-Allan, 27 June 1887 aged 30 years. George Crawford their youngest son accidentally drowned in the Coquet at Warkworth. Anna their only daughter, died at Milnathort, 27 May 1904, aged 20 years. The Revd William Rogerson, died at Warkworth 4 October 1915 aged 72 years. "The dead shall hear the voice of the son of God"
Cummings [+Watson] William, Tamar, [James, Mary Jane, Hannah, Isabella, William] In memory of William Cummings, who died at Cresswell Nov 14th? 1862 aged 71 years. Tamar, his wife, died Aug 26th 1876 aged 75 years. James Watson, nephew of the above, who died …..vr 18th 1884, aged 53 years. And of his children who died in August 1874, Mary Jane, aged 6 years. Isabella, aged 4 years. Hannah, aged 2 years. And of his father William Watson, who died Feb 27th 1885, aged 86 years.
Cuthbert Mary ElizabethIn memory of Mary Elizabeth Cuthbert 1877 - 1947. Edward Cuthbert 1876 - 1966
Darling Robert, AliceIn affectionate remembrance of Robert Darling who died at Warkworth Dec 21? 1878 aged 8x? Also of ……….. Son of the above who died at …… …….. Feb 187x? Aged …. Also of Alice daughter of the above……… …. …….. Also………….
Darling Mary Jane, JohnIn loving memory of Jane Darling who died 9th March 1945 aged 76 years. And of her husband John Darling died …………….1946 aged 78 years
Davidson Robert GeorgeIn loving memory of Robert George Davidson, who died Dec 18th 1952 aged 56 years.
Dawson William, Grace Margaret In loving memory of William Dawson, died April 4th 1930 aged 62 years. Grace Margaret Dawson beloved wife of the above died May 17th 1940 aged 62 years.
Dawson John Edward, Sarah Muriel In memory of John Edward Dawson, who died Oct. 3rd 1941, aged 63 years. And Sarah Muriel Dawson ………….
Deuchar Farquhar LaingIn loving memory of Farquhar Laing Deuchar of Shortridge Hall born 12 July 1863 died 10 Oct 1947. In loving memory of Richard Dusgate Deuchar, only son of Farquhar Laing Deuchar and Constance Muriel Deuchar died aged 44 July 16th 1964
Ditchburn [+Henderson?] William James, [Jane] In affectionate remembrance of William James Ditchburn who died at Amble, Feb 21 1905 aged 64 years. Also of Jane Henderson, his sister, who died at Amble, April 7 1892 aged 50 years.
Dixon Dorothy Ann, Isabella, Margaret Mather. In memoriam. Dorothy Ann Dixon, died 19th Jan 1934, aged 79 years. Isabella Dixon, died 13th Sep 1938, aged 83 years. Margaret Mather Dixon, died 1st May 1939, aged 87 years. All of Oaklands, Warkworth.
Dixon [+Tate] Sarah, Robert [Thomas, Agnes] In loving memory of Sarah, the beloved wife of Robert Dixon, who died at Warkworth, May 7th 1895 aged 74 years. Also the above Robert Dixon, who died at Warkworth, Dec 13th 1902, aged 82 years. Also of Agnes, wife of Thomas Tate, and daughter of the above, who died at Bealbank, Oct 7th 1915 aged 62 years. Also the above Thomas Tate who died May 23rd 1924 aged 79 years.
Douglas Mark, Jane AnnBy Mark Douglas of Amble Hope House Farm, in affectionate remembrance of Jane Ann, his beloved wife who died August 15th 1876, Aged 48 years. Also of their children. Mark, born Feb 10 1864. Died Nov 6 1868. Jane Ann, Born April 26 Died Sept 24 1872. Also of the above Mark Douglas who died Dec 14th 1880 aged 44 years.
Douglas ThomasIn memory of Thomas, son of Andrew & Mary Douglas…………… ………
Douglas John WilliamIn loving memory of John William, dearly beloved son of William & Sarah Douglas of Christon Cottage, born June 28 1897, died July 27 1927. Also the above William Douglas, died April 9th 1948 aged 79 years.
Duncan William, JessieIn memory of William Duncan, Surgeon Amble, who departed this life 21st Jan 1866 aged 48 years. Also Jessie beloved child of the above who departed this life 12th Jan 1865 aged 7 years.
Dunn John Woodham[inscription partly obscured by moss] ..John Woodham Dunn 30 years vicar of this parish, born Sept 17 1812, died 18th Sept 1883….
Dunn Sarah EmilyIn loving memory of Sarah Emily Dunn, born Nov. 12th 1820, died Christmas day 1888
Dunn Rosalie FrancesIn loving memory of Rosalie Francis Dunn Born Oct 29th 1855. Died July 13th 1882
Earnshaw Kenneth, Margaret Joyce Kenneth Earnshaw 1913 - 1950. Also his darling wife Margaret Joyce (nee Green)………2009
Egdell Isabella, Jane, Thomas, Robert In memoriam Isabella Egdell of Warkworth, who died May 18th 1871 aged 52 years. Jane Egdell, late of Waterside House Alnmouth, who died at Alnwick Nov. 30 1898 aged 76. Thomas Egdell, of Waterside House Alnmouth, who died June 21st 1883. aged 69 years. Robert Egdell of Waterside House Alnmouth. Who died Nov 12th 1880 aged...years.
Elliott Elizabeth, RobertIn loving memory of Elizabeth Elliott who died at Warkworth April 24 1910 aged 80 years. Also Robert Elliott, husband of the above who died at Stamford Cottage July 26 1912 aged 77 years.
Elliott Thomas, MaryIn loving memory of Thomas the beloved husband of Mary Elliott, who died at Warkworth March 15 1912 aged 52 years. …………. …… ….. Mary Elliott who died at Warkworth …… ………. ……….. …….. aged 67 years.
Evans George E.F., In loving memory of George E.F. , dearly loved son of James & Mary Alice Evans, who died Jan. 22 1905 aged 10½ years. Also of the above Mary Alice who died Oct 24 1935 aged 74 years.
Evans Martha, WalterIn loving memory of Martha, the beloved wife of Walter Evens, born Feb 5th 1846, died Feb 27th 1907 . Life's work well done, now comes rest. Also the above Walter Evans, who died March 2nd 1924, aged 80 years.
Farmery MargaretMargaret Farmery 23-8-1930 - 18-9-2009 sadly missed wife of George and mother of John and Paul, daughter of Joseph Walton and his wife Edith Margaret Common, granddaughter of Theodosia Gray. Also buried here are her uncle Robert Gray 1901 - 1970, and her Great Grandfather Robert Common 1839 - 1908
Fenwick Margaret, Joseph, Frances Josephine, Isabella Stuart Here resteth the remains of Margaret the beloved wife of Joseph Fenwick of Sturton Grange South Side, who departed this life 19th December 1862 aged 23 years. The Above Joseph Fenwick, died at Ventnor I.W. Nov 7th 1868 aged 30 years. Also Frances Josephine, posthumous daughter of the above Joseph Fenwick and Isabella Stuart his wife, died at Amble March 9th 1869, aged 2 months. Isabella Stuart Fenwick, wife of the above Joseph Fenwick, died at Bracken Dene, Low Fell, on the 7th January 1925 aged 80 years.
Fordy John ThompsonIn memory of John Thompson Fordy born Nov 1st 1858, died Jan 31st 1909. Also Sarah Fordy his wife born March 25 1875 died Jan 24 1955
Forster Francis, SusanneFrancis Forster Esq. Born July 2?th 1794 died May 15th 1844. Also Susanne his wife born May 3rd 1793, died February 7th 1870
Forster Mary Ann FannyIn memory of Mary Ann Fanny Forster youngest daughter of Francis Forster of Buston Vale, born 15th July 1834, died 5th October 1916
Forster Hannah ElizabethHannah Elizabeth Forster, wife of George Baker Forster, born December 24 1830, died September 6 1911
Forster Mary PhoebeMary Phoebe Forster born May 5 1855 died May 7 1911
Forster [+Hathaway] Richard, [James Edwin] Richard Forster, died May 27th 1893. James Edwin Hathaway, brother in law of Richard Forster……
Forsyth SusanIn Loving memory of Susan, the beloved wife of Thomas Forsyth, who died at Warkworth Feb 17 1912 aged 42 years
Fowler William B.In affectionate remembrance of William B. Fowler, who died Nov 19th 1878 aged 33 years. His end was peace.
Glendenning [McMullan] George Hammerton, Alice, [Ann Glendenning] George Hammerton Glendenning, born February 4th 1861 died November 28th 1930. Alice Glendenning born March 4th 1868 died September 1st 1947. Ann Glendenning McMullan, born May 12th 1927, died March 9th 2006
Gray George, TheodosiaIn loving memory of our Grandparents George (Bet) Gray 30th March 1876 - 15th July 1964 died at Amble. Theodosia Gray (nee Common) 20th May 1874 - 5th Dec. 1947 died at Amble.
Green William James, John, Isabella, Ann In memory of William James eldest son of John and Ann Green of Church Hill Villa Warkworth, born May 17th 1858, died June 22nd 1890, also the above John Green born August 13th 1830, died October 30th 1898. Also of Isabella, daughter of the above born May 18th 1864, died January 17th 1901. Also the above Ann Green, born July 5th 1834, died Feb 12th 1907.
Green John SordyIn loving memory of John Sordy Green, who died April 16th 1907, aged 47 years. Thy will be done.
Green Annie, James Frederick In memory of Annie youngest daughter of John & Anne Green, Church Hill, Warkworth, born November 14 1865. James Frederick Green died May 24th 1932
Green Henry SordyHenry Sordy Green 1910 - 1999. Also his dear wife Elizabeth Fenwick Green 1917 - 2009
Green George, ElizabethGeorge Green born June 6th 1870 died Nov 19th 1931 and his wife Elizabeth, born March 21st 1878, died May 31st 1958
Greenwell George Livingstone….George Livingstone Greenwell who died June 14 1906 aged 31 years.
Greenwell [+Newbigin] Thomas, [Dorothy]In loving memory of Thomas Greenwell 1839 - -1928 and his beloved grand-daughter Dorothy Newbigin 1907 - 1995 both of Waterhaugh Warkworth
Grey Anne, John, Mary Elizabeth In Memory of Anne, daughter of Robert & Frances Grey, who died Sept 23rd 1868 aged 31 years. Also of John Grey, eldest son of the above Robert and Frances Grey, who died March 5th 1903, aged 76 years. Also of Mary Elizabeth, daughter of the above Robert and Frances Grey who died July 8th 1904 aged 72 years.
Grey Robert, John Percival, Clara Isabella. In loving memory of Robert Grey, dear son of John and Margaret, died 27th April 1974 aged 67 years. And John Percival Grey, died 15th April 1993 aged 82 years. And Clara Isabella Grey sister of Percy and Rob died June 2008 aged 95 years.
Grey John, Margaret Isabella In loving memory of John Grey who died March 29th 1924 aged 58 years. And his wife Margaret Isabella Grey, who died October 21st 1951 aged 71 years.
Grey,[+Gibson] Robert, [Jane]In memory of Robert Grey who died December 9th 1904, aged 75 years. For 17 years clerk of this parish. Also Jane his wife who died October 1st 1907 aged 78 years. Ann E. Gibson, died September 28th 1910 aged 79 years.
Gurley MaryMary wife of the Rev. G.M. Gurley vicar of Blanchland and daughter of the late John Clutterbuck J.P. Esq. of Warkworth. Born August 25th 1822, died May 11th 1871
Guy GeorgeIn affectionate remembrance of George Guy, who died at Amble July 10 1874 aged 48 years. Also of James Edward Guy, grandson of the above who died January 20th 1878 aged 1 month.
Hall JaneIn remembrance of Jane, wife of Robert Hall, who died at Amble December 8th 1870 aged 78 [73?] years.
Hall Martha, ThomasIn loving memory of Martha the beloved wife of Thomas Hall who died at Morwick June ?? 1910 aged ?? Years. Also the above Thomas Hall who died at Warkworth Cottage October … aged .. Years
Harbottle Isabella, JohnIn loving memory of Isabella, the beloved wife of John Harbottle, of Stobswood Colliery, who died May 12th 1903, aged 53 years. Also the above John Harbottle, who died at Stobswood Feb 1st 1922 aged 73 years.
Harbottle George EdwardIn loving memory of my dear husband George Edward Harbottle, who died at Warkworth Station, April 7th 1954, aged 66 years. Also Sophia, wife of the above, who died at Belford, March 26th 1955, aged 79 years.
Harrison John JosephIn loving memory of John Joseph Harrison, born ………………..died……………..Jane? Harrison………died April
Hedley John, MargaretIn memory of our dear parents John Hedley 1878 - 1943 Margaret I Hedley ???? - 194?
Hedley P.[Commonwealth War Grave] 643440 Ldg. Aircraftman P. Hedley Royal Air Force 15th October 1941 aged 19
Henderson Adam, IsabellaIn memory of Adam Henderson who died at Warkworth, August 28th 1880, aged 71 years. Isabella his wife died Sept 25th 1884, aged 75 years
Henderson Henry, John, Archibald, Harriet In affectionate remembrance of Henry, the beloved son of John & Harriet Henderson of Amble. Born Dec 24 1846, died Nov 7 1871 aged 25 years. The above John Henderson, died Jan 20 1874, aged 63 years. Archibald, son of the above, died May 17 1874. Aged 39 years. The above Harriet Henderson, died July 22nd 1893 aged 79 years.
Henderson John, Elizabeth, John Marshall In affectionate remembrance of John Henderson of Amble, who died July 1st 1875, aged 55 years. Also Elizabeth his wife who died 24th April 1893, aged 74 years. Also John Marshall Henderson, their son, who died at Amble, Feb 13th 1898, aged 54 years.
Henderson Henry, SarahIn loving memory of Henry Henderson ……..who died May 2 1913 aged 53 years. Also of Sarah, wife of the above who died …….. 1919…….
Henderson RobertIn loving memory of Robert Henderson died 1st April 1946 aged 61. And his wife Mary died 27th Nov 1977 aged 82
Henderson Margaret J, HenryIn loving memory of our dear parents Margaret J. Henderson 1890 - 1940 and Henry Henderson 1876 - 1964
Hewitson [+Fairbairn] Henry, Jane, [Robert] In loving memory of Henry Hewitson, born August 7th? 1843, died March 15th? 1916. And of Jane his beloved wife born March 15th 1847, died June 1st 1932. And their nephew Robert Fairbairn who died March 7th 1963 Aged 76 years
Hickman Catherine ElizabethIn loving memory of Catherine Elizabeth Hickman born April 25th 1884, died May 14th 1950
Hindmarsh Adam, Mark, Mary A., John Henry In loving memory of Adam, the beloved son of Adam & M.A. Hindmarsh, who died at the Military Hospital, Alnwick, Nov 8 1917, aged 19 years. Also of Mark, their son who died at the Military Hospital Dunkirk, March 5 1919, aged 23 years. Also the above Adam Hindmarsh, who died at High Buston, Jan 12 1936, aged 69 years. Also of the above Mary A. Hindmarsh, who died at Newton Park, March 26 1945 aged 78 years. John Henry, their son died Oct 13 1961, aged 61 years, beloved husband of Dorothy.
Hinson Maria, ThomasIn loving memory of Maria wife of Thomas Hinson who died at Warkworth [Barns/Park?] July 13th 1892 aged 52 years. Also of the above Thomas Hinson who died at Newcastle-on Tyne Feb 25th? 191? Aged 72 years.
Hope Meggie Pace, Minnie, George In loving memory of Meggie Pace, dear daughter of Minnie and George Pace Hope, died Jan 23rd 1926 aged 15 years. Minnie, dear wife George Pace Hope died July 1st 1960, aged 72. Also of George Pace Hope, died May 27th 1962 aged 75 years.
Hoult George A. George A. Hoult, born March 14 1855, died August 7 1902
Howey Martha, JamesIn affectionate remembrance of Martha, the beloved wife of James Howey, of Warkworth, who died on the 10th day of June 1879 aged 39 years. Also the above James Howey, who died Sept 25th 1905 aged 70 years.
Howitt MargaretIn memory of Margaret Howitt daughter of the late Robert and Isabella Ann Howitt , born 14th April 1879 - died 18th January 1849
Hudson IsabellaIn loving memory of Isabella Hudson who died February 10th 1934 aged 88 years.
Hudson [+Pigg] Robert, Margery, Andrew James, [Ann, William] Erected to the memory of Robert Hudson, of Warkworth, who died 14th June 1879, aged 80 years. Also of Margery, his wife who died at Coldstream, 9th August 1853, aged 49 years. Also of Robert, their son, who died 8th January 1836, aged 5 years. Also of Anne, their daughter, and wife of William Pigg who died at Jarrow on Tyne, 10th May 1867 aged x4? years. Also of Andrew James, their son, who died at Hindly, Lancashire, 28th October 1877, aged 34 years. Also of William son of William and Anne Pigg, who died at Warkworth.............
Huggup James, EmilyIn Loving Memory of James Huggup, born Nov 3 1815, died June 3 1890. Also Emily, wife of the above, who died April 28? 1893 aged 83 years.
Huggup Laura, RobertIn memory of Laura wife of Robert Huggup of Warkworth, born May 12 1849, died Jan 2 1914. Also the above Robert Huggup, born Dec 11 1844, who died Sep. 5 1931.
Hume Elizabeth JaneIn loving memory of Elizabeth Jane wife of James Hume…….(rest of inscription obscured with lichen)
James DennisIn loving memory of Dennis James, died 14th Oct 1946 aged 9 months
Jeffrey James Alice HumeIn memory of James Jeffrey died 16 June 1945 aged 79 years and his wife Alice Hume Jeffrey died 26 Aug 1945 aged 79?
Johnson James, SarahIn loving memory of James Johnson, who died at Birling North Field Nov 11th 1909 in his 80th? Year. Also of Sarah his wife, who died at Birling North Field Nov 21st 1911
Joicey Marie Amy, John George Marie Amy Joicey, 22nd September 1932. Also John George Joicey 7th August 1934
Kane WilliamIn loving memory of William, the beloved husband of Mary Kane, who died February 21st 1917 aged 63 years. Also of the above Mary Kane who died May 21st 1935 aged 78 years. Also of their eldest son William who died March 17 1955 aged 26? Years
Kennedy David Davidson, Elizabeth David Davison Kennedy J.P. 1875 - 1942. Elizabeth Kennedy 1885 - 1971
Kilburn AnnieIn loving memory of Annie, the beloved wife of Thomas Kilburn, M.R.C.V.S. of Bealbank, Warkworth. Who died Nov 10 1912 aged 71 years.
King GeorgeIn loving memory of George King, born at Warkworth 2nd February 1852, died at Harrogate 16th November 1940
Kirkup James Henry, Isabella In loving memory of James Henry, beloved husband of Isabella Kirkup, who passed away January 21st 1937 aged 75 years. And the above Isabella Kirkup, who died October 2nd 1942, aged 80 years. Peace perfect peace.
Kirkup [+Fulthorp?] Margaret Jane, Eleanor, Mary, (Mary Jane) In loving memory of Margaret Jane, beloved daughter of John & Mary Jane Kirkup, who died Aug 25, 1910, aged 19 years. Also of Elizabeth Fulthorp., their daughter, who died July 15 1910, aged 36 years. Also Eleanor, their daughter, who died July 7 1907, aged 20 years, and is interred at Ashington. Also Mary their daughter, who died at Low Buston, June 18 1812, aged 18 years.
Lamb Annie, Thomas, Henry, Elisabeth In memory of Annie, wife of Henry Lamb of Warkworth, who died 9th Sept. 1894 aged 49 years. Thomas, their son died 1st July 1898, aged 30 years. Henry, son of Thomas & Phyllis Lamb died 5th Oct. 1895, aged 16 months. The above Henry Lamb died 29th May 1905, aged 57 years. Elisabeth Lamb, sister of the above Henry Lamb, died 9th March 1947, aged 96 years. 2nd Lieut Thomas Lamb, accidentally killed at Clipstone Camp Notts, 30th June 1916, aged 20 years. Lieut Walter Lamb, killed in action at la Boiselle, 1st July 1916, aged 26 years.
Lamb James W., Minnie Florence In the loved and honoured memory of James W. Lamb, who died at Warkworth on the 7th May 1925, aged 68? Years. Also of his wife Minnie Florence Lamb who died on the 8th June 1940. aged 74 years.
Latter Henry Ashton, Sarah Randall, William Thomas, Amy Hannah In Loving Memory of the beloved children of Henry & Caroline Latter, Henry Ashton, died February 5th 1874. Aged 10 years. Sarah Randall, died February 12th 1874 aged 9 years. William Thomas, died February 15th 1874 aged 7 years. Amy Hannah, died July 12th 1869, aged 11 months.
Lee Joseph, Eleanor, Elizabeth, Samuel In affectionate remembrance of Joseph Lee, son of Samuel & Elizabeth Lee, of Gloster Hill, who died April 12 186x? Aged 25 years. Eleanor their daughter, died June 18? 1867 aged 17 years [verse] The above Elizabeth Lee, died July 10 1877, aged 69? years. Also Samuel Lee died at Amble, July 20 1886 aged 82 years.
Leech Elfrida Louise, Joseph William Elfrida Louise dearly beloved wife of Joseph Wm. Leech, KT. 11th October 1873 - 10th April 1950. Joseph Wm. Leech, KT, M.D. , M.S., D.CH, F.R.C.S., (E.), M.P., J.P., 9th April 1865 -30th May 1940
Lillie Isabella Jane, JamesIn memory of Isabella Jane, dearly beloved wife of James Lillie, who died Jan 22nd 1946, aged 57 years. Also James Lillie, beloved husband Isabella Jane, who died Feb 17th 1959 aged 76 years.
Limstrong ElizabethIn memory of Elizabeth wife of Charles R. Limstrong, who departed this life March 12th 1869 aged 42 years.
Lisle [+Chisholm] John, Ann [Ann]In Memory of John Lisle, who departed this life on the 11th Day of June 1872, aged 75 years. Annn his beloved wife, died February 19th 1873 aged 61 years. Both of Warkworth Church-Side. Ann Chisholm, their daughter died April 21, 1879 aged 59 years.
Lisle WilliamIn memory of William Lisle who died Sept 10th 1868 aged 73. Also of Mary his wife who died at Newham April 27th 1847 aged 48 years.
Lough MatthewIn affectionate remembrance of Matthew Lough who died at Warkworth Oct 2nd 1913 in his 85th year. Also of Maria who died Feb 18? 1924 aged 34 years.
Lowes Cordelia D. ….. ……… Cordelia D. Lowes daughter died 2nd March 1974
Mason Ann AgnesIn affectionate remembrance of Ann Agnes, the beloved wife of Thomas W. Mason, and daughter of William & Jane Forester, of Amble, who died 27th September 1873 aged 24 years. Also the above THOMAS William Mason, born Aug 13 1851, died May 21 1909.
Mason Margaret, George, Robert Arnold, Bessie In loving memory of Margaret Mason, who died July 23 1938. And her husband George Mason, who died Feb 20 1958. And their dear son Robert Arnold much loved husband of Bessie born 17 Aug 1903, died 12 April 1973. Also the above Bessie died ………..1975.
Mather IsabellaErected in memory of Isabella, the beloved wife of Robert Mather, who died at Amble on the 7th [17th?]of Feby, 18?? ……….. …………
Matthews John, Jane , Jacob, Robert Vint In affectionate remembrance of John Matthews, who died at Amble, March 11th 1865, aged 58 years. Also Jane, his beloved wife who died Sept 22nd 1881 aged 79 years. Also Jacob, son of the above who died March 13th 1876 aged 34 years. Also Robert Vint Matthews, grandson of the above who was lost at sea, March 23rd 1869, aged 18 years.
Maughan Isabella, FrancisIn loving memory of Isabella Maughan, died Sept 10th 1924, aged 61 yeas. Also Francis Maughan, died Sept 21st 1948 aged 84 years.
Maughan Thomas W.In loving memory of Thomas W. Maughan, died Feb 3rd 1954, aged 49 years. Also David Mills, life long friend of the above, died Sep 11th 1964 aged 52 years.
Meehan [+Johnson] Margaret, Robert Nesbitt [Jane] In affectionate remembrance of Margaret, wife of Robert Nesbitt Meehan, who died at Amble July 24th 1874 aged 33 years. Also of Margaret their daughter, who died May 7th 1873 aged 10 months. Also of Jane Johnson sister of the above Margaret Meehan, who died August 19th 1896 aged 6X? years. Also of the above Robert Nesbitt Meehan who died September 19th 1915 aged 75 years.
Middlemiss William, IsabellaIn affectionate remembrance of William beloved husband of Isabella Middlemiss, who died 24th Dec 1941, aged 77 years. And the above Isabella Middlemiss who died at Eastclose 12th Sep 1953, a much loved sister of Ann Balmbra.
Miller Henry John, Elizabeth Jane, John, Harriet Sarah In loving remembrance of John Henry Miller of Warkworth New Barns, born Nov…………..died ………….and of Elizabeth Jane Miller, sister of the above who died May 28th 1885 aged 49. Also of John Miller, brother of the above who died July 15th 1908 [or 03?] aged 68, Also of Harriet Sarah Miller, sister of the above who died Feb 26th 1912 aged 80
Miller James, Isabella Pattison In loving memory of James, beloved husband of Isabella Pattison Miller, who died Jan 29 1931 in his 84th year. Also the above Isabella Pattison Miller, who died Dec 11th 1931 in her 79th years.
Miller Mary Ann, William Landells, Harriet In loving memory of Mary Ann beloved wife of William L. Miller, of Warkworth Old Barns, who died Sept 16th 1910, aged 63 years. Also of the above William Landells Miller who died March 1st 1911 aged 68 years. Also Harriet their daughter who died Dec 1st 1918 aged 28 years, and Margaret who died May 15th 1970, aged 93 years.
Miller Sarah, MaryIn loving memory of Sarah Miller, who died March 9th 1951 and her sister Mary Miller (Cissie) who died April 4th 1953
Mills William, MaryIn loving memory of William Mills, who died at High Buston, August 24 1897, aged 85 years. Also Mary his wife who died June 1 1898 aged 84 years.
Mills John WallaceIn memory of John Wallace Mills, died March 12th 1919 aged 52? years
Monkhouse Emily AnnaIn loving memory of Emily Anna Monkhouse, dear wife of Alfred Henry Monkhouse , Warkworth, who died 2x?July 1947 aged 76 years. Also the above……….. …..
Moore Isabella, Elizabeth, Sarah, Robert, Florence Sarah In memory of Isabella Moore who died at Warkworth, March 28th 1875, aged 53 years. Also of Elizabeth, the beloved daughter of Robert & Sarah Moore, who died Aug 29th 1876 aged 14 years. The above Robert Moore died April 5th 1898, aged 75 years. Also Sarah his wife, died April 6th 1896, aged 68 years. Mary Moore, died Oct 31st 1885, aged 26 years. Florence Sarah Moore, died July 20th 1886, aged 1 year. Isabella Moore, died Mar. 19th 1929, aged 77 years.
Moore William, Mary Ann, Annie, Thomas In loving memory of William, beloved husband of Mary A. Moore of High Buston who died August 2? 1897, aged 69 years. Also of William, their son of High Buston, who died at Alnwick Infirmary Dec 20? 1898 aged 27 years. Also the above Mary Ann Moore who died at Station Houses Warkworth Dec 28? 1913? aged 72? years. Also of Annie, eldest daughter of the above who died Sept 28 1917 aged 63? years. Also Thomas their son who died at Wooperton Station Nov 18 1921 aged 48 years.
Moore Isabella Cowley, John, Isabella, Capt. John H. In loving memory of Isabella Cowley, wife of John Moore, who died 25th April 1919 aged 50 years. Also the above John Moore died 27th September 1930 aged 72 years. Also of Isabella, beloved daughter of John Moore, who died 27th Mar 1968 aged 86 years. …. Capt. John H. Moore M.N. 1925 -1989
More Robert…..Robert Moore, died at Station Cottage Warkworth Feb 28 1944 aged 73 years
Mowitt JamesSacred to the memory of James Mowitt late Justice of the Peace in the county of Northumberland, formerly of Newcastle-upon-Tyne and Norham-on-Tweed, who died at Warkworth, August 31st 1930, aged 81 years. Also of Mary Ann Mowitt, his wife, who died at Warkworth, January 20th 1931 aged 82 years.
Muers WilliamSacred to the memory of William Muers [Lloyds Agent] who died at Warkworth, Sept 15th 1871, aged 65 years
Murdy Jane ElizabethMurdy, Jane Elizabeth died 5 Oct 1952, aged 76 years. William died 14 Oct 1952, aged 78 years.
Murray Thomas, CatherineIn loving memory of Thomas Murray, late of Brackenbank Farm Wetheral, who died at Ornsby House, Warkworth June 20th 1950, aged 58 years. Also his beloved wife Catherine Murray who died November 4th 1959 aged 75 years. Peace.
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