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Shilbottle Parish Church Monumental Inscriptions

(from the older section of the churchyard)
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Ralph Hutchinson, Elizabeth Hutchinson
Ralph Hutchinson husband of Elizabeth Hutchinson, who departed this life October 15th 1831 Aged 66 years at Shilbottle, where he resided for a period of thirty three years, holding the situation of Engineer under Messrs Taylor lessees of SHILBOTTLE COLLIERY. Highly esteemed by his employers and greatly respected by his numerous friends. Elizabeth wife of the above Ralph Hutchinson, died at Ruswarp near Whitby in Yorkshire on the 30th November 1850 aged 81 years. Her remains were interred in the churchyard at Sneaton near Ruswarp
Commonwealth War Grave: John Ian Trueman

2090542 Driver J.I. Trueman, Royal Engineers, 3rd September 1946 age 28 (Son of Mark and Isabella A. Trueman, of Hexham)

Catherine  Wallace, Thomas Wallace, William Wallace

In memory of Catherine, eldest daughter of Thomas & Margaret Wallace, Innkeeper and Blacksmith of Newton, who died Febry 28 1838 aged 17 years. The above Thomas Wallace died August 11 1846 aged 52. Margaret his wife died May 14 1847 aged 63.  William Wallace their son died January 1 1861 aged 42. Jane wife of the above William Wallace died January 8, 1872 aged 49

Sophia Roberts

Beneath this column, in the shade of yews, planted by her own hand – reposes the mortal frame – in form and aspect, fair – of Sophia Roberts, the faithful, loving and beloved wife of John B. Roberts, M.A. Et L.M. Cantab. Vicar of Shilbotell. This gentle woman “in whose sprit was no guile” warm – hearted, as a friend of humanity; peacefully fell asleep in the arms of the christian graces, Faith, Hope, Charity: who bore her better part away to the sprit land Feby 7th 1857.......

Gravestone detail, Shilbottle churchyard
Thomas Arnott, Ann Arnott, Elizabeth Arnott, Jane Fittis James Huntley, Maria Huntley, Robert Huntley Stephen Easten, John Easten, George Easten, James Robinson John Tate
To the Memory of Thomas Arnott, of Shilbottle, who departed this life Jany 30th 1837 aged 74 years. Ann Arnott, Daughter of the above, who departed this life Dec 3 1838 aged 43 years. Elizabeth Arnott, wife of the Above Thomas Arnott, who departed this Life at Alnwick, Nov 10 1845 aged 89 years. Jane Fittis, daughter of the above died June 2nd 1866 aged 64 years. Sacred to the memory of James & Maria Huntley's family of Shilbottle, William their son died March 1 1838 aged 2 years. James their son died March 7, 1838 aged 13 years. Ann their Daughter died March 7, 1838 aged 10 years. John their son died April 15 1838 aged 4 years. Michael their son died in infancy. William their son died February 13th 1855 aged 7 years. The above Maria Huntley died April 18th 1870 aged 69 years. Robert Huntley their son died November 4th 1893 aged 63 years. In Memory of Stephen son of George and Mary Easten of Shilbottle, who died Feb 12 1841 aged 11 months. John Easten, their son died Feb 12 1855 aged 9 years. This life's a dream an empty shell, to that bright world to which we go, the Joys substantial and sincere, when shall I wake and find me there? The above George Easten died June 6th 1869 aged 55 years Here were interred the mortal remains of James Robinson, who after six months lingering illness borne with exemplary patience, died at Newton Hall Oct 10th 1835, in the 21st year of his age, and in the domestic service of the Revd Joseph Cook, to which he entered in his 13th year.

As a just tribute of respect due to his memory, it is proper to record that his excellent conduct in his station, as well from his steady and faithful attention to every duty committed to him, as from his well regulated disposition, he gained the esteem and respect not only of his four surviving brothers: but of his attached employer and of every one who knew him.
Here were interred the Mortal remains of Mr. John Tate, who after upwards of eleven years zealous and faithful service as Butler to the Revd Jos Cook, died at Newton Hall June 12, 1833 aged 54, Deepley lamented by his surviving relatives, and deservedly respected by all who knew him.
Robert Carr, Margaret Carr Edward Carr, Mary Carr Eliza Margaret Downey ? Robert Downey, Elizabeth Downey,  John Downey Edward Crisp,  Mary Guthrie, William Guthrie Margery Tindale, Sarah Tindale
[difficult one to photograph due to a large low spreading tree on the grave]

In memory of Robert & Margaret Carr's family of Newton. Thomas their eldest son died Oct 19 1831 aged 10 years. Mary their daughter died Aug 7 1839 aged 5 years. Thomas their third son died Sept 6 1840 aged 7 years. James their fourth son died Sept 17 1840 aged 3 years. The Above Robert Carr died Dec 12 1843 aged 46 years. Robert their son died Sept 18 1881 aged 52 years. Jane Widow of the above Robert Carr died March 26 1888 aged 61 years

In memory of Edward Carr of Newton died Sep 6th 1842 aged 69 years. Mary his first wife died Nov 25 1808 aged 38 years. Edward son of Edward and Martha Carr died May 29 1817 aged 3 weeks. Also James died Jan 1st 1822 aged 6 years. Ailhce ?? their daughter died June 7 1825 aged 5 years. Mary died Oct 28 1826 aged 6 years. In Memory of Eliza Margaret second daughter of Robert and Elizabeth Downey ....Whittle ...............Also the above Elizabeth Downey, who died April ...1844............Robert husband of the above who died August ....Robert their son who died Feb......1848......John their son who died Sept... Underneath are interred the mortal remains of Edward Crisp of Newton Engine Lodge, who after 33 years of industrious service as Banksman at Newton Hall Colliery died 23 Feb 1833 aged 58 years. Also of his Mother in Law, Mary Guthrie of Newton, who died Nov 1 1831 aged 81 years. Also William Guthrie who died March 15 1844 aged 93 years. Sacred to the Memory of Margery Tindale who died on the 27th of April 1939 aged 81 years a native of this parish and of Sarah Tindale her sister who died on the 4th March 1940 aged 84 years; also a native of this parish.
William Brown, Jane Brown, Elizabeth Brown Robert Jeffrey, Elizabeth Jeffrey, George Jeffrey, William Jeffrey Mary Robinson, Robert Robinson, Elizabeth Robinson, James Burn, Edward Burn Elizabeth Sarah Osborne
To the memory of William Brown died April 21? 1865 aged 68 years. Jane wife of William Brown of Shilbottle who died April 7 1845 aged 47 years. Elizabeth their daughter died Nov 7 1842 aged 27 years. Also William fourth son, Colour Sergeant 36? Regiment died at Curragh Camp Ireland October 1 1860 aged 34? years. In memory of George son of Robert & Elizabeth Jeffrey of Shilbottle who died the 9th April 1816 aged 4 years & 7 months. A flower may fade when in its Bloom as youth like age is hurrid to the tomb. Robert Jeffrey died September 26th 1847 aged 71 years. Elizabeth wife of the above died May 23rd 1860 aged 80 years. William their son died May 17th 1873 aged 51 years. Sacred to the memory of Mary eldest daughter of Robert and Elizabeth Robinson who died May 9th 1846 aged 13 yrs. Also the above Elizabeth Robinson of Shilbottle who died Feb 15th 1863 aged 64 years and Robert her husband who died Oct 15th 1881 aged 74 years. In memory of James son of James Burn who died Feby 3d 1791 aged 25 years. Also of Edward son of the said James Burn who died April 26th 1799 aged 20 years. In Memory of Elizabeth Sarah Osborne, wife of Thompson Osborne, Gamekeeper, Shilbottle, who died July 21st 1857 aged 24 years
Isabella Jeffrey Wilson, Jane Wilson, John Wilson Robert Spence, Ann Spence Ann Strother, Francis Thomas Strother Robert Ditchburn, George Ditchburn, Mary Ditchburn, Charles Michel Henderson,  Edward Henderson,  Maria Henderson,
Sacred to the memory of Isabella Jeffrey, wife of John Wilson of Shilbottle who died July 4th 1856, aged 23 years. Ann Jane infant daughter of the above died July 5th 1856. Isabella, daughter of John and Jane Wilson died April 11 1884 aged 19 years. The above Jane Wilson, died august 15 1884, aged 44 years. Also of the above John Wilson, who died Newburn, January 4 1904 aged 77 years. Sacred to the Memory of Robert Spence died March 14th 1826 aged 51 years. Ann Spence wife of the above died June 2d 1848 aged 66 years. [stone is broken and laid flat]

In memory of Ann Strother widow of Francis Thomas Strother of Newton on the Moor, who died 4th March 1851, aged 75 years. Also Francis Thomas Strother son of the above who died 30th November 1877
In memory of Robert Ditchburn, Born 12th June 1800, died 21st Nov 1859. Also of George Ditchburn, his brother who died August 12th 1883 aged 85 years. Mary his wife died July 31st 1887 aged 79 years. In Loving Remembrance of the Sons of William & Margaret Henderson, of Cramlington, Charles Michel, died at Shilbottle, September 17th 1882, aged 16 years. Edward, died at Bilton Banks, June 15th 1883, aged 28 years. James, died June 25th 1868 aged 6 months,. Also of Margaret, daughter of David & Ann Henderson, of Cramlington. Who died June 22nd 1880, aged 5 Months. Also of Maria, wife of the above Edward Henderson, who died Oct. 9. 1938 aged 80 years.
Elizabeth Green, James Green, Robert Green John Young, Eleanor Young Joseph Maule, Cathrine Maule Jane Riddell,  Robert Riddell John Riddell, Margaret Riddell, Margaret Ester Riddell, William Riddell
In memory of Elizabeth daughter of James & Elizabeth Green, who died Dec 17th 1869 aged 17 years. Also of Ann their daughter who died July 6th 1852 aged 4 years. The above James Green, died July 29th 1876. Aged 55 years. Also Robert, their son who died April 7th 1887, aged 37 years. The above Elizabeth Green, died July 20 1892, aged 74 years. Sacred to the memory of John Young, agent of Shilbottle Colliery, who died May 12th 1877, aged 33 years. Eleanor, his wife died May 4th 1877,aged 30 years.

Erected by the custodians of the 4 orphan children.
Sacred to the memory of Joseph Maule Master of the Free School at Newton on the Moor 43 years, died April 16th 1848 aged 65 years. Cathrine, wife of the above died at Newton July 22nd 1808 aged 28 years. Joseph Maule, son of the above Joseph & Isabella Maule died Nov 5th 1832 aged 17 years. In memory of Jane wife of John Riddell of Shilbottle who died Dec 21 1845 aged 50 years. Robert their son died Jan 31 1848 aged 9 years In loving memory of John Riddell of Shilbottle who died Sept17 1899 aged 83 years. Also Margaret his wife who died Oct 25 1899 aged 80 years. Also John Robert their son who died Sept 10 1859 aged 7 years. Also Margaret Ester their Daughter who died Aug 2 1880 Aged 18 years. Also William, their son who died July 16 1936 aged 82 years.
William Ternent, Ann Ternent, Elizabeth Mills William Muers, Mary Muers, Thomas Muers, Margaret Muers John Paxton William Elder, Peter Elder Thomas Watson, Mary Watson
In Memory of William son of William & Ann Ternent of Shilbottle who died April 11 1845 aged 35 years. Ann his mother died May 19 1845 aged 66. Elizabeth Mills of Swarland Moor died May 10 1845 aged 30 years. William Ternent died Jan 27 1877 aged 98 years. Here rest their mortal bodies in the dust 'till the eternal morning of the just, then shall their faded forms revive again, to join above the pure angelic train, and friends will meet them on that blissful shore, where sorrows cease and parting is no more. The Burial Place of William Muers of Shilbottle who died 2 March 1830 aged 76. Mary his wife died 20 Jan 1840 aged 89. William their son died May 24 1855 aged 67 years. Thomas son of the above died July 9th 1863, aged 63 years. John son of William and Margaret Muers died Nov 2nd 1863 aged 33 years. William, son of the above died Feb 19th 1872 aged 47 years. Also of the above Margaret Muers who died July 13th 1886 aged 83 years. Thomas, son of the above died Jan 19th 1909 aged 75 years. Sacred to the memory of John Paxton of Whittle who died January 9 1814 aged 73 years. In memory of William, son of Peter Elder died August 8th 1782 aged 26 years. Peter Elder died February 25th 1795 aged 67 years. Sacred to the memory of Thomas Watson of Hazon Mill who died 27th Febry ???6 Also of Mary his wife who died 28 Oct 1813 aged ?? Also Thomas their son.....died 1st Nov 1840 ......Also of Mary... who died ...Aged 69.... [stone obscured by ivy.]
Sarah Jane Anderson, Mary Ann Anderson, William Smith Anderson John Kirkup, Isabella Kirkup, Elizabeth Kirkup Robert Wood, Jane Wood Ann Rutherford Robert Huntley, Mary Huntley
Erected by Edward and Mary Ann Anderson of Shilbottle in memory of their Mother Jane Anderson who died Feby 19th 1876 aged 72 years. and of Sarah Jane, their daughter, who died March 8th 1876 aged 3 years. Also Mary Ann, their Daughter who died August 17th 1876, age 6 weeks. Mary Ann, wife of Edward Anderson, died Feby 13th 1894, in her 43rd year. William Smith, their son died at Hazelrigg June 23rd 1907 aged 32 years. In memory of Isabella wife of John Kirkup of Shilbottle who died Nov 20 1843 aged 40 yrs. Elizabeth second wife of the above who died Nov 13th 1850 aged 24 years. Ralph son of the above Elizabeth died Oct 19th 1858 aged 11. Also of the above John Kirkup who died April 27 1892 aged 74 years. Sacred to the memory of Robert Wood of Shilbottle who died Nov 25 1831 aged 54 years. Jane his wife died Dec 7 1838 aged 52 years. Sacred to the Memory of Ann, daughter of Thomas & Ann Rutherford of Newton who died Jan 30 1822 aged 9 years. [no link new image required]
In memory of Robert Huntley, High Buston who died November 16th 1888 aged 84 years. Mary Huntley wife of the above who died Oct 4th 1894 aged 86 years.
Thomas Bell Henry Bell James Dawson ? William Nicholson, Robert Nicholson, John Nicholson, George Nicholson Isabella Thew, Joseph Thew

[generally illegible]

...Thomas Bell... [son of?].....Bell of Whittle....29th ...Aged....Jane wife of Henry Bell died March...

Henry Bell Senr.
died May 12th 1808 aged 65 years.
[part illegible stone delaminating]

To the memory of James Daw.....Corporal in the Lesbury? Company of Percy Tenantry Volunteer Infantry, who retur...    ........was drowned....
Sacred to the Memory of William Nicholson of Grumbles Park who died on the 14th January 1802 aged 79 years. Robert Nicholson, who died on the 9th August 18?4 aged 70 years. John Nicholson who died on the 13th of January 1828 aged 93 years. George Nicholson son of the above Robert who died on the 31st ....18.... Here are interred the mortal remains of Isabella wife of Joseph Thew, who died in Newton Hall Cottages, Sept 28 1837 aged 66 yrs. The above Joseph Thew died Novr 18 1845 aged 73.  Joseph their son died May 28 1843 aged 37
Sergeant Major Johnson,
 William Johnson, Ann Johnson, Robert Johnson, Sarah Plender, James Plender, Joseph Cook
The above monument
has panels and a bronze plaque
with inscriptions as
shown right and below.
[Facsimile letter engraved in bronze]

Halifax Nova Scotia 3 May 1809

To Sergeant Major Johnson’s parents.
I am exceedingly sorry in being under the very painful necessity of communicating to you the fall of your brave son on the 2nd March last at Martinique, and although with you I most sincerely lament the early fate of so good a man with you I also rejoice in the remembrance of his having nobly done his duty both in front of the enemy & in private life. No man could be more respected than Johnson, and consequently none more regarded. We naturally grieve for such a loss. The corps mourns for Johnson but why should we be sorry, ‘twas to that end the Almighty made us. Your son was called on in the prime of life; he knew not long sickness and died sensible. His worth lives on record in the books of the regiment, a consequence which soldiers aspire to and which good conduct alone can merit. About six hours before his death your son requested I would take charge of his effects and transmit the amount to you. The account is annexed and inclosed is a bill for the sum. If at any future period you should require further particulars I shall be very happy to prove the regard I had for Johnson by attending to the wishes of his parents.

J. Orr     Lieut & Adjutant, 7th Regt Fuzileers
The Vicar, Churchwardens & Vestry of Shilbottle erect this monument on the remains of William Johnson of Newton, in grateful & Christian respect to the memory of departed worth exemplified in the character & conduct of his grandson, Sergt Major Johnson a native of the parish A.D. MDCCCXIII
William Johnson
died Oct XVI, MDCCI
aged 86 years


On Novr 19th 1834 the mortal remains of Ann wife of Robert Johnson of Shilbottle aged 72, were interred at the eastern base of this monument. Erected as recorded thereon to the memory of their brave and respected son. Also the above Robert Johnson who died Feb 12 1844 aged 82 Joseph Cook M.A. Vicar. John H.....John W... [panel worn] Sarah, beloved wife of James Plender died at Shilbottle Sept 7th 1883 aged 82 years. James Plender Died July 25th 1896 aged 79 years.


 Thomas Commons, Jane Commons Hugh Percy, Algernon John Percy, Mary Percy, Margaret Percy, Charles Percy, William Percy Grace Bowey, Robert Bowey
In Memory of Thomas Commons who died Septr 14th 1777 aged 70 years. Jane wife of Robert Commons died Feby 12th 1781 aged 28 years In loving remembrance of Hugh Percy of Alnwick?, Born ....1814 died Oct 17th 1851 and of his children, Mary his only daughter born Oct 19th 1846 died April 25th 1854. Algernon John his eldest son born Dec 16th 1843 died Oct 12th 1858. Hugh his second son born Feb 14th 1845 died at Manchester March.... 1877. And of his wife Margaret Percy born Nov 23rd 1812 died Jan 12th 1892.
Their sleep shall be sweet
Also of Charles Percy his youngest son died Sept 10th 1929. Also of William Percy his third son  died April 20th 1931.
In loving remembrance of Grace wife of Robert Bowey who died at Bilton Banks January 8th 1880, Aged 53 years. Also the above Robert Bowey who died May 8th 1903 aged 80 years.
William Ternent, Ann Ternent, Elizabeth Mills Ann Miller, Ann Smith, William  Miller George Swordy, Sarah Swordy....    
In Memory of William son of William & Ann Ternent of Shilbottle who died April 11 1815 aged 35 yrs. Ann his mother died May 19 1845 aged 66 yrs. Elizabeth Mills of Swarland Moor died May 10 1845 aged 50 yrs. William Ternent died Jan 27 1877 aged 98 years.
Here rest their mortal bodies in the dust, Till the eternal morning of the just, Then shall their faded forms revive again, To join above the pure angelic train, And friends will meet them on that blissful shore, Where sorrows cease parting is no more.
Sacred to the Memory of Ann, wife of Thomas Miller of Hazon who died Sept 21 1826, aged 51 years. Also Ann their Daughter wife of James Smith, died Augst 25 1842 aged 21 years. Also William, their son who died Nov 15th 1850 aged 33 (35?) years In affectionate remembrance of the children of George & Sarah Swordy. Margaret died Sept 18th 1879 aged 1 year and 4 months. Isabella died May 21st 1883 aged 17 years. George died August 17th 1884 aged 12 years. Elizabeth died February 24th 1885 aged 9 months. John died May 28th 1887 aged 24 years. Ralph died April 20th 1889 aged 15 years. The above Sarah Swordy died April 17th 1912, aged 75 years. Also the above George Swordy who died July 9th 1913 aged 78 years.    


Thomas Ternent, John Ternent, Mary Ternent

In loving memory of Thomas, dearly beloved husband of Mary Ternent, who was accidentally killed at Shilbottle Colliery Dec 9 1901, aged 54 years. Also of John their son, who died of wounds received in action in France July 10 1916, aged 23 years. Also the above Mary Ternent who died Nov 15 1939 aged 84 years.

CWGC refers: 16/556  Private John Ternent, "C" Coy. 16th Bn. Northumberland Fusiliers. Died of wounds 10th July 1916 aged 22. Son of Mary Ternent, of Chapel Lane, Alnwick, Northumberland, and the late Thomas Ternent.  Buried St. Sever Cemetery, Rouen

John Turnbull
Sacred to the memory of John Turnbull of Shilbottle who departed this life Novem. 4th 1783 aged 66 years.


Thomas Richardson, Eleanor Richardson, Robert Richardson

In memory of Thomas Richardson of Cawledge [Park] Farm, who died June ?? 1857 aged 70 years. Also Eleanor his wife who died March 16 1877 aged ?5 years. Also Eleanor their daughter who died July 23rd 1818 aged 2 years, also Robert their son, who died Dec 2nd 1847 aged 22 years. Also of Eleanor their daughter who died Dec ?? ???? aged ?? years.

Shilbottle Parish Church
John Grey, Mary Grey   Thomas Marshall, Alice Marshall. Thomas Scott, Susan Scott, George Scott, Taylor Scott, John Scott. John Burn
In Memory of Mary wife of John Grey, mason of Shilbottle, Who died Feb ?? 1858 aged 72 years. She is not dead but sleepeth. Also of the Above John Grey who died at Alnwick June ?? 1882 Aged 97? years. inscription still to photograph Erected by Henry John Marshall in memory of his dear Father Thomas Marshall,  farmer of Tweady Stead who died June 29th 1843 aged 65 years. Alice his wife died March 6th 1850 aged ?? years. John son of the above Thomas Marshall died March ?? 1825 aged 7 years. George another son died in infancy July 23rd 1824 In Loving Memory of Susan, wife of Thomas Scott, who died Sept 12. 1888, aged 75 years. George, their son died March 25 1852 aged 10 years. Taylor, their son died Jan 27th 1857 aged 23 months. John, their son died Oct 16 1860 age 22 years. The above Thomas Scott, died March 27 1891 aged 85 years. Sacred to the memory of John Burn of Newton who died Nov 6th 1845? aged 66 years
Catharine Storey,  Jane Storey, John Storey, Ann Storey Isabella Hall, Ralph Hall, Ann Hall, Joseph Brown Hall, Mary Ann Hall, Hannah Elizabeth Hall Thomas Wallace, Mary Wallace Robert Harriate, Mary Harriate, Jane Harriate, Ellen Harriate David Hall, Hannah Hall
In memory of Catharine wife of John Storey of Shilbottle who died June the 4th 1840 aged 50 years. John husband of the above who died January 21st 1855 aged 76 years. John their son died who died Oct 11 1870 aged 55. Jane his wife who died Feb 27th 1838 aged 30 years. Also of John son of John and Ann Storey, and grandson of the above who died April 19th 191? aged ?? years. Also of John beloved husband of Ann Storey, who died July 30th 1912 aged 63 years. Also Ann beloved wife of the above died Dec 10 1937 aged 80 years. Near this stone lies the body of Thomas sixth son of Ralph & Ann Hall of Newton Tilery, who died Novr 9 1835 aged 10 months. Isabella their eldest daughter died May 10th 1841 aged 20 years. John their son died October 13th 1845 aged 17 years. Ann, wife of Ralph Hall, died January 26th 1847 aged 53 years. Joseph Brown Hall, died March 3rd 1850, aged 27 years. Ann Brown Hall his daughter died May 28th 1850 aged 10 months. Mary Ann Hall, daughter of Ralph Hall, died July 5th 1851 aged 21 (24?) years. Elizabeth, daughter of the above Joseph Brown Hall died June 29th 1853 aged 5 years, Hannah Elizabeth Hall died Oct 26 1857 aged 19 years. The above Ralph Hall died Nov 11 1870 aged 78 years. In Memory of Thomas Wallace of Newton on the Moor who died June 6th 1840 aged 56 years. Also of Mary his wife who died July 18th 1864 aged 67 years. In memory of Robert Harriate, who died Nov 12 1861 aged 81 years. Also Mary, wife of the above, who died Aug 24th 1834 aged 66 years. also Jane daughter of the above, who died July 2nd 1865 Aged 56 years. and of Ellen their daughter who died at Gateshead April 2nd 1870 aged 56 years.  Erected in memory of David Hall of Shilbottle Tile Works who died Oct 17 18?? aged 63? David Hall his son died Nov 29 18?? aged ?? years. Hannah Hall his daughter died June ?? ???? aged 21 years.
Elizabeth Richardson, Thomas Richardson, William Richardson, James Richardson, Mary Ann Donaldson William Bell, Barbara Bell, Richard Bell Andrew Percy, Jane Percy, Elizabeth Riddell, Ann Liddell, James Liddell, Jane Riddell, James Riddell Eleanor Trobe, John Trobe William Rochester, Dorothy Rochester
...Memory of Elizabeth daughter of .........Sarah Richardson who died .......1837 aged 9 weeks.... Ann their daughter............aged 11 years. ....William their son....August...aged...... Thomas their son.........William their son died April 4th 1866 aged 19? years. Also John their son died June 2nd 1871 aged 42 years. Also James their son died March 13th 1877 aged 46 years interred at Leamington. Also Mary Ann Donaldson their daughter died April 18 1886 aged 36 years interred at Jesmond. Sacred to the Memory of William Bell, of Guyzance Lee, who died Feb 9 1841 aged 76 yrs. Barbara his wife, died at Chibburn May 22nd 1860 aged 80 years. Barbara their daughter died at Chibburn, Dec 9th 1857 aged 41 years. Richard, their son died at Chibburn May 16th 1872 aged 64 years. Sacred to the memory of Andrew Percy, of Shilbottle who died Jan 11th 1864 aged 67 years. Jane his wife died March 23rd 1870 aged 77 years. Ann Liddell their grand-daughter & daughter of James & Elizabeth Riddell, died July 27th 1876 aged 31 years. James Liddell, her son died Aug 1st 1876 aged 11 months. Jane Riddell her sister died April 12th 1880 aged 30 years. The above Elizabeth Riddell died Jan 6th 1882 aged 60 years. Also James Riddell husband of the above who died at Alnmouth Oct 17th 1885 aged 66 years [verse] Sacred to the memory of Eleanor wife of John Trobe of Guyzance, who died May 4 1841 aged 71 yrs. John their son died Nov 19 1842 aged 37 yrs. The above John Trobe died June 11 1840 aged 75. Sacred to the memory of William Rochester of Shilbottle, farmer, who died August 11 1837 aged [65?] years. Dorothy his wife, died Nov 11 18?0 Also two of their children Dorothy and William died in infancy.
Eleanor Fairbairn, Ann Fairbairn, Jane Weatheritt, James Weatheritt, Alice Weatheritt Luke Weatheritt, Mary Weatheritt, Ellen Thompson, Maria Henderson James Forster ...B
Sacred to the memory Eleanor wife of Joseph Fairbairn, Shilbottle Lodge, who departed this life, June 1st A.D. 1857 in her 22nd year after having shone in all the tender ties of life, an exemplary daughter, sister, wife and lastly but oh for a short period a happy and tender mother. Alas that happiness so rare should be so fleet a guest on earth. Ann their daughter died Aug 10 1875 aged 18 years. In memory of Jane Weatheritt, who died Janry 30th 1820 aged 31 years. James Weatheritt, Mason, husband of the above died Octr 19th 1832 aged 42 years. Alice, Daughter of the above who died at Dunston Square Parish of Embelton Febry 24th 1840 aged 22 years. In memory of Luke Weatheritt, who died Sept 15 1895 aged 81 years. Mary his wife died Jan 29 1909 aged 91 years. Also of their children, James, died Sept 10 1846 aged 2 years. Jane, died May 6 1852, aged 11 years. Maria, died Sept 22 1852 aged 4 months, Jane Maria, died July 26 1854, aged 5 months. Ellen Thompson, died Feb 2 1891 aged 44 years. Also Maria Henderson, their Daughter who died Oct 9 1938 aged 80 years. In Memory of James Forster who died 20.......aged 68 years.

 [year is probably 1797]
1712....?  B
Jane Trobe, James Trobe, Margaret Trobe, John Trobe, Margery Trobe, Dorothy Keen, Thomas Trobe, Elizabeth Goodfellow John Hudson.... Thomas Walker John Jowsey, Eleanor Jowsey, William Jowsey, Jane Jowsey
[stone is laid flat under trees]
.....Jane Trobe of Longdyke.....died March 31st 1783 aged 5 months. James Trobe, Farmer, died Aug 13th 17?? aged 66 years. James, son of John Trobe, died January 27th 1798 aged 17 years. Margaret second daughter died July 25th 1800 aged 7 years. John Trobe, Farmer, died July 15th 1819 aged 81 years. John, son of the above died Nov 19th 1834 aged 52 years. Jane Trobe, died November 15th 1840 aged 85 years. Margery Trobe died February 9th 1856 aged 77 years. At Eshott Drocks near Felton on the 23rd Dec 1857 aged 64 greatly regretted Dorothy wife of Matthew Keen, farmer. Also of Thomas Trobe who died May 6th 1863 aged 73 years. Elizabeth wife of William Goodfellow and sister of the above who died May ? 1867 aged 81 years.
Sacred to the .....John Hudson Lieutenant.... Regiment....1835 aged...also Robert.....1825....Jane his wife.....1833....Isabella... Hearlyeth the Body of Thomas Walker Mason who Dyed Novm 16th 1785 Sacred to the memory of John Jowsey of Shilbottle Nock-Law who died 5th May 1816 aged 56 years. Eleanor his wife, died 25th June 1825 aged 68 years. William their son who died at Longhorsley (late of Linden) July 7th 1870 aged 80 years. Mary Jowsey who died at Longhorsley June 2 1873, aged 85 years. Jane Jowsey, who died at Long

horsley July29th 1878 aged 79 years.

Ralph Forster, Margery Forster, Mary Forster,
Thomas Forster, Joseph Wrigglesworth, John  Wrigglesworth
William Hogg, Margaret Hogg, Ann Hogg John Hogg, Mary Hogg, Margaret Hogg, Mary Harbottle Isabella Slater
3 panels inscribed:

Ralph Forster died October 27th 1803 aged seventy six years. Margery his wife died Nov 4 1820 aged 78 years

Mary wife of Thomas Forster died December 19th 1806 in the seventh year of her marriage and the thirty first of her life. Thomas Forster died March 11 1832 aged 6x? years

Joseph Wrigglesworth died Oct 22nd 1875 aged 65 years. Also of John his son who died at Bilton Banks April 2nd 1881 age 40 years


In memory of William Hogg who died at Kyloe Dec 20th 1845 aged 77 years. And Margaret wife of the above who died at Buckton August 19th 1863 aged 84 years. William third son of the above who died at Acton June 11th 1845 aged 33 years. Departed to the mercy of god Monday March 18th 1889, Ann Hogg, aged 73 years. In memory of John Hogg who died at Hazon High Houses, July 1853 aged 69 years. Mary, his wife who died at Rothbury, Nov 29th 1870 aged 80 years. Margaret eldest daughter of the above who died at Hazon High Houses, Dec 11th 1872 aged 43 years. Mary second daughter of the above and wife of William Harbottle who died died at Branton West Side Jan 18th 1886 sged 53 years. M.S. of Isabella Slater daughter of Mary Ann Slater who died June 29th 18?0 aged 24 years ..... [verse]
Henry Ogle, Mary Spraggon Thomas Ogle, Elizabeth Ogle, Mary Ogle   John Weightman, Jane Ann Weightman Thomas Milburn, Isabella Milburn, Robert Milburn
In memory of Henry Ogle who died February 18th 1844 aged 19 years. Mary Spraggon mother of the above who died September 25th 1864 aged 66 years In memory of Thomas Ogle who died Jan 16 1863 aged 31 years. Thomas Ogle, father of the above who died March 26th 1867 aged 85 years. Also of Elizabeth his wife who died February 24th 1873 aged 83 years. Also of Mary Ogle Daughter of the above who died March 23 1895 aged 70 years.   In loving memory of John Weightman who died August 18 1880, aged 40 years. Also Jane Ann his daughter, who died July 15 1892 aged 20 years. In loving memory of Isabella, wife of Thomas Milburn who died Nov. 8 1896 aged 67 years. Also John their son who died Sept 28 1884, aged 16 years. Also of Robert their son who died at Treherbert July 5th 1893 aged 30 years. Also the above Thomas Milburn who died Feb 11 1896 aged 78 years.


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