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From this officer's medal index card. Address on card is given as 'Bank House, Acklington Northumberland'.

Absent Voters' List 1918

Civil Parishes of  Warkworth,  Acklington, Shilbottle, Woodhouse, Guyzance, Hazon and Hartlaw,Felton, Acton & Old Felton, Elyhaugh,  Newton on the Moor, Swarland

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No. Name in Full
(Surname first)
Qualifying Premises Description of Service, Ship, Regiment, Number, Rank, Rating, &c., or recorded address. handwritten notes
1593 Alderson, Wilfred Ernest Heatherleazes Capt., R.A.M.C., 1st N.G.H. N/c  
1594 Arthur, William Allington Dial Place M2/054393 Cpl., A.S.C. B.E.F. France 337 M.T. Coy AW E Sge ? Pk Heavy Worksh's
1595 Beal, Benjamin Robert Castle Street 202873 Sgt., 4 (Res.) N.F. H.D.L.
1596 Bootiman, Lionel. Stanners 82612 Pte., 52 Gen. Hos. R.A.M.C. P.A.
1597 Brown, John William The Stanners 12757 Pte., 5a Co. Irish Gds. H.D.L. 3rd Batt.
1598 Brown, Christopher Butts 77658 Pte., 3 W. Yorks. Attendant for Northants. H.D.L.
1599 Brown, Tomas Henry Park The Butts SE/12570 Pte., A.V.C., E.E.F. Vet Hos. P.A.
1600 Burrell, Robert Castle Street 202767 Pte., Scottish Rifles 3rd H.D.L.
1601 Burrell, William Butts 182644 L/Cpl., R.E. B.E.F.
1602 Coppin, John Butts M2/183612 Pte., H.A.M.T. A.S.C. 3rd Embarkation Dpt S Hampton H.D.L.
1603 Cuthbert, Edward Bridge Street 304427 Spr., R.E. 5th Div . Co Chatham H.D.L.
1604 Davidson, William Taylor Bridge Street    
1605 Day, Albert Edward Castle Rise 138956 Pte., Det. 19 Co.  R.A.M.C. 326 Field Ambulance Old Castle, Co Meath Ireland
1606 Dixon, George Topping Tiley Cottage 270377 L/Cpl., 5 Res. Cav. 5 Reserve Cav. Reg. H.D.L.
1607 Dixon, William Luke Elm Grove    
1608 Douglass, John William Christon Cottage T4/234685 Dvr., H.Q. 67a Bde. A.S.C. P.A. Salonika
1609 Elliott, John Castle Street 173583 Pte., M.G.C. 4th Res Bn H.D.L.
1610 Elliott, John St. Lawrence Terrace 146891 Sgt., 68 Field Co. R.E. B.E.F.
1611 Farral, Ronald Castle View R/34848 Sto. 1, R.N. Barracks Po. T.B. 110
1612 Farral, William Hubert Castle View 290300 C.Q.M.S., 53 (Y.S.) N.F. No trace.
1613 Forrest, John Ronald Coquet House 290514 Pte. 4 (Res) Bat. N.F. Trans. to 468 Agric Coy Lab. Corps 649071 H.D.L.
1614 Gray, Lancelot Bridge Street 339752 Spr., R.O.T.D. R.E. Bordon
1615 Harrison, Leslie Hill Rise Sub.-Lieut., R.N. "Victory X"  
1616 Henderson, Robert Bridge Street 63365 Pte., No. 169 Pro. Co. R.D.C. To 27 D.L.I. 109217 H.D.L.
1617 Hutchinson, John Younger's Terrace 458404 Spr., R.O.D.T. R.E. Bordon W.R. 150289
1618 Hutchinson, William Bridge Street 63365 Pte., 2, Bat. Y.L.I. P.A.
1619 Johnston, George Henry Dial Place 302765 Pte., A.S.C. 342 MT Coy Att 3 Comp Reading
1620  Laidler, Robert Burnett 3 Younger Terrace 206411 Gnr., Sig. Tr. Cent., Scot. Co. R.G.A. H.D.L.
1621 Lamb, John The Brewery M/4022 E.R.A., R.N., H.M.S. " Roxburgh"  
1622 Maunder, James Ernest Dial Place 36537 Pte., 149 Infantry Bde 1/6 N.F. B.E.F.
1623 McLean, John Sutton Heatherleazes    
1624 Middlemass, George Butts    
1625 Mills, Robert Sunn Hotel 1340 Sergt., 4 R.E.R.  
1626 Moore, John Sayburn Bridge Street 765272 Gnr., D.84 Army Bde. R.F.A. B.E.F.
1627 Pearson, Thomas Archibald Dial House    
1628 Pringle, George Stanners 94353 Pte., 12 Sherwood For. B.E.F.
1629 Riddell, Walter Warkworth 33786 Pte., 22 Bat. N.F. Prisoner of W.  E.
1630 Scholey, Charles William Holmby House 99662 Sergt., R.G.A. Spike Island H.D.L.
1631 Stephenson, Jasper Heatherleazes 21477 Pte., 2 Bat. N.F. B.E.F. no trace
1632 Scott, Arthur Warkworth 398487 Spr., Roy. Anglesey R.E.  
1633 Scott, Thomas Walter Warkworth Castle S/10933 Pte., 9  Black Watch Depot H.D.L.
1634 Tate, George Land, Warkworth Moor    
1635 Tate, John Francis Fenwick Land, Warkworth Moor   [Captain and Major in the 1st K.R.R.C.    N]
1636 Thompson, Louis Bridge Street M2/268002 Pte., 596 M.T. Co. A.S.C. P.A. Salonika
1637 Thompson, Sidney George Bridge Street 77467 Cpl., R.E. Sig Sub. Sect Att Heavy Art Group B.E.F.
1638 Thompson, William Dial Place 961072 S.Smith., R.F.A. P.A.
1639 Topping, William Younger's Terrace 441686 Pte., 487 Agr. Co. Lab. Corps H.D.L.
1640 Turner, Cuthbert John Butts 290570 C.Q.M.S., 4 (Res.) N.F. H.D.L.
1641 Watson, Nicholas Castle Street 129118 Pte., R.A.M.C. 4th T.R.G Batt c/o H.D.L.
1642 Whiteford, Malcolm Castle Street Lieut., Remount Department  
1643 Whittle, William 1 The Butts M2/137322 Cpl., 613 M.T. Co. A.S.C. West Comd Liverpool


No. Name in Full
(Surname first)
Qualifying Premises Description of Service, Ship, Regiment, Number, Rank, Rating, &c., or recorded address. handwritten notes
3149 Curry, Christopher Cheveley Cottages 15254 Pte., 2/R. Mun. Fus. Inf. P.A.
3150 Darling, Charles Frederick Station House M2/17632 Pte., No. 1 Watr. Tnk.  
3151 Dungait, Richard Thomas Cavil Head Cottages 141340 Dvr., 100 Field Co. R.E. P.A.
3152 Lane, Samuel Carr Landing Ground M2/203743 Pte., 817 M .T. A.S.C. The College Bere Md Ishworth
3153 Marshall, James Ridley Acklington 3264 Tpr., 1 Life Guards  
3154 Moffitt, George Storey, junr. Field House Lieut.,12/13 N.F.  
3155 Ord, Robert Cavil Head 270734 L/Cpl., Northd. Huss. B.E.F. Cav. B.E.F.
3156 Patten, Matthew Acklington 555057 Pte., Gar. M. Corps  
3157 Robertson, Cyril John Acklington Lieut., 8 Bty. R.F.A.  
3158 Scott, Robert Cavil Head 38685 No. Ba. 87281 Pte. Sig Sec. H.Q. Coy 22nd N.F. B.E.F.
3159 Shanks, Robert Coal Houses 72273 Gnr. 33 Co R.G.A. Hong Kong 0/25 A.R. B H.D.L.
3160 Spowart, Neal Acklington  J/42423 A B., Greenwich R.N.  
3161 Spowart, Stephen Acklington  J/331 A.B., H.M.S. "Kent" R.N.  
3162 Summers, Albert Edward Scott Acklington J/58197 A.B., H.M.S. "Kent," R.N.  
3163 Summers, Thomas George Acklington 78628 Pte.,  4 (Res.) N.F. Trans to 1st E. Yorks. 51581 B.E.F. - Missing
3164 Summers, William John Acklington M/22251 a/2 S.B.S., R.N.A.S.B.R  
3165 Taylor, Alexander Acklington 200791 Dvr., 62nd Res. Bty.R.FA. H.D.L.




No. Name in Full
(Surname first)
Qualifying Premises Description of Service, Ship, Regiment, Number, Rank, Rating, &c., or recorded address. handwritten notes
1123 Air, Henry Ogle Widow's Row 53664 Pte., 10 West Yorks B.E.F.
1124 Bell, John George Shilbottle 13104 Pte., Irish Guards H.D.L. 3rd Batt
1125 Buglass, James Fountain Row T4/091502 Dvr., A.S.C. B.E.F. France 19th Res Pk.
1126 Charlton, Thomas Heatley Elair Cottage 42834 Pte., 1/8 West Yorks. Presumed Dead
1127 Donaldson, Harry Sea View 214471 Gnr., R.G.A. B.E.F.
1128 Ford, John Simm Longdyke Farm Cottages 290517 Pte., 1/7 N.F. B.E.F.
1129 Frater, Matthew Colliery Farm H/271011 Pte., 1/1 North. Huss. B.E.F.
1130 Gibbison, William Patton North East Row    
1131 Gibbison, William Shilbottle 285340 Gnr., 387 Siege Bty. R.G.A. P.A.
1132 Graham, Sidney Shilbottle 30717 Pte., 3 Lincolns  
1133 Mather, Robert Shilbottle 123593 Gnr., 214 Siege Bty. Base R.G.A. B.E.F.
1134 Mather, Robert Post Office Row    
1135 Middlemist, James Church's Terrace 021104 Pte., A.O.C.  
1136 Pollock, James Nichol Town Foot Farm Cottages 515390 Pte., 792 A. E. Garr. Gd. Co. Lab. Corps  
1137 Riddell, Adam North East Row 131113 Dvr., R.F.A. B.E.F.
1138 Rogerson, Frederick Seymour Shilbottle Pte.. 5 (Res.) D.L.I. H.D.L. 105255
1139 Shepherd, Thomas  Davidson Shilbottle 11887 Pte., A.V.C. 23 Vet Hos B.E.F
1140 Simm, Edward North Row 202777 Pte. North. Rifle Bde. No card 542794 Pte. Lab. Corps, 310 H Emp H.D.L.
1141 Simm, William North Row 386600 Pte., R.A.M.C  
1142 Stewart, Henry  The Square 2/Lieut., 4th (Res) N.F.  9th N.F.  
1143 Straughan, William  North West Row 512365 Sgt., 134 Co. C.L.C. B.E.F.
1144 Straughan, William Tate  North West Row 118167 Gnr., 263 Siege R.G.A. No trace
1145 Swordy, John  North East Row 203394 Pte., D. of W. 1/4 B.E.F.
1146 Thompson, John Copeland  Ivy Cottage 290482 Pte., 1/7 N.F. B.E.F.
1147 Trueman, George Valentine  Church Cottage 290485 Col.-Sgt., 1/7 N.F. B.E.F.
1148 Trueman, John Weightman Church Cottage 422728 Dvr., 416 (Edinburgh) Field Co. R.E  
1149 Tully, James Luke South East Farm 78319 Pte., 4th (Res.) N. F. Pte. G Koyli no. 63696 B.E.F. 10 Platoon Coy. KOYLI No. 8 Gen. Hosp. "A" Ward, Rouen.
1150 Weddell, Ernest George Sea View Row 91564 Gnr., C.T.C.  [illegible] Central Workshops B.E.F.
1151 Weightman, James Henry North East Row 34753 Pte., 10 N.F.  
1152 Weightman, John Brown Sea View Row 41879 Pte., 1. London Scottish No card  Gordon Highlanders
1153 Wilson, Robert Sea View Row 65884 Pte., 1/7 N.F.  
1154 Wilson, Robert  Rose Cottage 242214 Pt.. 1/7 N.F.  
1155 Wilson, Thomas Taylor Shilbottle 78321 Pte., 4 (Res) N.F. 9th K.O.Y.L.I. no. not stated B.E.F.
1156 Wintrip, William North Row 202953 Pte., 20 Gar. Bat. Rif. Bde. 453370 Pte. 1/11 London Regt. BEF
1157 Young, Martin  Stile Cottage 59673 Pte., 3 West Yorks Killed in Action



1158 Brewis, Charles Woodhouse Farm 2/Lieut., Yeoman Rifles  


No. Name in Full
(Surname first)
Qualifying Premises Description of Service, Ship, Regiment, Number, Rank, Rating, &c., or recorded address. handwritten notes
3201 Davison, James Barnhill 42837 Pte., 1/7 W. Yorks P.A.
3202 Little, Mark William Guyzance M/346537 Pte., A.S.C. M.T. 978 MT Coy ??? Dpt Chelmsford
3203 Lowrey, William Thomas Bankhouse Cottage 298594 Pte., 116 Aux. Pet. Co. A.S.C. M.T. P.A. Italy
3204 McKenzie, Thomas Guyzance E.R.A., "Royal Sovereign" R.N.  
3205 Milburn, Sir Leonard John Guyzance  Royal Horse Guards  
3206 Oliver, Thomas East House    
3207 Thompson, Robert Guyzance 50602 Pte., 1/7 Lanc. Fus. Depot c/o H.D.L.
3208 Williams, Frank McClure Brainshaugh Capt., A.S.C. F.D.  


3209 Wilson, William Roy  Hazon Farm 62883 Pte., 4 (Res.) Bat. R. Scots  


No. Name in Full
(Surname first)
Qualifying Premises Description of Service, Ship, Regiment, Number, Rank, Rating, &c., or recorded address. handwritten notes
3171 Beswick, Adam Johnson Prospect Place 320787 Pte., 12 Bat. Norfolk Rgt,  
3172 Brown, John R. C. School House 37855 2 A.M., R.A.F.  
3173 Burn, Frederick Coquet Terrace    
3174 Burn, Joseph Wardle Coquet Vale 39227 Pte., 16 Lancs. Fus. Depot c/o H.D.L.
3175 Cairns, John Newton Low Hall 237905 Pte., 487 Agric. Co. Lab. Corps. H.D.L.
3176 Cockburn, William John Mouldshaugh Lane T/36160 Dvr., 532 M.T. Co. A.S.C. 532 MT Coy Grimsby H.D.L.
3177 Corner, Thomas Longfield Cottages, Felton Park 3 Bat. D.L.I. H.D.L. 100780
3178 Coxon, John North East Houses 6052 Pte., 5 (Res.) Gds. M.G. Rgt.  
3179 Davison, John James Snook Bank DM2/135211 Pte., No. 1 Water Tank Co. A.S.C. M.T.  
3180 Dixon, Alexander Prospect Place 363174 H/47427 S.S. Royal Horse Gds. Att R. Reg. Royal Horse Guards H.D.L.
3181 Dobson, Thomas Shortlaw Cottage 204648 5 N.F.  B.E.F. Trans to Labour Corps 579223
3182 Fenwick, Alfred Bridge End 134074 Gnr., R.G.A.  2/1 M Huy  ? H.D.L.
3183 Fortune, John North Terrace 204631 Pte., 4 N.F. Command Depot N.F. Catterick H.D.L.
3184 Fowler, Wilfrid High Street 187683 Cpl., W.C.L.C. H.D.L.
3185 Fowler, William Mouldshaugh Lane 35829 Pte., 22 Bat. N.F. Pris of War
3186 Grey, William Bridge End 224023 Pte., R.E. 156th Field Co B.E.F.
3187 Harris, John Edward Swarland Cottage M2/175220 Pte., M.T. A.S.C. B.E.F France 4 Sgl Coy R?? R.E.
3188 Hutchinson, John Bywell 29627 Pte., 50 Co. Lab. Corps B.E.F
3189 Jeffrey, Aaron High Street 26735 Pte., 5  Co. Bn Gren. Gds. H.D.L.
3190 Jeffrey, Mason Felton    
3191 Kelly, Joseph Felton 10801 O.S., "Columbella," R.N.V.R.  
3192 Leighton, John High Street 134073 Pte., 487 Agr. Co. Lab. Corps H.D.L.
3193 Mullins, James Mouldshaugh 48106 Pte., 2 Yorks. B Co. Depot N.F. H.D.L.
3194 Shotton, Harold Gilhespie High Street    
3195 Shotton James James Ed. Albion House 36817 Pte., 1/5 Essex Rgt. P.A.
3196 Smetham, George Shotton Coquet Terrace 205764 Gnr., R.G.A. A. sg Rgt H.D.L.
3197 Thompson, Robert Newton Hall Cottages Gnr., 12 Co. R.G.A. no trace
3198 Tindall, Joseph Johnson Felton 48135 Pte., N.F.  
3199 Wardle, Alexander Hills North Place 470214 Pte., 487 Agr. Co. Lqv. Corps H.D.L.
3200 Wood, Thomas Weightman Coquet View 212874 Spr., R.E. G. Depot Chatham H.D.L.


No. Name in Full
(Surname first)
Qualifying Premises Description of Service, Ship, Regiment, Number, Rank, Rating, &c., or recorded address. handwritten notes
3166 Campbell, Thomas Old Felton    
3167 Chapman, Francis Robert Acton 192501, M.T. A.S.C. 804 Coy Att 9 Tyne Searchlight Coy Bridlington
3168 Ions, John Lane Head Farm 27684 Pte., 8 N.F. B.E.F.
3169 Smith, Albert North Acton    


No. Name in Full
(Surname first)
Qualifying Premises Description of Service, Ship, Regiment, Number, Rank, Rating, &c., or recorded address. handwritten notes
3170 Fordy, James Elyhaugh 40659 Pte., 1 Bat. Northamp. Rgt.  


No. Name in Full
(Surname first)
Qualifying Premises Description of Service, Ship, Regiment, Number, Rank, Rating, &c., or recorded address. handwritten notes
3210 Charlton, Robert Newton    
3211 Charlton, Gordon Southern Newton Low Hall  Lieut., 63 R.N.D.A.C. R.F.A.  
3212 Dunn, John Joseph Newton-on-the-Moor 31572 Pte., 7 North Staffs. Rgt. P.A.
3213 Dunn, Joseph Anderson Newton-on-the-Moor 60002 Pte., R.A.M.C. No. 2 Malta Comp. P.A.
3214 Dunn, Joseph William Newton-on-the-Moor    
3215 Jermy, Francis William Newton-on-the-Moor 37907 Pte., 9 N.F. B.E.F.
3216 Jermy, Thomas Oliver Newton-on-the-Moor 308380 Sgt., Sec. T.C. Tanks 5th Supply Tank Corps B.E.F.
3217 Johnson, Robert Newton-on-the-Moor 290917 Pte., 19 Bat N.F. (Pnr) 4 Res H.D.L.
3218 Kirkup, Adam Forster Newton-on-the-Moor M/317126 Pte., 881 Co. A.S.C. Emb 4 UK to join officers cadet unit 12-8-18
3219 Lough, Algernon Henry Newton Villa 98195  L/Cpl., 2/7 D.L.I. 4 Res H.D.L. 78195
3220 Railson, John Newton-on-the-Moor 202956 Pte., 1 N.F.  
3221 Rennison, George Newton-on-the-Moor 2844 S/Sgt., Est. for Eng Ser. R.E.  
3222 Rennison, Robert Thomas Newton-on-the-Moor 267358 Sho. Smith, 6 N.F. Command Depot Catterick N.F. H.D.L.
3223 Thompson, John Newton-on-the-Moor 1231 Tpr., B. Irish Lancers B.E.F. France
3224 Weir, Thomas Newton West Lodge 4142 7 Leicestershire Rgt. B.E.F.
3225 Widdrington, Bertram Fitzherbert Newton Hall Brig. Gen., 81 Infantry Brigade  


No. Name in Full
(Surname first)
Qualifying Premises Description of Service, Ship, Regiment, Number, Rank, Rating, &c., or recorded address. handwritten notes
3226 Aikman, Robert Woodman Swarland Hall 235670 Pte., 9 N.F. B.E.F.
3227 Brewis, Thomas Swarland Moor 23628 Pnr., 319 R.C.C. R.E. B.E.F.
3228 Harris, John Edward Swarland Moor 175220, M.T. A.S.C. Sec 3187 [this note could be intended for the next entry]
3229 Lowrey, John, junr. Swarland South Lodge 9618 Pte., R.A.M.C.  
3230 Oubridge, Robert Davidson Swarland Dene 43743, B Co. 1 Royal Berks. 1st B.N. B.E.F. France Missing
3231 Oubridge, Thomas Davidson Swarland Dene T4/111904 Dvr., 208 Co. A.S.C. 662 Coy Park Royal H.D.L.
3232 Parker, James Charlton Swarland Moor P/9322 L/Cpl., Mil. Foot Police c/o D.P. M.E.C. Home Forces
3233 Railson, George Swarland Garden House 400704 Pte., 3 (Res.) Canadians  
3234 Robson, Albert Swarland Mill 266104 Pte., 22 Tyneside Scottish Prisoner of War
3235 Robson, Andrew Robert Swarland Mill 127840 L/Bdr., R.G.A. 67 Sec. Q A.A. Bty. B.E.F.
3236 Robson, John Swarland Moor 42455, K.R.R. No trace in Rifle Records
3237 Wilson, David Swarland Village Farm    

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