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The War Diary of the 1/7th Battalion Northumberland Fusiliers

April 1915 - January 1918
149th Brigade, 50th Division.
The original diary is stored in the National Archives, reference WO 95/2830. We would like to thank the National Archives for permission to reproduce a transcript on these pages.
In February 1918 the Battalion converted to Pioneers and moved to the 42nd Division. That period up to the end of the War (November 1918) is recorded in a separate diary which we hope to add in due course.
April 1915
11pm 20th April  FOLKESTONE Embarked on S.S. Invicta.      [Roll]  
2am 21st April  BOULOGNE Disembarked and proceeded to Rest Camp where the Battalion remained for the day.  
11pm 21st April BOULOGNE The Battalion entrained.  
5am 22nd April CASSEL The Battalion disentrained and marched to WINNEZEELE, where it was billeted.  
1pm 23rd April  WINNEZEELE The Battalion marched through POPERINGHE to square A.30.a (squared map 28) arriving at about 7pm. Appendix 1:-squared map 28
7pm 23rd April NE of POPERINGHE Nos. 3 and 4 Companies and machine guns were ordered to take up position in trenches from A.24.b.8.4. to A.30.d.8.6. The other two companies remained in support. Appendix 1:-squared map 28
7.30pm 24th April The Battalion marched with the remainder of the Brigade from the starting point at the crossroads in square G.6.d. through VLAMERTINGHE and YPRES to POTIJZE arriving at the latter place about midnight.  
12m.n. 24th April  POTIJZE The Battalion bivouacked until 2am 25th April  
2am 25th April The Battalion marched at the head of the Brigade to WIELTJE, where orders were received for the Brigade to attack the enemy's position S.E. of FORTUIN  
3.15am 25th April  WIELTJE No. 1 and 2 companies were detailed as a firing line and No. 3 and 4 companies in support, the Battalion advancing in lines of platoons. At about 1,000 yards from the enemy's position, at a point just behind a trench occupied by the Canadian Infantry, the Battalion was deployed, as it came under effective rifle fire. At this point considerable numbers of our own troops were seen to be retiring around the right flank of the battalion.  
4.30am 25th April The Battalion went on another 500 yards when it came under heavy machine gun and rifle fire, and the first line was halted in a small ditch. A machine gun (or two) was located in a cottage to our left front, and a heavy rifle fire directed on it.  
6am 25th April A section on the left was sent forward to try to work around this cottage when a message was received from an artillery officer, saying that if the machine guns could be located the artillery would open fire on them. The position of the machine guns in the cottage was given to the artillery and the section recalled.  
9am 25th April The Battalion waited in this position for about three hours, but our artillery did not open fire.
Information was now received that the supports had retired, and it was also seen that there were no troops on either flank of the battalion. Under the circumstances the Battalion was retired to the line occupied by the Canadian Infantry, no casualties being suffered in the retirement. The Battalion occupied a position to the right of the Canadians.
3pm 25th April Orders were received from the the G.O.C. Brigade for the Battalion to remain in this position until dark, when further orders would be issued.  
9pm 25th April The Canadians on the left of the Battalion were ordered to retire.  
12m.n. 25th April The Battalion was ordered to retire on WIELTJE, where it bivouacked.  
1.40pm 26th April WIELTJE The Battalion received orders to support an attack to be made by the 4th and 6th Battalions Northumberland Fusiliers, on the village of ST. JULIEN. As soon as the Battalion moved off from WIELTJE it came under very heavy artillery fire, and on reaching the ST. JULIEN-WIELTJE road also came under heavy machine gun and rifle fire. The Battalion moved up into the firing line to reinforce the 4th and [6th?] Battalions Northumberland Fusiliers, the men advancing at the double in extended order. Advances were made by rushes, but no good fire positions could be obtained, as it was seen that a trench to our front was occupied by the Seaforth Highlanders. The Battalion suffered heavy casualties until it gained the shelter of this trench.  
3.30pm 26th April A message was received that the G.O.C Brigade had been killed and that the Battalion was to await further orders.  
12.15am 27th April Orders were received for the Battalion to retire on WIELTJE where it bivouacked for the night.  
27th, 28th, 29th April WIELTJE Battalion remained in Bivouac at WIELTJE  
8pm 29th April The Battalion marched to and occupied trenches at square I.16.b (squared map 28)  
8.30pm 30th April FREZENBERG The Battalion marched to a point near FREZENBERG where they were employed under direction of Royal Engineers in digging trenches. The men...[entry continues into the 1st May; see below]  
9233 - 9236    

Appendix 1 mentioned above is missing

May 1915
1.30am 1st May ...worked in two reliefs, the first relief returning at 1.30am to the trenches occupied the previous night and the second relief returning at 3am.  
1st - 2nd May The Battalion remained in these trenches.  
11pm 2nd May The Brigade marched to POPERINGHE  
8pm 3rd May POPERINGHE The Brigade marched to billeting area between WATOU and STEENVOORDE. The Battalion was billeted on four farms near DROGHLANT.
During the operations from 25th April to 2nd May the Battalion suffered the following casualties:-
Officers:- Killed 2. Wounded 12. Missing Nil.
Other Ranks:- Killed 19. Wounded 217. Missing 161.
Major W.B. MACKAY, Lieut & Qr. Mr. NEVILLE, Lance-Sergt. A.BONE, No. 1180 Pte. G. BURRELL, No. 2188 Pte. C. MARTIN, No. 1898 Pte. J. YOURSTON were recommended for their distinguished conduct during these operations.
Appendix 2 copy of Recommendations
11am 4th May Sir John French Commander in Chief, British Expeditionary Force, addressed the Brigade Appendix 3:- copy of speech
4th - 9th May Battalion remained in billets neat DROGHLANDT  
11am 10th May Battalion moved by motor omnibus to wood in Square A.29.d (Squared map 28) where it bivouacked. See Appendix 1
signed W.G. Johnson 1st/7th N.F.
11th - 12th May Battalion remained in bivouac in wood in Square A.29.d (Squared map 28)  
11am 13th May The Battalion marched to Square H.10.d.  
11pm 13th May The Battalion was moved off to reinforce the 12th Brigade and received orders to report to O.C. Royal Irish Fusiliers.  
2am 14th May The Battalion arrived at a point near WIELJE and was ordered by O.C. Royal Irish Fusiliers to occupy reserve trenches in square C.28.c and C.28.d., where they remained all day.  
9pm 14th May The Battalion was attached to the 11th Brigade and Headquarters, Machine Guns, and No. 3 and 4 Companies joined the 2nd Monmouthshire Regiment, and Nos. 1 & 2 Companies joined King's Own Lancaster Regiment. The men of the battalions were mixed up with the men of the Battalions to which they were attached, for training in trench warfare. These battalions occupied first line trenches astride the WIELTJE - ST. JULIEN road.  
9pm 16th May The Battalion was relived from the trenches and moved back. Headquarters, Machine Guns, & No. 3 and 4 Companies (Still attached to 2nd Monmouthshire Regiment) being billeted at VLAMERTINGHE and Nos. 1 and 2 Companies (Still attached to King's Own Regiment) being bivouacked in wood in square A.30.b (Squared Map 28). Casualties from 13th to 16th May were 1 officer wounded. Other ranks 4 killed 7 wounded.  
17th -18th May Battalion remained in same positions.  
10am 19th May Battalion marched to HOPITAL FARM (Square B.19.d., Squared map 28) where it was billeted.  
20th - 23rd May The Battalion, remained in billets at HOPITAL FARM, furnishing working parties each night to work on second line trenches near WIELTJE  
4am 24th May The Battalion received orders to march to REGGERSBERG, in support of 10th Brigade which was being attacked.  
10am 24th May The Battalion was moved from REGGERSBERG to canal bank NORTH of YPRES  
2.15pm 24th May Orders were received for the Battalion to move forward and occupy trenches astride the ST. JEAN - WIELTJE road in Squares C.27.d and C.28.c (Squared map 28). The Battalion moved via ST. JEAN and on debouching from this village came under heavy shell fire, suffering about 20 casualties.  
9pm 24th May The Battalion moved from trenches as above to support trenches in C28.c with right on wood and left on ST. JEAN road.  
25th May Battalion remained in these trenches.  
9pm 26th May Battalion marched to canal bank north of YPRES, and joined 1st Bn. The Rifle Brigade to whom the Battalion was attached for duty in the trenches. Both battalions occupied trenches, part in trenches astride fork of WIELTJE - FORTUIN and WIELTJE - ST JULIEN roads, and part in trenches south of WIELTJE - ST JEAN road in Squares C.28.c and C.28.d.  
9239 - 9244    

Appendix 2, copy of recommendations  (five notebook sheets) 9245, Appendix 3, copy of Sir John French's speech (six notebook sheets) 9250

June 1915
12mn 2nd June The Battalion was relieved in the trenches, and marched back to bivouac in wood in Square A.24.d.
Casualties from 24.5.15 to 2.6.15: 1 officer wounded. Other ranks:- 14 killed, 38 wounded.
2pm 5th June The Battalion marched to bivouac in wood in Square G.26.d.  
6th -10th June The Battalion remained in bivouac in G.26.d  
2pm 11th June The Battalion marched to huts in Square 11.14.a. (Map 28)  
8pm 11th June The Battalion marched to support trenches in I.18.d. two companies being in ZOVAVE WOOD and two companies in SANCTUARY WOOD, relieving the Honourable Artillery Company.  
12th -13th June The Battalion remained in these support trenches.  
11pm 14th June No. 1 and 2 Companies moved from SANCTUARY WOOD and took over the HOOGE defences from 5th Bn. Border Regt.  
4pm 15th June It was discovered that BULL FARM (a portion of the HOOGE defences) had been mined by the enemy. The garrison of the farm was withdrawn to a trench about 50 yds south of the farm, and machine guns placed in position to repel an attack, should the enemy explode the mine.  
2.50am 16th June A heavy bombardment of the enemy's trenches N. of HOOGE was commenced by our artillery to prepare an attack by the 3rd Division. The reserve troops in ZOUAVE WOOD (2 companies 7th North'd Fusiliers and 2 companies 5th Border Regt) were ordered to co-operate in this attack should a favourable opportunity present itself. One officer of the 5th Border Regiment and one officer of the 7th North'd Fusiliers reconnoitred the ground over which the attack would have to be made and found that about 300 yards of open ground would have to be crossed, and three sets of our own wire entanglements passed. Under the circumstances it was impossible for the troops in ZOVAVE WOOD to attack.  
4.15am 16th June Artillery bombardment ceased and 3rd Division attacked, taking a considerable portion of the enemy's trenches. Heavy fighting continued all day, including heavy bombardments by our own and the enemy's artillery. The men in HOOGE defences suffered considerably from artillery fire.  
12mn. 16th June The two companies in HOOGE were relieved by the 6th and 8th Durham Light Infantry, and returned to ZOUAVE WOOD.  
10pm 18th June No. 3 and 4 companies occupied first line trenches south of HOOGE and No. 1 and  2 companies moved about half a mile back to MAPLE COPSE.  
1am 20th  June The Battalion was relived by the WORCESTERSHIRE REGT. and moved back to bivouac in H.14.a.
Casualties during above period 2nd Lieut. TRINDER killed. Capt. V.  MERRIVALE,  Lieut. CRAIGS, 2nd Lieut. WILLIAMS and 2nd Lieut. NIXON wounded. Other ranks 12 killed. 53 wounded.
8.30am 21st June Battalion marched to a point about 1 mile south of NEUVE - EGLISE (T.20.c) and occupied the huts in ALDERSHOT CAMP.  
8.30pm 22nd June Battalion moved to first line trenches N.E. of WULVERGHEM. (Trenches occupied by Battalion (D.2. and D.2. support, D.3. and D.3. support, D.4. and D.4. support)  
23rd - 27th June Battalion remained in trenches.  
10pm 28th June Battalion relieved from trenches and moved to ALDERSHOT CAMP. Casualties 22-6-15 to 28-6-15: Lieut. F.W. SMAIL wounded. Other ranks; 2 killed, 1 died of wounds.  
29th - 30 June Battalion rested in huts in ALDERSHOT CAMP.  
9257 - 9261    


July 1915
1st July Battalion rested in huts in ALDERSHOT CAMP.  
8.30pm 2nd July Battalion moved to trenches CI, CII and CIII in front of WULVERGHEM  
3rd - 5th July Battalion remained in these trenches  
10pm 6th July Battalion relieved by the 5th North'd Fusiliers and marched back to ALDERSHOT CAMP. Casualties during this period:- Officers, Nil. Other ranks:- one killed six wounded.  
7th - 9th July Battalion rested in huts in ALDERSHOT CAMP.  
8.30pm 10th July Battalion again garrisoned CI, CII and CIII trenches as above.  
11th - 13th July Battalion remained in these trenches  
10pm 14th July The Battalion was relieved by Canadian Division and moved back to bivouac near NEUVE EGLISE.
Casualties during above period. Officers; Nil., other ranks; 1 accidentally wounded.
15th July Battalion rested in bivouac  
8pm 16th July Battalion marched to ARMENTIERES, and occupied billets in the Asylum.  
17th - 19th July Battalion occupied above billets.  
9pm 20th July Battalion occupied trenches at L'EPPINETTE (Nos. 74 and 75)  
21st to 23rd July Remained in above trenches  
10pm 24th July Battalion was relieved by 4th East Yorks and marched to billets in ARMENTIERES
Casualties during this period :- 1 killed, 2 wounded.
25th - 31st July Battalion remained in billets in ARMENTIERES  
9262 - 9264    


August 1915
8.30pm 1st August Battalion occupied trenches near LA CHAPELLE D'ARMENTIERES (Nos. 68 and 69)  
10pm 13th August Battalion relieved from trenches and marched back to billets in ARMENTIERES.
Casualties during above period:- Officers, Nil. Other ranks:- 3 wounded, 2 accidentally wounded.
14th - 18th Battalion remained in billets in ARMENTIERES.  
7.30m 19th August The Battalion occupied trenches 74 and 75 near HOUPLINES  
10pm 23rd August The Battalion was relieved from trenches and marched back to billets in the ASYLUM, -ARMENTIERES forming a Brigade Reserve.  
7.30pm 27th August Battalion occupied trenches 75,76 and 77 near HOUPLINES  
10pm 31st August The Battalion was relieved and marched back to billets in ARMENTIERES.
Casualties during above period: Officers, Nil. Other ranks, 7 wounded.
9266, 9267    


September 1915
6th September A draft of 32 NCOs and men joined the Battalion. These men were all wounded earlier in the campaign and rejoined on becoming fit.  
7.30pm 6th September The Battalion occupied 70 and 71 near CHAPPELLE D'ARMENTIERES  
18th September A draft of 33 recruits joined from the base.  
10pm 18th September The Battalion was relieved and marched back to billets in ARMENTIERES.
Casualties in above period:- Officers, Nil. Other ranks 2 killed, 3 wounded.
signed W.S. Johnson Capt & Adjt. Appendix II attached.
12 noon 20th September The Battalion was inspected by General Sir H.C.O. Plummer K.C.B. Commanding 2nd Army.  
7pm 23rd September No. 1 and No. 4 Companies occupied trenches in the Subsidiary Line near HOUPLINES  
7pm 27th September The Battalion moved up to front line and occupied trenches 78 and 79, and their support trenches, near HOUPLINES  
9267- 9270    

Appendix II, copy of recommendations for awards submitted  20th September 1915. (8 pages, 6 MCs, 12 DCMs. 9271 -9279)

October 1915
7th October A draft of 38 men joined from the Base  
6pm 9th October The companies of the Battalion in 79 and support trenches were relieved and moved back to billets in ARMENTIERES. The other two companies were relieved in trench 78 and took over trench 77 and supports.
6pm 13th October The 2 companies that had been billeted in ARMENTIERES relived the other two companies in 77 and supports, the latter two companies moving back to billets in ARMENTIERES  
6pm 18th October The two companies from ARMENTIERES took over trenches 75 and 76 and supports.  
8pm 24th October The Battalion was relieved by units of 21st Division and moved to billets in ARMENTIERES.
Casualties from 23rd September to 24th October: Officers, Nil. Other ranks 7 killed, 19 wounded.
3.30pm 27th October The Battalion marched from ARMENTIERES to BAILLEUL, where it was billeted for the night.  
9am 27th October The Battalion marched to rest billets near STRAZEELE  


November 1915
2nd November A draft of 28 N.C.Os and men joined from England.  
3rd to 30th November STRAZEELE The Battalion remained in rest billets at STRAZEELE. On 5th November a draft of 160 N.C.Os and men was received. The whole of this period was spent carrying out company and battalion training.  
9282, 9285    


December 1915
1st to 18th December The Battalion remained at STRAZEELE and carried out battalion and brigade training.  
11.30am 19th December The Battalion entrained and proceeded by train to POPERINGHE, and then marched to CANADA HUTS, near DICKEBUSCH  
3.15pm 20th December The Battalion moved up to brigade reserve positions (2 companies to dug-outs at H.30.a., sheet 28, 1 company and Headquarters to BEDFORD HOUSE (H.26.a.) and 1 company to BLAUWEPOORT FARM (H.27.b.)  
4.15pm 23rd December The Battalion relieved 5th North'd Fusiliers in trenches 36, 37 and 38 (opposite HILL 60)  
7pm 27th December The Battalion was relieved by 5th N.F. and marched back to CANADA HUTS. Casualties in above period:- 2nd Lieut. S.T. DONKIN, killed. Other ranks:- 1 killed, 11 wounded.  
3.15pm 31st December The Battalion again marched to trenches, and took over 36, 37 and 38 from 5th N.F.  


January 1916
6pm 4th January The Battalion was relieved in the trenches, and moved to Brigade Support Positions near BEDFORD HOUSE (H.26.a) Sheet 28. Casualties in above period Officers:-Nil. Other Ranks:-2 killed, 7 wounded. Major W.B. MACKAY R.A.M.C rejoined from England 5/1/16  
5pm 7th January The Battalion returned to trenches 36, 37 and 38.  
6pm 11th January The Battalion was relieved and moved back to CANADA HUTS. Casualties in above period:- Other Ranks: killed, nil, wounded, 5.  
14th January 2nd Lieuts O.A.T. CLARK, H.R. PETERS, W.C.S. GREGSON, F. BUCKLEY joined for duty.  
15th January 2/Lt. E.M. ROBERTS joined for duty, also a draft of 20 O.R. from Entrenching Battalion.  
5pm 15th January The Battalion took over trenches 39, 40, 41 and 47 and their support trenches.  
6pm 19th January The Battalion moved back to support positions near BEDFORD HOUSE. Casualties during above period Other Ranks: wounded, 1.  
20th January Draft of 46 O.R. joined from the Base  
21st January 2/Lt. C. BARNARD accidentally wounded.  
21st January [sic] Captain H.R. SMAIL proceeded to England for posting to 3rd Line.  
5pm 23rd January The Battalion again took over trenches 39, 40, 41 and 47.  
6pm 27th January The Battalion returned to CANADA HUTS. Casualties during above period, O.R. Killed, 3, Wounded 9.  
5pm 31st January The Battalion took over trenches 48, 49, 50, A-1, A-2, and A-3.  
9289, 9290    


February 1916
6m 3rd February The Battalion moved to support positions, 1 company in ARMAGH WOOD (I.24.d) 1 company in SQUARE WOOD (I.29.b) 1 company in RAILWAY CUTTING (I.29.c) and 1 company in SUNKEN ROAD (I.28.d) Sheet 28. Casualties in above period O.R. 6 killed, 11 wounded.  
10pm 6th February The Battalion moved back to CANADA HUTS.  
7th February Lt. F.B. COWEN, 2/Lt. N.G. TURNBULL, 36 O.R. and four Vickers guns with transport, posted to Brigade Machine Gun Company. The Battalion has now 4 Lewis Guns.  
11th February 2/Lt. J. OLIVER and 2/Lt. A.L. GILMOUR joined from England.  
6pm 12th February The Battalion took over trenches A-4 to A-11 near SANTUARY WOOD (Squares I.24 and I.30 Sheet 28) During this time the enemy was extremely active on the whole of the YPRES salient and attacked (on the afternoon of the 13th) both NORTH and SOUTH of the positions held by the battalion. During the four days tour of duty our positions were frequently shelled and the trenches considerably damaged, but our casualties were only 5 O.R. killed and 11 O.R. wounded.  
8pm 16th February The Battalion moved to Brigade Reserve to RAILWAY DUGOUTS (I.21.c) Sheet 28)  
6pm 20th February The Battalion moved back to trenches A-4 to A-12, but had a comparatively quiet time. Casualties during four days:- O.R. 2 killed, 3 wounded, and Captain J. WELCH wounded on the 20th.  
10pm 24th February Battalion returned to CANADA HUTS.  
26th February 7 O.R. joined from Base. 2/Lt. MADDISON proceeded to join 11th Battalion Northumberland Fusiliers.  
6pm 29th February The Battalion moved up to RAILWAY DUGOUTS to support the 150th Infantry Brigade.  
9290, 9291    


March 1916
1st March The Battalion remained at RAILWAY DUGOUTS (Sheet 28.I.21.c)  
6pm 2nd March The Battalion went forward to front line trenches 49 to A-3 (I.30.b., sheet 28)  
8pm 8th March The Battalion moved back to Brigade Reserve Positions at BEDFORD HOUSE (I.26.c.) During the above period in the trenches the Battalion experienced very severe weather with constant snow and frost. Although the trenches were very wet there was no abnormal sickness and no cases of trench feet. Casualties: Other ranks 1 killed, 1 wounded.  
10th March 2/Lt E.W. STILES and 2nd Lieut J. Robinson joined the Battalion  
8pm 14th March The Battalion moved to D. Camp near OUDERDOM.  
12 noon 16th March The Battalion moved to huts at SCOTTISH LINES (G.22.a)  
17th March 2nd Lieut. F.O.OUTHWAITE; 2nd Lieut R.F. BURT and 2nd Lieut A.E.ELLIOT joined the Battalion, together with a draft of 12 men.  
7pm 18th March The Battalion moved to Brigade Reserve at BEDFORD HOUSE  
21st March The Battalion returned to CANADA HUTS (I.32.a)  
7pm 24th March The Battalion moved to trenches 37-LEFT to 47-Support (HILL 60) The roads leading to the trenches were being heavily shelled but only 2 or 3 casualties were incurred  
4.15am 27th March The 3rd Division commenced an attack on the enemy's trenches at ST.ELOI (about 3,000 yards to SOUTH EAST of our trenches). Immediately this attack commenced the enemy opened a heavy shell fire on our trenches, but after about half an hour he realized that no attack was intended on our front and the shelling died down.  
3.30pm 27th March The enemy again shelled our trenches, but our retaliation from artillery was prompt and effective and put a stop to the nuisance.  
10pm 27th March The Battalion moved back into Brigade Reserve at BEDFORDSHIRE HOUSE. Casualties in above period, KILLED:- 2nd lieut. R.F. BURT and 7 other ranks, WOUNDED:- 2nd Lieut J.C.H. SWINNEY, 2nd Lieut F. MERIVALE and 16 other ranks.  
28th March 2nd Lieut. A.K(H?) SMITH, 2nd Lieut. H.V. CHARLTON, 2nd Lieut. E.G. LAWSON and a draft of 43 men joined the Battalion.  
8pm 29th March The Battalion was relieved by 16th Canadian Infantry and moved back to CANADA HUTS  
30th, 31st March On 31st March the regimental medical officer Major W.B. MACKAY, M.B. C.M.G. left the Battalion to take up an appointment at ETAPLES  
9293, 9294    


April 1916
9am 1st April The Battalion marched to LOCRE, arriving about 11am, and bivouacked near the village.  
6.30pm 1st April The Battalion moved to R.E. FARM (N.15.c.1.6, sheet 28) as Brigade Reserve  
2nd April Draft of 6 O.R. arrived.  
7.15pm 2nd April The Battalion relieved 24th Bttn. Canadian Infantry in trenches H.2 to K.1 inclusive (N.24.a to N.18.d, sheet 28) with three companies in front line and one in support.  
8.30pm 8th April The Battalion was relieved by 6th N.F., and moved back to R.E. FARM. The above period in the trenches was normal, the casualties being 2nd Lieut A.E. ELLIOT wounded (6th April) and 10 O.R. wounded. One company (A) was left in support to left sub-sector at (N.17.d)  
9th April Draft of 37 O.R. joined the Battalion  
7.15pm 13th April The Battalion moved back to front line (H.2 to K.1) During the time the Battalion had been in Brigade Reserve 'A' Company had been shelled every day and lost 2nd Lieut F.O.OUTHWAITE wounded on the 9th, and 7 O.R. wounded.  
14th April 2nd Lieuts R.D. CRAWFORD and L.C. BARNES joined from England  
16th April 2nd Lieuts L.H.F. WOODS; J.W. YOUNG; J.A.J. OWEN joined from England  
18th April 2nd Lieut E.R. BRAIN joined from England  
9pm 18th April The Battalion was relieved by 6th N.F. and moved back to Divisional Reserve at LOCRE. During above period the enemy's shelling was moderately heavy and persistent.  Casualties: Officers NIL; O.R. one killed , 10 wounded.  
19th April 2nd Lieut J.P. STUART joined from England.  
7.30pm 22nd April The Battalion again occupied trenches H.2 to K.1  
9pm 25th April The Battalion was relieved by 4th Royal Fusiliers after a normal tour of Duty. Casualties:- 2nd Lieut R.K. TEASDALE wounded on 23rd, O.R. 4 wounded. After relief the Battalion marched back to billets at LOCRE.  
12.45pm 26th April 'B' Company moved up to occupy a portion of KEMMEL DEFENCES as a neuclus [? nucleus ?] garrison. The remainder of the Battalion moved back to rest billets near METEREN.  
27th April 1916 Draft of 5 O.R. arrived.  
1.30am 30th April Orders were received for the Battalion to move up and occupy a portion of KEMMEL DEFENCES, as the enemy were attacking, with gas, our trenches to the EAST of KEMMEL.
The Battalion turned out and marched as far as BAILLEUL, when an order was received to march back to billets as the attack had been repulsed.
9294, 9295    


May 1916
1st - 10th May Battalion remained in Rest billets near METEREN, carrying out training.
A draft of 29 O.R. joined from England on the 8th.
9.30am 11th May The Battalion marched to LOCRE, and occupied huts near that village.  
16th May The Battalion held sports for the men and a concert in the evening, both being very successful.  
17th May Captain V. MERIVALE joined from England  
18th May 2nd Lieut. (Temporary Captain) E. FENWICKE-CLENNEL struck off the strength on reporting sick in England (on leave).  
12 noon 19th May The Battalion marched to billets between METEREN and BAILLEUL.  
22nd May Draft of 17 O.R. arrived from England.  
2.30pm 24th May The Battalion march to LOCRE and reoccupied huts, as Divisional Reserve.  
26th May Lieut. P.T.DUFFIELD joined as Transport Officer.  
8.15pm 28th May The Battalion relieved 6th N.F in trenches H-2 to K-1 (the same trenches occupied by Battalion during April.
2nd Lieutenants R.S.MEARNS, A.G. STRAKER and V.I.GREY joined from England
30th May 2nd Lieut A.N. FAULL; A.E. BRAUND; W.T.WOODWARD joined from England  
31st May Battalion still in trenches and having a comparatively quiet time. Casualties from 28th to 31st:- Officers, Nil. O.R. 1 killed, 6 wounded.  
9296, 9297    


June 1916
1st June The Battalion was relieved in trenches by 6th N.F. and took up positions in Brigade Reserve (2 companies at N.15.a.2.1. and 2 companies at N.16.a.2.8. (sheet 28) 1 O.R. wounded on this date.  
2nd June 2/Lt. S.P. BROOKE-BOOTH rejoined from England.  
5th June The Battalion again relieved 6th N.F. in trenches H-2 to K-1.  
6th June 2nd Lieut W.J. WOODWARD wounded, 2nd Lieut F. HARE to hospital.  
9th June The Battalion was relieved by 6th N.F. and moved back to LOCRE as Divisional Reserve. Casualties during above period 2/Lt. W.J. WOODWARD wounded, 6 O.R. wounded.
A draft of 34 O.R. joined from England on this date.
11th June Captain H. LIDDLE to hospital (injured), 2/Lt L.C. BARNES to hospital  
13th June 2/Lt.  H.A.L. BERRY joined from England.  
10pm [13th ?]  June The Battalion again relieved the 6th N.F. in trenches H-2 to K-1.  
10pm 17th June The Battalion was relieved by 6th N.F. and moved to Brigade Reserve positions. Casualties during above period, Killed O.R. 4; wounded O.R. 9.  
18th June A draft of 78 O.R. joined the Battalion. One O.R. wounded.  
10pm 21st June The Battalion relieved  6th N.F. in trenches H-2 to K-1  
22nd June A quiet day in the trenches.  
23rd June  [ditto]   
24th -25th June Enemy very active with trench mortars and large minenwerfer. He did a considerable amount of damage to  H-2 and H-3 trenches and we suffered several casualties. Killed: 2/Lt. H.V CHARLTON, 1 O.R.; wounded 2/Lt. A.E. BRAUND, 2/Lt. R.K. SMITH (shock), 11 O.R.  
10pm 25th June The Battalion was relieved by 6th N.F. and moved back to LOCRE in Divisional Reserve.  
26th June Lieut. W.J. DAVIS rejoined from England.  
29th June The Battalion moved to the same trenches (H-2 to K-1) relieving 6th N.F. 2/Lt. A.D. ADAMS rejoined from England. Captain V. MERIVALE to hospital. 22 O.R. joined the Battalion.  
30th June We again got a great deal of annoyance from large Minenwarfer and trench mortars, which did a lot of damage to H-2 trench. Casualties on this date: Killed:- Lieut W.J. DAVIS, LIEUT G BURNETT, and 3 O.R.  Wounded 8 O.R., 2/Lt H.A.L. BERRY to hospital.  
9298, 9299, 9300    


July 1916
1st July Near KEMMEL
 Trenches H-2 to K-1
A quieter day than yesterday, but enemy's trench mortars still too active. At 10.30am, the enemy again started with his big minenwerfer, and the artillery were asked for retaliation with the 12" howitzers. This stopped the nuisance, and the remainder of the morning was quiet.  
5.15pm 1st July The big minenwerfer again stared, and enemy also shelled K-1-A Trench with small howitzers. 2/Lt A.V.I DALE who commanded this trench was badly wounded in the thigh with a large splinter of shell, and died a few minutes after. The artillery were asked to retaliate with 12" howitzer but said they were unable to do so. Brigade retaliation was then asked for, but by the time the artillery Brigade was ready to give this the situation was quiet so they did not fire.  
8pm 1st July Enemy's big minenwerfer and trench mortars again very active, and the artillery Brigade were again asked for Brigade retaliation. On this occasion a long argument over the telephone occurred, about a map reference, and by the time the point was settled it was again too late for fire. 3 O.R. were wounded this day.  
10pm 1st July 'C' Company moved from TURNERS TOWN DUGOUTS, half the company taking over K-2, K-2-A and K-2-B trenches from 4th N.F. The remainder of the company going back to SANDBAG VILLA.
At the same time 7th Northamptonshire Regiment took over following trenches on our right;- H-2, H-3, J-1, J-2, and J-3-EXTENSION as far as J-3-RIGHT.
On relief from above trenches 'B' Company moved to TURNERS TOWN DUGOUTS. These reliefs were completed by 11.45pm.
10am 2nd July The commanding officer and officers of 5th Yorkshire Regiment arrived to look around trenches previous to taking over.  
10.30am 2nd July The G.S.O.I. of our Division arrived and promised that we should get more effective artillery retaliation.  
5pm 2nd July The enemy started again with large minenwerfer and trench mortars, this time the retaliation by our artillery was prompt and very effective, as the 12" howitzers, 4.5 howitzers and field guns were soon going. The enemy was quickly subdued and the remainder of the evening and night was quiet. O.R.- 1 killed, 2 wounded.  
12mn 2nd July The 7th Northamptonshire Regiment took over S.P. 12 and TURNERS TOWN RIGHT and 'B' company moved to TURNERS TOWN LEFT.  
3rd July The pounding the enemy got last night seems to have done him a lot of good. Not a single shell of trench mortar bomb has come near our trenches today.  
10pm 3rd July The 5th Yorks arrived to take over our trenches.  
12.30am 4th July Relief completed and the Battalion marched back to camp North of LA CLYTTE (N.1.a.3.3. Sheet 28)  
5th to 9th July The Battalion remained in camp at above place, and furnished working parties each night for work in area of 151st Infantry Brigade. One man of working party was killed, on the night of the 5th and two men wounded on the night of the 9th.  
10.30am 10th July The Battalion moved to camp at (M.18.d.9.0. sheet 28), handing over camp near LA CLYTTE to 4th N.F. 150 men of 'A' and 'D' companies were left behind attached to 4th N.F. for work under Divisional Signaling Officer.
Captain E. FENWICK- CLENNEL rejoined.
11th to 12th July The Battalion remained in camp at (M.18.d.9.0 sheet 28)  
10.30am. 13th July The Battalion relieved 6th N.F. in huts and bivouac at KEMMEL SHELTERS. The 150 men of 'A' & 'D' companies that had been attached to 4th N.F. rejoined the battalion.  
7pm 15th July The Brigade relieved the 151st Brigade in trenches M-1 to O.4 (South of St ELOI). the Battalion moved to RIDGEWOOD (square N.5. sheet 28) in Brigade Reserve, relieving the 9th D.L.I.
A draft of 4 O.R. was received this day, and Lieut DUFFIELD was evacuated sick.
16th July A draft of 158 or belonging to 4th N.F., 35th N.F. and 6th N.F. arrived to join the battalion.  
4pm 21st July The Brigade being relieved by the 6th Canadian Infantry Brigade, the Battalion marched from RIDGEWOOD to DRANOUTRE, where it was billeted. During the time the battalion had been in RIDGE WOOD, strong working parties had been found for work on new support line. 3. O.R. were killed and 13 wounded on these working parties during this period.  
8pm 22nd July The battalion relieved 12th King's (Liverpool) Regt. in trenches near WULVERGHEM. 'A' company occupied trenches 141 and 142 'C' company C-2 and C-3, while 'B' and 'D' Companies were in support in dug-outs each side of the WULVERGHEM-MESSINES ROAD, just in front of WULVERGHEM. Bn. H.Q. at T.5.d.9.2. (sheet 28)  
2am 23rd July One of our batteries (believed to be at 4.5 Howitzer battery) dropped 8 rounds in or near 142 trench. Fortunately most of the rounds were blind, but one man was seriously wounded. The matter was reported to O.C. Group of Artillery but the offending battery cannot be traced.  
10.15pm 23rd July A party of 8 or 9 of the enemy made a bombing raid on one of our listening posts in front of 141 trench. Our bombers, who were in the post, opened with bombs and rapid fire and the raiding party retired after throwing several bombs which did no harm.  
24th -25th July The battalion remained in the same trenches, having a very quiet and uneventful time.  
8pm 26th July Owning to the 108th Infantry Brigade extending to their left, the following reliefs took place:- 9th R.I. Fusiliers relived 'A' company in trenches 141, 142, and C-2, and also took our Bn. H.Q. and relieved 'B' company in support south of WOLVERGHEM-MESSINES ROAD.
½ 'C' company moved from C-2, and relieved 4th N.F. in C-4.
'B' company relieved 4th N.F. in trenches D1 and D2.
'D' company moved from FORBES TERRACE (support position N of WULVERGHEM- MESSINES ROAD), and relieved 4th N.F. in S-P-4, SOUVENIR FARM and PETAWAWA FARM.
'A' company moved back to FORBES TERRACE. Bn H.Q. moved back to ST. QUENTINS CABARET.
27th July A quiet, uneventful day.  
9.30pm 28th July The battalion was relieved by 6th N.F. and moved back to billets and huts at DRANOUTRE in Divisional Reserve. casualties during above tour in trenches ;- O.R. 6 wounded.  
29th - 31st July The battalion remains at DRANOUTRE, carrying out training.  


August 1916
1st -2nd August DRANOUTRE The battalion remained at DRANOUTRE carrying out training.  
8pm 3rd August The battalion relieved 6th N.F. in trenches C-3 to D-2
2/Lt. E.W. STILES rejoined from 149 T.M. Battery.
3.50pm 4th August The enemy opened on our front trenches with light and heavy trench mortars, and continued at intervals until 7.30pm, He made poor shooting and did little damage.  
3.30pm 5th August Our Divisional and Corps Artillery carried out a shoot on enemy's lines opposite our trenches. Enemy retaliated with trench mortars but did not do any damage to trenches, but 2/Lt L.C. BARNES was severely wounded.  
9.50pm 5th August The Battalion was relieved by 9th Royal Irish Rifles. Companies on relief marched to rendezvous at NEUVE EGLISE, and from there Battalion marched to billets near METEREN.
Casualties during about 2 days in trenches:- 2/Lt L.C. BARNES wounded, O.R. 1 killed, 3 wounded.
6th August METEREN A draft of 14 O.R. joined the battalion.  
7th August METEREN 2/Lt A.S.K. WEBB joined from England.
2/Lt J.A. OWEN from hospital.
8th to 9th August METEREN The Battalion remained in billets at METEREN.  
10th August The battalion marched to BAILLEUL and entrained transport at 6.30pm and remainder of battalion at 8pm  
2.30am 11th August DOULLENS The battalion disentrained and marched to CANDAS where it was billeted in the village.  
11th to 14th August The battalion remained at CANDAS, carrying out training. Lt. J.W. MERIVALE rejoined from England on the 13th August.  
6am 15th August The brigade marched NAOURS, and was billeted in the village.  
9am 16th August The brigade marched to MIRVAUX and the battalion was billeted in the village.  
5.30am 17th August The brigade marched to HENENCOURT WOOD1 and camped there. The 50th Division is now in Corps Reserve to 3rd Corps. 1. Squares V.21,  V.26, & V.26 squared map 57 D.
18th to 31st August HENENCOURT The battalion remained in camp near HENENCOURT WOOD, carrying out Battalion and Brigade Training.
On 27th a draft of 33 O.R. joined from the Base.
On 29th Lieut. J.A.J. Owen rejoined from hospital.
9335, 9336, 9337    


September 1916
1st to 9th September The Battalion remained in camp at HENENCOURT WOOD carrying out Battalion, Brigade and Divisional Training.  
7th September 2/Lieut. W.J. WOODWARD rejoined battalion from England.  
5am 10th September The Battalion marched to QUADRANGLE TRENCH in X.22.B. AND X.22.d (WEST of MAMETZ WOOD) arriving there at 9.30am
11th to 13th September The Battalion remained in QUADRANGLE TRENCH finding strong working parties each night for work in the forward Area.  
9am 14th September QUADRANGLE TRENCH Orders were received for the Battalion to take part in an attack on the following day, and the day was spent in issuing ammunition, bombs etc., and making all other preparations. The operation orders and sketch are attached1 1 Appendix I.
9pm 14th September, S.3.a. (Sheet 57.D.S.E.) The Battalion moved forward to assembly trenches which had been dug in front of CLARK'S TRENCH in S.3.A. (Sheet 57.D.S.E.). The enemy was directing a certain amount of shell fire about these assembly trenches but we only had one man wounded during the night  
6.10am 15th September Two of our "Tanks" were seen coming up from behind and went forward over our assembly trenches which they crossed at 6.18am. The enemy saw them and at once sent up a number of red rockets which burst into two red stars (evidently an S.O.S. signal). These tanks alarmed the enemy before our infantry attack was timed to commence, but the enemy's artillery was slow to respond to the rocket signals, and our men got away before a heavy fire was opened on them. It was reported that when the tanks first appeared, a number of the enemy left their trenches and ran to the rear.  
6.20am 15th September Our first two lines got away well to time and advanced in splendid order under our barrage.
They rushed the first objective with few casualties and found themselves in touch with the 4th East Yorks on their left and the 4th North'd Fusiliers on their right. Consolidation of this position was at once commenced. A large number of German dead and wounded were found in this trench but very few unwounded prisoners were taken.
At 6.25am "B" Company of 6th North'd Fusiliers (who were in support) moved up to CLARKE'S TRENCH and came under orders of O.C. 7th North'd Fusiliers.
No messages were received from our O.C. Companies until 7.40am ,when a telephone message was sent from the 149th Infantry Brigade saying that they had received a message from O.C. "C" Company to the effect that he was in the first objective.
At 8am a message was received from 'A' Company saying they had gained their first objective. These messages arrived too late to be of any value as the orderlies lost their way.
However, it could be seen from Battalion Headquarters that the first objective had been gained.
7.18am 15th September 'B' Company 6th North'd Fusiliers moved forward to 1st objective and were replaced by another company of the 6th North'd Fusiliers from the rear.
At the same time, four lines of our Battalion advanced towards the second objective, and almost immediately a certain amount of confusion arose. The attack on HIGH WOOD on our right had failed and from their commanding position in the NORTH of this wood, the enemy directed a very heavy machine gun fire on the 4th North'd Fusiliers, and on our right flank. This to a certain extent broke up our orderly lines and our right lost touch with the 4th North'd Fusiliers.
The troop were advancing on compass bearings as our second and third objectives were in a valley and nothing beyond the first objective could be seen in our own assembly trenches. It was impossible, therefore, to give distant objectives to march on. Before reaching the second objective our lines had to halt as our barrage was holding them up.
Three captains who were present at this time state that our artillery did not work to programme and were not lifting fast enough. Several attempts were made to get forward but we lost so heavily from our own barrage that the remainder of the Battalion were forced to wait until it lifted.
We should have reached our second objective at 7.25am but it was 8.35am before we could move forward. All officers are confident that it was our own barrage that held us up, but it is possible that they were mistaken and that the enemy had laid down a heavy barrage on this line.
8.15am 15th September As no information could be got from the front, 2/Lieut. J.ROBINSON was sent forward to try to gain
some idea of the situation. He had just reached our forward troops waiting under the barrage when he was severely wounded by one of our shells, so could not get back with the information.
8.30am 15th September The remainder of the Battalion moved forward to the sunken road SOUTH of BOW TRENCH (M.33.d) where they captured about 30 men of a MINEN WERFER battery and killed several others.
Captain G.F.BALL was wounded (broken ankle) just as this point was reached.
Two eleven inch, one seven inch and one two inch MINEN WERFERS were captured at this point.
Captain V. MERIVALE, who was the senior officer with the party who reached SUNKEN ROAD, found he had another four officers and about 40 men with him and he could not see any of our troops on either flank ..he therefore decided to consolidate this position and hang on as he was not strong enough
to carry out the attack on the third objective. The men started digging and eventually established a strong line at this point.
9.30am 15th  September A verbal message was received from O.C. 4th North'd Fusiliers, saying that as the attack on HIGH WOOD had failed, his right flank was in danger and asked if we could spare and men to enable him to form a defensive flank. The company of 6th North'd Fusiliers in CLARKE'S TRENCH was sent to
him and Brigade was asked to send further reinforcements to us.
A company of 5th North'd Fusiliers was promised.
10am 15th  September A message was received from Captain V. MERIVALE giving the situation at SUNKEN ROAD as described above, and asking for reinforcements2 a reply3 was sent saying that reinforcement would be sent as soon as received, and ordering him to try to push forward when they reached him. 2 Appendix II
3 Appendix III
11am 15th September 'A' Company, 5th North'd Fusiliers, arrived in CLARKE'S TRENCH  
11.10am 15th September 'A' Company, 5th North'd Fusiliers, was ordered to go forward to first objective and relieve B Company of 6th Northumberland Fusiliers. At the same time orders were sent to B Company 6th North'd Fusiliers to go forward and reinforce Captain V. MERIVALE in SUNKEN ROAD.4 4Appendix IV
11.40am 15th September The O.C. 'A' Company, 5th North'd Fusiliers, returned and stated that he was ordered to send along to left and right along first objective to see if he could find this company. (sic - no ref for appendix V)
1.30pm 15th September Another message was received from Captain V. MERIVALE giving the situation in SUNKEN ROAD5
By this time he had collected about 100 men and 3 Lewis Guns but could find nobody on his flanks. A reply6 was was sent to him giving instructions regarding his future actions.
5Appendix VI
6Appendix VII
2.10pm 15th September Another report was received from O.C. 'A' Company 5th North'd Fusiliers that he could not find the company of the 6th North'd Fusiliers who should have been in the first objective. This company of 6th North'd Fusiliers, did not again come under our control, but later in the day a report was received from Adjutant of 6th North'd Fusiliers, saying that he had received information that they had gone forward to the second objective. This company had no orders to go forward and by doing so prevented us from sending reinforcements to our men in SUNKEN ROAD, the company of 5th North'd Fusiliers could not be sent as no other troops were in hand to from a defensive line in the event of the enemy counter-attacking.  
2.30pm 15th September Captain E.C. FENWICKE-CLENNELL arrived back from SUNKEN ROAD to report on the situation and get instructions. He stated that none of our messages had reached Captain V. MERIVALE so our messengers must have been killed or wounded . After getting instructions he returned to SUNKEN ROAD.  
4.45pm 15th September The C.O. of the 9th Bn. Durham Light Infantry arrived at Battalion Headquarters with the information that he was under orders of our Brigadier and was to make an attack on the third objective (on the front previously allotted to this Battalion) at 6pm.  
4.55pm 15th September Orders were sent to Captain V.MERIVALE to co-operate in this attack7 7Appendix VIII
5.40pm 15th September Orders were received by 9th D.L.I. that the attack was postponed until 7.30pm.  
6.40pm 15th September A message was received from O.C. 'C' Company that the enemy were sending large numbers of men forward to PRUE TRENCH and he expected a  counter-attack. This information was sent on to the Brigade who informed our artillery. No counter attack was made by the enemy who must have suffered
heavily in our barrage. The attack by 9th D.L.I. was later again postponed, and eventually to attack at 9.30pm (on the right, 9th D.L.I.; centre, 6th D.L.I.; centre, 5th Border Regt. [sic]).
Very little time was allowed these battalions to get into assembly positions and nobody of the battalions knew anything of the ground. The attack was not a success.
On our portion of the front a number (estimated at about 200) of the 6th D.L.I. and 5th Border Regiment managed to get beyond our party in SUNKEN ROAD and were not far from the third objective where they commenced to dig in. They only remained there for a few minutes and then
retired through our party in SUNKEN ROAD. who were again left without any support.
1am 16th September The Adjutant took forward a carrying party of the 5th North'd Fusiliers with water, bombs, S.A.A. and 'VERY' Lights for the party in SUNKEN ROAD.
When he reached there Captain V. MERIVALE made a report that just after dark he had gained touch with 4th East Yorks on his left, but this battalion was just changing position.
A Major of 4th East Yorks promised to regain touch as soon as he reached new positions but this was not done.
Captain V. MERIVALE was unable to get in touch with any formed body of troops on his right. Captain G.F.BALL and 2 O.R. wounded were brought back by this party.
9am 16th September Battalion H.Q. and such stragglers as could be collected moved back to CHALK ROAD near BAZENTIN-LE-PETIT.  
4pm 16th  September Battalion H.Q. and details moved back to trench SOUTH of MAMETZ WOOD, as orders had been received for the Brigade to be relieved and go into Divisional Reserve.  
8pm 16th  September Captain V.MERIVALE'S party were relieved by 6th Bn. Durham Light Infantry, and moved back rejoining the Battalion near MAMETZ WOOD about midnight.

Our casualties during 15th and 16th September:
Killed: Captain  J.W. MERIVALE
  2/Lieut  J.I. GREY
  2/Lieut A. STROUD
Wounded Captain G.F. BALL
  2/Lieut A.N. SMITH
  2/Lieut J. ROBINSON
  2/Lieut R.D. CRAWFORD (Shock)
  2/Lieut R.P. CAMPBELL
  2/Lieut E.R. BRAIN

Captain E.C.FENWICK-CLENNELL and 2/Lieut F. BUCKLEY were slightly wounded but remained on duty

16th September Reinforcement 9 other ranks joined Battalion  
17th September The day was spent in re-organizing and re-equipping. Messages of congratulations on the work of the Brigade on the 15th and 16th were received from the Corps, Division and Brigade Commanders.*  *Appendix IX
18th - 19th September The Battalion remained at MAMETZ WOOD  
19th September Reinforcements of 50 O.R. joined Battalion.  
2pm 20th September The Battalion moved to CLARKES TRENCH (see sketch attached to operational orders)  
7.30pm 20th September The Battalion moved to front trenches. A and D companies were in a new trench running from M.33.b.6.2 to M.34.d.5.3. B Company was in the sunken road at M.33.c and M.33.d and C Company in reserve in HOOK TRENCH in S.3.b  
21st September Companies in the front line reported that they could see no signs of the enemy except that his flare lights seemed to be a considerable distance away. From this it was suspected that the enemy had retired from STARFISH LINE and PRUE TRENCH. (The portions of these trenches to the west of CRESCENT ALLEY were already occupied by the 8th Yorks, 69th Brigade)  
8.30pm 21st September The 4th North'd Fusiliers were ordered to push out strong patrols to STARFISH LINE to ascertain whether it was occupied by the enemy. The patrols reported that the trench was unoccupied by the enemy and the 4th and 5th North'd Fusiliers occupied it.  
21st September Reinforcement 45 O.R. joined Battalion.  
2am 22nd September Battalion HQ moved from CLARKE'S TRENCH to the SUNKEN ROAD in M.33.d. The Battalion Bombing Officer and 20 bombers of the Battalion moved forward from this sunken road
up CRESCENT ALLEY and got in touch with the 8th Yorks in both STARFISH LINE and PRUE TRENCH. At the same time patrols were sent out from STARFISH LINE, EAST of CRECENT
ALLEY, by 4th and 5th North'd Fusiliers who found PRUE TRENCH unoccupied. It was then garrisoned by 4th and 5th North'd Fusiliers.
4am 22nd September 6th North'd Fusiliers arrived at SUNKEN ROAD and were sent forward to garrison STARFISH LINE to the EAST of CRESCENT ALLEY
1pm 22nd September Battalion H.Q. moved back to its old position in CLARKES TRENCH: nothing important occurred during remainder of the day.  
9pm 23rd September    
  B Company was relieved in SUNKEN ROAD by a company of 5th Yorks and moved back to O.G. Line between BAZENTIN-LE-PETIT WOOD and MAMETZ WOOD.  
23rd September Reinforcement 68 other ranks joined Battalion.
2/Lieut J.A.J. OWEN to hospital sick.
4am 24th September The remainder of the Battalion was relieved by 4th Yorks Regt. and moved back to positions occupied by B Company.  
2pm 24th September The Battalion moved back to reserve positions S.W. of MAMETZ WOOD.  
24th to 29th September The battalion remained in positions S.W. of MAMETZ WOOD finding strong working parties each day.
On the 26th a draft of [?] O.R. joined
On the 27th Major N.I. Wright left to take over command of 5th N.F.
4pm 29th September [re-check]  
30th September S.W. MAMETZ WOOD The Battalion remained in O.G. Line. Casualties from 17th to 30th inclusive: Killed 3 O.R., Wounded 10 O.R.
The Battalion moved in the evening to the O.G.LINE (S.13.b.4.4.). The officers bivouacked
9358 - 9374, also 9449    


October 1916
1st October  O.G.LINE At 10am, the Brigade being placed in support to the 151 Brigade, the Battalion was moved up and took up the following positions: PRUE TRENCH (2 companies), STARFISH LINE (1 company), TYNE STREET (1 company) from RUTHERFORD ALLEY to CRESCENT ALLEY.
The 5th N.F. were attached to the 151 Brigade, which at 3.15pm attacked the FLERS LINE, with the 47th Division on their right and the 23rd Division on the Left.
The attack in the centre being successful, the Battalion at 6.30pm was moved up in a position in close support, 2 companies in the FLERS SWITCH and 2 companies in SPENCE TRENCH.
2nd October FLERS LINE At 10am the Battalion was moved back in small parties to its original positions in support (PRUE TRENCH etc.) where, reinforcing its supply of bombs and water it remained until 6.30pm,
when it was again moved up to relieve the 6th and 9th D.L.I. in the FLERS LINE, two companies to be in the front line and two in support.
The bombing posts and Lewis gun positions were relieved during day light.
The relief was effected under the greatest difficulties owing to the very bad conditions of the C.T.s.
On arrival it was found that there was not sufficient room for the companies in the front line allotted to us, so we were required to take one company back to the NORTH DURHAM TRENCH, just behind support.
Owing to the 47th Division failing to hold their objective our right flank was exposed.
This flank was [..?..] with strong bombing posts and Lewis guns.
During the night our front line and support were continuously shelled with 4.9in. Very few rifle bullets came over.
3rd October FLERS LINE Just before daybreak a party of the enemy (about 14 in total) approaches our bombing block and surrendered to our bombing post. They gave us the reason for their surrender a great shortage of water.
Periodically through the day prisoners dribbled in, our total number when relieved that night amounting to 38.
3.30pm 3rd October At 3.30pm, the 47th Division on our right, having good reason to believe that EAUCOURT L'ABBAYE had been evacuated by the enemy, went forward and occupied that village unsupported by an artillery barrage and with very few casualties and no resistance; our right flank was thus in trench with that Division. The 23rd Division (10th Northumberland Fusiliers) relieved us that night and the Battalion was withdrawn to S.W. MAMETZ WOOD again.
Casualties from 1st to 3rd October were:
2/Lieut. A.G.STRAKER - killed
2/Lieut. G.H.MOUATT -wounded
10 O.R. Killed and 12 O.R. wounded
4th October S.W. MAMETZ WOOD The Battalion left for billets in ALBERT.  
4/5th October ALBERT At 10am the 5th the Battalion marched to MILLENCOURT  
5th October MILLENCOURT Reinforcements of 30 O.R. joined up.  
5th/14th October MILLENCOURT The Battalion carried out Battalion and Brigade training.  
7th October MILLENCOURT 2/Lieut. J. UNSWORT to hospital. Major N.I. WRIGHT rejoined from his temporary command of 5th N.F.  
11th October MILLENCOURT Reinforcement of 76 O.R. joined us.  
12th October MILLENCOURT 2/Lieut J.I.STUART to hospital  
14th October MILLENCOURT Battalion moved to ALBERT to relieve 5th N.F. on road work.  
15th/18th October ALBERT Supplied strong working parties daily on huts at BECOURT  
15th October Reinforcements of 18 O.R joined  
16th October Reinforcements of 57 O.R. joined  
17th October 2/Lieut A.D. ADAMS to hospital  
19th October MILLENCOURT Battalion moved back to MILLENCOURT and started Battalion training.  
20th October MILLENCOURT Captain JOHNSON to hospital  
21st October MILLENCOURT Training at MILLENCOURT  
22nd October MILLENCOURT Reinforcements of 3 O.R. joined  
23rd October ALBERT Battalion moved back into ALBERT  
24th October Battalion moved to bivouac near High Wood. Capt. BROOKE-BOOTH and 2/Lt. J.B. ANNETT to hospital.  
25th October In Bivouac at at High Wood. 2/Lt STUART returned from hospital  
26th October In Bivouac at High Wood. Wounded (S.S.) 10 O.R.  
27th October Battalion moved up into support occupying COUGH DROP, DROP ALLEY, and FLERS LINE. Trenches very wet and muddy.
28th October Lieut. NIXON, 2nd Lieuts FISHER, BROWN F.A., DONALDSON, MOFFITT, GLIDDON, ROBSON, LANT joined for duty.  
29th October 2/Lt STUART to hospital  
30th October 2/Lt. MOFITT to hospital  
31st October Relieved 4th N.F. in front line. SNAG and ABBAYE Trenches, very wet, C.T.s nearly impassable.  
9449, 9450, 9451    


November 1916
1st November SNAG TRENCH Snag trench held by A and D Coys, 100 yds on each side of Pioneer Alley, with half of C Coy. in Abbaye Trench. Remainder of C and whole of B Coys in Flers Line. Conditions very bad, mud and water waist deep in places.  
2nd November FLERS LINE Relieved by 5th N.F returned to Flers Line near Drop Alley with Batn. H.Q. at Cough Drop.  
3rd November HIGH WOOD Relieved by Borders, moved back to bivouacs near High Wood now in Brigade Reserve. 2/Lt H.J. Clarke joined for duty.  
4th November Resting at High Wood, men very tired and many had bad feet.  
5th November Attack by 151 Bde on Butte and Gird Line. The Batn. "stood by" but did not move. We received word that our men had been seen going over the Butte and that a position had been taken up on the Bapaume Rd. beyond the Butte. Late on the 5th we received news that they had been obliged to withdraw. 2/Lt. A.N Faull to hospital.  
6th November HIGH WOOD 4am 2/Lt. SHANLEY took a party of 100 men to bear stretchers. 2/Lt YOUNG took out a further party of 50 men at mid-day. 100 were withdrawn at midnight, and the remaining 50 worked all night under 2/Lt YOUNG. The field Ambulance complemented the Batn. on the excellent work done in getting casualties to the rear under fire. 3 men killed and 9 wounded. The remainder of the Batn. were working all day for Engineers on Roads etc. in pouring rain.
Capt. PETERS, H.R. to hospital.
7th November Work of stretcher bearing continued and every available man was working under Engineers on roads etc.  
8th November Resting at High Wood.  
6pm 9th November PRUE and STARFISH Relieved 5th N.F in PRUE and STARFISH line, a bright moonlight night, one casualty from shellfire near High Wood.  
10th November PRUE & STARFISH A really fine day! A working party of 20 men went out at 4.30am to carry for Engineers. 20 men per Coy helped Pioneers to construct dug-outs.  
11th November FLERS LINE Relieved 5th Durhams in Flers Line & Switch in the left sector, relief was carried out by small parties. During afternoon mist stopped all observation. Now in support. A few casualties during the night in the Switch during the night from shell fire.  
12th November FLERS LINE Lt. NIXON and 2/Lt BROWN F.A. wounded on the way to reconnoiter front line.
A working party of 50 per Coy. went over open via PIMPLE C.T. to dig assembly trenches. Completed before dawn.
13th November FLERS LINE At 7am preliminary orders were received from Brigade for an attack on GIRD LINE and HOOK SAP. At 1.30pm the Commanding officer had a meeting of Coy. Commanders at Bn. H.Q. and explained the scheme as far as possible. 2/Lt. Miller was sent to reconnoitre the "jumping off trench". About 7.30pm operation orders were received from Brigade. The Commanding officer held another meeting of Coy. Commanders at which he gave final orders. The attack was to be carried out by A & B Coys under 2/Lt Lawson and 2/Lt O'Daly. 'B' on the right. 'A' on the left. to advance in 2 waves. 'C' Company was detailed as carrying parties, 2 platoons to go forward with the attack and 2 platoons to remain in ABBAYE TRENCH. 'D' Company in support to occupy SNAG TRENCH immediately the attack commenced.
The object of the attack was to capture the high ground overlooking the BUTTE and to establish strong points on the left flank.
The Batn. moved from Flers Line at mid-night and was in position by the next morning. Bn. HQ moved up to HEXHAM ROAD, which were shared with the 5th NF who were attacking on our right.
14th November SNAG TRENCH Zero time was 6.45am. 4 minutes before zero the enemy opened an intermittent rifle fire on our right, which gave the impression that he had detected movement. Troops went forward punctually and only the 4th wave encountered enemy barrage before reaching SNAG TRENCH. The first 3 waves met the same barrage almost immediately after leaving Snag trench and casualties were caused. They pushed straight on and were lost in the mist.  
7.45am 14th November Wounded began to arrive and were all satisfied they had been successful and had got into the enemy trench.
9am 14th November 2/Lt WOODS holding Snag Trench reports that he can see our men in HOOK SAP  
9.30am 14th November Sgt. Dryden, returned wounded, speaks to having crossed HOOK TRENCH and to having seen men working to the left to establish post No.6. He also saw men working up HOOK SAP, and saw a "good few" men under 2/Lt LAWSON going towards the GIRD TRENCH, but almost immediately he saw 2/Lt LAWSON fall.  
9.45am 14th November Capt. MORRIS reports that a returned wounded man tells of his machine gun being in position in post No.7 and the same time 2/Lt Woods reported that he can hear it firing.  
10am 14th November SNAG TRENCH Wounded report that hand to hand fighting is going on on our left, presumably in GIRD TRENCH. Sap commenced from SNAG TRENCH to HOOK SAP.  
10.30am 14th November Wounded report that we have been counter attacked on our left and have beaten back the enemy.  
11.30am 14th November 2/Lt. BENSON, 4th N.F. reports that he is unable to continue digging sap from top of PIONEER ALLEY to HOOK SAP, owing to machine gun fire and sniping.  
2.45pm 14th November Word received from 2/Lt WOODS that machine gun in post No.7 had not been heard firing for some time. No further word was received and shortly afterwards G.O.C. 149th Brigade arrived.

Conclusion:- That we occupied posts 4, 6 and 7 and probably also 5, that post 5 and neighbouring part of Grid Trench was counter attacked by the enemy. This attack was repulsed- That later an attack was made on the same position from both flanks and succeeded and that HOOK SAP was then rushed and taken. That the whole of our position was then surrounded and taken even the machine gun in post No. 7. During the whole day it was impossible for runners to cross from SNAG to HOOK SAP owing to machine gun fire and sniping, the mist also prevented observation.
5pm 14th November  SNAG TRENCH Verbal orders were received from G.O.C. 149 Brigade to organise an attack for 6.30pm on the original objective of the morning so as to clear up the situation. O.C 7th N.F. at once proceeded up PIONEER ALLEY towards the first line, but could not get up for a very heavy barrage. Written orders were sent up to 2/Lt. WOODS but did not reach him till 7.15pm.
As no information was received from the front line, both sections of snag trench were placed under the command of O.C. 7th N.F.
The right sector was placed under charge of Major WRIGHT, 5th N.F and the left under Lt. Col. GIBSON 4th N.F. with orders to send out strong bombing patrols, followed by two lines of skirmishers. These officers quickly reported that they met with very strong opposition. It was very bright moonlight and as soon as our men's heads appeared over the parapet the enemy put up S.O.S signals a very heavy barrage came down and heavy machine gun and rifle fire was opened, showing that the enemy was now occupying HOOK TRENCH in force.
Our first wave was recalled and the 2nd wave was not allowed to leave the trench. Orders were then given to hold original line in Snag Trench.
On the extreme right about 30 of our men together with about 60 of the 5th N.F. captured 120 yards of GIRD TRENCH in the morning, this news came back by a pigeon which was carried over by a man of the 7th NF a block was formed on the left flank and this was maintained till we were relived by 150 Brigade, although the enemy made 2 or 3 bombing attacks.
15th November FLERS SWITCH Batn. was relieved by 4th Yorks at 10pm and moved back to FLERS SWITCH (right). At 9.30pm a heavy shell dropped on headquarters at HEXAM ROAD, causing 11 casualties, 4 being 7th N.F men. 2/Lt's SWINNEY and OUTHWAITE rejoined the battalion at Flers Switch.  
16th November PRUE & STARFISH At 1pm the Batn. moved back to PRUE & STARFISH LINE, where there was good accommodation.  
17th  November Resting, hard frost and sunshine.  
18th  November ALBERT Snow. The Batn. move at 9am to Bazentin and entrained for ALBERT, getting into billets about 3pm.  
19th November ALBERT
During the period 13/11/16 to 19/11/16, the Battalion suffered the following casualties:-
OFFICERS: 2/Lt's O'DALY D.R.D and WOODS L.H.F. killed
  2/Lt's LAWSON E.G. and DONALDSON D.C. wounded and missing
  2/Lt ROBSON N.S. wounded, 2/Lt's YOUNG, SOWERBY and CLARKE wounded
OTHER RANKS: Killed 19
  Wounded 95
  Wounded Shell Shock 6
  Missing 103
Total 8 Officers, 227 O.R.
19th November ALBERT Cleaning up, Divine Service and Baths.
20th November Reorganizing companies and cleaning Billets  
22nd November 130 men on working parties, Town Major's fatigues etc.  
23rd November Training  
24th November Cleaning up, refitting, working parties, training Lewis Gunners and Bombers.  
25th November [ditto]  
26th November Divine Service  
27th November Working parties, 7 officers, 16 NCO's on gas course.  
28th  November [ditto]  
29th November [ditto]  
30th November 4 officers, 240 men on working parties.


December 1916
1st to 28th December The Battalion was in billets at Bresle carrying out Company, Battalion and Brigade Training and finding working parties.
Captain H.LIDDELL rejoined from England 5/12/16
2/Lieuts. D.L.YOUNG, C.R.STRIDE, A.P.STRONG joined for duty 9/12/16. Lieut & Qm. R.P.NEVILLE to hospital 18/12/16
1 O.R. sick in No. 5 C.C.S ALBERT Killed by shell fire 5/12/16

O.R 42 Joined 3/12/16
O.R 58 Joined 4/12/16
O.R 13 Joined 6/12/16
O.R 27 Joined 9/12/16
O.R 6 Joined 15/12/16
O.R 11 Joined 19/12/16
O.R 5 Joined 25/12/16
28th December The Battalion (less one officer and 60 O.R. draft at Brigade Training Camp.) marched to BECOURT CAMP and were billeted.  
29th December The Battalion marched to BAZENTIN-LE-PETIT, and were billeted.  
30/31st December The Battalion moved to trenches M.17.3 - M.18.1 and relived the 1st CAMERONS.  


January 1917
  NOTE:- 2/Lt J.M. AFFLECK joined for duty at BAIZIEUX Training Camp 30/12/16. Joined unit 3/1/17  
1st to 3rd January Battalion in front line less B. Coy at Mametz Wood. Relieved on the night of the 3rd by 6th N.F. and moved to FLERS RESERVE. Casualties during the above period 2/Lt. J.H. SWINNEY wounded 3/1/17 - O.R. 1 killed 2 wounded.  
4th to 7th January Battalion in support in FLERS RESERVE (M.29 central) Relieved by 4th YORKS on the night of the 7th and moved back to BAZENTIN-LE-PETIT.
NOTE:- Draft of 57 O.R. joined at BAIZIEUX 13/1/17. 2/Lt HARRIS W.E., joined unit 11/1/17
8th  to 15th January Remained at SITE 3 CAMP, BAZENTIN-LE-PETIT until 15/1/17 when Battalion less C Coy., which remained at MAMETZ wood, relieved 4th Yorks in front line.  
16th to 19th January Battalion in front line till 19/1/17 when relieved by 6 N.F. and moved into support at FLERS RESERVE. Casualties during above period O.R. 5 killed and 10 wounded.  
19th to 23rd January Battalion in FLERS RESERVE till relieved by 4th Yorks 23/1/17 and moved to BAZENTIN-LE-PETIT. Draft of 51 O.R. joined at BAIZIEUX 20/1/17. Draft of 56 O.R. joined BAIZIEUX 23/1/17. 2/Lt G.C. DAVIS rejoined at BAIZIEUX and rejoined unit 31/1/17. 2/Lt Prescott to hospital 22/1/17  
24th January Remained at Camp site 3 BAZENTIN-LE-PETIT.  
25th to 28th January Moved to billets at Albert [?] 25/1/17 and remained till 29/1/17  
29th January Moved to billets at DERNANCOURT  
29th to 31st January At DERNANCOURT training of drafts posted during month. 83 provided to Fourth Army Musketry School and balance joined unit 31/1/17.  


February 1917
1st to 7th February DERNANCOURT Carrying out Battalion and Company Training  
7th February Reinforcements of 11 O.R. joined  
8th February Moved by route march to MERICOURT sur SOMME  
9th February MERICOURT sur SOMME Rested  
10th February MERICOURT sur SOMME Moved by route march to FONTAINE les CAPPY  
11th February FONTAINE les CAPPY Rested
12th February FONTAINE les CAPPY Moved up into front line, A.B.C. Coys in front line, D Coy in support. We relieved the French 249th and 144th Regiments. Batn H.Q. at P.C. NANCY. Hard frost.  
13th February P.C. NANCY sheet 62c N.29.d Handed over sector north of ESTREES ROAD to 2nd Brigade 1st Division, 'C' Coy coming into reserve at P.C. BELFORT. A & B Coys extended south and took over from 5th North'd Fus. as far as top of LOFLER C.T.  
14th February 2/Lt G.H. WHITEHOUSE and 81 O.R. joined for duty.  
15th February 2/Lt R.T. THOMPSON joined for duty.  
16th February P.C. NANCY 'C' and 'D' Coys relieved 'A' and 'B' Coys in front line.  
17th February Thaw started and trenches began to be muddy. 2/Lt A.E. HOME joined for duty.  
18th February Trenches rather muddy.  
19th February Trenches wet and muddy  
20th February Relieved by 6th North'd Fus. On relief Batn. moved back into support at BELLOY. Trenches were very muddy and relief was not complete till 3.30am. Batn. took over from 5th N.F. at BELLOY. Casualties during 8 days O.R 4 killed, 1 wounded.  
21st - 28th BELLOY sheet 62c N.27.c Working and carrying parties.  
22nd February 14 O.R. joined for duty  
27th February Capt. J.H.C. SWINNEY M.C. joined for duty from hospital.  
28th February Relieved by 5th D.L.I. on relief moved back into Divisional Reserve at FOUCAUCOURT.
2/Lieuts G.M. COLQUHON; G.D. DOUCET; A. PATTERSON, joined for duty
9572, 9573    


March 1917
1st - 4th March  FOUCAUCOURT Battalion at FOUCAUCOURT  
5th March MORCOURT Battalion moves to MORCOURT. Reinforcement of 15 O.R. joined  
6th to 8th March Battalion training at MORCOURT  
9th March Battalion moves to WARFUSEE. 2/Lt BURR, A.P. joined  
10th to 29th March Battalion training at WARFUSEE  
12th March Reinforcement of 24 O.R. joined  
16th March 2/Lt. OWEN J.A.J. rejoined  
21st March 2/Lt. SCOTT J.A., and MERCER G.A.F. joined  
27th March 2/Lt. ANNETT, J.B rejoined  
29th March Reinforcement of 9 O.R. joined  
30th March, Sheet AMIENS, RIVERY Battalion moves to RIVERY  
31st March VILLERS BOCAGE. Battalion moves to VILLERS BOCAGE  


April 1917
1st April Battalion in billets at VILLERS BOCAGE.  
2nd April Battalion marched to BEAUVAL  
3rd April Battalion marched to BONNIERES  
4th April Battalion marched to SERICOURT and HONVAL. Btn. Hqrs and A, B, C, Coys being billeted at former, and D Coy at latter place.  
5th April Details (Instructional staff etc) sent to Divisional Depot at ST. POL.  
7th April Battalion marched to GOUY-EN-TERNOIS  
8th April Battalion marched to BEAUFORT  
10th April Battalion marched to WANQUETIN 2/Lt. CRAY joined.  
11th April Battalion marched through ARRAS to HARP trenches in the of a heavy snowstorm.  
14th April Battalion moved up in support of 6th N.F. A and C Coys in NIGER and NEPAL trenches respectively 500 yards East of WANCOURT,D and B Coys along sunken road from N.29.a.8.5. to N.29.B.3.9..(51 3 S.W.) Btn. Hqrs at N.22.B.7.4.   1 O.R. wounded.  
15th April Enemy artillery activity much increased. 1.O.R. Killed, 7 O.R. wounded, 1 O.R. missing  
16th April Battalion received orders to relieve the 6th N.F. in the front line from WANCOURT TOWER inclusive N.24.d.1.0. to N.24.a.7.2.
A and C Coys were preparing to move between 8.30 and 9.00pm when the enemy put down a heavy barrage in the neighbourhood of WANCOURT and the COJEUL Valley at the same time attacking and capturing the trenches round WANCOURT TOWER and the COTTAGE.
At this time the rain was descending in torrents and the night was pitch dark. A bombing attack was organised and launched about midnight by troops drawn from the 6th N.F and D Coy of the 7th N.F. who were still in close support in the sunken road. This attack failed but valuable information was
obtained as to the exact amount of trench the enemy had captured and was holding.
2/Lt. MILLER. J.A.M. and 2 O.R. killed. Capt. OUTHWAITE, F.O. and 11 O.R. wounded.
Capt. SWINNEY, J.H.C. and 1 O.R. missing.
17th April The Battalion attacked and recaptured the trenches lost on the night of the 16th. A and B Coys carried out the actual assault and were sent up from the support line man by man to place of assembly, the bank at N.24.c.4.2. - N.24. c.5.4. B Coy on the right and A Coy on the left. The attack started at 11.53 am. At 11.55an an  intense artillery barrage was put down on the objective. We took 4 prisoners, one being wounded. By dusk the whole position was consolidated and connection established with troops on the right and left flanks.
The battalion was relieved that night by the 5th N.F. and moved back to the NEPAL and NIGER trenches.
 6 O.R. Killed, 2/Lt. HARRIS and 2/Lt. WHITEHOUSE and 28 O.R. wounded.
3 O.R. Missing
18th April NEPAL and NIGER trenches shelled intermittently, all day.
2 O.R. killed 6. O.R. wounded.
19th April Battalion moved to O.G. 1st line M.5.b  
21st April Battalion moved to Caves RONVILLE. 1 O.R. killed 2 O.R. Wounded.  
22nd April Reinforcement of 13 O.R. joined.  
23rd April St. Georges Day  
24th April Battalion moved to HARP trench (SOUTH) N.7.a.  
25th April Battalion moved to billets in RONVILLE.  
26th April Battalion moved to billets in ARRAS  
27th April Battalion moved to billets in POMMERA  
28th to 30th April Battalion at POMMERA refitting. 2/Lt. TEASDALE and 12 O.R. rejoined.
Instructional Staff rejoined from Depot Btn.
9645, 9646    


May 1917
Ref. 1/10000 LENS, 1/20000 51 B.S.W.  
1st May Marched to SOUASTRE  
2nd May Marched to MERCATEL  
3rd May In reserve at MERCATEL  
4th May Marched to SOUASTRE. 2/Lt. G.DAVIS to hospital  
5th May Marched to POMMERA. 2/Lt. PATTERSON to hospital. 8 O.R. reinforcements.  
6th to 16th  May Battalion at POMMERA training.  
7th May 29 O.R. Reinforcements  
10th May 2/Lt. OWEN to hospital  
11th May 2/Lt. FAULL and Lt. BOOTH rejoined. 7 O.R. reinforcement.  
13th May 2/Lt. MERCER to hospital  
15th / 16th May 2/Lt. S.G.WOOD Joined. 6 O.R. accidentally wounded by rifle grenade during field firing.  
17th May Marched to SOUASTRE  
18th May Marched to AYETTE.  
19th May Marched to West of ST. LEGER in support of 33rd Division, attacking Hindenburg Line.  
21st May Moved to JUDAS COPSE.  
24th May Moved to front line trenches east of CROISILLES in relief of 4th N.F.  
26th May Relieved by 9th H.L.I. marched to MOYENVILLE. Casualties during period inline. 2 O.R. killed. 6 O.R. wounded.  
28th May Marched to MONCHY-AU-BOIS and bivouacked  
29th May Captain Hon. W.J.M. WATSON-ARMSTRONG rejoined. Lt. E.H. CROW joined.  
30th, 31st May At MONCHY-AU-BOIS training.
Following honours awarded in connection with fighting at WANCOURT TOWER 16/17th April.
Military Cross - Capt. F.O.OUTHWAITE
Croix de Guerre - C.S.M. HALL
31st May Capt. and QM. R. NEVILLE rejoined  
9694, 9695, 9696    


June 1917
Ref. LENS 1/10,000   51 B.S.W. 1/20,000  
1st - 17th June MONCHY AU BOIS Battalion in bivouac near old German front line carrying out training.  
8th June Capts. Watson, Armstrong and Craigs, Lieut. Crow, 2/Lieuts. Tucker, Guy, Cole and Fisher joined.  
10th June Brigade sports - Brigadier's Cup for aggregate points won by 7th N.F.  
18th June BOISLEUX-ST-MARC Marched to Reserve Brigade Area near BOISLEUX ST MARC in relief of 54th Inf Bde.  
19th to 23rd June Battalion in training at BOISLEUX-ST-MARC  
24th June Marched to Divisional forward area in N.32 central (51 B.S.W.) near HENIN, relieved 6th D.L.I. in 'A' Camp (N.32 C.1.1)  
25th to 30th  June Remained at 'A' Camp carrying out training in specialist work and finding working parties.  
26th June Carrying Party of 9 officers and 414 O.R. for R.E. 1 O.R. Slightly wounded.
27th June 2/Lieut Rowe rejoined from hospital. 2/Lieut Peckston joined the Battalion.  
28th June Supplied two working parties to R.E. (4 officers - 96 O.R.) two carrying parties of 27 O.R. for R.E. and one of 1 officer and 30 to 6th N.F.  
29th June Supplied two working parties (total 2 officers - 96 O.R) to R.E. and 2 N.C.Os and 16 men as carrying party for front line.  
30th June Supplied two similar working parties for R.E. + 2 N.C.Os and 16 men for working on dugouts.
Lieut. H.R. Peters rejoined from England.


July 1917
Ref. Map Sheet 51.B.S.W. 1/20000 and Trench map.  
7am 1st July Moved from 'A' Camp HENIN to relief of 4th N.F. in support in Right Sector opposite CHERISY  
6.30pm 1st July Relieved the 6th N.F in front line - BULLFINCH and JACKDAW TR. 1 Coy. in close support in MALLARD. Frontage from HENIN-CHERISY RD on right to KESTREL LANE on left.  
2nd to 5th July (1) Work on front line and new trench from DEAD BOSCHE SAP to WREN LANE.
(2) Wiring in front of JACKDAW and new trench
(3) Patrols each night - no enemy patrols encountered.
3rd July 2/Lt. Colquhoun wounded.  
4th July O.R. 2 killed and 8 wounded.  
5th July Relived by 6th N.F. and moved back into support. - 2/Lieut. FISHER to hospital  
5th to 9th July In support supplying nightly working and carrying parties for R.E. - O.R. 2 killed and 4 wounded.  
8th July Capt. F. MERIVALE rejoined  
10th July Brigade move to reserve area - Battalion in camp at N.25.a. central.  
11th July Capt. D.R. Herriot rejoined - 13th, 2/Lieut. H.K.TEMPERLEY joined.  
10th to 17th July Battalion in training  
18th July Relieved 8th D.L.I. in left Brigade Sector - FARM TR., CAVALRY TR., and posts across COJEUL VALLEY.  
18th to 22nd  July In line - at work on wiring front line and COJEUL VALLEY and digging NEW TR. from SOUTHERN AVENUE to THORN POST (No.4)
Officers patrols each night frm left front coy. along ARRAS - CAMBRAI RD, and from right coy up the COJEUL VALLEY.
Useful information was gained but no recent identification secured.
1 O.R. was wounded during this period.
21st July 2/Lieut. F.A.BROWN and R.A.PRESCOTT rejoined  
22nd July Relieved by 6th N.F. and moved to Brigade Reserve at NEUVILLE VITASSE.  
23rd to 26th July In Brigade Reserve supplying working parties to R.E. undergoing training under specialists, and making concertina wire.  
24th July 2/Lieut W.D.C.Balls rejoined.  
25th July 1 W.O., 2 N.C.Os and one man accidentally wounded by fuse of GERMAN shell while collecting salvage.  
26th July Relieved 6th N.F. in front line (left Sector) 2/Lieut PECKSTON wounded.  
26th to 30th July In front line - work; (i) wiring front line and all isolated posts. (ii) constructing posts in FARM TRENCH. (iii) Work under R.E. supervision on reclaiming and wiring HOE SUPPORT.
Officers patrols each night along ARRAS CAMBRAI RD. and up COJEUL VALLEY
1 O.R killed and 3 wounded during this tour.
11pm 30th July Relieved by 6th N.F. and moved to positions in support, reoccupying LION TR., CURLEW TR., EGRET TR., and 1 coy in support to left Battalion in MARLIERE. Battalion H.Q. at N.18.c.1.6  
31st July In support - supplying working and carrying parties for R.E. and carrying rations to the front line.  
9783, 9784    


August 1917
Reference Map Sheet 51 B.S.W.    
1st to 3rd August Battalion in support in left section - A Coy. MARLIERE - B Coy. CURLEW TR. - C Coy. LION and PANTHER TRs. D Coy. EGRET TR.  
2nd August Lieut. GOW. E.H. accidentally killed.  
4th August Relieved by the 150th infantry Brigade - 2 Coys 5th YORKS and 3 Coys. 5th D.L.I.
Battalion moved back to Brigade Reserve area in N.25.a. central.
4th to 11th August Battalion in Reserve carrying out platoon and specialist training and supplying working and carrying parties to R.E.  
11th August 2/Lieut. PECKSTON wounded 26/7/17 rejoined the battalion 11/8/17.  
12th August Moved up in relief of 8th D.L.I. in Right Section - Left sub-section, reoccupying a frontage from WREN LAND inclusive to OTTO SAP exclusive. 1 company in support in MALLARD TR.  
12th to 16th August Battalion in the line - continuous work done on front line - deepening and laying duck boards.
[....] patrolling all along the frontage each night.
14th August A patrol of 1 officer and 6 O.R. under 2/Lieut AFFLECK encountered a large enemy patrol near their SAP in CABLE TRENCH (O.32.a.1.8.)
Fire opened by both sides at close quarters. Heavy casualties inflicted on the enemy. Our casualties 1 O.R. wounded, 2 O.R. wounded and missing believed killed.
10.30am 16th August Relieved by 6th N.F. and moved back to Battalion in Reserve Camp in N.32.
casualties during tour 12th - 16th - O.R. 2 killed - 5 wounded - 2 missing.
17th to 19th August In Reserve - 1 company in CONCRETE TR. (N.36.C) in reserve to Right sub-section.
Supplying working parties to R.E.
Major C.G.JOHNSON M.C. appointed to Staff.
20th August Moved up to left sub-section - Right section - in relief of 6th N.F  
20th - 24th August In front line - 1 company in support in MALLARD - frontage held - WREN LANE INCLUSIVE TO OTTO SAP exclusive. Continuous work in front line and
strengthening wire round posts.
Casualties nil - very quiet tour.
10am 24th August Battalion moved back into support.  
24th to 28th August In support. 1 company MALLARD. 1 coy. EGRET LOOP, 1 Coy EGRET TR. 1 Coy NEST and BANK (N.29.)
Casualties 1 O.R. wounded
28th August Relieved by 5th YORKS and moved back to Brigade in Reserve Camp - YORK LINES (M.22.b)  
28th to 31st August (a) 1 Company in NIGER TR. (N.22.a) at work under R.E.S on COJEUL VALLEY LIGHT RLY.
(b) 2 N.C.O's and 50 O.R. working at BRISTOL SIDING (M.25.b) under 181st Tunneling Coy. R.E.
(c) Working parties under R.E.
Reinforcements during month - Draft 7 O.R. Rejoined - 9 O.R
9831, 9832    


September 1917
Reference map sheet 51 B.S.W. 1/20000 + Div. Trench Map 1/10000  
1st to 4th September Brigade in reserve - Battalion in YORK LINES supplying working parties & carrying out Company and Platoon training.  
6am 5th September The Battalion moved up to the left sub section - left section, in relief of the 8th D.L.I. The relief was complete by 10.45am
Trenches occupied - FARM TR. & PLOUGH TR. (B coy.) - FARM TR. SOUTH & POSTS across valley (A Coy.) - HOE SUPPORT (C Coy.)- RAKE TR. (D Coy.) - SHOVEL TR.(Bn. HQ.)
5th to 9th September In the line - patrols sent out nightly up COJEUL VALLEY & along ARRAS-CAMBRAI RD.
No enemy patrols were sighted and the attitude of the enemy during the whole tour was very lifeless.
9th September Relived by 6th N.F. Relief was completed by 11.30am
The Battalion suffered no casualties during this time.
9th to 12th September In Reserve - much work was done on improving the Camp and parties were supplied nightly
to R.E. - one of 5 Officers and 180 O.R. for carrying smoke and thermite shell for operations on the 15th.
12th September 2/Lieut C.R.I. Johnson rejoined from sick leave.  
6.45am 13th  September Relieved the 6th N.F. in same trenches as previously occupied 5th to 9th
Relief complete by 10.30am. 2/Lieut CRAY admitted to hospital - sick
13th to 16th  September Holding the line. RAKE TR. & HOE SUPPORT wired along entire frontage. Work on fire bays in eastern arm of CAVALRY TR., and on dummy trench from THORN POST
to No. 2 Post.
Listening patrols sent out each night, one of which reported large enemy party wiring LANYARD TR.- dispersed by L.G. and Artillery fire.
15th September Raid in force by 151st Brigade against enemy trenches W of CHERISY.
Raid in 3 phases - (1.) 3.40pm Raid. (2.) 7.40pm Raid. (3.) Gas projector bombardment at 4am. All three phases successful identifications being secured and heavy casualties inflicted on the enemy, damage done to his trenches and dugouts.
Dummy tank and dummy figures co-operated with success.
The casualties from the raid were light but our trenches were considerably damaged by enemy barrages.
The [..?..] of the front line and COJEUL VALLEY posts were temporarily withdrawn to avoid casualties from the hostile retaliation on our section. The Battalion consequently suffered only one casualty slightly wounded during the operations.
Lieut. E.H. CROW evacuated to England - accidentally wounded.
7.30pm 17th  September Relieved by 6 N.F. relief completed before midnight.
The Battalion moved back by companies to positions in support, reoccupying the following trenches: - CURLEW -STAG - LION & PANTHER & BUZZARD TR. with one company in MARLIERE CAVES.
17th to 21st  September In support supplying nightly working and carrying parties to R.E. and digging a new trench from No. 10 post (Right sub section) to COJEUL VALLEY
This work was completed before relief and a screen was erected in front of the trench, making it possible to move across THE VALLEY from right to left sub-section.
1 man was wounded whilst in support.
20th September Draft of 157 O.R. joined from 14th N.F.  
12 noon 21st  September Relieved by the 5th D.L.I. and moved back by companies to YORK LINES. 3 officers and 160 O.R. on detachment in HNDENBURG LINE (Shaft 50) for work
on COJEUL VALLEY LIGHT RLY. - returned 24th inst.
other daily parties to R.E.
24th to 28th September Battalion carried out company, platoon and specialist training.  
28th September 2/Lieut E.M. Roberts admitted to hospital - sick.  
7am 29th September Moved up by train to Left sub-section - Right section in relief of 5th Border Regt. Relief complete by 1pm. 6 casualties (wounded) from T.M. bombardment.
Trenches occupied - NEW TR.- BYKER ALLEY - MALLARD. Bn. H.Q. in COOKOO TR.
30th September 2/Lieut Fisher rejoined from Hospital - draft of 40 O.R. in addition to this + draft on the 20th of  39 O.R. joined or rejoined Battalion during the month.  
9876, 9877, 9878    


October 1917
Ref. Trench Map 1/10,000 and 51 B.S.W.1/20,000  
1st to 4th October Holding the line - left sub-section - right section - MARTIN TR. and BYKER ALLEY. Reserve company in MALLARD. Casualties during tour 5 O.R. wounded  
4th October Relieved by 7th BLACK WATCH - 51st DIVISION and moved back to YORK LINES in M.23.A  
5th October Proceeded by march route to camp at CORCELLES-LE-COMTE (LENS. Sheet 11)
5th to 18th October In camp at COURCELLES carrying out battalion, company and specialist training.  
14th October Carried out night operations - practicing the attack.  
5am 18th  October Battalion left COURCELLES and marched to BAPAUME, where it entrained and proceeded by rail to ESQUELBECKE (BELGIUM SHEET 5A)
Detrained at 8.30pm and marched to billets at ROUBROUCK (5 miles)
19th October In billets at ROUBROUCK  
20th October Marched to PROVEN AREA via WORMHOUDT and LEDRINGHAM (sheet 5A)  
20th to 22nd October Under canvas and carrying out training and inspections at PROVEN  
8am 23rd October Entrained at PROVEN and proceeded to BOESINGHE STN where the Battalion marched to dugouts in MARSOUIN CAMP (E of PILCHEM - YPRES RD.) Very bad weather and poor accommodation.
Transport lines to CHEAPSIDE AREA.
Map sheet = SCHAAP - BALIE or WESTRODSEBEKE (20.S.E.3) 1/10,000  
 3.30pm 24th October Moved to the line in relief of 101st Bde. and took over front from S of HOUTHOULST FOREST, from ADEN HOUSE (exclusive) to COLOMBO HOUSE - SIX ROADS (exclusive)
from 20th Battalion LANCS FUS. (3 Coys) and 18th H.L.I (1 Coy)
Route PILCHEM - HUNTER STREET (duck board track) and EGYPT HOUSE
Latter part of relief caught in enemy barrage and suffered 1 officer (CAPT. R.A. BROWN) wounded and 6 O.R. killed and 32 wounded. Weather very bad and raining hard.
A, B and D Companies took over shell hole positions in line and C Company in support along line PASCAL FARM - VEE BEND
25th October Casualties light but weather bad. Enemy shelled back area and Battalion H.Q. at EGYPT HOUSE heavily.  
7.30pm 25th October Support Company moved up into position (see attached map)  
10.30pm 25th October Tape line laid at jumping off point in conjunction with H.L.I on left and 5th N.F. on right. 4th N.F. on right of 5th N.F. - Hot Soup carried up to troops by 9th D.L.I.  
4.30am 26th October A, B and D Companies moved into position, at 5am reported 'all ready'  
5.40am 26th October Zero hour. Our barrage was laid down and crept forward 50 yds every 4 mins. Troops advanced and enemy machine guns immediately opened fire and enemy barrage came down at zero + 1 minute on line 5 CHEMINS, ANGLE POINT, ADEN HOUSE and raked backwards towards our advancing troops. Enemy observed to be running back. Companies on either flanks made progress for some 200 yards but B Coy. in centre was immediately held up by heavy M.G. fire from the front, probably from the huts about 100 yards from their jumping off line. B Coy eventually surrounded and past these concrete huts but suffered considerable casualties in doing so. One platoon of the reserve company was sent to their help and soon after another platoon to A Company who were held up by M.G. fire and very accurate sniping from the right flank.
D Coy on the left quickly gained their objectives but were being constantly sniped and machine gunned from the [..?..] They however managed to hold on to their objective all through the fight.
A Coy in the meantime with the help of the platoon from the support company struggled on under heavy M.G. Fire suffering heavy casualties. At the road junction in V.1.a.50.15 they encountered a trench strongly held by machine guns which had been untouched by our barrage. 2/Lieut Thompson and his platoon put up a great fight for their trench, he, himself, and most of his platoon being killed in the attempt.
2/Lieut Shaw and his platoon and Lieut Temperley and platoon pressed on to keep in touch with the company of the 5th N.F. on the right, suffering such heavy casualties that another platoon
of C Coy dispatched to their aid. 2/Lieut Shaw was killed and Lieut Temperley wounded, but very gallantly led his platoon on - he, himself going forward alone, and again being wounded whilst doing so,
to light a flare at a position where it could be seen by aircraft.
Whilst crossing the German wire to get back to his men Lieut Temperley was killed by a sniper.
2/Lieut A.P. Strong the Company Commander was also killed by a sniper when pressing forward to recconnoitre and rally the remainder of his company.
All four officers and most of the N.C.O's of this company were killed and as the enemy were being reinforced the few men left were compelled to fall back on a line with the centre company who were still held up and suffering considerable casualties; two of their platoon officers, 2/Lieut Tucker and 2/Lieut Brown were killed.
The third platoon of C Coy in support had lost their officer and had many casualties in going to the help right company and could be of little use. Owing to very heavy machine gun and sniping fire the centre and right companies being practically without orders were unable to hold the ground gained and orders
were sent out to consolidate as far in front of the tape line as possible:- about 150 yds.
The right flank of the left flank company being consequently unprotected it was decided to swing it back into line with the other two companies.
The enemy had very soon reoccupied the ground temporarily won by us, but all wounded as far as was humanly possible were brought in.
The communication was [..?...] throughout the whole day with all companies.
The 5th and 4th N.F. on our right also experienced severe opposition in the form of machine gun fire and were unable to hold the ground gained.

Our officer casualties during the action were:- Capt. R.A.BROWN (wounded)
Wounded and missing believed killed - 2/Lieut SCOTT J.A.
O.R. killed 43, wounded 150, missing 53.
12 midnight 26th  October Relieved by the 5th YORKS REGT and moved back to MARSOUIN CAMP.  
27th October At MARSOUIN CAMP Capt. R.P. NEVILLE. M.C and 1 O.R. killed, and 18 wounded (5 since died of wounds) by hostile aircraft bomb at transport lines CHEAPSIDE AREA
Several animals were also killed.
8pm 27th October Battalion moved to ROSE CROSS ROADS CAMP.  
10am 28th October Moved to WHITE MILL CAMP ELVERDINGHE  
29th October In camp  
10am 30th October Moved back to SWINDON CAMP - 3.5 miles due N of POPERINGHE  
31st October In camp - supplying stretcher parties for 2/2nd Field Ambulance and 151st T.M.B  
9922, 9923, 9926, 9927, 9928    


November 1917
Reference Map Sheets 19, 20 and 28, 1/40000 at SWINDON CAMP (X.29.c.9.4. sheet 19)  
1st to 9th November The battalion found working parties of 1 officer and 60 O.R. for line and carrying parties [and?] for 2/2 Field Ambulance of 3 officers and 150 O.R.
2/Lieut V.G. ROWE was slightly gassed.
9th November 2/Lieut A.M. CRAY was struck off the strength in England  
10th November The Battalion moved up to ROUSSEL CAMP near ELVERDINGHE Previous to entraining.  
10th to 12th November In ROUSSEL CAMP  
13th November Battalion entrained at ELVERDINGHE for SERQUES via WATTEN (detraining Station) Sheet 27, 28 and 27 A.N.E. 1/40000  
14th November Reinforcements of 236 O.R. joined. Major A.H.M. WEDDEL and Lieut E.NIXON (rejoined) from Depot Battalion.  
13th to 30th November Battalion in billets at SERQUES carrying out reorganization, platoon, company, Battalion and Brigade training.
Recreational training took place every afternoon and was a special feature of Divisional Training.
18th November 2/Lieut V.G.ROWE (see 1st to 9th) evacuated to England  
  Reference war diary for October 1917 the following:-
Lieut. Col. G.S. JACKSON D.S.O awarded the bar to D.S.O
Capt. W.N. CRAIGS, 2/Lieut AFFLECK and HARPER awarded the Military Cross
The following O.R. were awarded the Military Medal:
No. 292026 Sgt. RIDPEATH R., No. 292219 L/Cpl WESTGARTH H.D., No. 290967 Pte. STEELE J.T., No. 291620 Cpl. CARR C.,
No. 291974 Pte. WIGHAM L., No. 291923 Pte. RIBBITS C., No. 292089 Pte. TODD J., No. 291751 L/Cpl SHEPHERD G.H.,
No. 16694 Pte. TARR. A.A., No. 292011 Pte. WILLS H.T., No. 290460 L/Cpl. SEALES W.F., No. 205149 Pte. KEARTON J.B.,
No. 291044 L/Cpl. ELLIOT C.F., No.267242 Pte. AMIS R.H.


December 1917
Ref. Map sheets 27 A.N.E. and 27 A.S.E. 1/20,000, 28 N.W. 1/20,000 and ZONNEBEKE 1/10,000  
1st December SERQUES Battalion in billets at SERQUES carrying out Brigade and Battalion training. Recreational Training each afternoon. Battalion runners up in Divisional Football Final.  
2nd December Moved to billets in NORTLEULINGHEM  
2nd to 10th December Training at NORTLEULINGHEM  
11th December Battalion entrained at WATTEN and proceeded by rail to BRANDHOEK (sheet 28.N.W.) Divisional relief with 33rd Div.  
12th December Moved up to ST. JEAN CAMP - -ST.JEAN (sheet 28 N.W. I.8.b.9.8)  
12th - 23rd December Supplying working parties on Light Railways - daily 3 Coys. to 6th C.R.T. and 1 Coy. to 269 Rly. Coy. Rgt.  
24th to 26th December In billets at YPRES  
27th December Moved up in relief of 4th E. YORKS. as counter attack Battalion. To dugouts at HAMBURG. Battalion H.Q. at IRKSOM (ZONNEBEKE 1/10,000)  
28th December Relived 4th YORKS. Regt. In line at PASSCHENDAELE and took over line of posts from D.12.b.80.98 to D.12.c.75.50
Enemy patrol attempted to surround our left post, but was engaged by the garrison.
One German was killed and the N.C.O. i/c enemy patrol was wounded and taken prisoner. He died of wounds the following day.
28th to 31st December In lines as above. Casualties during period: 2/Lieut A.R.BURR. wounded. 11 O.R. Killed, 24 O.R wounded, 1 O.R Died.
Reinforcements: 2/Lts. BRUCE, EDMUNDS, DODDS J. and 4 O.R.


January 1918
Reference Maps Huts? 1/40000 28.NE and N.W., and 1/20000 27, 27A and 27 A.S.E.  
1st January The Battalion was relieved by 9th D.L.I. in the right section of the Corps Front, S.E. of PASSCHENDALE on the night of 1/2 Jan. and moved to SEAHAM CAMP near POTIJZE.  
12 noon 2nd January Moved to ST. LAWRENCE CAMP, BRANDHOEK, by bus.  
10am 3rd January Entrained at BRANDHOEK, and proceeded by rail to WATOU training area, detraining at ABEELE.  
3rd to 18th January Battalion in billets between ABEELE and STEENVOORDE (K.35. sheet 27.) Billets taken over from 5th Scottish Rifles. (33rd Div.) Billets were very scattered and training was much hampered by bad weather.  
11am 18th January Moved back to TATINGHEM training area, entraining at ABEELE and detraining at WIZERNES.  
18th to 27th January In billets at ST.MARTIN-AU-LAERT (near ST.OMER) Intensive training carried out on splendid training grounds. Good billets.  
11am 27th January Left ST.MARTIN-AU-LAERT, entraining at WIZERNES, for the forward area - detrained at ST.JEAN. Billets handed over to 20th Royal Fusiliers (33rd Div)
50th Division to relieve 33rd Division between 27th and 30th inst.
27th to 29th January At WHITBY CAMP, near YPRES (I.3.b) preparing for the lines.  
5pm 29th January Proceeded to support positions at HAMBURG in relief of 5th North'd Fus. who relieved 1st MIDDLESEX REGT. (33rd Div.) in left sector.
6th North'd Fus. relieved 4th KING'S REGT. in right sector.
30th - 31st January In support supplying one company nightly to each of front line Battalions for carrying rations etc. to front line, remaining two companies acting as counter attack companies.
Casualties throughout the month 1 O.R. wounded.
  The following officers joined from 3rd Reserve Battalion.
2/Lieut. W.J. LAWS, 2/Lieut. N.H.PHILIPSON, 2/Lieut. J. LASSEY, 2/Lieut. A. MACKENZIE, 2/Lieut. N. HOLT, 2/Lieut. C.A.EDEN, 2/Lieut. H.V. BUTTON, 2/Lieut. J.A.HOLT,
Reinforcements during month - 15 O.R.
0075, 0076    


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