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The Red Row Club Photograph Collection
Reproduced with permission of the Red Row Club with special thanks to Martin Smith and Bobby Goward.
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Willie Temple with Allan's Hardware Van at Chevington Drift Amble to Drift Bus. c 1930s. B. Douglas (left), G. Lillico (centre) A. Kirkup. Miners at Broomhill Colliery 28th February 1900 Broomhill Miners 1930s. L-R: D. McKenzie, Bill Stanton, N.Tait, Tuck McKenzie & G. Davison.
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Chevington Drift 1975 Chevington Drift c 1900s Chevington Lady Dragline, East Chevington Open-cast Coal Site 1984 Chevington Drift - H.E. Craiggs Chevrolet bus 1930; driver B. Douglas
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"Dig For Victory" - 1944. George Griffiths and Joe Black at West Chevington Drift, Broomhill Colliery, where, during five weeks working as fillers, they filled over 20 tons each per shift. W. Charlton and J. Dargue, last two Overmen to leave East Chevington Drift. Chester House Opencast
 (Taylor Woodrow colours, also possibly Butterwell)
Togston Opencast; seam with steep dip being worked.
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G. Davison with pony Market Place Red Row 1913 Pettica's Garage Red Row Pigeon Club, back: S. Hardy, J. Stewart, B. Donaldson (snr), J. Crackett (snr), T. Marsh, B. Donaldson (jnr). Seated: A. Robinson, L. Crackett, W. Plaice, J. Douglas.
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Rowland Griffiths hewing coal, Broomhill Colliery 1938 Red Row Club 1920s Tuck and Dave McKenzie (brothers) working underground at Broomhill Colliery 1930s. Joe Hakin, Jim Hakin and Jim Wilkinson Woodside stables, circa 1936.
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WW1 Funeral Dragline operations and Old Workings East Chevington Opencast Coal Site 1988 Old Workings East Chevington Opencast Coal Site 1988 Shovel and Truck Operations East Chevington Opencast Site 1989
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