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Monumental Inscriptions
West Cemetery, Amble, Northumberland
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Anderson John William In loving memory of John William Anderson, Pilot, the beloved husband of Annie Anderson, who died at Amble, Jan 23rd 1911 Aged 56 years. Also of the above Annie Anderson, who died at Amble Dec 1st 1939 aged 78 years. (B)
In loving memory of Elizabeth Dickinson, who died February 14th 1911, aged 54 years. Also of Susannah Angus, sister of the above, who died April 1933. And Thomas Dickinson, son of the above, who died Dec 16th 1942.  (B)
  Armstrong  Robert  In loving memory of Robert Armstrong, of 38 Wingrove Road, Newcastle upon Tyne, who died at Amble, Jan 9th 1911, aged 71 years. (B)
  Ballantyne Robert,
In remembrance of Robert Ballantyne, who died July 31st 1909 aged 38 years. And of his wife Elizabeth, who died Oct 16th 1942, aged 70 years. (B)
Beattie William Wetherburn,
George William,
In loving memory of William Wetherburn Beattie who died December 25th 1908 aged 2 years. Also of Elizabeth Beattie, who died January 2nd 1928 aged 82 years. Also of her son George William Beattie, who died June 30th 1958 aged 83 years. And of his dearly beloved wife Helen Beattie, who died October 9th 1958 aged 79 years. (B)
Beverley Ann Shipley, Wilson, Robert Shipley, George Wilson In loving memory of Ann Shipley, the beloved wife of Wilson Beverley, who died at Radcliffe Oct 13 1908 aged 71 years. Also of the above Wilson Beverley who died July 18th 1919 aged ?? Also of their son Robert Shipley Beverley, beloved husband of M.E. Beverley, who died Aug 25 1948 aged 74 years. Also of their son George Wilson Beverley who died Oct 20? 1952  (B)
  Brown  Ellen,
James S. 
In loving memory of Ellen, dearly beloved wife of James S. Brown who died at Hauxley, April 14 1913, Aged 55 years. Also John Thomas and Elizabeth Mary, their children who died in infancy. Also of the above James S. Brown who died at Hauxley, Nov 5 1917, aged 64 years.  (B)
Buddle Henry,
William John,
In loving memory of Henry the beloved husband of Ann Buddle, who died at Amble, April 24 1907, aged 50 years. Also their son William John, Pte. 1/7th North'lnd Fus, who fell in action on the Somme, France, Sept 15 1916, aged 23 years. Also the above Ann Buddle, who died at Amble, June 1 1918, aged 61 years  (B)
Cork CharlesIn loving memory of Charles Cork, born 1848 died 1912. (B)
Dawson George,
John Robert,
In loving memory of George, dearly beloved husband of Ellen Dawson, who died Nov 24 1907, through injuries received at Newburgh Colliery, aged 49 years. Also of John Robert, their beloved son, who died at Amble, Feb 21 1913, aged 9 years. Also of James, their beloved son, who was killed in action at the Dardanelles, June 4 1915, whilst serving in the Collingwood Battalion, R.N.D., aged 19 years. And of the above Ellen Dawson who died March 18 1943, aged 81 years. Also William, dear son of the above died 13 May 1957, aged 64 years. Gone but not forgotten. (B 4689)
  Douglas  Hannah Jane, John, Ellen  In loving memory of Hannah Jane beloved daughter of John & Ellen Douglas of Hauxley who died Nov 15 1910 aged 18 years. Also the above John Douglas who died at Hauxley May 18 1920, aged 76 years. And the above Ellen Douglas who died at Amble Oct 26 1933 aged 75 years.  (B)
Edwards Elizabeth JaneIn loving memory of Elizabeth Jane, beloved wife of John Edwards died June ?? 1914 aged 45 years.
  Elmslie  James G.,
In loving memory of James G. Elmslie, born May 12th 1845, died Feb 2nd 1911. And of Amelia, wife of the above, who died Feb 22nd 1915, aged 73 years.  (B)
Ewart Margaret
In loving memory of Margaret Ann, the beloved wife of Robert Ewart, who died at Amble Jan 3 1909, aged 54 years. Also of the above Robert Ewart, died May 21, 1919 aged 66?  Peace perfect peace.  (B)
Fenwick William
In loving memory of Isabella Martha, beloved wife of William Edward Fenwick, who died at Amble, March 11th 1911, aged 38 years.  (B)
Fairbairn James,
In memoriam James Fairbairn, died Jan 21 1911, aged 72 years. Catherine Fairbairn, his wife died May 29 1931 aged 89 years. (B)
  Fairlamb  John In loving memory of my dear husband John Fairlamb, who died May 12th 1913, aged 47 years. (B) 
Joseph Dickinson, Margaret ,
Rice (x2),
Jacob Dickinson,
Joyce Lily,
Edith Ann
 In loving Remembrance of Joseph Dickinson Forsyth, who died at Togston East Farm April 8th 1920, in his 76th year. Margaret Forsyth, his wife, who died at Togston East Farm Oct 4th 1938, in her 82nd year. Also of Joseph Dickinson Forsyth his eldest son, who died at Togston Low Hall, June 26th 1924 aged 46 years. Rice Forsyth died Sep. 23 1944, aged 52 years. Elizabeth his wife died July 101947 aged 54 years Joyce Lily their daughter died June 30 1950, aged 22 years. Also of May dearly beloved wife of J.D. Forsyth Gloster Hill, who died Nov 10th 1944. Jacob Dickinson Forsyth, born March 12 1888, died Aug 8 1953.  Also of Edith Ann (Edie) beloved wife of Andrew D. Forsyth, Longhoughton Low Stead, who died Nov. 22nd 1926 aged 42 years. In memory of Rice Forsyth, Lyn Law Farm died 23rd March 1994 aged 34 years. In memory of Edwin, youngest son of Margaret and the late Joseph D. Forsyth, who died suddenly at Salisbury Rhodesia, June 4 1930 aged 30 years. Margaret Jessie Linton, died June 4 1936 aged 21 years. (B)
  Fram  John,
In loving memory of John Fram, who died at Amble, Dec 30 1912 aged 79 years. And of Isabella, his wife who died at Amble, May 15 1913, aged 79 years. Gracious father, in thy keeping, leave we now thy servants sleeping. (B)
Gibb Robert
In loving memory of John Henry Gibb, who died Dec 15th 1910, aged 81 years. Also of Isabella, his wife, who died Jan 14th 1916, aged 77 years. Also of Robert, their son, who died Dec. 18th 1912, aged 49 years. Also of their Daughter, Mary Isabella, who died Dec 29th 1931, aged 69 years. (B)
Horn Jeanie,
In loving memory of Jeanie, the beloved daughter of James & Christiana Horn, who died May 27 1908 aged 4 years & 2 months. Also the above James Horn, Master Mariner who died March 29th 1935  (B)
  Hudson  William
Part obscured: We believe this is the grave of William Hudson, colliery blacksmith from Stable Row, Radcliffe, and his wife Mary. The following is speculative from what we can see on the gravestone, cross referenced with the death indexes and census returns.  
In loving memory of Mary, the beloved wife of William Hudson, who died at Radcliffe, Feb 27 1913 aged 62 years. Also the above William Hudson, who died Nov 2? 1920 aged 73. Peace perfect peace. (B)
King Ralph MarshallIn loving memory of Ralph Marshall, beloved and only son of Joseph & Elizabeth King, who died at Amble, May 10 1910, aged 23 years  (B)
Lee Thomas George,
In loving memory of Thomas George, the beloved husband of Elizabeth Lee, who died August 30 1906, aged 65 years. Also of William, son of the above, who died March 23 1872 aged 4 years. Also the above Elizabeth Lee who died July 5 1921, aged 85 years. Also of Elizabeth Isabella their Daughter who died July 9 1921, aged 48 years.  (B)
Matthews Elizabeth,
In loving memory of Elizabeth, the dearly beloved wife of Edward Matthews, who died at Amble, Nov 18th 1908, aged 55 years. Also of the above Edward Matthews, who died March 15th 1923, aged 72 years. Peace Perfect Peace. (B)
  McLeod  Eleanor In loving memory of Eleanor, the beloved wife of James McLeod, who died Dec 28 1907. Aged 48 years. Thy will be done.  (B)
Murray Samuel,
In loving memory of Samuel Murray who died April 11 1920 aged ?? years. ..... J.. .. wife of the above, who died November 3 1914 aged 65? years.
Nicholson William,
In affectionate remembrance of William Nicholson of Hauxley, who died 22nd April 1914 aged 46 years. Also his beloved wife Isabella, who died 19th March 1950, aged 81 years. Also their dear sons Robert who died 24th Dec. 1916, aged 24 years, and Norman who died 13th April 1953 aged 47 years. In heavenly love abiding.  (B)
  Pattison  George,
Elizabeth Robertson 
In loving memory of our dear father and mother, George Pattison, died June 4th 1957 aged 72 years and Elizabeth Robertson Pattison died 9th Jan 1975 aged 83 years.  (B)
Pratt Andrew Dryden,
James S.
In loving memory of Andrew Dryden Pratt, who died March 26 1914 aged 53 years. Also of Jane, his wife who died Feb 1 1946, aged 83 years. Also of his eldest son, James S. Pratt A.B. of the Howe Batt. R.N.D., who died of wounds received in action, Oct 28 1917, aged 30 years, and is buried in Nine Elms British Cemetery, near Ypres, Flanders. He hath made the great sacrifice. (B)
Punton JamesIn loving memory of James Punton who died at Amble, May 19, 1914 aged 72 years. And of Alice, his wife who died at Amble, Aug 16, 1914, aged 75 years. Also of their granddaughter Mary Alice Punton, who died, aged 9 weeks. (B)
Roberts John Hughes,
Sarah Ellen
John Hughes Roberts aged 33 years. Sarah Ellen Roberts aged 92 years.  (B)
Roberts John Hooson,
Adelaide, Hugh Hooson
In loving memory of John Hooson Roberts, Master of the Amble Church Schools, who died June 18th 1908, aged 56 years. And daughters; Gwladys, Nov 30th 1937 aged 40. Adelaide July 23rd 1968 aged 91. "Blessed are the dead which die in the lord" And son Hugh Hooson Roberts, died April 14th 1971. Dearly loved by Frances and Pamela.  (B)
  Robertson  Peter In loving memory of a dear husband and father Peter Robertson, died 7th Nov 1979 aged 36 years.  (B)
  Scott &
Ellen B. 
In loving memory of Ralph the beloved husband of Ellen Scott, who died at Radcliffe, April 24th 1907, aged 74 years. Also of Ellen B. Davidson, daughter of the above, who died at Stobswood, March 13th 1917, aged 46 years. Thy will be done.  (B)
Sinton JaneIn affectionate Remembrance of Jane the beloved wife of John Sinton, who died July 9th 1908. Aged 66 years. She hath done what she could. (B)
Smart David, Margaret Jane In loving memory of Margaret Jane, the beloved wife of David Smart, born January 4th 1839, died April 13th 1914. Also of the above David Smart, born June 9th 1842, died March 21st 1928. (B)
Smith John PatonIn loving memory of John Paton Smith, who passed to the higher life on the 19th February 1910 aged 59 years. Also of Elizabeth his wife who died 20th March 1923 aged 7x?   (B)
Taylor Andrew,
In loving remembrance of Frances, beloved wife of Andrew Taylor, who died at Togston Barns, May 20 1908, aged 70 years. Also of the above Andrew Taylor, who died at Togston Barns March 27 1909 aged 78 years. Also of their daughter Frances, who died May 10 1924, aged 59 years. Interred at West Chevington. (B)
Taylor Isabella, JamesIn affectionate remembrance of Isabella, the beloved wife of James Taylor, who died at Togston Nov 11 1911, aged 70 years. Also of the above James Taylor, who died at Blyth, May 13 1915 aged 81 years. Safe in the arms of Jesus. (B)
  Thompson  Edith, Joseph P. In loving memory of Edith, the beloved wife of Joseph P. Thompson, who died Sept 29 1911 aged 32 years. Also John Robert, their son, who died April 23 1913 aged 3.5 years. Also of the above Joseph P. Thompson, who died Feb 28 1915 aged 34 years. (B)
Thompson Wilson,
In loving memory of our dear brother Wilson the beloved husband of Mary Thompson, who died at Radcliffe, July 27 1912 aged 51 years. Rest in peace. Also of our dear brother Robert Thompson who died at Radcliffe May 23 1941 aged 77 years. At rest. also their dear sister Elizabeth Ann Thompson who died April 24 1953 aged 77 years. At rest. (B)
Tulley Joseph C.
In loving memory of Joseph C. the beloved son of Thomas & Margaret Tulley, who died February 5th 1915, aged 13 years. Also of the above Margaret Tulley, who died October 22nd 1931 aged 60 years. Also of the above County Ald. T.H. Tulley J.P. who died July 21st 1948, aged 72 years. (B)
Turnbull Eleanor,
Thomas Darling
In loving memory of our dear mother Eleanor Turnbull, who died April 22nd 1939 aged 59? years. Also of our dear father Thomas Darling Turnbull, who died May 23rd 1914 aged 39? years. (B)
  Wanless RobertIn loving memory of Robert Wanless, born June 29 1856, died June 20 1913. (B)
  Weddell  Jane,
In loving memory of Jane, dearly beloved wife of John Weddell, born Sept. 12th 1856, died May 24th 1931. Also the above John Weddell, Born Oct 13th 1856, died May 14th 1934.  (B)
White Barbara AllanIn loving memory of Barbara Allan beloved daughter of Thomas & Jane White who died at Amble May 3rd 1914 aged 22 years & 11 months. Asleep in Jesus.
  White &
George, Margaret In loving memory of George White, the beloved ..*.. of Margaret Davidson, who died at Amble Dec 30 1908, aged 42 years. Also the above Margaret Davidson, who died at Amble, August 14 1915, aged 77 years  [* probably 'son'] (B)
  Wilkie Robert,
In loving memory of Robert the beloved husband of Jane Wilkie, who died at Amble Oct 11 1910, aged 58 years. Also of the above Jane Wilkie, who died at Amble, Aug 20 1912 aged 59 years.  (B)
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