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Wrecks on the Coquet near Amble

Sketch of the wreck positions and the corresponding area from Google maps.
       There are ten wrecks visible on the 'north side' mudflats of the Coquet estuary near Amble. The six larger wrecks are possibly lighters similar to the vessel moored at the far end of the North Jetty in this photograph. There are four other small boats also visible. We measured vessel 'B', which is 21.2 metres (70 feet) in length with a beam of about 6.5 to 7 metres (21 feet), the other five look quite similar.

Photographs; click to enlarge.

Overview of this area
Wreck B rudder bracket Wreck B looking towards the stern, (note rucksack for scale) Wreck A and B side by side.
Wreck D rudder. Tape extended 1.6 metres. Wreck B bow Wreck A bow
Wreck C with D in the background, not much left of C. Wreck D Wreck D some large cross timbers survive in this one.
Wreck I is a small steel hulled boat. (Tape extended 1 metre.) Wreck H, engine in situ. (Tape extended 1 metre.) Wreck G
Wreck E Wreck F & J not photographed due to sucking mud hazard!  

Lighter wreck 8 inch square section copper rivets

Lighter wreck 8 inch square section copper rivets



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