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Amble East Cemetery

Amble East Cemetery photographed from the south-east corner.

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Mary Henderson Marianne Ross, Adam Ross, George Ross, Jane Ross John Gibson, Margaret Gibson and Thomas Gibson Maggie Archbold Boaden and Elizabeth Grey Boaden. Joseph Baston, Jane Baston and John Thomas Baston.
In loving memory of Mary beloved daughter of Henry & Sarah Henderson who died at the Police Station Radcliffe July 19th 1902 Aged 15 years. In Loving Memory of Marianne Ross beloved daughter of Jane and George Ross born 1st February 1882 Died 20th April 1906.  - until the day break and the shadows flee away-
Also George Ross who Died June 8th 1922 Aged 73. And the above Jane Ross who died.. [check date obscured]
Also of Adam their son died 2nd March 1881 aged 10 months. Also of Adam their beloved son born August 8 1893 Killed in France September 11th 1917.  - and we know not where they have laid him. - (see Amble War Memorial)
In loving memory of John beloved husband of Margaret Gibson, who died September 21 1897 Aged 48 years. Also Margaret Gibson Born Jan 21 1852 Died Dec 4 1940. Also of  Thomas their son who died  Dec 26 1908 Age 35 years In loving Memory of Maggie Archbold the beloved daughter of G & E.G. Boaden who fell asleep January 23 1896 Aged 5 years. Also of the above Elizabeth Grey Boaden Died November 23 1923 Aged 65 years

(stone has been laid flat and is being encroached by turf. - Will have disappeared in a few years.)  

In Loving Memory of Joseph, beloved husband of Jane Baston died March 3rd ??? aged ??. Also of his beloved wife Jane who died Jan 18th 1951. John Thomas Baston the beloved son of Joseph and Jane Baston, who died Oct 8th 1905  Age 4 years & 4 months. "Jesus called a little child unto him"
Elizabeth Davis, Thomas Davis George Boyd Rice Forsyth, William Forsyth, Isabella Dickinson Forsyth, Sarah Forsyth, Sarah Jane Forsyth, Alexander Forsyth, Jacob Dickinson Forsyth, John Forsyth, James Forsyth Elizabeth Allen, Gordon Allen & Children: James (2) Nellie, Margaret Ann, Gordon, Annie, Robert
...of your charity pray for the soul of Elizabeth wife of Thomas  Davis, who died  June 10th 1901 aged 62 years. R.I.P. Also of the above Thomas Davis who died Jan18th 1906 aged 65. …George beloved husband of Drusilla Boyd who was killed at Broomhill Colliery, April 2nd 1902 aged 62 years. “Thy will be done”

Also the above Drusilla Boyd, who died May 29th 1904, aged 61 years.

In Memory of Rice Forsyth, who died at Newcastle Sep. 29th 1883 Aged 32 years and was interred here. Also of William Forsyth the beloved husband of Elizabeth Jane Forsyth who died Nov. 12th 1915 aged 58 years. Also of Isabella Dickinson Forsyth who died Dec 1st 1935 aged 68 years. Also Sarah wife of James Forsyth who died at Hipsburn Dec 15th 1943 aged 88 years.
In Affectionate remembrance of Sarah Jane, wife of Alexander Forsyth who died at Broomhill Farm May 28th 1891 aged 78 years. Also the above Alexander Forsyth who died at Broomhill Farm Oct 22nd 1898 Aged 82 years
In Loving memory of Jacob Dickinson Forsyth who died at Broomhill Farm June 21st 1911, aged 65 years. Also John Forsyth brother of the above who died at Hope Farm Amble October 23rd 1919. Also James Forsyth brother of the above who died at Low Stead Farm Longhoughton August 29th 1920 aged 65
Pray for the souls of Elizabeth the beloved wife of Gordon Allen, who died at Amble, Oct 25 1905 aged 52 years and of their children James, died June 9, 1890 aged 6 months, Nellie, died Dec 4, 1895. James, died May 7 1898 aged 8 months. Margaret Ann, died May 5 1903 aged 22 years. Gordon died July 19 1916 aged 31 years. Annie, died Dec 3 1916 aged 29 years also of the above Gordon Allen, Who died July 2 1927 aged 79 years. Robert died May 14 1928 aged 35 years.
James Johnson, Alice Johnson Richard Alfred Skinner John Smith, Elizabeth Smith, Farquar Smith, John W Smith, William Bradford.  Elizabeth Rennison, Robert Rennison Jeannie Stewart
In Loving Memory of James, the beloved Husband of Margaret Johnson who died at Radcliffe, April 4, 1905 aged 56 years also James and Alice, their children, who died in Infancy. In Loving Remembrance of our dear son & brother, Richard Alfred Skinner, aged 25 years. Lost at Amble from ship “Frank Emett” Nov 12 1901. Laid to rest Dec 24th 1901. Jesu, lover of my soul, let me to thy bosom fly, while the nearer waters roll; while the tempest still is high. ……John Smith, Master Mariner who was drowned at Blyth Nov., 6. 1890 aged 41 years. Also Farquhar Smith his father, who died June 18 1891 aged 79 years and of William Bradford grandson of the above John Smith, who died April 1 1905, aged 10 months also of Elizabeth Jane beloved wife of the above John Smith who died Dec 20, 1935 in her 85th year. John W Smith only son of the above John and Elizabeth J. Smith who died Nov 14 1947. Sacred to the memory of  Elizabeth Rennison who died at Gosforth August 20 1892 aged 63 years. Also Robert Rennison husband of the above who died at Gosforth, Dec 6 1911 aged 83 years In loving memory of Jeannie the beloved daughter of R & J.I. Stewart who died November 21 1897 Aged 5 years & 3 months.

Above: painting of the cemetery entrance by Amble artist the late Arthur Young.
[William Bell commission and collection, Cramlington]

Mary Oliver, Henry M. Oliver Joseph Gair, Margaret Gair Adam Walkinshaw, Isabella Walkinshaw Annie Ditchburn Elizabeth Forster Laidler, Andrew Laidler
In Loving memory of Mary Oliver who died at Hauxley Feb 20th 1925 aged 84 years. Also of her husband Henry M. Oliver who died at Hauxley Feb……... In loving memory of our dear father Joseph Gair died at Amble May 2nd 1902 aged 33 years. Also in loving memory of our dear mother Margaret Gair who died at Amble Dec 13th 1924 Age 53 years

In affectionate remembrance of Adam the dearly beloved husband of Isabella Walkinshaw, who died at Togston Terrace March 7 1899, aged 61 years. Also the above Isabella Walkinshaw who died at Shilbottle Grange Jan 7 1922 aged 73 years.

In loving memory of Annie, the beloved wife of Robert Ditchburn, who died at Amble Sept 27 1899 aged 61 years.

In loving memory of Elizabeth Forster the beloved wife of Andrew Laidler, who died at Amble, Oct 20 1900 aged 46 years. Also the above Andrew Laidler, who died at Alnwick Feb 1 1922 aged 77 years.

Ellen Knox, Thomas Knox, Margaret Knox Edward Henderson James Thompson  Edward Wilson, Elizabeth Appleby  Elizabeth Harrison, James Harrison

In loving memory of Ellen, the beloved wife of Thomas Knox, who died at Radcliffe March 28 1901 aged 39 years. Also Margaret wife of the above who died at Radcliffe, July 6 1918 Aged 56 years. Also of the above Thomas Knox who died July 12 1928 aged 73 years.

In loving memory of Edward, son of John & Mary Ann Henderson who was killed at Pegswood Colliery, April 24th 1900 Aged 19 years.

.......James Thompson who died at Radcliffe April 29th 1903 Aged 52 years

In lasting remembrance of Edward Wilson, who died at Hauxley cottage May 20th 1896 aged 33 years, also of Elizabeth Appleby who died at Hauxley cottage October 23rd 1892 in her 82nd year, grandmother of the above.

In loving memory of Elizabeth the beloved wife of James Harrison, who fell asleep June 9th 1899 aged 42 years. Also of the above James Harrison, who died April 22nd 1918 aged 63 years.
..... Simpson Jane Claxton, Jonas C Claxton, Elizabeth Evelyn Claxton William Robert Claxton, Eleanor Claxton, Mary Claxton Robert Green McInnes, Ellen Margaret McInnes,  Robert D. McInnes John Wrigglesworth, Annie Wrigglesworth
[check again for name] .....the beloved Husband of Hannah Isabella Simpson who died at Amble Sept 2 1904 Aged 48 years In affectionate remembrance of Jane beloved wife of Jonas C Claxton, died 3rd February 1885, aged 32 years. Elizabeth Evelyn, daughter of the above, died 9th October 1884 aged 16 months. Also the above Jonas C Claxton, Master Mariner, who was lost at sea 9th June 1905 aged 56 years.

[Jonas Cleveland Claxton died at sea, off Indonesia]

In memory of Wm. Robert Claxton, master mariner, the loving husband of Mary Claxton, died May 19th 1887 aged 45 years. Eleanor, their daughter died Feb 6th 1874 aged 5 years, interred in Warkworth Cemetery. And the above Mary Claxton who died at Seaham Harbour aged 89 years, and was laid to rest here on November 18th 1930. In Loving memory of Ellen Margaret wife of Robert G. McInnes born January 10th 1859 died November 4th 1883. Also of the above Robert Green McInnes who died January 29th 1931 aged 85 years. And of their son 2nd Lieut. Robert D. McInnes who was killed in action in France March 30th 1918 aged 38 years. In memory of John, dear husband of Annie Wrigglesworth of Linton, who died 31st July 1950 aged 68 years the lord is my shepherd I shall not want. Also of Annie beloved wife of John Wrigglesworth who died 11th Nov 1951 aged 71 years. Rest in peace.
Alfred Howlett, Annie Howlett, Harriet Ann Forster, Elizabeth Ann Forster Dorothy Smailes Eleanor Shotton, James Shotton, Frederick Rule, Eleanor Rule Robert Tulley, Elizabeth Tulley, and ??eph Cockburn. Elizabeth Suthren Jeffrey, James Jeffrey
in loving memory of Alfred Howlett of Amble who died March 24 1911 Aged 78 years and of Annie his wife who died April 1 1885 aged 52 years Also of Harriet Ann Forster their daughter who died at Broomhill Oct. 12 1904 Aged 24 years and of Elizabeth Ann Forster their grand daughter who died Feb 23 1907 Aged 2½ years. In Loving Memory of Dorothy beloved wife of William Smailes who died at Radcliffe September 19 1902 Aged 29 years Also their daughter Dorothy aged 6 years ...... In loving memory of Eleanor, wife of James Shotton, who died Nov 7th 1888 aged 70 years. Also the above James Shotton, who died March 26th 1899 aged 79 years. Also of Frederick, husband of Eleanor Rule, and son-in-law of the above who died June 29th 1907 aged 48 years, also the above Eleanor Rule who died Jan 8th 1915 aged 58 years. .... of Robert the beloved son of John and Elizabeth Tully who was killed at Broomhill Colliery Feb 24th, 1891 age 15 years. Also of ???eph Cockburn who died May 26th 188? Aged 21 years. ....of the above Elizabeth Tulley  who died August 24th 1909 aged 6X?  years Here lie the mortal remains of Elizabeth Suthren of Wittingham wife of James Jeffrey who fell asleep at Gordon Street Amble July 6th 1918 Age 65 years. Also the above James Jeffrey the beloved husband of Annie Gordon Jefferey who fell asleep at Roxbro House Warkworth Nov 11th 1931 Aged 81 years
Elizabeth Matthews, John Matthews, Isabella S. Young John Matthews, Elizabeth Matthews Robert Miller, Barbara Miller, Annie Miller Charles W. Gray, Ann Gray, George Ernest (Ernie) Murray Alexander Foreman

In Loving memory of Elizabeth dearly beloved wife of John Matthews who fell asleep Oct 16th 1901 aged 50 years. Also of Eleanor Isabella, daughter of the above who died April 29th 1885 aged 2 years & 9 months. Also the above John Matthews who died December 7th 1911 aged 58 years. Also of Isabella S. Young daughter of the above who died at Dunedin New Zealand August 30th 1927 aged 40 years.

In Loving memory of our parents John Matthews who died 12th July 1968 and his wife Elizabeth who died 7th Sept. 1964 In Loving memory of Robert Miller who died at Amble July 4 1912, aged 93 years. And of Barbara, his wife who died at Amble April 21st 1900, aged 74 years. Also of Robert, their son who died at Radcliffe, Feb 19 1882 aged 32 years. And Annie, their daughter who died February 9 1921 aged 70 years.

In memory of Charles W. beloved husband of Ann Gray, died April 25 1950 aged 75 years Also of the above Ann Gray died July 15 1953 aged 76 years

Also of their beloved son Able Seaman George Ernest (Ernie) Murray, Hood Battalion, who was killed in action at the Dardanelles, May 6 1915 aged 26 years.

Greater love hath no man

…..Alexander the beloved son of E & J. Foreman, who was drowned while bathing in the River Coquet July 7 1901 aged 19 years. We cannot lord thy purpose see, but all is well that’s done by thee.
Also of Jane, wife of Edward Foreman, who died at Amble January 20th 1929 aged 82 years.
Also of Edward Foreman, who died June 19. 1930, aged 84 years.
Thomas Henry Miller John Manson, Alice Manson James Young, Matilda Young,
 Grace Barwick Young, John Young
Mary Gibson Leighton, Isabella Sanderson Leighton, Emma I. H. Leighton, Ann E. Leighton
In memory of our dear father, Thomas Henry Miller, Showman, who died at Newton-on-the-Moor, Dec 9th 1904, aged 63 years. Gone but not forgotten. Erected by Joseph and Robert Miller. In affectionate remembrance  of
John Manson who died at Amble Dec 30th 1888, Aged 64 years. Also of Alice, wife of the above who died March 9th 1889 Aged 61 years.

Shown above are before and after photographs of this headstone which was restored to its upright position and sat on a new base. This work was completed in August 2011, and was organised by the descendants which shows what can be done with determination. 

Images ©  Terina Bryant 2011

… In loving memory of Matilda Young, born Aug., 24, 1832, Died Dec 21 1896, wife of the Late James Young, Chief Boatman of H.M. Coastguard, Amble, born Oct. 11 1819, died June 24 1873, interred at Warkworth. Also of Grace Barwick, their daughter born Oct 24 1872, died Dec 18 1873 interred at Warkworth.
 Also of their son John Young, born Dec. 23 1867, died June 28 1934
Only Waiting. Mary Gibson Leighton, born March 9th 1876, died Sept 13th 1879. Also Isabella Sanderson Leighton, born Decr. 15th 1871, died Decr. 29th 1871 interred at Warkworth Cemetery. Emma I. H. Leighton, born October 9th 1889, died August 3rd 1891. Ann E. Leighton, born Sept 29th 1842, died Decr. 27th 1901
John Douglas, Jane Douglas, Mark Douglas Isabella Kerr William Riddly Tweedy, Mary Tweedy, Mary Sanderson, Jessie Sanderson, George William Buddle Sanderson Francis Hedley Patrick Hassan,  Mary Ann Hassan
In Loving Memory of John Douglas, who died June 12th 1885 aged 46 years. Also of Jane his wife who died Dec 25th 1925 aged 74 years. Also Mark their son, who died June 12th 1893, aged 15 years. In loving remembrance of Isabella Kerr, who died at Amble Jan 23 1898 aged 75 years. In loving memory of William Riddly Tweedy, who died Dec 29th 1896 aged 71 years. Also of Mary his wife, who died Nov 21st 1851 aged 24 years. Jessie Sanderson, their Grand-Daughter, died March 7th 1917 aged 32 years. Mary Sanderson their daughter, died Aug 7th 1935 aged 83 years. George William Buddle Sanderson died Feb 14th 1949 aged 67 years. [The death index entry shows William Tweedy's middle name as 'Riddle' but on  the stone it looks like 'Riddly'.] In loving memory of Francis, beloved husband of Jane Hedley, who died at Amble Dec. 22nd 1895 aged 31 years.

In loving memory of Patrick Hassan born April 19th 1826, Died July 25th 1897. And of his wife Mary Ann Hassan, born July 3rd 1825 died Sept 9th 1898

[1891 census shows Patrick Hassan a boot and shoe maker, living 49 High Street Amble; born Ireland. Also at the address his wife as above, two Daughters; Elizabeth and Esther, and a border, Annie Elizabeth Bygrave, a school mistress aged 27, born Bedfordshire. ]


Christopher Robertson Copeland Ann Marshall Thomas Gray Margaret Gourley  Thomas Turnbull, Ann Turnbull
In loving memory of Christopher Robertson, dearly beloved husband of Margaret Jane Copeland, who died Dec 6 1899 aged 31 years. Before this stone are laid the earthly remains of Ann, daughter of Thomas & Eleanor Weatherhead, and beloved wife of William Marshall, who died at Bedlington, March 16th 1889 aged 53 years. – A most loving and devoted wife – The above William Marshall, died July 13th 1910 aged 76 years, and was interred at Bedlington Cemetery. In memory of Thomas Gray, the beloved husband of Mary Ann Gray….  rest of the inscription weathered

[We have the following information from a relative of Thomas and Mary: "Thomas Gray died in Amble on 8 August 1886 aged 54. His wife Mary Ann (née Black) died on 18 June 1887 aged 55. After they were married in 1871, Thomas became the innkeeper at the Gardeners' Arms on High Street. After his death Mary Ann became the innkeeper and she is described as this on her probate following her death in 1887."]

.... Margaret Gourley who died at Amble, May 13 1904 aged 52..... In loving memory of Thomas, beloved husband of Ann Turnbull, who died at Link End, Amble Jan 12 1909 aged 54 years. We cannot Lord thy purpose see but all is well that’s done by thee. Also the above Ann Turnbull, who died April 6 1933 aged 75 years. [check - side inscriptions missed]
Joseph Foster, Margaret Slater Foster, Jane Elizabeth Murray John Embleton, Catherine Embleton, George Henry Embleton Elizabeth Jane Lee, Matthew Lee, Joseph Lee, George Wake Lee, Martha Ann Lee Ben Brown
In loving memory of Joseph Foster, beloved husband of Margaret Slater who died at Amble October 22nd 1933 aged 83 years. Also of the above Margaret Slater who died at Amble March 19th [?] 1955 aged 86 years. In loving memory of our dear mother Jane Elizabeth Murray who died at Amble May 7th [?] 1899. Gone but not forgotten. In loving memory of George Henry, beloved son of John & Catherine Embleton who died June 26th 1954 aged 49 years. Also the above Catherine Embleton who died Jan 3rd 1959 aged 84 years. And the above John Embleton who died April 9th 1961 aged 92 years. “at rest”

In loving memory of Elizabeth Jane the beloved wife of Matthew Lee, who died August 10 1902 aged 41 years. Also of the above Matthew Lee, who died December 9 1936, aged 75 years. Thy will be done.

Also in memory of their son Gnr. Joseph Lee R.G.A. beloved husband of Agnes Lee, who died at Whitchurch Military Hospital aged 30 years. Interred at Alnwick Cemetery.

Also in memory of George Wake Lee who died Oct 2 1948 aged 61 years

Also in Memory of Martha Ann, beloved second wife of Matthew Lee who died May 11 1933 aged 68 years

Ben Brown,
 Pilot Sept 25 1939
Robert Dand, Annie Elizabeth Dand Middleton Henry Dand, Eleanor Dand James Dand, Jane Dand
 Maria Sarah [Dand?], Sarah [Dand?]
Dorothy Dand, Robert Dand Mary de Trafford
In memory of Robert Dand of Gloster Hill. Born Dec 5th 1839, died Dec 26th 1902. Also his wife Annie Elizabeth, born 11th Nov 1837 Slept 20th Dec 1919. R.I.P. Eleanor, wife of Middleton H. Dand of Hauxley Cottage, died March 15th 1885 aged 82 years. The above Middleton Henry Dand of Hauxley Cottage. A Justice of the Peace for the County of Northumberland. Born Dec 31st 1811, died Jan. 16th 1903. In memory of James Dand of Togston, died Nov. 24 1890 aged 83 years. Jane his wife died February 14 1894, aged 87 years. Maria Sarah, their eldest daughter died January 15 1916 aged 79 years. Sarah, their daughter, died August 3 1929 aged 88 years. Dorothy, wife of Robert Dand of Field House Northumberland, died Dec 11 1881 aged 73 years R.I.P. Robert Dand, died at Field House, Northumberland May 24 1884 aged 78 years. Mary wife of William de Trafford of Pleremore Worcestershire, second Daughter of Robert Dand, Field House, Northumberland died July 20, 1891 aged 50 years R.I.P
Annie Maria Dand, John Tate Dand Captain Matzen Isabella Luckhurst, Frederick James Luckhurst Isabel Spowart Nicholas O’Keefe, Edward O'Keefe ?, William O'Keefe
In loving memory of Annie Maria, second daughter of John Tate & Grace Dand of Hauxley, born March 29th 1879, died May 1st 1905 also John Tate their third son, who died April 30th 1911 aged 37 years. to re-photograph.

Hier Ruht
Capt Matzen
v. [place?]
Gest. D. 10 April 1903
im alter v. 56 jahren

[ German: "Here rests Captain Matzen of ......,  date of death 10th April 1903 at the age of 56"]

Name appears to be Johannes Matzan in the death indexes?

In loving memory of [Isabella] beloved wife of William Luckhurst, Who died at Amble Nov 24 1904 aged 35 years. Also Amelia Mary, Edith and William, their children who died in Infancy. Also Frederick James their beloved son who fell in action in France Nov 13 1916, aged 24 years. In loving memory of Isabel, beloved wife of Henry Spowart, who died April 1st 1908 aged 75 years, also of Isabel, their daughter, who died April 3rd 1905 aged 42 years. In loving memory of Nicholas, the beloved son of Edward & Theresa O’Keefe, who died at Amble Dec 20 1896 aged 24 years.

....Edward O'Keefe who died Aug 28 1926, aged 81 years R.I.P.  William O’Keefe….[obscured]
Also of Theresa, beloved wife of Edward O’Keefe, who died May 11 1932, aged 82 years.
Hanna Patrick Wilson, David Wilson, Jane Wilson Mary Hanna Smith, James Douglas, Maria Douglas, Sarah Jane Douglas, Thomas Douglas Elizabeth Chambers, Andrew Chambers, William George Chambers Robert Embleton, Margaret Ann Embleton Jenny Jamieson, Thomas Jamieson, Willie Moore
In loving memory of Hanna Patrick, beloved wife of David Wilson who died Dec 20 1893 aged 54 years. Also of Sarah Jane, their daughter who died Sept 5 1890 aged 30 years Also the above David Wilson died Oct 26 ……..aged 76
Also of William and David their children who died Jan 20th & 28th 1874 aged 8 & 11 years.
In loving memory of Mary Hanna, the beloved wife of Matthew H. Smith, and daughter of James & Sarah J. Douglas died Sept 5 1890 aged 30 years. Also the above James Douglas, died May 31 1925 aged 67 years. Also of Maria, sister of the above James Douglas, died May 11 1942, aged 85 years. Also of Sarah Jane daughter of the above James & Sarah J. Douglas who died Jan 1955 aged 64 years. Also Thomas Douglas father of the above James Douglas who died Dec 1908 aged 77 years. Sacred to the memory of Elizabeth, the beloved wife of Andrew Chambers of Amble, Chemist, who died May 15th 1887 aged 60 years. Also the above Andrew Chambers who died January 14th 1891 aged 73 years. Also of William George son of the Above who died at Brampton, Cumberland August 28th? 1927 aged 65 years. In loving memory of Robert, dearly beloved husband of Margaret A. Embleton, who died Nov. 20th 1901 aged 56 years. Also of the above Margaret Ann Embleton, who died March 13th 1914 aged 65 years.
 “Thy will be done”
...Jenny Beloved wife of Thomas Jamieson and Daughter of Robert and Isabella Moore who died at Amble Jan 20 1906 Aged 34 years - the sun went down whilst is was yet day - ...The Above Thomas Jamieson died at Witton Park Jan 30 1944 Aged 77
Also of Willie son of Isabella Moore, who died June 5th 1957 Aged 82 years
William Taylor, Mary Taylor, Isabella Trobe. Maria Louise Scaife James Barsted, Mary Ann Barsted, Robert Cleminson, William Cleminson, Jane Cleminson Dorothy Douglas, Margaret Ann Douglas, Jane Douglas,  Thomas Douglas

In loving memory of William, the beloved son of John & Mary Taylor, who died at Red Row, Broomhill, Jan 13, 1906 aged 20 years. Also the above Mary Taylor, who died Oct 19 1915 aged 65 years. And of Isabella Trobe, her mother who died Dec 14 1908 aged 77 years.

In loving memory of Maria Louise Scaife, died March 28th 1887 aged 9 years.


[Daughter of Lewis and Mary Scaife,
 Lewis a Police Constable living at Seaton Burn on the 1881 census]

……James Edward, the beloved son of James & Mary Ann Barsted, who died at Amble Dec. ?? 1880 aged 1 year and 4 months. Also of the above Mary Ann Barsted, who died June 8th ? 1903 aged 60 years. Also of the above James Barsted who died February 13th? 1930 aged 86 years ....Robert, beloved husband of Jane Cleminson who died at Radcliffe Oct? 8 1903.....   ....William....   ..Jane Cleminson beloved wife of Robert Cleminson, died at Hauxley....

[Mostly illegible.   From the 1901 Census returns Robert Cleminson was a Colliery stationary engineman living at Stable Row Radcliffe. William was a railway engine stoker, aged 18. By the 1911 census Jane is living in Acklington Road Amble, with her daughter, daughter-in-law and two granddaughters.] 

In affectionate remembrance of Dorothy, the beloved daughter of Thomas and Jane Douglas of Amble, who died July 21st 1879 aged 4 years. Margaret Ann daughter of the above, died March 29th 1891 aged 18 years. The above Jane Douglas died February 26th 1894 aged 46 years. Also the above Thomas Douglas who died March 3rd 1897 aged 50 years.

Thomas Lamb, George G. Lamb.        
In memory of Thomas, the beloved husband of Maria C. Lamb, who died at Brussels, July 6th 1886 aged 34 years. In memory of George G. beloved husband of Maria Lamb, died at Gateshead May 7th 1929        



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